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India, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog


A travel blog entry by penelvoyage

... Mark Twain and many others you won't understand it and you won't find it very enchanting. I found, unlike other countries I visited, India is like no place on earth. Older, more colourful, more magical... A friend of mine described the people very ...

Horn OK Please, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Horn OK Please

A travel blog entry by erics


... a quick post to let you know we've arrived safely in Mumbai and, other than jet lag and sleep deprivation, are doing great.  Mumbai is difficult to describe in a way that most can relate to, and of course we really haven't seen that much of ...

previously known as Bombay, Mumbai, India travel blog

previously known as Bombay

A travel blog entry by chezcody


Mumbai, AKA Bombay, is India's brashest, busiest, most cosmopolitan city. I really liked it a lot. It's got great Victorian architecture, hip cafes, good restaurants (although I enjoyed the food *everywhere* in India), beachy vibe in certain ...

Eventually A Proposal, Varanasi, Agra, Delhi, Mumbai, India travel blog

Eventually A Proposal

A travel blog entry by simonandjo


... tickets) took an age (we are now on Indian time) but we are back at the end of the trip. Finally we arrived in Mumbai. The plan was to escape the heat but despite being 10 degrees cooler than Delhi, the humidity makes it feel hotter. It is a ...

Kanheri Caves - Bombay's Most Ancient Heritage, Mumbai, India travel blog

Kanheri Caves - Bombay's Most Ancient Heritage

A travel blog entry by indianature


... worth at least a half day trip for both visitors to, and local residents of Bombay. An early morning visit helps beat Mumbai's infamous heat.  Combined with the National Park, the Caves make a good picnic - provided you pack your hamper from home ...

Mumbai to Navsari, meet the family, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Mumbai to Navsari, meet the family

A travel blog entry by simonkal

We're sat on the trfain from Mumbai to Navsari, to meet Kal's folks.  Today we had a long walk around Mumbai around the bits that seemed so scary last night but today all the things that were teriffyingly alien were all of a sudden easily brushed off ...

Impressions of India, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Impressions of India

A travel blog entry by shrek3

It's been about four days here in Mumbai and I'm slowly getting used to the place. My first sights were of the airport which was under renovation (interesting bamboo concoptions), and the cool taxis, which look like life sized matchbox ...

First impressions of Mumbai, Mumbai, India travel blog

First impressions of Mumbai

A travel blog entry by roaminallover


Can't believe it's Friday already, and we are on day four in India. Where shall I start - well maybe at the beginning. We arrived courtesy of Jet Airways on Tuesday morning to a spookily quiet and serene arrivals area. No relatives waving placards or ...

"Temple?", Celebrity & Married Life

A travel blog entry by jameshardy88


... score myself a part a an extra in a Bollywood film on Monday. Win!   Day 4: Sunday January 22nd A trip to Mumbai (or India really) would not be complete without a trip to the slums. Dharavi is one of the largest slums (Insert a Clarkson-esk ...

Visit on 7 July 2009, Bombay, India travel blog

Visit on 7 July 2009

A travel blog entry by indianature


The monsoons have barely arrived - almost a month late so the forest though lush and green is not as wet as it ought to be.  Consequently the forest lilies - crinium sp. etc are in bloom now, instead of early June.  Some photos: ...

Markets, malls and monkey business!, Mumbai, India travel blog

Markets, malls and monkey business!

A travel blog entry by mosesthewench


... taller than me I cant imagine! Anyway that evening it was football time again yaaayy! We went to Leopold's, a really famous bar in Mumbai - quite exciting because both of us have just read a book called 'Shantaram' which mentions it all the time - read it ...

Mumbai, Mumbai, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by emmaandpete

... to the mountains and valleys of Manali... the 'shanti' in Rishikesh... the Tibetan serenity in Dharamsala... the Madness of Jaipur, Mumbai and Delhi... The jaw-dropping natural beauty of Kashmir.... the Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists (to name but a ...

The Bobblehead, Mumbai, India travel blog

The Bobblehead

A travel blog entry by rhodri27


... than stay in Mumbai for a few extra days with not much to do as believe it or not it is rather pricey by Indian standards. Mumbai is a city of great contradiction on one hand you will see high end luxury brands such as Gucci, Jaguar, Ducati, Rolex etc. ...

You say Bombay, I say Mumbai, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

You say Bombay, I say Mumbai

A travel blog entry by choyt1427


Mumbai: The Gateway of India.  Until recently, this city was known as Bombay.  The Mumbai airport is over 1 1/2 hours from the city center so we braced ourselves for another long, and bumpy ride.  The ride from the airport to the city ...

Living It Up, Mumbai, India travel blog

Living It Up

A travel blog entry by travelnshit


... have a community centre too. Anyway, enough with the tourist information ay. Mostly, we spent our time in Mumbai hanging out with Vikki and Jen. Mainly Jen. India done went and got Vikki good. They were staying in the poshest fucking hotel in the world, ...

Mumbai...culture shock!, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Mumbai...culture shock!

A travel blog entry by graciekins


... to that distinct india smell. Its not pleasant!! We saw the gateway of india (rather like marble arch in london) and the impressive Taj Mahal hotel. Overall impressions of Mumbai: busy, scary, hectic! glad we have seen it but even more glad to ...

seeing the sights, and becoming one, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

seeing the sights, and becoming one

A travel blog entry by moonrise


... We decided to check out the tours on offer, and after some bartering we were soon being chauferred around the sights of Mumbai, from the "hanging gardens" over the water reservoir, to the Queen's necklace, the curved waterfront that at night sparkles with ...

Made it back!, Mumbai, India travel blog

Made it back!

A travel blog entry by mosesthewench


... to bed, so we went for a pleasant early-morning stroll by the sea and watched the sun come up. Saw the Gateway of India, one of Mumbai's most important landmarks (its just a big arch really) then after breakfast we collapsed for a while, before going to ...

In India, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

In India

A travel blog entry by ianandfinola


... . We had a prime location in the city; a stone's thrown from both the Taj Palace and Leopold's cafe (both successfully targeted in Mumbai's 2008 terror attacks) but happily protected by Jesus et al. After a nap, we ventured into the heavy rain to find ...

Day 34  Mumbai, India, Mumbai, India travel blog

Day 34 Mumbai, India

A travel blog entry by luv2cruise


Today we decided to stay onboard instead of taking a trip to see Mumbai.  We saw plenty of Mumbai when we drove through the city on our way back from the airport.  It is a change over day and our friends, Tom and Karen, left for their trip to ...

Bombay beckons, Mumbai, India travel blog

Bombay beckons

A travel blog entry by rosie_scarlett


... got up out of bed, everybody else had woken up.We all chatted about how good the train was and what we would do in Mumbai. Then breakfast arrived. We had yucky jam sandwiches with mango juice on the side. We packed the bags and the train stopped. We ...

Back on Track in land of Bollywood, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Back on Track in land of Bollywood

A travel blog entry by dstean


... some repellent and applied it.  I'd forgotten what it can be like in the hot and humid climates. The roads in Mumbai where some where between the chaos of Cambodia and the business of Bangkok although there was altogether much more horn blowing ...

Conclusion of our Public Health Work in India, Mumbai, India travel blog

Conclusion of our Public Health Work in India

A travel blog entry by wanderingwaltz


... are caregivers, "the affected," for infected family members. As we said, currently, all prevention and treatment efforts in India are currently aimed at younger age groups. So exploring this impact in India has not been done before. Before designing ...

Bollywood dreams..., Mumbai, India travel blog

Bollywood dreams...

A travel blog entry by henrytheplant


Price of beer: Shop 77Rs, Restaurant 220Rs (blimey) Transport: 1st Class day train Weather: A bit misty Arrived in Mumbai in good spirits (and had listened to MIA's Paper Planes several times on the train for good effect). Caught the Mumbai city train as ...

Arrival, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog


A travel blog entry by owain


... , I am sitting in a cyber cafe listening to the constant toots and beeps outside. Hotel Singhs was very nice - relatively cheap for Mumbai, with friendly staff and 24 hour room service.  I placed my bags on the bed and took a walk around the area. ...

Mumbai/Bombay, Mumbai, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by sarahfey

We arrived in Mumbai and we breezed through customs and immigration. Mark was commenting on the vast improvement over the last time he travelled through India. He spoke a few minutes too soon.. We purchased a pre-paid taxi fare and went for the more ...

November / December '09 -   Wildflower Surprise, Bombay, India travel blog

November / December '09 - Wildflower Surprise

A travel blog entry by indianature


Two morning walks along the Silondha Trail in the last week of November and first week of December, saw the forest carpeted in blue purple Eranthemum Roseum wildflowers.   The flowering was profuse, more so than I have ever seen here ...

My time in India has come to an end, Mumbai, India travel blog

My time in India has come to an end

A travel blog entry by hayleyford

... space doesn't exist in India. The constant beeping of horns and noises can be grinding. It's ironic because I wouldn't describe India as 'shanti' (Hindi word meaning peace). Instead it's loud and intrusive. It seems the general mentality is 'everyone for ...

Madness of Mumbai, Mumbai, India travel blog

Madness of Mumbai

A travel blog entry by bakes


... ! We couldn't believe it, we had ony been out of the guesthouse 10mins! We wandered on and checked out the Gateway to India (a big colonial style archway on the waterfront) adn then headed to a cafe for our first breakfast, a strange sort of curried ...

Indien, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog


A travel blog entry by bel_und_pesce


... . Unsere Vorfreude auf Indien war gross und sollte nicht entšuscht werden! Wir verbrachten ein paar Tage in der Megacity Mumbai, welche entgegen unserer Vorstellungen gar nicht mal so hektisch war. Zu Sehen und Entdecken gab's Einiges: etliche Museen, ...

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