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Please tre billetter..., Gedser, Denmark travel blog

Please tre billetter...

A travel blog entry by nayda_dew

По дороге до Гедсера мы любовались ...

Dinamarca - o caminho e a chegada, Roskilde, Denmark travel blog

Dinamarca - o caminho e a chegada

A travel blog entry by betuca

Fomos todos para a Dinamarca. Mas o festival de teatro nao estava tao perto assim. Primeiro tinhamos a oportunidade de ir para uma das escolas que faz parte do mesmo grupo da nossa para ajudar-los em uma reforma. Para nos isso contaria como uma forma de ...

Dav! From Denmark, Ribe, Denmark travel blog

Dav! From Denmark

A travel blog entry by noj_ontour


Arrived safe and sound in Esjberg. Ferry trip went without a hitch. Nona didn't even puke! Driving on the right hand side of the road is a cinch as long as everybody stays out of my way. There are windfarms as far as the eye can see. We are staying in ...

May -Opera- Visitors 14 and 15, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

May -Opera- Visitors 14 and 15

A travel blog entry by danskgirl


We had friends (KnB)over for a week in May who are Opera buffs and we went to 17 hours of Wagner over 4 nights & it was amazing - it was staged like a full play not just singing. Very interesting experience & the Opera house here is new & has some super ...

Camping trip!, Sønderborg, Denmark travel blog

Camping trip!

A travel blog entry by mjenespana

... we took a ride on the boat and I got to drive for a little! I don't think I've ever driven a boat before..  Denmark (well, the little part that I saw) is a beautiful country. The people were friendly and very happy. Like Germany, most Danish people ...

Sol i lluna, Bogense, Denmark travel blog

Sol i lluna

A travel blog entry by scastellvi


Acabo de veure la lluna. Sembla plena, malgrat que els mapes diuen que ja esta minvant. Fa una setmana que no en sabia res. Ni dels estels; potser avui en veurem. Però serà més tard, que a quarts d'onze encara hi ha claror al cel.  Hem vist la ...

A Danish weekend in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

A Danish weekend in Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by sweetmochigirl


See ...

Well, Copenhagen 'in theory', Sundbyøster, Denmark travel blog

Well, Copenhagen 'in theory'

A travel blog entry by rhillaryj


... through the evening that continued to push the ship around. At some point we also went under a bridge that connected Sweden and Denmark. Bernie never knew that cruise ships could even go under bridges! So tomorrow is another day at sea. Hopefully at some ...

C's version of riot events, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

C's version of riot events

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

... scobies there was no sense that they might take advantage of this temporary breakdown of order to go seriously apeshit. This is Denmark. Our street turns out to be at the strategic junction for the cops, where the line must hold. The friendly Indian ...

Den Bla Planet, København, Denmark travel blog

Den Bla Planet

A travel blog entry by pennydeakin


Today we decided to visit Copenhagen's new aquarium which only opened in March 2013. The building is something to see in itself. A smooth silver layer coats the outside of the curved surfaces. It's such a great piece of architecture which gave me really ...

Dashing through Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Dashing through Denmark

A travel blog entry by jimstephkrueger


A peaceful evening sailing to Copenhagen.  We seas were like glass and we had a hard time waking up in the morning - but when we did we were greeted with a lot of sunshine and promises of another nice day in Scandinavia.   Our day began with ...

kangaroo poo!, Denmark, Australia travel blog

kangaroo poo!

A travel blog entry by vickz_2

after a wonderful day braving more giant trees, climbing over elephant rocks, sampling honey wine and plenty of cheeses, sean and i had a stupid argument about where to stay the night. after falling out and making up over kangaroo steak, we said hello to ...

Another Layover, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Another Layover

A travel blog entry by ewilson


We had another long layover and decided to look around the city because we were going to stop here on the way back down from Scandinavia. It is a very pretty city and we enjoyed a nice lunch, but we decided not to stop here again. We did randomly run ...

Hello Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Hello Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by eirantrethowan


Well the summer is definitely here and we have ventured out into the land of Copenhagen and after a seedy night it's actually quite brilliant!! An afternoon by the queens yacht on the pier (yes she had us over for afternoon tipple x) Dinner at a funky ...

Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by stevemarson


update and titles for pics coming ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by rora_8

Upon my arrival in copenhagen I found myself a bit worn out from traveling and missing the luxury of hamburg. My dorm awaited me dark and craped. The beds reminded me of some of the concentration camps I visited. They were staked 3 high, and the ...

island fun, Stege, Denmark travel blog

island fun

A travel blog entry by laine


12/5-13/5 Mon is a little island at the bottom of Zealand, it sounded nice, so we went. It turns out it is a very nice little island and you could certainly spend more than the one night here. The main attraction here seemed to be the very 'undanish' ...

Courses:ACCEPTED!, Herning, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by mianda

 Choosing courses for the exchange semester was pretty nerve racking, as I didn't want to choose the wrong thing.    I had sooo many options from which I could make great combinations so I decided to take it easy while asking myself what I ...

On the Road, Aarhus Municipality, Denmark travel blog

On the Road

A travel blog entry by ematravels


... to that city. He was a great guy, very positive about life and had a really cool schedule for a truck driver, only working inside Denmark, long hours but lot of days free per month as well. It was a smooth ride, really enjoyed riding on a truck for the ...

Not flying alone after all, Hillerød, Denmark travel blog

Not flying alone after all

A travel blog entry by evamaria85

... turns out that there is another boarding the ship the same time as me, and because she hasn't got a lot of time here in Denmark, she's studying to become an actress or something at school with quite a few pupils and only one computer, she asked if it was ...

Back in Copenhagen!, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Back in Copenhagen!

A travel blog entry by jagrant

We're back! After a very short flight from Berlin we have arrived in Copenhagen. It was funny too, we were flying towards the airport when we noticed a massive bridge going over a large body of water. However, one end of the bridge led this tiny ...

Klar til afgang..., Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Klar til afgang...

A travel blog entry by christiansen

Så har vi pakket og begiver os meget snart mod Kastrup Lufthavn. Det er så spændende det hele, vi glæder os rigtig meget. Foran os er 2 timer i luften til Milano, her har vi så to timer til at forberede os på den næsten 14 timers flyvertur til ...

Day 1 and 2, København, Denmark travel blog

Day 1 and 2

A travel blog entry by lchristopher12


Day 1: The first day of orientation we had an opening ceremony in Cirkusbygningen, which   originally was a circus building and now houses the Danish musical awards, concerts, and other   events.  We saw a contortionist ...

Oh Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Oh Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by shawnandchris


Arrived in Copenhagen after a nice flight from Helskini. Was taken to the hotel and we had a quick lunch and then it was straight off to work for me. Was taken on a tour of the Copenhagen city Hall by one of the councillors and then went straight into a ...

J'ai pas vu de grand race de chien..., Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

J'ai pas vu de grand race de chien...

A travel blog entry by frank__823


Une danoise.....hmmmmmmmmm et un grand café s.v.p. haha!! Bienvenue au royaume de la patisserie(bon sa va bien la barre d'espace sur mon clavier marche une fois sur 3....j'sens que sa va etre long ecrire cette entrée la!!!!). C'est decider, j'ai ...

More life on the beach, Denmark, Australia travel blog

More life on the beach

A travel blog entry by suzy_n_phil


Hiya Quick update as we're booked in to WWOOF again this week on a Marron (crayfish) and Honey farm nr Denmark, so will probably be out of touch now until we get back to civilisation next week. Over the weekend we've been exploring more free ...

Blanc i negre, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Blanc i negre

A travel blog entry by scastellvi


L'illa de Mons amaga un espectacle que, segons la gent d'aquí, és únic al món: té un penyassegat de guix de fins a 120 metres d'alt (que ja seria interessant per si sol) travessat per capes de pedres de sílex. (En les fotos es pot entendre el que ...

Sea Day - to Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Sea Day - to Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by kellyfayeurope

... diet now starts. We enjoyed a farewell cocktail just inside our balcony watching the lights of the various island communities of Denmark, passing under the large bridge connecting mainland Europe with Denmark, Norway, Sweden at 8.30 pm. We had 4m ...

Spring Has Sprung, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Spring Has Sprung

A travel blog entry by christinec2013


... Nett's brother and sister in law were having marriage problems, so Nett and her husband sponsored their two children to come to Denmark and then eventually adopted them. But despite the complications, they are very kind people. On the first day we just ...

Víkings, primer round, Aalborg, Denmark travel blog

Víkings, primer round

A travel blog entry by scastellvi


Primer contacte amb els víkings al museu de Norresundby, prop d'Aalborg al nord de Jutlàndia: bona gent, sembla. Punt de vista diferent, certament! Per Irlanda, recordo que sempre que es comentava la història d'algun monestir, s'hi incloïen un parell ...

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