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Are We Back in Amsterdam Man!, Tallin, Estonia travel blog

Are We Back in Amsterdam Man!

A travel blog entry by scott_and_amy


On July 20 we docked right in the city of Tallin in Estonia. We walked off the boat and around the town and were surprised to find that it was actually a very charming place. It was made up of winding cobblestone streets and small shops. We just ...

Noční tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Noční tallinn

A travel blog entry by finland2012


Včera večer jsme dorazili do Tallinnu kolem osmé večer. Hned jsme vyrazili do města, abychom stihli alespoň trochu z večerní atmosféry. Zašli jsme do hospůdky "Peppersack" s perfektní středověkou ...

Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by beagui

Estonia ...

Medieval Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Medieval Tallinn

A travel blog entry by bumihills


    Our next stop was Tallinn, Estonia.  The crossing of the border was an experience though not quite as bad as when we traveled the Soviet Union in the 1980s.  The countryside changed dramatically as the Estonian countryside ...

ESTONIA, Tallin, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by itchyfeetkiwis


Estonia ...

Despiste: Tallinn (Estonia), Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Despiste: Tallinn (Estonia)

A travel blog entry by loboestepario


Bueno pues la primera cagadita lobuna. Sigo en Tallinn y aquí seguiré hasta maña. ¿Por qué? pues sencillo pq olvidé cambiar el reloj de hora y aquí es una hora más. Con lo que he llegado una hora después de que mi barco zarpase para Helsinki. ...

Photo on the map, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Photo on the map

A travel blog entry by helmert2407


Old Towne, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Old Towne

A travel blog entry by canandlids


... Old Towne.  Old Towne dates back to Gothic times.  In fact, the earliest archaeological signs of man found in the Tallinn area date back 5,000years.  The town is all cobblestone streets and buildings right on top of each other.  All ...

Stadtaufenthalt / Citystay, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Stadtaufenthalt / Citystay

A travel blog entry by pajas


Destination 24:   km43'436 Break in Tallinn. Diese Stadt wird höchstwarscheinlich die Spitze der City- Hitparade erklimmen. Einfach eine wunderschöne Stadt. Kulturell attraktiv wie unterhaltsam. Von allen baltischen Staaten am meisten ...

The Library, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

The Library

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


Next door to Katharina and Erko's place is the Aspiring Writer's Guild. It is another house in need of renovation. They have cleared out the basement and put up shelves to make a library. Each shelf has a name tag attached, and the books on that shelf ...

More photos, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

More photos

A travel blog entry by jpischedda


More pictures from around ...

Another day in Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Another day in Tallinn

A travel blog entry by jpischedda


Today I spent visiting a few of the sights I had seen on my initial bike tour around Tallinn but didn't really get a chance to explore in detail. First was an old prison on the water to the northwest of the old town. The Patarei Sea Fortress was built ...

Tallinn, Tallinn, Russia travel blog


A travel blog entry by p2pjaguar

... Estonia. The change was dramatic as we left behind the broken tarmac of Russia for baby smooth roads and neatly tailored villages of Estonia. However, for some crews this meant a nine hour delay at the border. We arrived in Tallinn after 435 km of driving ...

and we're back, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

and we're back

A travel blog entry by worths


... after lunch did not disappoint it was about Rasputin very creepy stuff. Altogether a very good day. And now we are up to date in Tallinn where the sun has just come out and Thomas is impatient with how long this is taking so I will post it . Maybe more ...

Tallinn, August 25, 2005 - Thursday, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Tallinn, August 25, 2005 - Thursday

A travel blog entry by the_wayfarer


... walls I was now trying to walk along. Well, a part of them, anyway. Germans brought Lutheran Protestantism into Tallinn, so Estonia is nowadays predominantly protestant, and that was one more thing that sets it apart from Lithuania and Latvia. Some new ...

Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by exploreamerica


Jason and I left the cruise ship early in the morning and spent hours walking through the city.  We had a refernce map that pinpointed various landmarks, churches and castles and we tried to visit as many as possible.  The city was ...

Would you like fries with that Old Town?, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Would you like fries with that Old Town?

A travel blog entry by john_and_chloe


... way included a 05:45 wake up call for the 3-hour local stopping train (20 stops) to Tartu in the south east of Estonia, approx. 189km from Tallinn. Tartu is the second biggest city in Estonia but had a sleepy small town feel to it. We walked the 2km from ...

Richard the Estonian, Tallin, Estonia travel blog

Richard the Estonian

A travel blog entry by samuelgrant9

I am now going to take a little hop skip and a jump up to our time in Tallin in Estonian where Ben and I would finally meet our mate that we meet on our very first night in Italy, at the hostel. RICHARD. We arrived into the Tallin at around lunch ...

Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by clare_pinki

Tallinn,Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by annakins64

... my iPod whilst waiting for pete's plane to land- that wouldn't be for another 2 hours and counting. It wouldn't be so bad but Tallinn airport is tiny and there's absolutely nobody here so it's quite obvious I'm a billy no mates! It's also rainning so its ...

Talinn vie y est tellement moins cher...., Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Talinn vie y est tellement moins cher....

A travel blog entry by liviou

La vie etant tellement cher, je ne peux me permettre de rester plus longtemps et retourne donc sur Talinn qui n est qu a une heure et demi de bateau. Mes amis de l Hostel with no name m ont reserve ma place car j y suis un peu comme a la maison...a ...

Old World Tallin, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Old World Tallin

A travel blog entry by keithandialaska


Tallin is in Estonia and its primary function is as a port and because of its prime position it was historically a gateway for merchant ships. This obviously made it vulnerable and desirable and so the town responded by building a fortress around itself ...

Last Stop in the Baltics, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Last Stop in the Baltics

A travel blog entry by fiseb


... have trouble with our guesthouse on arrival. Fortunately, the issue is fairly minor, and we get some free breakfasts out of it! Tallinn was a lovely little town, and much of the world seems to have learned this. The town square was packed with tourists, ...

A lift to Estonia..., Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

A lift to Estonia...

A travel blog entry by heidiandrew


After a few emails back and forth between Australia, Estonia and various internet cafes around the Baltics, we met up with a new friend Oliver and Ireene who drove (yes drove!!) us up to Tallinn (thanks for the lift!). Tallinn was another rest stop and ...

Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by veikok

Hommikune varajane äratus ja minek lennukile. Suunaks esialgu siis Riga Airport. Tohutu uni oli ikka peal, öösel jõudsin vist mingi 3h ...

Profile 6 : Mikhel, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Profile 6 : Mikhel

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


... in Tartu and if I ever win the lottery that would be the place where you could find me, a nice Bushmills in my hand and relaxing in a Chesterfield. Thanks Mihkel to introducing me to all the nice places in Tartu and Tallinn, i'm sure we'll meet ...

Tallin Zoo and miss Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Tallin Zoo and miss Estonia

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


... it. If you ever take a bus then it is advisable to buy your tickets at a kiosk, it's about 30 percent cheaper. Tallinn Zoo should not be compared to Berlin Zoo or Artis in Amsterdam, but it is reasonably interesting. The authorities are doing their ...

Wormhole, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by renard


... map of the city. At first I thought that a map would help, but it was really confusing me more than anything, the streets in Tallinn are so twisted that if you get distracted for a short moment, the one you are following might make a smooth 90 degree turn ...

Where the Riots Were..., Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Where the Riots Were...

A travel blog entry by barthdkk


... now in our second day here, which is long enough to know that there isn't a tremendous amount to do in Tallinn (the capitol...where we are in Estonia.  Sorry, should have mentioned this earlier).  Don't get me wrong, a lovely city, but not all ...

On The Baltic, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

On The Baltic

A travel blog entry by croxandlilt


... And it caused major traffic problems on I-65. He found that fantastic. Then asked if I liked drinking Wild Turkey. This trip to Estonia (and a last minute decision for a day trip to Helsinki) was the first time I have travelled alone. It is something I ...

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