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Le caire **, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Le caire **

A travel blog entry by loelai


cairo ...

Final Day in cairo, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Final Day in cairo

A travel blog entry by poohgirl1


We had alot to finish up today as this was a very quick stay in Egypt. We began our day with a visit to the Cairo museum. Very fascinating and easily could have spend way more time her but we are traveling with very different levels of interests and ...

familiarity..., Cairo, Egypt travel blog


A travel blog entry by dorisday

... up to it when my parents and people I know have tried to explain things about Egypt to me, it kind of built an image of what Egypt is actually like. I think every time I sit out in the balcony, I just look out and go, "yeah, that's about right" but ...

Bellyful of  koshiri, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Bellyful of koshiri

A travel blog entry by oughtness


... Pittsburgh and spend last semester in Uganda with my NU friend Janessa. We filled ourselves full of koshiri, the national dish of Egypt. It's a bowl of macaroni, noodles and rice, topped with lentils, garbanzo beans and some sort of salsa stuff. One pours ...

the sphinx, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

the sphinx

A travel blog entry by thy.madi

after the weasel attack my heart was pumping fast. i couldnt go on without poor furkhan but i had to. in the distance i spotted the sphinx. yay. i ran for 2 and a half minutes and finally made it. i forgot about who ever was killed 4 and a half minutes ...

Playing by the Rules, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Playing by the Rules

A travel blog entry by kaytethegreat

... being pushy gets you what you want. The customer is always right and asking to see the manager fixes any problem. In Egypt, a different strategy is needed, one that I have come to call "the helpless American." It seems that Egyptians love an American ...

Holiday Countdown - Oh I love December, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Holiday Countdown - Oh I love December

A travel blog entry by

... re starting to get sick of it...oh well. Anyways I hope all is well at home and you stay safe and warm...I'm starting to get cold in Egypt and I'm impatiently counting down the days till my suitcase arrives and my fall/winter clothes arrive. ...

First Impressions of Chi-Rho (Cairo), Cairo, Egypt travel blog

First Impressions of Chi-Rho (Cairo)

A travel blog entry by oz8118


... in hegabs and traditional long smocks called galabiyyas.  I wondered if that impression even remotely resembles what Cairo is.   We landed shortly before midnight.  Cairo International Airport is old school.  After landing, the ...

I'm going to Greece!, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

I'm going to Greece!

A travel blog entry by

... my ticket and will be leaving on the 17th, and back on the 25th! Excited about more travel time. After spending a week holiday in Egypt in March I'm itching to get more stamps on my passport and fill that sucker up again. Too much to see, not enough time ...

"The city of contrasts..."

A travel blog entry by magneticsash


... . It's big contrasts. Beautiful places are near ugly dirty streets... I was disappointed. It's my first and last trip to Egypt. I saw Cairo as dusty dirty city. I'm glad that I wasn't born in it. An interesting thing here for me is Egyptians family.=) ...

Arrived in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Arrived in Cairo

A travel blog entry by evamaria85

Here at ...

The Cairo Experience!, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

The Cairo Experience!

A travel blog entry by dave_carol

... impressive with the highlights being King Tut's mask and coffin and viewing of the Royal mummies.  In the afternoon we hit Islamic Cairo again and explored a mosque and had a few turkish coffee's at famous el Fishawi's (200 year old cafe in the khan ...

Walk Like an Egyptian, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Walk Like an Egyptian

A travel blog entry by hedrandkev


... a lot to see, but it was nice to sit and relax away from the crowds.  We then went to the Citadel, a fort overlooking Cairo.  We went immediately to the wall to check out the views.  You could see most of the city, including the Pyramids ...

In the crazy Egyptian capital, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

In the crazy Egyptian capital

A travel blog entry by jpischedda


... way through multiple lanes of traffic. While I had some practice dodging heavy motorbike traffic in Vietnam, the crazy streets of Cairo were something else entirely. The first organized activity in Cairo was a tour of the famous pyramids. A local guide ...

A world of difference, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

A world of difference

A travel blog entry by eadamson


... - it is a relaxing, shady area, with a street grid dissected by diagonal roundabout-connected avenues. Three things about Cairo/Egypt to which I was numb or ambivalent, despite their relative novelty. First, the driving really is insane ...

Kickin it in Cairo and Pharonic Fatigue, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Kickin it in Cairo and Pharonic Fatigue

A travel blog entry by davidandamy


... ; We were so lucky to be able to meet these Egyptians as they were so welcoming and hospitable; they really made our Cairo/Alexandria experience memorable.  The first day in Cairo we went to the Egyptian Museum.  The museum contains so many ...

Pyramids and Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Pyramids and Sphinx

A travel blog entry by bjorn48

... have too. It took about an hour to get to our first stop, the great pyramid of Cheops.  Like one of our travelmates said "Egypt is one of those places that you see on tv and say, that looks huge!and for once it really is".  There is ...

Accidental extra day in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Accidental extra day in Cairo

A travel blog entry by davidandamy


... chance to visit.  We decided to visit Islamic Cairo, the part of the city most highly concentrated with some of Cairo's most important Islamic sights and some of the most beautiful mosques.  We wandered around the massive citadel which contains ...

Egypt, Cairo, Egypt travel blog


A travel blog entry by angela_louise

... our connection in Milan due to delays in London, only to find ourselves on the same plane as before, we were soon headed towards Egypt. Unfortunately it was dark when we landed so we couldn't see much. We were picked up from the airport and bundled into ...

Wanna swim?, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Wanna swim?

A travel blog entry by cbridges


... the state library for all 4 other guests to arrive, one of the tour guides, Manny, impressed us with his knowledge of Ancient Egypt but the other tour guide, Bennrasi, didn't seem pleased as halfway through he shouted 'For crying out loud, shut up!! you ...

Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza…, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza…

A travel blog entry by oz8118


... Parks, with their friendly park rangers, guided tours, introductory ten minute movies, and interactive displays.  None of that in Egypt, not even a descriptive sign.  But not that you would need a sign to state the obvious, “Great ...

Another Brick in the Wall and Liking It, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Another Brick in the Wall and Liking It

A travel blog entry by jes242


... and the differences can be quite severe. For example, an Egyptian would be hard-pressed to understand Moroccan. However, because Egypt is a center for Arabic music, film, and literature, most Arabs can understand the Egyptian dialect. Arabs use their ...

Coptic, Nile, Giza...and some!, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Coptic, Nile, Giza...and some!

A travel blog entry by undies


... boggling how these mummies are so well preserved. King Ramses II was the pick of them. The man responsible for more construction across Egypt than any other King - still, I am completely gobsmacked at how we can see what the 'big fella' looked like. Hours ...

Thanksgiving and Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Thanksgiving and Pyramids

A travel blog entry by saundersfamily


... us a back entrance to the museum bypassing the protesters in the square.   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ A tour of Cairo ended with a night cruise down the Nile River. ...

Not in Kansas anymore...., Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Not in Kansas anymore....

A travel blog entry by chrishailstone

So I am now in Cairo - the screeching of the cats outside my hostel window tells me this, as does the chaotic weaving of cars and taxis in the journey from the airport. The atmosphere of the city is further proof, hot and a little humid - yet with a faint ...

Happy 2010!!!, Cairo, Egypt, Egypt travel blog

Happy 2010!!!

A travel blog entry by eidart


Happy New Year Everybody! I pray this year brings peace and blessings. I welcomed in the new year on the Nile. The source of life for many and a source of so many stories. It was wonderful. Adeerka (my uncle), Marboro and our new friend Muhammad brought ...

Pharaonic Egypt is over, time for Islamic Cairo!, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Pharaonic Egypt is over, time for Islamic Cairo!

A travel blog entry by jeremystravels


... ready.  At this point we were pissed for getting jerked around.  Firstly, GAP uses this hotel for every single tour in Egypt, and the company should realize that we get in early.  Secondly, if they did not have clean rooms, they should not ...

Catching up, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Catching up

A travel blog entry by justinhoyle


... of study. My Arabic is starting to come along also. Life here has become normal. In fact, I don't realize that living in Cairo seems like a big deal until I talk to people back in the states. The ridiculous traffic, pushy perfume dealers and constant ...

Back in Cairo, and very soon back in Denmark, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Back in Cairo, and very soon back in Denmark

A travel blog entry by evamaria85

later ...

AM Luxor-Cairo / PM Cairo-Sharm, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

AM Luxor-Cairo / PM Cairo-Sharm

A travel blog entry by cpodesta


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