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Scuba diving the Caribbean! Whoo!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Scuba diving the Caribbean! Whoo!

A travel blog entry by m_and_m_time


... around.    ********  Mary, Ben and their friend Camille had done their Open Water Diving Course at Native Brothers on Roatan and highly recommended it and I'm so so glad we took their advice!! Because it was slow season I was the only ...

Caribeean dreaming, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Caribeean dreaming

A travel blog entry by andycrisp

... - Mum!) Beginning to think how much time we have left before meeting Steve on the 14th.  But we may have to leave Honduras by next Thursday anyways as it is the elections and i have a feeling that whoever loses will not accept the decision and there ...

Caraibisch eiland (Jo en Toon), Utila, Honduras travel blog

Caraibisch eiland (Jo en Toon)

A travel blog entry by jotoon


Hola we hebben gisteren eerst heel veel kou geleden op een veel te sjieke bus! het was echt afzien, stom he. nadien op de boot was het goed vasthouden want het weer was slecht en de zee ging nogal tekeer! dus we waren blij dat we er waren! eerst ...

Utila, Utila, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by jrittberg

... air of a fishing town-turned tropical tourist destination and the atmosphere is very laid back. It is also much much much cheaper than Roatan! I spent a lovely three days on this odd but beautiful caye of the coast of Utila. It is the site of a fishing ...

Adios Utila, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Adios Utila

A travel blog entry by pea

I am now a PADI certified Open Water Diver, if you please.  I cannot actually believe it myself as it was not an easy task.    The first day in the water was traumatic.  In addition to Jeny and I, there was another guy ...

Itīs better, down here its wetter, take it from me, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Itīs better, down here its wetter, take it from me

A travel blog entry by andycrisp


My original prediction of Ļi am only going to do one diveĻ, proved to be wildly inaccurate as today i have completed my 12th scuba dive, with 2 more to do tomorrow!  I did 5 dives on my Open Water Certificate - the first being a ...

Freestyle Touring, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Freestyle Touring

A travel blog entry by thespeck


The day dawned bright and beautiful, and so did Caroline. It helped that the ship would not dock until 10 am which gave Speck and Caroline plenty of time to have breakfast in the main dining room. Once again they had attempted to have Joel and Karina ...

Roatan - why so long to get to you?, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Roatan - why so long to get to you?

A travel blog entry by mini_v


Bleary eyed start at 6.30am and into the bus at 7.30am for an 8hr journey to La Ceiba! Not the most comfortable bus journey but managed to finish my Insurgent book (terrible ending, what was she thinking of?!?). Next one up is the Rosie Project which I'm ...

ROATAN, HONDURAS, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by jjndotr



Caribbean paradise, Sandy Bay, Honduras travel blog

Caribbean paradise

A travel blog entry by mark_kate


Through Couch Surfing on the internet we managed to find a good deal to spend two weeks on a Caribbean island. We rented a small flat in a house owned by Mel, a Canadian, that was in Sandy Bay, a small local's village on the island. The apartment was ...

Shark Dive - NO Joshin', Coxen Hole, Honduras travel blog

Shark Dive - NO Joshin'

A travel blog entry by boatubia


July 19, 2007 No not the docile plankton-eating mamsy pamsy Whale Sharks.  We are talking the real deal.  Carribbean Reefs.   Carnivores.  Blood Lovers. This species is not the most dangerous kid on the shark block and ...

Hole In the Wall restaurant, First Bight, Honduras travel blog

Hole In the Wall restaurant

A travel blog entry by slougeay


We had planned on going to this restaurant since the day we got here and are finally making (with only 2 days left on our trip).  We had originally planned to go by boat with our neighbor Mike, but each time he said the weather on the other side was ...

Pirate Island... Colombian Cartel Island, Sandy Bay, Honduras travel blog

Pirate Island... Colombian Cartel Island

A travel blog entry by slougeay


... . Machine Guns were everywhere.  The "officers" at the road block were trying to match a photo of a guy that stole cocaine from them.  Obviously, it was the Cartel that blocked the road. Roatan IS the wild west with a stubborn culture. ...

The Wedding, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

The Wedding

A travel blog entry by gennyca


... gifts received from all of you - Thank you. We certainly didn't make it easy for you knowing that we would be leaving for Honduras soon after the wedding. From Bingaman's we drove to a beautiful bed & breakfast in Guelph were we would stay one night ...

On to Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

On to Roatan

A travel blog entry by jusnow


... some local fisherman.  It was good to get back into salt water.  Early the next morning—7 a.m.--we set out for Roatan, Honduras.  We motored as there was no wind arriving at 11 a.m. On Thursday, May 19th.  We anchored in Coxen ...

more and more diving, Utila, Honduras travel blog

more and more diving

A travel blog entry by nealevans


of brian and katerina.......of diving,,,,really diving........of sleeping on the dock of the bay. and of that baracuda taking that parrot fish.................and a turle to start and a little seahorse to complete the hour and of arriving with a ...

A great week in Roatan., Roatan, Honduras travel blog

A great week in Roatan.

A travel blog entry by aero142

I spent the past week in Roatan.  I arrived slightly late and in desperation to find a place to stay, I paid too much for what was actually a very nice room.  I compounded it by getting comfortable and staying there the rest of the time.  ...

We are Home, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

We are Home

A travel blog entry by gennyca


Hello All! Just a quick note to let you all know that Dave and I are back on Roatan...enjoying the beautiful weather and setting up our new home. We returned 2 days after the wedding and we have been busy working and we are now in our own place. ...

So ist es in der Karibik, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

So ist es in der Karibik

A travel blog entry by toroamarillo


Roatan ist die Insel, auf der wir im Moment sind. Allerdings ist unser Haus nicht dirket auf der Hauptinsel, sondern auf einer kleinen, vorgelagerten Insel direkt am Riff. Man kann hier nur mit dem Boot hin (Wassertaxi). Die kleine Insel besteht aus ca. ...

THE UGLIEST AMERICAN: Cock, Stalk,and Peril, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

THE UGLIEST AMERICAN: Cock, Stalk,and Peril

A travel blog entry by theuglyamerican


... , but I'm pretty flocking far from HA HA LAND right now. There may be cock punching in my future. On a final note, Roatan is legendary for an infestation of sand flies that are vicious and everywhere. I am already covered in bites. Oh well, I ...

One fish two fish red fish blue fish, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

One fish two fish red fish blue fish

A travel blog entry by travelin_rpcvs


Safe to say, this is some of the best snorkeling and diving we have ever done.  Our amateur photos and unsophisticated equipment will not do it justice.  We saw fish that we had not ever seen in aquariums.  A barracuda swims alongside us ...

Day and Night, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Day and Night

A travel blog entry by gennyca


Hi Everyone, By day the amazing Hummingbirds draw sugar water from the feeder I have hung on my porch. By night--the bats swoop in to get their share. Click on the pictures to get a closer look. I really want to share all the beauty of the world I now ...

Honduras, Utila, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by abbien


... how amazing it was or how much fun Utila is, so you may all have to go and try it yourself. OK well thats it for Honduras, I am in Nicaragua at the moment, so I will have more for you all shortly. OK love to you all and keep smiling!!! Love ...

paradise, West End, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by frogger


... possibly for good).  Dogs are welcome everywhere!!!  Grocery stores, restaurants, bars, etc--no board of health on Roatan.  No Alcohol Control Board either--an eight year old (+/-) served us our first cervezas yesterday.  We absolutely ...

Peddleboats, dinner in the dark, Sandy Bay, Honduras travel blog

Peddleboats, dinner in the dark

A travel blog entry by slougeay


Today we had another mellow day at the beach.  We went to the same beach we have gone to a ton of times, but decided to do something a little different.  We started at the opposite side of the 1-mile stretch of sand and rented a peddleboat. ...

last day in Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

last day in Roatan

A travel blog entry by lorryb

... national park  near La Ceiba. Sorry, between the rain and my cold i never got around to getting hardly any pics of a typical island in paradise..lots of palm trees, white sand,  frio cervezas, same old, same old.. ...

Roatan - Week 3, Brick Bay, Honduras travel blog

Roatan - Week 3

A travel blog entry by beneches


Sunday we were back at Turquoise to finish off the last section of the Rescue course.  Monday was our last day at Turquoise Bay. We started our Dive Master course and went to the doctors to get our medical forms signed. I had to get some items from ...

Honduras and the Bay Islands, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Honduras and the Bay Islands

A travel blog entry by quickroute

We headed north from San Salvador and eventually reached La Ceiba in Honduras which is the jumping off point for the Bay Islands. We had a bit of hassle getting local money (Lempiras) as the first 5 ATM's said "No - No No!" - but finally number 6 ...

Bay Island Fate, West End, Honduras travel blog

Bay Island Fate

A travel blog entry by lloyd.eton


... a happy kid and had a ramen noodle packet for lunch. The afternoon consisted of laundry, some quick planning and chatting, watching Honduras beat USA u23 and getting everything ready for the next day's travels. By that evening I was pretty tired and ...

Utila, Utila, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by dstears

Utila ...

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