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Tallinn, Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Tallinn, Estonia

A travel blog entry by andrewjolly


Here's some photos I've finally managed to ...

Tartu - The Spirit of Estonia, Tartu, Estonia travel blog

Tartu - The Spirit of Estonia

A travel blog entry by warm


... 4 hour journey on your hands (or bums as it were). Regular readers (mum? Rosa?) will know that Tartu is Estonia's "spiritual capital" so we were expecting something a bit different from Tallinn.  First impressions were clouded somewhat by the ...

lingid, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nipitiri

siin on Martti teaduslik kokkuvõte reisist: ja Pille päevik: ...

Plans for the next days, Narva, Estonia travel blog

Plans for the next days

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


these are the plans for the next days, but they can change quickly In Italics you will find the things I REALLY did : - tuesday 5th : going with Annelia to her family near Narva : yes, that happened, and we also drove along the coast, very ...

Eating the Estonian Way, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Eating the Estonian Way

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


Some of the more traditional dishes are a real challenge. Almost mandatory at any celebratory Estonian meal is sült or brawn. It is a jellied meat dish made from boiled pork, the appearance of which has been compared to cat food. Sült is served cold ...

Live from Tallin, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Live from Tallin

A travel blog entry by gouldy


At 9pm the square was packed with tourists enjoying the warm evening atmosphere. Kasia, Peter and Jerome started making a large circle of candles in centre of the cobbled square whilst I sat next to Pawel with his drum. We figured we may as well play ...

Tallinn, Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Tallinn, Estonia

A travel blog entry by ldanroy


... Estonia. Estonia had been under USSR rule from the start of WWII until the fall of the old Soviet Union. Some of the people of Estonia feel that WWII didn't end until the mid-1990s when they were able to be free in their own country. But although they ...

teele, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nipitiri

Asjade pakkimine. "...Relva pole kaasa tarvis. Vastupidavad jalatsid jalga. Seo vööle tihedalt vöö. Meil ees on kivine tee. Idas hahetab. Meil on aeg." (N. Roerich) Suund lennujaamale. On oht, et If Kindlustus on võtnud minu veebruarikuist ...

Estonia's Summer Capital., Pärnu, Estonia travel blog

Estonia's Summer Capital.

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


I let the tent dry out a little after we got up. The kids had a go at archery, using one bow and six arrows. The manager supervised them for about 20 minutes, before he got bored. I could sense his growing realisation, that the arrow arcing into the ...

Angel Mojito, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Angel Mojito

A travel blog entry by thorgal67

While you are waiting for an update (might take a day or two because of the busy schedule I impose on myself :( ) : the recipe for Angel Mojito , as served in the gay club Angel on Sauna Street Angel Mojito this Mojito was invented by Angel ...

Updating my weblog, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Updating my weblog

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


... i had an Apple Martini, cold Gazpacho and a nice wok dish. Some people have asked me about prices, so here is a small overview. Estonia is the most expensive of the 3 Baltic States, Lithuania being the cheapest and Latvia in the middle. Prices are ...

The Sabbath in Tartu, Estonia, Tartu, Estonia travel blog

The Sabbath in Tartu, Estonia

A travel blog entry by victorkubik


... the cards and well-wishes that have come from all over.  Her address is   Helgi Luts, Anne 30-87, Tartu, Estonia for anyone who would like to write to her.  I have been posting progress reports about her on my prayer page at ...

Out in the Forest, Kloogaranna, Estonia travel blog

Out in the Forest

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


... a Russian Marine Base (where their submarines could be hidden under the cliffs), and a wild drive through the undiscovered parts of Estonia with Ele's experience of a lifetime! Every road that looked unpassable, she took. We even had to help ...

Waterpark and Update on Saskia's Health., Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Waterpark and Update on Saskia's Health.

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


Tallinn boasts an Olympic-sized swimming pool, just out of the town centre. The whole complex has fabulous facilities - sunbeds, gyms, saunas, water slides, jacuzzis and beauty treatments. Obviously, we tried out the black out, super scary slide, the ...

Adventurous Camping, Nurme, Estonia travel blog

Adventurous Camping

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


Jöekääru Adventure Camp is not quite what it seems. Its advertising boasts of corporate facilities, an adventure park, archery, kayaking, paint-balling and a climbing wall. In reality, it is a quiet but pleasant campsite with a play area for the ...

My preparation and plans, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

My preparation and plans

A travel blog entry by kaarel

The past few weeks have been really interesting and now i am at the point where there is no turning back. I got my visa, I bought my plain ticket, i have made an application to quit my job and i have bought a tent and a backpack. Now i am in a ...

To the End of the World...and back for dinner!, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

To the End of the World...and back for dinner!

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


Today I got up at 5.30 am to be on time for the departure at 7 am to Narva, on the border with Russia. It is a 3 hour drive, but worth the effort because Narva is the place where you can almost touch Russia, it is so close. The town was mostly ...

Family church and house photos, Piila, Estonia travel blog

Family church and house photos

A travel blog entry by jpischedda


See story for ...

PRIMERA SEMANA/ FIRST WEEK, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jaines


... , distinto....por eso estoy aqui.... UN ABRAZO A TODOS -------------------------- INTERNATIONAL CORNER Hi!! i suvived my first week in Estonia....and i am alive and happy....sometimes i get melancolic, but this is a part of the game....and it ...

Meeting Liis and also a canadian in a park, Tartu, Estonia travel blog

Meeting Liis and also a canadian in a park

A travel blog entry by maplefanta


August 24 So I left Tallinn by late morning and got into the bus with Bianka (hc:flowerpower) advice and did the ride to the hitch-hiking spot, which was after the airport in direction of Tartu. There is was already funny as there was more people ...

Profile 2 : Hanna, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Profile 2 : Hanna

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


profile nr 2 : Hanna Hanna and her friend Caisa contacted me about a month ago to stay at my place in Brussels. Unfortunately I was travelling myself that weekend, so I couldn't accommodate them. But we decided to stay in contact and we already met ...

Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by argonauti


20 Dicembre 2012: ore 20:00 circa, boh, forse...Arriviamo a Tallinn e il termometro ci da il benvenuto con -11 C, fa freddo e freddi sono anche i modi e il volto truce del tassista che ci porta dall'aeroporto al nostro ostello, situato in una zona ...

Waterpark, Balkan Restaurant, Tartu, Estonia travel blog

Waterpark, Balkan Restaurant

A travel blog entry by mkubik


Today, we had several options.  After services, there was a walking tour around Estonia which was my vote and there was also a water park near our hotel (everyone else's vote).  So, being out-voted 3-1 (the negative effects of women's suffrage) ...

Second island : Saaremaa, Kuressaare, Estonia travel blog

Second island : Saaremaa

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


We cleaned the summerhouse and got fresh wood for the sauna. Then we went to the bus stop, and we waited and waited and waited...until a minivan drove by, stopped 100 meters further, waited 10 seconds and then drove off again. It was only later that we ...

Last Day in the EU, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Last Day in the EU

A travel blog entry by vanessaanddan


Today was our last day in Tallinn we had to check out of our hostel at 11am and we get the 11.40pm night bus to St Petersburg so there was a lot of waiting around! To keep up with our obsession of occupation museums we went to the one in Tallinn it was ...

Nina: Back in the (former) USSR!, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Nina: Back in the (former) USSR!

A travel blog entry by felixandfloss


... a night just outside the city, then in the morning find a shop for the waterproof bag before catching the ferry to Tallinn, Estonia. However as we drove along we couldn’t find a place to sleep so we just kept driving and driving and eventually ...

Estonia bike tour, ferry rides, and drunk finnish!, Tallin, Estonia travel blog

Estonia bike tour, ferry rides, and drunk finnish!

A travel blog entry by jlewku

... songs for the first time in over 50 years.  Then soon after they joined hands to make a chain the went across Estonia to show the German's they were coming together as true Estonians.  Then in 1991 the were granted what they ...

Back home, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Back home

A travel blog entry by veikok


Tallinna Lennujaam muutus vahe peal Lennart Meri Tallinna Lennujaamaks ...

First Day, First Impressions, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

First Day, First Impressions

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


My First Day I am at the end of my first day and already it is getting difficult to keep this travel log up-to-date. Who wants to spend time behind the computer when you can have REAL fun, right ? But just to show you I haven´t forgotten anybody ...

Tartu, seat of learning and fun, Tartu, Estonia travel blog

Tartu, seat of learning and fun

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


I first wanted to hitchhike to Tartu, Estonia's most important University City, but it was too hot and my backpack and other luggage was killing me. So I payed 95 EEK (about 8 euro) for a busticket and about 3 hours later I was at my destination where ...

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