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Mayan Ruins at Copan, Copan Ruinas, Honduras travel blog

Mayan Ruins at Copan

A travel blog entry by tipep


... Antigua, which is our next and final destination. Copan Ruinas is a small charming town with steep cobbled streets in Honduras' western highlands. Although much smaller in scale compared to Tikal's ruins, these ruins impress with their detailed and deep ...

Honduras, La Entrada, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by samwax


I rise early on the 27th and aim to make it to Copan Ruinas a colonial town set right next to a set of specatular Mayan ruins which more importantly are only 3kms from the Guatemalan border. Considering my modes of transport and lack of spanish ...

Snorkeling y dinner on the dock, Sandy Bay, Honduras travel blog

Snorkeling y dinner on the dock

A travel blog entry by slougeay


We had a mellow day.  Still trying to recover from our travel time and crazy night. We spent a few hours swimming and snorkeling at Half Moon Bay, a beautiful beach just a few minutes from our house.  The girls had a great time checking out the ...

Kayaking, Snorkeling & Sundowners, Sandy Bay, Honduras travel blog

Kayaking, Snorkeling & Sundowners

A travel blog entry by slougeay


Today we stuck around the house for most of the day.  We took our 2 kayaks out from our dock to do a little snorkeling.  We saw some pretty fish, but had a hard time getting good pics of them.  It was a little windy which made for tougher ...

Roatan - week 4 & 5, Brick Bay, Honduras travel blog

Roatan - week 4 & 5

A travel blog entry by beneches


This entry will be for the last two weeks, mainly because not a great deal has happened to write about. Also I've been pretty lazy in writing this! lol. Last week I helped out with my first Open Water students which was a good experience. They were all ...

The Banana Republic, Tela, Honduras travel blog

The Banana Republic

A travel blog entry by andycrisp

... so long in Guatemala that i now have limited time in the other countries, but it is an impressive place. Our first night in Honduras (named by Christopher Columbus after the deep waters off the coast - as it is translated as depths in Spanish) was meant ...

Into the capital and out again!, Gualaco,, Honduras travel blog

Into the capital and out again!

A travel blog entry by mgibb05

I actually went to Honduras twice, once in 2004 and again in 2005.  We flew from Atlanta to Miama and on into Honduras.  We then rode for 5 hours on washboards..i mean get to Gualaco.  We worked from there.  The first trip I ...

Hot 'n Wet ....the Weather Unfortunately, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Hot 'n Wet ....the Weather Unfortunately

A travel blog entry by dinojay2

... that almost everybody speaks English even though Spanish is still officially their first language. In Guatemala (and other parts of Honduras) almost nobody spoke English so I was forced to communicate in roughly kindergarten-level Spanish most of the way. ...

Honduras, Honduras, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by thistlemoon

cruise ...

Celebrating my birthday, Belén, Honduras travel blog

Celebrating my birthday

A travel blog entry by laurammitchell


I woke up on the morning of my birthday at 6am. We had to cut our usual lie-in of 7.10am because we had a clean up event at 7am. Before breakfast Noel presented me with a pineapple from the British volunteers; I enjoyed a slice of it after the normal ...

Overnight to West Bay, West Bay, Honduras travel blog

Overnight to West Bay

A travel blog entry by slougeay


Today we took an overnight excursion to Infinity Bay at West Bay.  A beach we have been to a few times so far.  There is a very nice resort there and we had previously asked if we could use the pool if we had lunch there.  The answer was ...

Swimming with the Dolphins, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Swimming with the Dolphins

A travel blog entry by walkabout


I've always thought about it, but didn't think I would ever do it. Swimming with dolphins usually entails paying a lot of money and then jumping into a pool or confined area with several other people and a few dolphins. And in my messed up, sometimes ...

Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by nikkid1983


... in to the hotel with the rest of the group which I abandoned! It's quite interesting, this is how it went. (Remember the exchange in Honduras here is 20-1,ish).  First taxi that stops, I tell them the place and ask how much. He says 200 Lempiras. I ...

The mountain of El Jute, El Progreso, Honduras travel blog

The mountain of El Jute

A travel blog entry by sacolargo


... that provides a solid critique of whichever government and proposes areas of national action - for example protection of water resources. In Honduras the FNRP does not enjoy the liberty or civil guarantees that the the CoC would have in Canada. By ...

Road to Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Road to Roatan

A travel blog entry by vincethepince


It was a relatively early morning this morning as we packed our stuff and checked out of the hotel in Copan. I was planning on showering this morning but only a small drizzle of cold water came out so it was a quick one. We had breakfast preordered ...

Island life, West End, Honduras travel blog

Island life

A travel blog entry by vincethepince


Some times vacation is so hard, we had a free day in Roatan today to enjoy the white sandy beach, the turquoise waters and the warm sun. With nothing planned until the evening we slept until it got too hot in our room around 8:00 then got up and had ...

Roatan Day 2, West End, Honduras travel blog

Roatan Day 2

A travel blog entry by vincethepince


Another excruciating day on the tropical island of Roatan. We had to be up by 10:00 to meet those from our group who were going snorkelling so we slept in pretty much until we had to go. We both seem to have gotten the bug that has been going around ...

A Fun-Filled Night!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

A Fun-Filled Night!

A travel blog entry by slougeay


We had planned a big night, so we spent the morning our house kayaking and playing on the dock. We had planned on going to West Bay Beach around 3 pm to spend the afternoon and evening.  A restaurant there has a great happy hour, live music, crab ...

My Christmas Present to You, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

My Christmas Present to You

A travel blog entry by gennyca


One week ago today, at approximately 4 pm...I was in a serious car collision.   Bonnie (my good friend, originally from Barrie, ON), Sarah (a lovely young girl visiting from the UK), and I had just finished a fun filled day of shopping in Coxen ...

Mito and Garifuna culture, Triumfo de la Cruz, Honduras travel blog

Mito and Garifuna culture

A travel blog entry by rubyfunk


... about what is attractive in the seduction process! - check out the video. Guillermo is one of the most famous singers in Honduras but even his entrance was greeted with subdued clapping - he got the audience to warm up after a while though - singing ...

i love baleadas!, San Pedro Sula, Honduras travel blog

i love baleadas!

A travel blog entry by rubyfunk

On saturday, it was back to san pedro sula and Tamarindo hostel - again! i went browsing around the Artisans market, bought a pic of the last supper made with seeds and wood, had baleadas for dinner - I'm addicted - and watched a weird russian movie and ...

Day in transportation, copan ruinas, Honduras travel blog

Day in transportation

A travel blog entry by senorbrian

So after a chicken bus, med bus tuk tuk taxi luxiory bus and then anothet chicken bus i have arrived! Thing is in central america there are no directs lots of times thus u end up going in a big circle rather then direct. Anyways just to say how nice ...

A town called

A town called "thank you"!

A travel blog entry by chris74

The next stop was Gracias.  This is a small colonial town in the middle of nowhere.  A lot of people that I've met have raved about it but, to be honest, I didn't think that much of it.  It was a bit too quite.  Plus the Amish type ...

Just hopped across to Honduras to scuba dive., The Bay Island of Utila, Honduras travel blog

Just hopped across to Honduras to scuba dive.

A travel blog entry by pea


Hello my people how is life? I have travelled across to Honduras as I fancied learning to scuba dive and it is a good and cheap place to learn.  Ok so I left from Rio Dulce on Wednesday, I think, it's difficult keeping track of days on the ...

Utila - Carnival!, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Utila - Carnival!

A travel blog entry by lpringle

Saturday was carnival day on Utila! We didn't know about carnival until we arrived so we were very lucky to be here! Sadly Maura left in the morning so we waved her off before helping to blow up balloons and get ready for the fun! Our dive shop had a ...

Utila - You will never leave..., Utila, Honduras travel blog

Utila - You will never leave...

A travel blog entry by lpringle

Another day that we'd said 'were leaving tomorrow' about, and of course - 'no you're not' was true again. I got up and went for a swim with Max and MP, and spent the whole morning floating around in the sea as most of he he dive staff and their friends ...

Honduras, Tegucigalpa, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

Driving through ...

tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by locaparacristo

stayed at tobacco ...

Smacking into the Hurdle, Tegucigalpa, Honduras travel blog

Smacking into the Hurdle

A travel blog entry by linds_and_ryan

I am arriving at the midpoint of my time in Honduras. I understand my job. I am familiar with the areas of my work. I am able to complete a week with a group without running into too many unexpected events. However, a combination of things has illuminated ...

Copan Ruinas, Copán Ruinas, Honduras travel blog

Copan Ruinas

A travel blog entry by kayleeshepheard


Day 50-52:   Day 50 - 11/05/17 After a long bus ride we finally arrived in Copan Ruinas and checked into our hotel. We then went out to grab something to eat before walking into town. We walked around the Main Square and saw a beautiful church. We ...

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