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the run (no, not

the run (no, not "the runs")...

A travel blog entry by troseen


... , the section isn't a huge pull, but!...on this day there is an article in the bottom right hand corner about the Bangalore International Marathon the coming Sunday. i thought to myself, people are going to be so impressed that i had the restraint to ...

Sights and Sounds of Bangalore, Bangalore, India travel blog

Sights and Sounds of Bangalore

A travel blog entry by sjk


I went to my neighbor's house to see Scooby Dooby-Doo. Scooby is a golden retriever dog. He is a nice dog. Then, I went to an aunt’s house. They also have a dog, called Scooby. He is a mutt, but not so friendly. At my aunt’s house, I ate some ...

End of the Indian Adventure, Bangalore, India travel blog

End of the Indian Adventure

A travel blog entry by tomandamy


... .  I managed to drag Amy away from her sunbed and cocktails and we caught a night bus through the centre of India to Bangalore, our last stop before leaving the subcontinent and moviong on the next section of our trip in Southeast Asia. Bangloare ...

The Eyesore, Bangalore, India travel blog

The Eyesore

A travel blog entry by sarahvani

Bangalore was disgusting. There's no other word for it. For the first time I could fully comprehend that India has 1.2 billion people and they have a severe problem. There were so many people I couldn't believe it, literally everywhere. I also read in The ...

Cholera Epidemic, Bangalore, India travel blog

Cholera Epidemic

A travel blog entry by susiewoo

... onward from there, to, well, he suggested Gujurat. We decided to go for it. First we went to a restaurant he recommended in Bangalore, the Sukhsagar, which he sent us off in a rickshaw to. There we drank carrot juice and ate chat snacks. As Tattva ...

Awaiting the big day:), Bangalore, Karnataka, India travel blog

Awaiting the big day:)

A travel blog entry by sashaj

I arrived back in Bangalore on Thursday morning, bright and early. Decided i needed a little R & R (in a city of 11 million, is that possible?) before the recording session in a few days. Heather and Greg stayed behind and will be joining me on monday. ...

Goodbye Trichy, Bangalore, India travel blog

Goodbye Trichy

A travel blog entry by antonber

... breaded, and they were delicious.  i watched as students piled out of the many schools and universities that occupy much of bangalore's real estate. i stepped into a european cafe (i don't recollect the name now) to grab a cup of tea.  soon ...

FYI, Bangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by zoe.siegel

So I have decided that there is no way I will have time to tell everything I want to tell in this blog without having to live in this internet cafe.  So I am going to write a list of things and you can message me and as me more about them if you are ...

Making a Dash, Bangalore - Delhi - Manali, India travel blog

Making a Dash

A travel blog entry by alokshukla

... Delhi, we took our dinner at a road side dhaba. Suddenly we all felt change in temperatures, it was hot and humid, Bangalore was so much pleasant, Delhi was a complete contrast. Post dinner, everybody decided to take quick nap till Chandigarh which was ...

Gaining a new perspective, Bangalore, India travel blog

Gaining a new perspective

A travel blog entry by bengalurubrit


... ;s still a lot I need to understand about how “globalization” and “westernization” are occurring in India, and how socio-economic conditions affect the ways in which they manifest. These points also highlight a serious challenge to ...

buses and beaches, Bangalore, India travel blog

buses and beaches

A travel blog entry by ex-cession

... up that evening, and, feeling I had done the short time I had allowed myself in hampi justice, went to catch my train to Bangalore. And here I am, sat in an internet café, about to go for my lunch at koshy’s café, a place my grandparent used to ...

Goa, Karwar, Gokarna, Murudeshwar & Jog Falls, Bangalore, India travel blog

Goa, Karwar, Gokarna, Murudeshwar & Jog Falls

A travel blog entry by vphebbare


... the day has come to start our trip i.e. on Sunday, the 14th of September 2008. Day 1 (14 September 2008, Sunday) Route : Jagadish Nagar, Bangalore (0 Kms, 6:00 am) Nelamangala (34 Kms, 6:50 am) [Break 1 (61 Kms, 7:15 am to 7:50 am)] Tumkur (79 Kms, ...

Hosur, Bangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by sneakytrees


... shopping one last time. Then to a wedding reception that our hosts are attending at the Seventh Day Adventist school here in Bangalore. Tomorrow I will do a little work in the clinic maybe and then we will (maybe) take a bus to Pondicherry. who ...

Sarees!, Bangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by lacooney


Bridget and I got sarees made (a blouse, and a wrap).  We wore them to school on our last day.  we tripped over them a lot, but we sure felt ...

Delayed, Bangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by vachon_88

... we learned that our flight was delayed by another 3 hours. In all our time in India not once, by train, by bus or by plain we left in time! After all delays we only 4 hours stop over in Bangalore. It wasn't enough to go explore the city as we had ...

Transportation..., Bangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by jocelynd


Namaste! Jermaine and I arrived in the Southern city of Bangalore a few days ago. We have been busy exploring this place that neither of us have been to before. Indians have a unique style of getting from point A to point B; here are a few of my ...

Neighbors, Bangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by adventurlandia


... for these kinds of things. Mmmm. Apparently these are happening in all big Indian cities. It didn’t used to happen in Bangalore until the past number of years because of the number of people coming in and migrating to the city for the tech boom. ...

Fest des Lichts in Bangalore, Bangalore, India travel blog

Fest des Lichts in Bangalore

A travel blog entry by sonjamargarethe


... , eine Inderin, die in Frankfurt aufgewachsen ist. Interessant, wie sich die Kulturen da vermischen.    In Bangalore war auch der Markt sehr interessant. Riesengrosse Haufen von Farbpulver, Saecke voll Gewuerze, liebevoll aufgetuermtes Obst ...

Leaving Parikrma, Bangalore, India travel blog

Leaving Parikrma

A travel blog entry by lacooney


Haven't updated for a while, internet access has not been plentiful and we've been swamped with teaching. I'll comment more on the teaching experience at Parikrma, but for now here's some pictures to tide the one or two people reading this :) these are ...

A civilised city - loving it!, Bangalore, Karnataka, India travel blog

A civilised city - loving it!

A travel blog entry by joannec

... Shakalaka Boom Boom!  Again quite good and understood it ok.  Getting quite into these Bollywood movies! Only thing I hate about Bangalore is the rikshaw drivers.  Everyone of them is out to rip me off.  A few of them got a lecture ...

First day on the job, Sahakara Nagar (Bangalore), India travel blog

First day on the job

A travel blog entry by bengalurubrit


Today was my first day working at Dakshin Foundation, a local NGO that does research and community programs with environmental conservation throughout India. Me and one of my roommates (and fellow co-worker) walked to the office, a 25 minute walk from our ...

Shopping time, Bangalore, India travel blog

Shopping time

A travel blog entry by bevin


... pennies.  Had my first pedi by a guy - manican? :) was super, followed by happy hour in tower we are in - no other women!  worlds behind in many ways this India. Lovely veg dinner before heading to bed before Yoga Retreat in a.m. and R to work. ...

Looooong transfer..., Bangalore, India travel blog

Looooong transfer...

A travel blog entry by krasy8

Because there was no direct connection from Hampi to Kochi my journey had to be broken in Bangalore, 4th biggest city in India. I was looking at a very long transfer, something like 10 hours, so there was no way I could just whole wait that time and ...

BANG!  A Law!!, Bangalore, India travel blog

BANG! A Law!!

A travel blog entry by andyandem

... their way in), which was bliss. We were sat across from the lovely Mr & Mrs Rao, a retired couple from Bangalore.  The journey passed quickly and we disembarked feeling high of spirits and relaxed of mind, unanimously deciding to take all future ...

Hot showers!!! (i.e. Hotel in Bangalore), Bangalore, India travel blog

Hot showers!!! (i.e. Hotel in Bangalore)

A travel blog entry by lacooney


22June2008 Bridget's friend Martha from Boston is working in India, so she and her boyfriend Anshumen (sp?) came to Bangalore city to visit.  We decided to get away from the village for a bit and escaped to the city for the weekend.  This meant ...

And off I go, Bangalore, India travel blog

And off I go

A travel blog entry by sabtravels

So here I am! At the Bangalore airport waiting for my flight to Delhi - and thanks to Air Deccan, lots of time to kill! Last few days have been a hazy mess. Have GOT to get more organized in life - at some point today I thought I was going to have a ...

Cultural Centre&Trafficking Taxis, Cows and Cycles, Bangalore, India travel blog

Cultural Centre&Trafficking Taxis, Cows and Cycles

A travel blog entry by babadon


A delightful trip to a catholic cultural centre nearby where Fr. Anthony Kalliath, a Carmelite priest explains how we mythologize (stories that illustrate truths in an historical context), we then de-mythologize and then re-mythologize.  And this is ...

Do we really have to leave?, Bangalore, India travel blog

Do we really have to leave?

A travel blog entry by darafly


... sip, it is nice, spicy, but a tad watery, plus I'm not into the bone marrow thing. Next Harish takes us to a 'real' Bangalore pub. This is a filthy shed of a place, filthy plastic tables and rickety chairs, and we order beers. Every sip I take is ...

Living in Bangalore, Bangalore, Karnataka, India travel blog

Living in Bangalore

A travel blog entry by sashaj

... 3 songs, all english lyrics. Aravind Studio has once again been booked. The dates are May 8.9.10 , when this recording is completed I will be coming home. Heather and Greg will stay on to complete the details. More on life in Bangalore next ...

Day 19: Day 1 of the Wedding, Bangalore, India travel blog

Day 19: Day 1 of the Wedding

A travel blog entry by theepan


... . Talk about a good deal. But that is where the good news ends. Don't expect the same service you expect in Australia in India. They don't understand customer service and need to take class in customer service 101. I went in and gave my order and it ...

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