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Hopping through Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Hopping through Helsinki

A travel blog entry by redknob

I was here for 20 minutes while I waited to get the bus to ...

Lounging in Lahti, Lahti, Finland travel blog

Lounging in Lahti

A travel blog entry by redknob

To be ...

Biegiem, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by poleczka


Mamy 40 minut na przesiadkę do samolotu do Hong Kongu. Jest szansa, że nie zdążymy... a nasze bagaże prawie na pewno nie zdążą, dlatego mamy wszystko co najważniejsze w bagażu podręcznym. W ...

Rovaniemi - Capital of Lappland as departure, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

Rovaniemi - Capital of Lappland as departure

A travel blog entry by maplefanta


August 7 Leaving from Kuusamo driving with Laura and her father to Rovaniemi where I will start my HH journey to the north. I woke up pretty well in the morning in Kuusamo and prepared do some more stuff on the net and then with Laura I went to the ...

Hot like Hel :), Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Hot like Hel :)

A travel blog entry by pyres


Made it to Helsinki without a problem! Send grandma to transfer area, found the bus to the city, rode it to train station, took tram #4, found the hostel and here I am :) Hey, the have free morning sauna here, even though it's fairly hot outside :) Time ...

Lulea to Rovaniemi to Turku, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

Lulea to Rovaniemi to Turku

A travel blog entry by anne.nathan


... so I've copied it and included both directions in my photos. It's really hard to get info about this crossing from Sweden to Finland! I read, on several sites, that the bus leaving Lulea was in time with the train's arrival. Not so. The bus left promptly ...

Day 0 - preliminary schedule, Turku, Finland travel blog

Day 0 - preliminary schedule

A travel blog entry by dvlrnr

day 0 (09.7.): Train to Helsinki, Superfast departs from Helsinki at 22.00 EEST day 1 (10.7.): Superfast arrives in Rostock at 21.30 CEST, ride out of Rostock day 2 (11.7.): Ride to Dannenberg (Elbe) / Dömitz / Vietze day 3 (12.7.): Ride ...

Finland by boat!, Turku, Finland travel blog

Finland by boat!

A travel blog entry by darren


I took an overnight boat to Turku, Finland. It only cost me 10 bucks each way! It was a large ferry, more like a cruise ship. I will post some pictures as soon as I find a computer with a usb port. It was a little rainy in Turku, but none the less ...

Kuvia kesäretkeltä Porvooseen 18.-20.8.2011, Porvoo, Finland travel blog

Kuvia kesäretkeltä Porvooseen 18.-20.8.2011

A travel blog entry by jomakah


Käytiin tosiaan elokuussa parin päivän kesäretkellä Porvoon suunnalla. Paljon hienoja paikkoja, kauemminkin niitä olis voinut tutkia. ...

Saturday at Vassa, Vaasa, Finland travel blog

Saturday at Vassa

A travel blog entry by canandlids


After the Cantatrix and the Chinese Broadcasting Children’s Choir show we headed over to City Hall for another show/dance.  This show featured a full dance band and select small ensemble performances, sort of a dance floor show.  Our 2 ...

Wandering around Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Wandering around Helsinki

A travel blog entry by goodner


... customers.  Fun. Caroline   Excerpt from Catherine's Journal: Out of all the tours and the excursions, I think walking around Helsinki, Finland would be number one. In this entry, you will read how we saw the cold weather, [not really] and how ...

Day 13, 14 and 15 - Serenity, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Day 13, 14 and 15 - Serenity

A travel blog entry by abs08


... 8211; Welcome to Finland! The first thing you notice when you get out of the plane is its flat landscape. Similar to The Netherlands, Finland is generally flat, more so in the southern region where Helsinki is. The next thing you notice is the big, broad ...

Day 28 - Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Day 28 - Helsinki

A travel blog entry by magicbus1


... school education with a free school meal everyday, free university education, and proper social security, and that country is called Finland, then that is quite normal. But if that country is called Scotland, then it is something that could not possibly ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by exploreamerica


When we stopped in the port Jason and I took a walking tour of the city.  Later we rented bikes to see more of the city.  Upon exploring the city we also decided to stock up on some beverages to bring back on board the ship.  It was ...

Kiipula College, Kiipula, Finland travel blog

Kiipula College

A travel blog entry by mathies


A janitor took Sari and me to the college (with a car from HAMK). We had a very interesting time there: After one hour of historical and organizational introduction I had the chance to visit a class in business administration for students with special ...

Kiipula --> Visamäki campus, Kiipula, Hämeenlinna, Finland travel blog

Kiipula --> Visamäki campus

A travel blog entry by mathies


The ancient house of the family who founded the Kiipula-center was really nice! After a short shopping in college's own shop (handmade products) we went back to Hämeenlinna – Visamäki campus – and met Emmi (ICT assistant). She informed us ...

Hämeenlinna surroundings, Hämeenlinna, Finland travel blog

Hämeenlinna surroundings

A travel blog entry by mathies

When I arrived in the Hotel again, I got a call from Mr. Vesa Parkkonen – the Senior Lecturer I'll be with tomorrow. We went for a coffee and he informed me about what he is doing and what I’am suspected to do with his students. Sightseeing ...

Jun 16, 2009, Brändö, Finland travel blog

Jun 16, 2009

A travel blog entry by mylifesjourney


Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by grom


In Helsinki the sun shone and we took the cheap option of a day ticket on the tram to see the city. We visited the Olympic stadium, the Sibelius monument, an amazing rock church, and I sat on one of the many brass turtles on the ...

hei suomi!, Lahti, Finland travel blog

hei suomi!

A travel blog entry by tina

zurueck in finnland!!!!!! terve kaikille! der westen hat mich wieder. nach meinem ausflug in die ermitage habe ich noch einen sightseeingtag mit oliver verbracht: mit der marschrutka ging es raus aus piter nach kronstadt. das ist eine insel, die ...

Husky ride, Salla, Finland travel blog

Husky ride

A travel blog entry by dujr


Back in Finland, Joensuu, Finland travel blog

Back in Finland

A travel blog entry by carita


I came to Finland to finish my bachelor's thesis and to present it in public. It was hard work..  I had some time to meet my friends who have still stayed in Joensuu and ...

Sunds church, Sund, Finland travel blog

Sunds church

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Matkakuumetta, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by loskoivisto

Kirjaimellisesti. Eipäilen, että tiistaina ottamani jäykkäkouristusrokotus aiheutti vastareaktion, ja eilein nousi melkein 39 asteen kuume. Tänään olo on kyllä ollut jonkin verran parempi. Toivotaan että menee ohi yhtä nopeasti kuin ...

Birthday gift = Helsinki trip, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Birthday gift = Helsinki trip

A travel blog entry by cimbalnikova

What a great town! Cold but friendly.  I got the trip as a birthday gift, one of the best - we got to know the town, went to a fortress island (watched there old ladies pick chives), lost a wallet and found it again, bought cool designy hats. ...

Transferring in Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Transferring in Helsinki

A travel blog entry by pyres


Made it to Helsinki airport on time, now waiting for the connecting flight to St. Petersburg ...

Saturay night in the capital, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Saturay night in the capital

A travel blog entry by markwilliams84


... in Helsinki, the capital, which lies on the shore of The Gulf of Finland by the Baltic Sea and is the most populated in Finland by a wide margin. Saw some of the sites and had a good night out which inevitable started of in an irish bar called Molly ...

Strajkujemy, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by poleczka

Widok śniegu zmroził mnie do kości. To jest sen. Tak jak był, gdy wyjeżdżałam do Azji, tak samo nie prawdopodobne jest, że to już koniec podróży. Mieliśmy w planach albo (ze względu na jet lag) ...

Video Clips 3, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Video Clips 3

A travel blog entry by dorrance


bandwidth! Here's some more video clips from recent stops. - ...

Pre-plan for first week..., Tuusula, Finland travel blog

Pre-plan for first week...

A travel blog entry by rubberduck77

Eli alustavasti ollaan suunniteltu että siirrytään Isosta omenasta, Westchesterin vuokraamolta auton saatuamme kohti luodetta ja Buffaloa. Sieltä suunnitelma mennä Niagara putousten kautta rajan yli Kanadan puolelle, ja käväistä Torontossa. ...

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