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Bonjour! Disneyland Paris!, Paris, France travel blog

Bonjour! Disneyland Paris!

A travel blog entry by karawilson


... when waiting for and getting on rides! Top Five Moments! 1)      Firework /light show for Disney Paris 20th anniversary was AMAZING! A definite must see! 2)      Tommy hugging his hero Buzz Light year ...

picnic, Paris, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by ngolgowski


... to all the young people bumming around in the city. Oh and learned of a "party train" you can take to the south of France that's a lot cheaper than others 'cause rather than them giving you a bed to sleep on, you party/dance all night on board instead. ...

Paris is too big, Paris, France travel blog

Paris is too big

A travel blog entry by kiaelise


... there is a great appreciation for America.  She also said that they tend to be in awe of our employment industry simply because in France for the most part you stay in the same job until you retire at 60.  Promotions don't really happen; you are ...

Disneyland Paris: Yeah, I did it, Paris, France travel blog

Disneyland Paris: Yeah, I did it

A travel blog entry by kiaelise


... one in California is better.  Indiana Jones is also better in California, if you were curious.  It's actually a roller coaster in Paris and although it goes upside down, it is a huge disappointment. We ended our ride extravaganza with one of my ...

PARIS!!!, Paris, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by cpiotto


... our very spacious suite! It measures 4 × 4 m (including the toilet) and settle into a well-deserved sleep... 15 hours to get from Kilafors Sweden to Paris France... the same time it would have taken to fly from Melbourne to Los Angeles! Bon ...

Romantic Paris!, Paris, France travel blog

Romantic Paris!

A travel blog entry by psycik


... David had never been to see there so I had to give it another chance.... Arrived off the fast EuroStar train into the Paris's main station....Gare de Lyon. Pretty easy to navigate around and very clean. People were very helpful AND there were maps for ...

in paris§, Paris, France travel blog

in paris§

A travel blog entry by eurodeckerts

So we just arrived in Paris,France yesterday and sorry if there are alot of typographical errors in this blog because the french keyboards are weird§... (thats what the exclamation point is). also sorry none of these computers have usb ports for ...

Paris doesnt make being sick any better :-(, Paris, France travel blog

Paris doesnt make being sick any better :-(

A travel blog entry by ericavt


... lot of time in Versailles as it was raining on and off, which didnt help me feel any better. So we just came back into Paris and walked around a bit before heading back to our hotel for some dinner and an early night. Today we got up and went into ...

Too much to see in just a few days., Paris, France travel blog

Too much to see in just a few days.

A travel blog entry by jpischedda


... kids graphic novel area. After our brief foray in graphic French literature we headed across town to see the famous catacombs of Paris, unfortunately they weren’t open on a Monday so we got back on the metro and checked out a Pablo Picasso museum ...

First day in Paris, Paris, France travel blog

First day in Paris

A travel blog entry by ilyaandrebecca


... , 668 stairs (we didn't actually count; they were marked)!!!  While on the Eiffel Tower, we admired the panoramic view of Paris and read the information available (it is kind of set up like a museum).  We decided not to take the elevator to the ...

Final days as Parisiennes., Paris, France travel blog

Final days as Parisiennes.

A travel blog entry by rachsoms


When Brit and I got back to Paris from Copenhagen we were exhausted! We found the street with our hotel with quite ease but couldn't find the entrance. It turned out to be quite a dodgy looking street with lots of sex shops, strip clubs etc... We think it ...

Trip to Versailles Palace, Paris, France travel blog

Trip to Versailles Palace

A travel blog entry by mlctyler


Today we woke early to get down to the buffet breakfast before everyone else did (because normally all the croissants are taken!). Lucky only the early crowd was there so we could stuff our selfs with yummy patisseries. Once we had eaten we met up with ...

Paris, Paris, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by samjake


... invalides the louvre, some historic bridge, the nationale assembly ( wouldnt know the signifigance of these without yr 12 history ) paris is a really pretty city, im guna do a free walking tour tommoro they show u all the sights but also give ...

Park Buttes Chaumont, Paris, France travel blog

Park Buttes Chaumont

A travel blog entry by carita


This green oasis in the middle of urban settlement is just around the corner from our place. A great place for taking walks and getting some fresh air. The park was created by Baron Haussmann already in 1867 after four years of hard work. The park ...

London: Top of the Top Dozen, Paris, France travel blog

London: Top of the Top Dozen

A travel blog entry by writingeli


6. Evensong at Westminster Abbey: One day, while touring, we came to Westminster Abbey about 40 minutes before Evensong and decided to stay for worship. It was stunning...seriously, probably the most lovely Evensong I've ever heard. It was angelic. 5. ...

Environmental Studies, Paris, France travel blog

Environmental Studies

A travel blog entry by toml


I have observed many local creatures and have made notations on my photos which follow in the form of captions. Please click on my photos and read the descriptions. Merci! ...

Asterix! and other highlights, Paris, France travel blog

Asterix! and other highlights

A travel blog entry by mezcnz


... some great bruises from the rollercoaster too. Final day went to the Catacombes, where they reburied millions from the Paris cemeteries in tunnels underground.. goosebumps for sure. Followed by Notre Dame and tasty tasty raclette. Not exactly summer food ...

The Art of France, Paris, France travel blog

The Art of France

A travel blog entry by rjsands


... back into my backpack. You never know with the French. After the museum, we decided to explore a cute neighborhood of Paris and find a good cafe. We wandered up and down the streets randomly and admired churches and playgrounds and gardens. We saw ...

Viimeisiä päiviä viedään, Paris, France travel blog

Viimeisiä päiviä viedään

A travel blog entry by sannakoo

On nämä ranskikset vain metkaa kansaa. Sain viime viikolla omasta mielestäni hassun kirjeen isännöintiyhtiöltä, vaikka itse asia olikin vakava. Ykkösrivivälillä 10-fontilla laidasta laitaan kirjoitetun A4:n sisältö liittyi residenssimme ...

Loving Paris already!, Paris, France travel blog

Loving Paris already!

A travel blog entry by jessicae

... some cafe creme and amazing croissants, and then boarded the metro to head to the Arc de Triomphe. One thing I must say about Paris, is that, despite it's complexity (over 20 lines in total!), their subway system is phenomenal. It was so easy to use; ...

Je t'aime Paris!, Paris, France travel blog

Je t'aime Paris!

A travel blog entry by samserpico


... that day!!) After Notre Dame, we walked all through the town and ended up at Place de Vosges, I think it was, in Paris's 4th arrondisement, which was a really pretty courtyard. Part of the building that surrounded it had been the house of Victor Hugo.We ...

Gay Paris, Paris, France travel blog

Gay Paris

A travel blog entry by shrubberies

... treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919.   The hop-on, hop-off bus stops at 9 major tourist destinations in the Central Paris region, including the Eiffel Tour, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, and the Champs Elysee. Pasengers can get on and off at any ...

Oh la la, we're in Paris!, Paris, France travel blog

Oh la la, we're in Paris!

A travel blog entry by katieandrod


... queues, not even at the MCG.  Waited our turn, caught the lifts up and oh la la what a view, the whole of Paris spread out below. Afterwards, we wandered around through the gardens and sat and soaked up the atmosphere (and the view) while eating an ...

weekend in paris, Paris, France travel blog

weekend in paris

A travel blog entry by -oedipus-


i visited my brother and his girlfriend in paris this weekend. i got some pic's. relax and enjoy ;) ...

Paris with Jason, Paris, France travel blog

Paris with Jason

A travel blog entry by hithere52


... they had the patience. Finally we got to the garden which was again a beautiful place. One big difference between American parks and Paris parks is that there is not that much grass. It is mainly gravel and everyone sits on chairs that are scattered ...

When You Do Not Know How to Eat Eggs, Paris, France travel blog

When You Do Not Know How to Eat Eggs

A travel blog entry by abonilla


... I was up till about 1am last night since I'm still suffering from jet lag and was too excited to be out in Paris. (I've always dreamed of coming to France, so it wasn't until last night that it finally hit me that I'm really here). Anyway, we had dinner ...

Paris...saying goodbye breaks my heart, Paris, France travel blog

Paris...saying goodbye breaks my heart

A travel blog entry by roamingpirate


... lunch at Le Pied de Cochon, a beautiful brasserie which is well known for being the first and sometimes the only restaurant in France that is open 24 hours. Great company and getting to be adventuresome with food is my favourite pastime, so I tried the ...

Paris, Paris, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by offtherails


A little footnote to our trip through Siberia. We stayed in Marie's very central flat in L'Opera, which was great. We wandered the streets and enjoyed some cafe culture before embarking on our first overnight train. ...

A Weekend in Paris...., Paris, France travel blog

A Weekend in Paris....

A travel blog entry by mattnic


... of the complex, which are covered in grass. Let's see....somewhere in there we also saw the Defense Arc and the Arc du Triomphe. Paris was fabulous!!! We have toooons of pictures, so check it out! See you all (very) soon!! Nicole and ...

Paris, Je t'aime, Paris, France travel blog

Paris, Je t'aime

A travel blog entry by sylvanafinn


... L'Hotel de Ville and walked to Notre Dame. Notre Dame was probably my favorite thing of the day. The architecture of all of France is like I have never seen, but Notre Dame is even more incredible. The stain glass and ceiling details took my breath away. ...

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