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Frankfurt spring/summer 2007, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Frankfurt spring/summer 2007

A travel blog entry by arens


... Northwestern University, where Kellogg is based. There students from all the Kellogg programs around the world (Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Frankfurt) get together for an 'in residency' studyblock. Should be a lot of fun.    Still a bit of ...

Abflug in Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Abflug in Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by andre583


Kurzer Zwischenstop in Ffm und weiter gehts nach ...

germany!, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by rora_8

Frankfurt! beer steins, cukuclocks, meat and potatoes. Frankfurt is the first city that feels like an american city, the steets are wide the buildings are tall and there are cars! All the cities weve been to so far have been very compact, narrow ...

Back @ Home, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Back @ Home

A travel blog entry by travelfishes

Der Flug mit US Airways war wirklich mehr als okay; würden die Airline beim nächsten Mal wieder nehmen. Wir landen pünktlich in FRA, das Parkplatz Shuttle ist auch schnell da und wir fahren erstmal zu Alex & Sven nach Bad Homburg ... ... jetzt ...

Immer noch in Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Immer noch in Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by doscompletos


Eigentlich sollten wir jetzt gerade auf dem Weg nach Chile sein. Stattdessen sitzen wir in einem Vier-Sterne-Hotel in Frankfurt. Unser Reisebuero in Trier hat naemlich so ziemlich alles verrafft, was man verraffen kann: unser Ticket ging auf einmal nach ...

Terroristen Magnus, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Terroristen Magnus

A travel blog entry by josma


Framme i Frankfurt och dags för nästa kontroll, inför resan till Usa. Men först en helt annan typ av kontroll: VÄTSKEKONTROLL: Frankfurt Airport var väldigt stor och det var kanske mer på tur än på skicklighet som vi kom rätt. Men oj va gott ...

Homeward Bound, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Homeward Bound

A travel blog entry by wareameye


Sunday, August 13, 2006 Frankfurt, Germany (Completed after return to Chicago) Dear Readers: Seven of us, all truly hagged and sagged, straggle out of the hotel at 3:30am this morning and head to the airport. We have no idea what will face us, but ...

Frankfurt, Germany, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Frankfurt, Germany

A travel blog entry by ldanroy


... good flight of 2 hours and 5 minutes. We were away from the White Lady and its weather protection. It was raining in Frankfurt. We deplaned and caught an airline bus to the international terminal. There we went thru immigration and headed to our gate. ...

I love you, but I'm leaving..., Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

I love you, but I'm leaving...

A travel blog entry by mysuppression


... take the direct flight to Athens? But the flight is oversold and my chances are slim but possible, or take a connecting flight via Frankfurt with a good chance of getting on, but then facing a 4 hour transit and then a slim chance getting on the flight ...

A Crazy 24 Hours, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

A Crazy 24 Hours

A travel blog entry by danielpeach


Oh my life... First off, I thought I was going to Zurich, but showed up to discover I was actually going to Frankfurt. Fine. I boarded my flight on Lufthansa per usual and was off. The flight was full of Americans and Canadians, with a few Spaniards ...

Rheinfahrt =), Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Rheinfahrt =)

A travel blog entry by annikamal


... Laggenbeck aus, mit Manuel nach Köln =) Der ursprüngliche Plan war, dass wir bis Köln zusammen fahren, ich dann weiter nach Frankfurt zum Flughafen und Manuel nach Hause nach Aachen. Dann kommt es anders als man denkt, denn Manuel hat mich (irgendwie ...

Trip Statistics and Totals, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Trip Statistics and Totals

A travel blog entry by mike_erin


LESSONS LEARNED: Erin's shoe laces will come untied at least once a day Mike will need to use the toilet at every single bus or train station Romania is surprisingly pretty Italy is terrible (just Mike for that one) Gay dudes will give good discounts on ...

Frankfurter (& Schnitzel) on My Mind, Frankfurt am Main, Germany travel blog

Frankfurter (& Schnitzel) on My Mind

A travel blog entry by teambf


The last week of the trip is dedicated to chilling out and resting up before we fly back to face reality at home. Eek. We have managed to fulfil this dedication very nicely with a whole lot of lying about, snoozing, eating and generally relaxing. Notable ...

First stop: Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

First stop: Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by rutgervd


... inserted for drugs control. Almost... not me of course, because I probably looked a little bit too fluffy for a smuggler... In Frankfurt my dear friend Christine picked me up and we drove to Oberursel, where she was staying with her parents for the ...

Arriving in Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Arriving in Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by felixandfloss


We landed safely in Frankfurt and were greeted at the airport by Harald and Ute. Harald is Mum's (Konney) cousin. Their son Philip had made a sign with our names, which was so friendly and welcoming - I was hoping they would have a sign, because ...

germany, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by moya-and-linda

... . we couldnt be bothered sitting in a train again so we decided to stay in frankfurt! we went into a hotel and the guy there said 'i hate frankfurt!' and said there was nothing to do haha he recommended a place called heidelburg so off to ...

Going back for seconds!, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Going back for seconds!

A travel blog entry by alyssa2012italy


I landed in Frankfurt in the middle of the day even though it felt like 2am, we all slept like we had never done such a thing before...Sprawling on luggage chairs and tables - anything we could put our collective 33 heads on while we went through the 4 ...

The West is Slowly Coming Back into Focus, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

The West is Slowly Coming Back into Focus

A travel blog entry by vagabonder


... taxi for the trip to the airport. Approx 9 hours, one movie, and 2 Indian meals later, the V Man found himself in Frankfurt, Germany. He went through the airport routine pretty quickly and then boarded a train for Frankfurt's main train station. Plan: ...

Getting pretty excited..., Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Getting pretty excited...

A travel blog entry by benbackpacker


Just over a week left until the adventure starts! Do I have all my gear? Is my passport valid? Are my vaccinations up to date? Will the cash be enough? Is my 38L backpack really large enough? I think so...I'm just about ready to take off! On the 4th of ...

Frankfurt before Traveling Back, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Frankfurt before Traveling Back

A travel blog entry by graceonthego

... even more enlightening. This trip of course was short, and also a bit sad. Marty and I were to part again for another 3 months and we were unsure of what was to come next. But Frankfurt was a nice weekend, and made for a few more special ...

last days in germany, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

last days in germany

A travel blog entry by jedhuggett


... over. (I still have no idea how ther train system works). The train followed the rine (the river) all the way down to frankfurt. The views were quite interesting. Once i got to frankfurt i found people werent so friendly. I was lucky peoe were more ...

Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by guy999

placeholder ...

GutenTag!  Hello from Germany!, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

GutenTag! Hello from Germany!

A travel blog entry by timbertime

Finally arrived in Frankfurt... after 3 planes I made it to the train station... I think i packed too much again... my suitcase weighs 64 pounds.. the nice train guy lifted my suitcase for me. sooo nice... what was i thinking! I thought i learned a ...

When in Europe..., Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

When in Europe...

A travel blog entry by john_abroad

So, we're learning about ways of life in Germany and Europe.  For example, Alicia said she's learned to drink less water while in France.  The problem is finding a public bathroom. And, don't ask for a "bathroom" because they'll send you ...

Talking ride to Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Talking ride to Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by maplefanta


... river side and to the shopping area. We climbed on top of the shopping mall to have a view over the business district of Frankfurt with all the modern tower, slightly outside of the old historic town and it really does make a big difference! Wa kept ...

Home Soon, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Home Soon

A travel blog entry by burles


We are spending the next two nights in Frankfurt before coming home. I am very excited to see Richard and sleep in my own bed. And to eat food. The first thing I will eat is Sushi. Then, I will bbq a steak for supper. Also, I will have a nice shower and ...

Aug 12, 2009, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Aug 12, 2009

A travel blog entry by kctmapg


Motherland, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by kieser_family

... ısh keyboard so please ignore difficulty we are having wıth correct spelliıng etc.  Landıng ın Frankfurt was uneventful other than it seemed we had to go through securıty and passport clearance numerous ...

Frankfurt, Germany, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Frankfurt, Germany

A travel blog entry by nredens


Rather than fly the 20 hours straight home, I decided to break up my trip and explore my connection destination... Frankfurt, Germany. I'd never been to Germany, and although it wasn't a huge exploration and experience of the country, it was a small ...

Toulouse-Longyearbyen, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by oandb

Arrival at Frankfurt airport on time. Cloudy. The airport is huge and we walk from gate A to gate B. We go through passport control to enter the international area where many shops ad restaurants can be found. Spend some time there. When we want to go ...

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