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Land Legs, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Land Legs

A travel blog entry by scott_and_amy


... by the water. We refrained from buying any raindeer products, but of course had to pick up a Christmas ornament. After all, Northern Finland is where Santa lives. After a bit more strolling around we made it back to the boat where we were getting ...

Snow, Snowshoeing and Northern Lights!, Luosto, Finland travel blog

Snow, Snowshoeing and Northern Lights!

A travel blog entry by samlocke3


We arrived in Luosto and checked into our room at the Aurora Chalet. Wow. A fine hotel with a lovely cosy atmosphere and we even had a private sauna in our room!! Another exciting feature was as we checked in, we were given an 'Aurora Alarm' which ...

Surprising Coventry and then Helsinki, Coventry & Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Surprising Coventry and then Helsinki

A travel blog entry by davidandleith


After Oxford we had a 3 night stay in Coventry with a school friend of Leith's. It was nice for Leith to meet up again and for us to meet her husband. They immediately said there was a lot to see and after lunch drove us to the Cathedral and its ...

HAMK - Tapiola Building, Hämeenlinna, Finland travel blog

HAMK - Tapiola Building

A travel blog entry by mathies


... in the cafeteria. At 10 a.m. I started with lectures; there was only 1 question, but it brought to my mind, that 1 CR in Finland is 26,7 hours worth – not 25. Afterwards I followed the lessons – students had to do a lot of work in groups and ...

Hämeenlinna - Surroundings, Hämeenlinna, Finland travel blog

Hämeenlinna - Surroundings

A travel blog entry by mathies


Had a really nice trip again through the surroundings of Hämeenlinna – even though it was raining heavily. Vesa showed me some nice finish places and then he 'introduced' me to some typical finish alcohol in CUMULUS-Bar ;-): KOSKENKORVASALMIAKKI, ...

THANK YOU and BYE BYE HÄMEENLINNA!!!, Hämeenlinna, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by mathies

THANK YOU ALL!!! I FELT COMFORTABLE AND WELCOME EVERY MINUTE IN HÄMEENLINNA!! ************* Next blogging will be when I'm back home in Hall. I hope the flight back will be the same as when I came here: calm and ...

Almost ready to move again..., Jyvaskyla, Finland travel blog

Almost ready to move again...

A travel blog entry by jagrant

Hi everyone, This will probably be my last entry from here in Jyvaskyla. Kris and I are mentally preparing to leave this Saturday and begin our next two-week travel adventure. We know it¨s time to move on as we¨re settling in here too comfortably ...

Leaving from Joensuu, Joensuu, Finland travel blog

Leaving from Joensuu

A travel blog entry by carita

Leaving ...

The best word to describe the match? Terrifying!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

The best word to describe the match? Terrifying!

A travel blog entry by samlisa


... to a guy named Bob, who had seen us at the Italy game (making his question very silly, as opposed to fairly silly), he was in Finland for the group stages as well. He had tickets for the Turku game, but had discovered that the only way they (he had a ...

Helsinki...the place to drink..., Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Helsinki...the place to drink...

A travel blog entry by papayaprincess


... nearing our end in Scandinavia and hopefully with our exit of these countries, we may be able to eat a decent meal without going broke! Finland is also a very picturesque city, as there is a nice mixture of the old and the new here. Again, because it is ...

szóval vannak dlgok amik kimaradtak., Paukarlahti, Finland travel blog

szóval vannak dlgok amik kimaradtak.

A travel blog entry by misku


szóval most elhuzott a gép mellöl az élet és a fünyirás igy nemtudtam befejezni amit bekell. kihagytam pár emlékezetes dolgot talán. például hogy utaztan megint hippibuszban. németekkel.punkhippikvoltak.joszörösek.és nök meg két gyerek. ...

Noorwegen, tot de volgende keer!, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Noorwegen, tot de volgende keer!

A travel blog entry by amberenrutger


Vanmorgen om half 9 hebben we de tent ingepakt en zijn we weer vertrokken richting Finland. Dit is de laatste dag Noorwegen voor deze vakantie. Toch wel jammer, want het is zo een prachtig land.. Snel maar weer een keer terug! De dag begon met prachtig ...

Kohta mennään!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Kohta mennään!

A travel blog entry by jomakah

Lentokenttäsämpylät syöty, evästä ostettu ja kohta lähtee lento kohti Manchesteria!  Here I go again! ;) ...

The Night Train, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

The Night Train

A travel blog entry by simonlant

The journey became fairly tedious under nightfall, the train was fairly empty and the few that were in our carriage were nodding off to sleep. I'm not too sure that our carriage companions really appreciated when we decided to play a few rounds of cards, ...

Snowmobiles, Cross-Country Skiing and more Lights!, Luosto, Finland travel blog

Snowmobiles, Cross-Country Skiing and more Lights!

A travel blog entry by samlocke3


Fueled up from a scrumptious breakfast, our next days adventure in this snowy playground was a snowmobile safari! After learning the controls we were off and away driving in pairs to discover more of this beautiful area. We skimmed across frozen marsh, ...

Grill, bath and going home, Storby, Finland travel blog

Grill, bath and going home

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Back to Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Back to Finland

A travel blog entry by canandlids


This morning we were up early and took the taxi at 6:30 to The Ferry terminal in Tallinn.  We were greeted with another beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky.  We boarded the catamaran-style passenger ferry operated by the "Linda Line". ...

Hopping through Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Hopping through Helsinki

A travel blog entry by redknob

I was here for 20 minutes while I waited to get the bus to ...

Lounging in Lahti, Lahti, Finland travel blog

Lounging in Lahti

A travel blog entry by redknob

To be ...

Biegiem, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by poleczka


Mamy 40 minut na przesiadkę do samolotu do Hong Kongu. Jest szansa, że nie zdążymy... a nasze bagaże prawie na pewno nie zdążą, dlatego mamy wszystko co najważniejsze w bagażu podręcznym. W ...

Rovaniemi - Capital of Lappland as departure, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

Rovaniemi - Capital of Lappland as departure

A travel blog entry by maplefanta


August 7 Leaving from Kuusamo driving with Laura and her father to Rovaniemi where I will start my HH journey to the north. I woke up pretty well in the morning in Kuusamo and prepared do some more stuff on the net and then with Laura I went to the ...

Hot like Hel :), Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Hot like Hel :)

A travel blog entry by pyres


Made it to Helsinki without a problem! Send grandma to transfer area, found the bus to the city, rode it to train station, took tram #4, found the hostel and here I am :) Hey, the have free morning sauna here, even though it's fairly hot outside :) Time ...

Lulea to Rovaniemi to Turku, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

Lulea to Rovaniemi to Turku

A travel blog entry by anne.nathan


... so I've copied it and included both directions in my photos. It's really hard to get info about this crossing from Sweden to Finland! I read, on several sites, that the bus leaving Lulea was in time with the train's arrival. Not so. The bus left promptly ...

Day 0 - preliminary schedule, Turku, Finland travel blog

Day 0 - preliminary schedule

A travel blog entry by dvlrnr

day 0 (09.7.): Train to Helsinki, Superfast departs from Helsinki at 22.00 EEST day 1 (10.7.): Superfast arrives in Rostock at 21.30 CEST, ride out of Rostock day 2 (11.7.): Ride to Dannenberg (Elbe) / Dömitz / Vietze day 3 (12.7.): Ride ...

Finland by boat!, Turku, Finland travel blog

Finland by boat!

A travel blog entry by darren


I took an overnight boat to Turku, Finland. It only cost me 10 bucks each way! It was a large ferry, more like a cruise ship. I will post some pictures as soon as I find a computer with a usb port. It was a little rainy in Turku, but none the less ...

Kuvia kesäretkeltä Porvooseen 18.-20.8.2011, Porvoo, Finland travel blog

Kuvia kesäretkeltä Porvooseen 18.-20.8.2011

A travel blog entry by jomakah


Käytiin tosiaan elokuussa parin päivän kesäretkellä Porvoon suunnalla. Paljon hienoja paikkoja, kauemminkin niitä olis voinut tutkia. ...

Metall Finnland, Joensuu, Finland travel blog

Metall Finnland

A travel blog entry by different9


Der Weg nach Joensuu geht heute wieder über eine größere Hauptstraße. Obwohl sich am Himmel bedrohliche Regenwolken auftun, umschifft die Straßenführung mit extrem viel Glück die dunklen Bereiche. Normalerweise ist es ja umgekehrt und man hat den ...

Saturday at Vassa, Vaasa, Finland travel blog

Saturday at Vassa

A travel blog entry by canandlids


After the Cantatrix and the Chinese Broadcasting Children’s Choir show we headed over to City Hall for another show/dance.  This show featured a full dance band and select small ensemble performances, sort of a dance floor show.  Our 2 ...

Wandering around Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Wandering around Helsinki

A travel blog entry by goodner


... customers.  Fun. Caroline   Excerpt from Catherine's Journal: Out of all the tours and the excursions, I think walking around Helsinki, Finland would be number one. In this entry, you will read how we saw the cold weather, [not really] and how ...

Day 13, 14 and 15 - Serenity, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Day 13, 14 and 15 - Serenity

A travel blog entry by abs08


... 8211; Welcome to Finland! The first thing you notice when you get out of the plane is its flat landscape. Similar to The Netherlands, Finland is generally flat, more so in the southern region where Helsinki is. The next thing you notice is the big, broad ...

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