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An interesting night!, Varanasi, India travel blog

An interesting night!

A travel blog entry by emandve


... chants which their Islam faith insists they do before the sun rises. And yet still verity sleeps! When we finally arrived in Varanasi we had a much needed shower and then headed down through the chaotic streets to the river Ganges to observe the hundreds ...

Incense and Flatulence Cripplin' Mankind, Varanasi, India travel blog

Incense and Flatulence Cripplin' Mankind

A travel blog entry by nyckelly3


... also perform it in their homes. Varanasi claims to be one of the oldest cities in the world, and Mark Twain once wrote that "Varanasi is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as them all put ...

'Bang, bang, bang!', Varanasi, India travel blog

'Bang, bang, bang!'

A travel blog entry by jenny_allsopp


... , but after 10 minutes of pushing my way from platform to platform I finally boarded a train on platform 6 reading 'Howrah to Varanasi Express'. 'Excuse me sir, to Varanasi?' 'To Varanasi!' The cheerful man chuckled back at me, and with another leap I ...

Varanasi, Varanasi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by homersim


... river where people bathe or worship.  Unfortunately, my description ends there.  English is not capable of describing what Varanasi culture is like, perhaps if my command of the language was way more better.  If I made an attempt verbally, ...

To Goa Or Not To Goa, That Is The Question, Varanasi, India travel blog

To Goa Or Not To Goa, That Is The Question

A travel blog entry by sunsnowandwater


I arrived in Varanasi yesterday and just got done with a 2 hour boat ride on the Ganga; better known to westerners as the Ganges. Our boat ride ended in front of a ghat (lengthy steps leading into the river) just as a ceremony was in session. It was ...

School lunches and snacks, Varanasi, India travel blog

School lunches and snacks

A travel blog entry by scoopvolunteer


For all the amazing people who have supported SCOOP Foundation Australia, especially those who took part in the Bite Size exhibition, as either an artist or by purchasing art, donating prizes or just coming along this is what you helped provide. There ...

As Foguerias no Rio Sagrado, Varanasi, India travel blog

As Foguerias no Rio Sagrado

A travel blog entry by rechmachado

... SAGRADO As fogueiras que ardem nas margens do Ganges consomem cadaveres, reduzidos a cinzas em tres horas de fogo intenso. Em varanasi, os hindus que sucumbem sao cremados, e suas cinzas e ossos sao lancados ao fluxo do rio que desce de ...

Where is everybody?, Varanasi, India travel blog

Where is everybody?

A travel blog entry by richierich33


... , due to the shit roads and the fact that it stopped to pick up/drop off all and sundry pretty frequently.  Upon arrival in Varanasi asked the rickshaw driver i wanted a cheap, nice guesthouse near the river and good to his word he took me to such a ...

A day of holiness, Varanasi, India travel blog

A day of holiness

A travel blog entry by patlordclark


... to massage themselves with mustard oil.[PHOTO_ID_BLOCK=massaging-with-mustard-oil.jpg]  Pilgrims making their first pilgrimage to Varanasi frequently shave their heads as a donation to Shiva.  They give their hair as a devotional offering to a ...

Glorious Ganges , part 2, Varanasi, India travel blog

Glorious Ganges , part 2

A travel blog entry by the-wanderer


... and recommended food and drink to help fix my tummy and he made a good choice. They had been together ten years and in India homosexuality is still very much in the closet. The statistics are probably the same but still very frowned upon. John and Rod ...

India, Varanasi, Varanasi, India travel blog

India, Varanasi

A travel blog entry by estamosdeviaje


Llegamos a la sagrada ciudad de Varanasi, ciudad mística si las hay. Es bordeada por el Rio Ganges, considerado sagrado por los hindúes al haber sido creado por uno de sus dioses. Se cree que la gente al tocar sus aguas es liberada de los pecados ...

Den hellige by, Varanasi, India travel blog

Den hellige by

A travel blog entry by voresrejse


... var helt vildt sød og hjælpsom, så den slags indere har vi også mødt. Hun havde lavet mehandi i 15 år og de sidste 4 år, her i Varanasi. Hun hed Meena og havde to børn på 4 og 6 år, som var rigtig søde og meget interesseret i os to hvide ...

Varanasi, a unique and strange place, Varanasi, India travel blog

Varanasi, a unique and strange place

A travel blog entry by gonroamin


... places, They are burning many bodies there in a day, but nobody shows any emotion, it's just something that has to be done and Varanasi is the no.1 place in the world for a Hindu to be cremated. In the area where the ashes are pushed into the river there ...

Ganges in mljavžnt Svetih bakterij v njem, Varanasi, India travel blog

Ganges in mljavžnt Svetih bakterij v njem

A travel blog entry by judtrip


... ; turistov na kupu, ki se prav tako peljejo z ladjicami, sam njih je v eni ladjici včasih tud več kot ducat. Varanasi je najbolj Sveto mesto za Hindujce, ampak nedaleč stran je pa Sveti kraj za Budiste imenovan Sarnath. Tam naj bi Buddha po ...

Indian soul at Gangas River, Varansi, India travel blog

Indian soul at Gangas River

A travel blog entry by fiscarlos


... yelling what they were selling) stuff as well. Ecxept but that the ride went pretty easy and January 31st we reached the holy city; Varanasi. In deed it's one of the most touristy places in the country - but it was still the most special place I saw ...

Last day Kainchi Dham (NOW in Varanasi-what's time, Varanasi, India travel blog

Last day Kainchi Dham (NOW in Varanasi-what's time

A travel blog entry by jagadish


... this is my experience:). After about the 10th Chalisa I was summoned to have Ma's darshan (after all I was departing in 30min. for Varanasi from which this journal is being entered). I hadn't shared but had a secret desire to be in the presence of Siddhi ...

Get it India., Varanasi, India travel blog

Get it India.

A travel blog entry by ryanandbek


... to Varanasi. Exit Gorakhpur, enter Varanasi. After only a few hours of sleep we boarded the train bound for Varanasi. This was interesting...I reckon we were stared at by at least 10 locals in close proximity for the duration of the ...

Varanasi, Varanasi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by thetour


... and ready to battle the aggressive touts and rickshaw drivers.  Luckily we found a cool place to stay in Shivala Ghat.  Varanasi is an extremely spiritual city. It's considered to be the closest place to heaven on earth to the Hindu's and is ...

Voluminous Varanasi Vomitting, Varanasi, India travel blog

Voluminous Varanasi Vomitting

A travel blog entry by lnb203

... into Varansasi at sixish, they were all, without exception, clutching their stomachs and appeared in need of a sturdy toilet. Varanasi was mayhem. People, cars, rickshaws, cows, manure etc everywhere. Not what I needed, particularly as I was starting ...

Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Varanasi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by nalddo


... at the beginning. Actually, people had warned me. Varanasi is a holly city that is a concentration of everything that make India. Everybody agreed on the fact that Varanasi is a good place to end a trip in India, but not to start it. But the fight against ...

Travelling Bacon, Varanasi, India travel blog

Travelling Bacon

A travel blog entry by bakes

Did a pot of retail therapy in the morning and then hurried out to catch my night train to Jaipur where I was to meet ...

Day 33 - 36 : Varanasi and the Ghats, Varanasi, India travel blog

Day 33 - 36 : Varanasi and the Ghats

A travel blog entry by bhavish


... but just picture hundreds of monkeys in and around the temple which are looked after by the people there), Vishwanath temple in the Varanasi University campus and finally the Golden temple in the Old town. After this I headed to Manikarnika. This is also ...

Happy New Year, Varanasi, India travel blog

Happy New Year

A travel blog entry by alanf


Happy New Year to everyone! I will be celebrating the new year in Varanasi, on the banks of the holy Ganga, being thankful that I am not one of the corpses being carried through the streets to the chant of "Ram Ram Shanti Hey" (Rama (god) is peace) and ...

Monkey Temple & Ram Nagar Fort, Varanasi, India travel blog

Monkey Temple & Ram Nagar Fort

A travel blog entry by hollyandstewart


Yesterday we woke up early after an awfully hot nights sleep and watched buffalo bathing and locals  doing laundry in the river. It's hard to believe that with all the rubbish, ash and rotting flesh in the water that the Indians ...

Varanasi, Varanasi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by gerhard


still to ...

The Magic Bubble, Varanasi, India travel blog

The Magic Bubble

A travel blog entry by lnb203

... our benefit. Returning to The Bubble, we sat down to enjoy an evening of relaxation, watching the ever impressive sunset over Varanasi. Equally impressive was the rise of the moon over the Ganges, which was a bright (almost startling) red colour. ...

Varanasi, Varanasi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by andyandem


... booking office to open.  The Rough Guide had advised us not to attempt getting a rickshaw from the station itself, as Varanasi is rife with touts who will over-charge and take you to the wrong hotel, and be generally unpleasant and aggressive.  ...

Varanasi, Varanasi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by comfortsontour


... lady traveling by herself who also stays in our hostel who is coming with us to see the ruins of a once great temple tomorrow. Varanasi has plenty of tourists, but locals are still surprised by my height it seems. People shout out "hey tall brother", or ...

River Ganges. I wouldn't exactly call it bathing, Varanasi, India travel blog

River Ganges. I wouldn't exactly call it bathing

A travel blog entry by byrnedm


... , which I tend to agree with! ***************************************** Update - March 2008 **************************************** Varanasi is one of the holiest cities in India. Seeing the worshipers bathe in the river and bodies being cremated at ...

Well we lost the cricket we took a beating ..., Varanasi, India travel blog

Well we lost the cricket we took a beating ...

A travel blog entry by monkeymouse74

... his hotel room the whole time we were there, apart from breakfast on the first day. Damn. Anyway, now we have arrived in Varanasi. I managed to catch a particularly nasty chest infection on the train ride up (34 hours!) and by the time we got here was ...

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