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First time diving, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

First time diving

A travel blog entry by joostschouten


For the first time of my life did I dive. down to 15 meters. Drove back to Nadi, swam in some mud-pools and made reservations for the next day to leave to the ...

Day 9 - Church on a Sunday, Yasawa Islands, Fiji travel blog

Day 9 - Church on a Sunday

A travel blog entry by kimber619

... to the next island was delayed two hours so it arrived later than usual. At first we were told it would be a short wait, Fiji time. We automatically knew it would be longer as those two words signaled the wait would be longer than expected. We boarded the ...

Viimane päev Fijil - unustamatu paadimatk, Yanuca Island, Fiji travel blog

Viimane päev Fijil - unustamatu paadimatk

A travel blog entry by anneristo


Olime juba mõned päevad mõtisklenud, et lahe oleks teha üks paadimatk koralliriffide juurde, kus nägi tõeliselt võimsaid murdlaineid ning kõige kõvemaid surfareid. Saatuse tahtel tuli see võimalus meile ka kätte. Paadiomanikuks ja kapteniks ...

Eastown Food Garden Walking Tour, Eastown Michigan, Fiji travel blog

Eastown Food Garden Walking Tour

A travel blog entry by superfun

Super Fun tour. Come join us and I will tell you about trees on the way! Learn new garden lore and discover the innovative people living quietly all around us.  Tour begins at the Eastown Neighborhood Association, 415 Ethel St. SE, right by the ...

Fiji Islands !!!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fiji Islands !!!

A travel blog entry by palli


Fiji-Islands. Geniesst einfach die Bilder. Viel dazu schreiben muss man ja nicht. TRAUM! ...

swimming with and catching funky fish, Malolo Island, Fiji travel blog

swimming with and catching funky fish

A travel blog entry by hogstock


... . Sharing stories and finding out a little more of Fiji.   Monday we took the boat out fishing a little later then planned, (Fiji time) but it worked out better that way. We managed to see the sunset while we where on the boat, which was ...

Stop, hammock time!, Waya Lailai, Fiji travel blog

Stop, hammock time!

A travel blog entry by jameswidowss


Today consisted of recovering from drinking a heroic amount of Bounty Rum, at 58% it's got to be the strongest rum I've ever had but it was worth it as we were celebrating Kieran's birthday and also giving him and Niall a boozy 1AM pre send off party in ...

Kirkkopaiva,,, taas..., Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Kirkkopaiva,,, taas...

A travel blog entry by tuomasw

Koko viime on lahinna satanut, joten tassa alkaa rusketuskin haalenemaan...perkele... Lahinna on tullut lueskeltua ja budjetoitua Uuden Seelannin reissua. Tiukkaa tulee tekemaan, mutta eikohan se onnistu ilman pakkaselle menoa(piru perikoon Las ...

BULA!, Vitu Levu Island, Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by nickyandparaic


... since we have arrived the military commander has now been made prime minister and the old one has now gone into hiding. Fiji is now a christian country but before this religion was introduced they were cannibles! the favourite drink over here is Kava ...

Fun in Fiji !!, Beachcomber Island Resort and Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fun in Fiji !!

A travel blog entry by sharonmanship


... I even managed to get myself some new tops and a much needed second bikini...well, they were cheap! The things I will remember about Fiji are the lovely people I met, including Becca, who is now in Sydney so I wil hopefully meet up with her there. I ...

Nanuya Lai Lai Island (Sunset Resort), Nanuya Lai Lai Island, Fiji travel blog

Nanuya Lai Lai Island (Sunset Resort)

A travel blog entry by dandewey1974


... I took one of my daily Fijian siestas (I'm not sure if the locals have them but they'd become a regular part of my routine in Fiji). After a couple of hours asleep, Lynne was just nodding off when I woke up and managed to do a good job of waking her up ...

Seaspray Day Sailing Adventure, Bounty Island, Fiji travel blog

Seaspray Day Sailing Adventure

A travel blog entry by dandewey1974


... stopped completely for five minutes just after she'd put shampoo in her hair. The island was much quieter tonight because the University of Fiji students had all left. Also it was Sunday, which is a day of rest for the staff (well compared to the rest ...

Islands number 5 6 and 7, Beachcomber Island, Fiji travel blog

Islands number 5 6 and 7

A travel blog entry by phill-and-adam


... till the end of the trip. The weather wasn’t great when we were staying on Koravuo as there was a cyclone headed for fiji so for 2 days straight the wind was crazy. Luckily the cyclone has now diverted somewhere else and we are out of danger and ...

Problems and plans, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Problems and plans

A travel blog entry by hillbill98

... night (16 bed dorm), thats about 3GBP! We met some locals in town and spent the afternoon drinking Kava (national drink) and Fiji bitter (it's great). We were considering renting a boat for a month from them to travel the Yasawa islands but after a ...

I come from a land down under..., Nadi, Fiji travel blog

I come from a land down under...

A travel blog entry by maddieandleigh

Hi everyone! Sorry its been a while since we've written, we've literally been going nonstop for the last month. We took a trip to Fraser Island which was immense, we stayed there overnight and had the best trip leader called Karl who took us into the ...

Kava and New Friends, Drawaqa island, Fiji travel blog

Kava and New Friends

A travel blog entry by jameswidowss


... Quote of the holiday, methinks. The island is beautiful and I love the basic nature of it, again it was very much the Fiji I had come to experience. All the staff are genuinely friendly (as they invariably are in these places) and all seem to love their ...

Fiji in the rain...?, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fiji in the rain...?

A travel blog entry by bex-edd


... . It's actually still a small town, with some interesting art deco buildings, a lot more action and a nice little museum of Fiji's history including it's infamous tribal cannibalism! However it was four hours each way by minibus and even though to us that ...

BULAAAA!!!!!, Beachcomber Island, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by jessntj

Hello or Bula! as they say here in Fiji. We've also discovered that "vinaka" means thank you. For those of you back home we wish you a Happy St. Patricks Day. And even though he won't read this, happy bday to Cargill. Yesterday we flew into Nadi, an hour ...

Mystery Island, Taveuni Island, Fiji travel blog

Mystery Island

A travel blog entry by erinandpaul07


... around dinner time.  The boat docks in a tourist area, so we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe tonight and then did a little shopping.  Tomorrow is our last day in Fiji. :(  I wish I had a couple more days to explore the island some more!   ...

Bula Scootering, kurotoga, Fiji travel blog

Bula Scootering

A travel blog entry by carpefeline


Bula Scootering            Our last full day in Fiji and we didn't feel like taking a tour anywhere so thought we would get a couple of scooters and just ride the road, stopping at beaches when we felt ...

S-s-s-Suva, Suva, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by tomcaesar


... hostel. The museum was alright, if a little dull. Some parts of it were fairly interesting to read about, with the history of Fiji. From here, we walked back into the town. Yesterday I was thinking that this place was really unfriendly and I didn't really ...

Nadi, Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by clairebear80

What a bollocks it was to get out of Auckland!!!!! If something could go wrong it did. We all had to pay excess baggage at the airport... hello, 1.5 kilos overweight meant a 30 dollar charge. 1.5 bloody kilos!!!!!!!!!!! Then there was the airport ...

Fiji Best and Worst Bits, Coral Coast, Fiji travel blog

Fiji Best and Worst Bits

A travel blog entry by taste_the_world

Fiji I decided to go home via Fiji as I had recently heard a lot of friend's going through there and recommending it. Also, one of my friend’s was living out there and was keen to meet up. My week there was, as the whole year had been, amazing! It ...

sun, snorkelling, scuba, coctails, Waya Lailai, Fiji travel blog

sun, snorkelling, scuba, coctails

A travel blog entry by ethansamjencol


Currently at Octopus resort.  Had a good flight from LA to Nadi and then went to the Novotel for Breakfast before catching the big cat from port Denerau to Waya Island.  The trip out was fun with a few people having a chunder.  It was a ...

L A U T O K A -- F I J I, Lautoka, Fiji travel blog

L A U T O K A -- F I J I

A travel blog entry by jjndotr


Fiji Islands, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fiji Islands

A travel blog entry by joycekeith


... end to our lengthy trip overseas. Keith especially enjoys snorkeling among the coral reefs teeming with colorful tropical fish. A highlight is our visit to the famous Blue Lagoon. We also visit a traditional Fiji village to see how the native Fijians ...

FIJI TIME!!!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by amyboxshall


16th July - Went to the airport at a ridiculous time in the morning! Flew. Arrived in Nadi. Went to our hostel - Nadi Bay Resort. Met Amanda (a Canadian friend who we met in Australia). Met Jack a nice man in our dorm. South Sea Island - Got picked up ...

Sunset-tastic, Tavewa Island, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by jameswidowss


... considerably less salty pastime. Come the evening we all climbed the hill for sunset, and what a view we had. Talk about colours! We all got some good postcard quality photos then went down for dinner followed by plenty of Fiji Bitter. Another day ...

The Fiji's, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

The Fiji's

A travel blog entry by jameshopkinson

... transport costs! Some of the islands are would be possible to walk around the entire island in 5 minutes. On the Fiji mainland, however, we were staying on Viti Levu, the largest of Fiji's islands.....and what people would really consider to ...

Sable brûlant / Scorching sand, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Sable brûlant / Scorching sand

A travel blog entry by terredeshommes


... 5 jours perdus à Fiji Scorching sand: 5 lost days in Fiji ---------- J'avais initialement prévu deux étapes après Uluru: d'abord Fiji, parce que c'est simple d'y aller à partir de l'Australie et que je doute de retourner dans ce coin du monde sous ...

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