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1st, India, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by mohdar

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coorg, Coorg, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by dealkit

Coorg Situated on the Western Ghats of Karnataka in South India, Coorg have taken the sheer beauty that nature has to offer for granted. The greenery, the pure air, and the relative cleanliness scores high against the concrete ...

NJP on the way to Darjeeling, Japalguri, West Bengal, India travel blog

NJP on the way to Darjeeling

A travel blog entry by willandtam

Good hotel clean comfortable 1000 rupees per night, helpful jeep stand is right outside the door.  Got train tickets at the City Booking Office (India rail) booked Foreign Tourist Quota 2AC (pretty happy about ...

Beaches of Goa, Palolem, India travel blog

Beaches of Goa

A travel blog entry by jennysabbatique

... something from the beach shack way behind.  Everything is more expensive here as that's were most of the short time rich visitors to India stop by.  There are 2 Saturday night markets.  I went to the closer one and it wasn't too big and I ...

To the Glacier - We Must be Mad, Pindari, India travel blog

To the Glacier - We Must be Mad

A travel blog entry by jenrog

On Saturday 2 May, we set off early from Kanda, in a booked jeep which saved a rather long uphill walk to the village, we had gamely said that we would accompany Jenny (the Scotish lassie) on a trip to Pindari - little did we know what we were letting ...

Mumbai, Nagpur, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by jzgiler

... ip.... I either see crap or reslly expensive stuff. This was the firsy plsce today that was where regular people shop. Oh fzb india is another. But how many tnics of shalweers (long tunic worn with pants or leggings with a matching scarf). Will i ever ...

Tag 19/Day No. 19, Nagpur, India travel blog

Tag 19/Day No. 19

A travel blog entry by indianmomo


Nachdem ich aufgestanden bin, ertönt um Punkt 9:00 Uhr einmal mehr ohrenbetäubende Hochzeitsmusik. Trotzdem schafft es Till diesmal noch ein wenig zu pennen. Als wir dann beide wach sind, ist erst einmal Training, für mich also mal wieder der ...

Ever hear of the Raj Mahal?, Ochha, India travel blog

Ever hear of the Raj Mahal?

A travel blog entry by willa_andrew


... any of these monuments with the exception of the Taj Mahal.  A foreign tourist pays 25 times as much as a citizen of India pays to enter these monuments but the money sadly is pocketed by the politicians of that district.  So to see all these ...

Jolly's reflections on ASA & BRAC, Bidar, Karnataka, India travel blog

Jolly's reflections on ASA & BRAC

A travel blog entry by niranjan


... visit to Bangladesh as part of the ' FWWB' team is off to a great start - new acquaintances from the many parts of India bring unique perspectives to 'poverty alleviation' and the MFI movement. The exposure to ASA (read ASHA or HOPE)  provided an ...

india, India, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by maryshella

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Guwhati, Guwhati, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by vicky1974

After Majuli we went straight back to Guwhati which was a long journey for not many kilometers.  In India you can't get anywhere fast it seems.  Again this was a pit stop on the way to ...

Tag 3/Day No. 3, Nagpur, India travel blog

Tag 3/Day No. 3

A travel blog entry by indianmomo


... Congress-Partei, am heutigen Tag in der Stadt ist und eine Rede halten wird. Deshalb seien die Bewohner der Dörfer rund um Nagpur zusammengekarrt und in die Stadt gebracht worden. Also begeben wir uns mit den Frauen nach draußen, um uns das Ganze etwas ...

Da Darjeeling al Sikkim, Pelling, India travel blog

Da Darjeeling al Sikkim

A travel blog entry by lenka-massimo


... , la nostra destinazione, è una cittadina che si è sviluppata attorno ad uno stadio di calcio vecchio e decrepito; fatto singolare in India, soprattutto perché dentro ci giocano anche a calcio e non solo a cricket. È situata attorno ai 1300 metri, ...

Kipling Country, Pachmari (Mahdya Pradesh), India travel blog

Kipling Country

A travel blog entry by vicky1974


Hi there, It's been a few days since I last wrote my blog so quite a bit to write. After Bombay, Paul and I went to a lovely hill station called Pachmari to do some walking and chilling out in the countryside.  We stayed in an old colonial house, ...

Woche 25 - 05.05.2014 bis 07.05.2014, Nagpur, India travel blog

Woche 25 - 05.05.2014 bis 07.05.2014

A travel blog entry by indianmomo


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web album, LAKNAVARAM, India travel blog

web album

A travel blog entry by tinkukits

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How not to ask for a donation, Neyyardam, India travel blog

How not to ask for a donation

A travel blog entry by worldlywanderer

Our first visit to Neyyardam was by rickshaw, only IR170 from Trivandrum if he turns on his meter, our guy did after some persuasion and then spent the rest of the day seeking ways to turn it off and triple the price. Eventually he asked for IR600 but ...

day 6, Nagpur, Nagpur, India travel blog

day 6, Nagpur

A travel blog entry by btabor


day 6  In the morning I was on the plane,the chairs hurt me because,they were really hard chairs.Some of them were soft though,when I got off the airplane I almost fell over.When we went to rent a hotel,I went to take a bath.When I got out of shower ...

Tag 6/Day No. 6, Nagpur, India travel blog

Tag 6/Day No. 6

A travel blog entry by indianmomo


... mir entfallen). Wie wir im Laufe des Abends erfahren haben Leena, Suhas und die Frau der befreundeten Familie zusammen in Nagpur studiert. Wir merken schnell, dass es sich bei diesem Restaurant um eines der gehobenen Klasse handeln muss: die Leute sind ...

Wayanad...heighest peaks in Kerala, Cochin, India travel blog

Wayanad...heighest peaks in Kerala

A travel blog entry by riverblue

I am at   tallest peak in Wayanad district, and is a day's climb. To climb the peak, you need to get permits from forest department office at Meppady village. To reach Chembra, take the Kozhikode road from Kalpetta and turn left just after the town. You ...

Here and there!, Bidar, India travel blog

Here and there!

A travel blog entry by niranjan


I am sharing some photographs shot during the trip. Thanks to Jayakumar, Bhadresh Bhai, Shaila ji for sharing photos with ...

First few days, Diu, Gujerat, India travel blog

First few days

A travel blog entry by jilna


... attempts to speak gujerati very amusing. On the whole though, being in Gujerat so far has been great. I've just slipped back into 'india mode', not saying please or thank you and doing the infamous head wriggle all day long. The food has been yum. So ...

Amritsar, Amrtisar, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by kishor913

Hallo ...

The Tigers Last Roar, NAGPUR, India travel blog

The Tigers Last Roar

A travel blog entry by tigerland17


... brefet of cover, is a perfect setting for seeing the tiger.Situated at a distance of about 270 kms by road from Nagpur, the winter capital of Maharahtra , kanha has excellent infrastructure with good hotels at the park boundary, excellent guides to show ...

Tag 18/Day No. 18, Nagpur, India travel blog

Tag 18/Day No. 18

A travel blog entry by indianmomo


... In Indien baue er nun Werke für Bosch auf. Wir sprechen über Deutschland, Indien, unsere Arbeit und natürlich wie uns Nagpur bisher gefällt und welche weiteren Pläne wir haben. Wir wechseln auch wieder ins Englische, damit alle im Büro befindlichen ...

Tag 10/Day No. 10, Nagpur, India travel blog

Tag 10/Day No. 10

A travel blog entry by indianmomo


Nach dem morgendlichen Kraft-Ausdauer-Zirkel darf ich mich im Office erst einmal über meinen Laptop aufregen, weil er sich nicht hochfahren lässt. Währenddessen besprechen wir mit dem Telefonmann die Details unserer indischen SIM-Karten und der ...

Tag 11/Day No. 11, Nagpur, India travel blog

Tag 11/Day No. 11

A travel blog entry by indianmomo


... die entsprechenden Begrüßungen. Danach geht es wieder nach draußen und wir treffen einen weiteren Freund Rupeshs, der zwar in Nagpur wohnt, aber in Mumbai seinen Master gemacht hat (wenn ich mich richtig erinnere). Nach der Vorstellung auf Hindi laufen ...

Beautiful Murud, Murud, India travel blog

Beautiful Murud

A travel blog entry by alice.hung


... , who could have easily claimed a seat for himself or his young daughter, ever so graciously let me take the seat. India is definitely about contrasts and differences. It is what makes this place so fascinating and infuriating at the same time. Although ...

Woche 21 - 07.04.2014 bis 13.04.2014, Nagpur, India travel blog

Woche 21 - 07.04.2014 bis 13.04.2014

A travel blog entry by indianmomo


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kanchipuram, Big temple city, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by coelisasun


ca c'est une escale temples .C'est la ville , plus du tout le meme style ! c'est trop grand pour se deplacer a pied, et il y a trop de risque de se perdre ! Alors j'ai recours aux petits triporteurs pour faire le tour des 5 plus grands sites .2 le 1er ...

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