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Habana, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by curioustravel


... my Canadian Baseball cap so it cannot be held against us LOL. This is not something I would do in New York City. Es Cuba!! Feb 22 I spent my last day wondering around Habana towards La Vieja and discovered the major shopping streets. I almost bought a ...

havana ist anders, Havana, Cuba travel blog

havana ist anders

A travel blog entry by fredi


... decke tropfte und der yak hob ab.die vormals fröhlichen kubanerinnen verstummten angesichts der kommenden situation. denn: fliegen nach havana ist eins, einreisen das andere. das procedere erinnerte an inspektionen im dienst. habe ich alles oder nicht. ...

Havana. One more time, with feeling!, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Havana. One more time, with feeling!

A travel blog entry by themooners


... people and in return you will be helping them live a better life. Just be careful in the showe.... We spent one final day in Havana doing tourist things and buying souvenirs, taking pictures and drinking rum. It's Cuba, what ya gonna do? We made asses of ...

Final (Cuban) Port of Call, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Final (Cuban) Port of Call

A travel blog entry by jennyroberts


Returning to Havana was a little sad, as it meant my time in Cuba was coming to an end. On a positive note, it meant I'd be back in Mexico and travelling under my own steam once more. By the time we arrived in Havana, everyone seemed a bit tired from ...

Was für eine interessante Reise....., Havana, Cuba travel blog

Was für eine interessante Reise.....

A travel blog entry by tilman


Kein so guter Start, mal wieder Probleme mit dem öffentlichen Nahverkehr in München, Flug nach Madrid verspätet, Anschluss nach Havanna fast verpasst, Flug mit AirEuropa (so ziemlich die schlechteste Fluglinie, mit der ich je geflogen bin.....). ...

Viva Cuba, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Viva Cuba

A travel blog entry by amydavid


... . We flew into Havana around lunchtime and took a taxi from the airport  to our casa particular in Old Havana. Casa Particulars are common in Cuba and it is where you stay in someone´s house rather than a hotel. Old Havana Old Havana is one ...

Burning candle from both ends but rolling car, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Burning candle from both ends but rolling car

A travel blog entry by mistytravels


... and hands filled with gravel – in LOVE with this part of Cuban culture. There’s another totally different part of Cuba, which has nothing to do with culture, more of practicalities and availability, which has me scratching my now sea-salted ...

Your Man in Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Your Man in Havana

A travel blog entry by markcaswell


... seen in the last week or so: 1895: War of Independance - Spanish rule ends, but US begin plans to 'Americanize' Cuba Early 1900's: Havana prospers due to huge sugar crops, and US tourism (largely due to Prohibition in USA) 1934: President Batista ...

Havana Club, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Havana Club

A travel blog entry by amber

... hanging on the street, 1950s fiats and chevvys, music being played and sung on every corner. We spent our days in havana learning discovering the black market local currency as opposed to the foreign currency (25 to 1.. think about which currency you ...

Cuba highlights, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Cuba highlights

A travel blog entry by amber


... even scrunching their face. Its amazing. It took samson and I a bit to get used to the gulping of rum, but a few bottles of Havana Club reserve later, we were hooked. (Also local litres of rum cost like 1 dollar a bottle, cigars like 5 cents) 3. Cubans ...

05/08/2007, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by asiqueira08


... , então fomos ao museu de la revolución . Bem interessante, mas puxando a sardinha para o lado de Cuba, afinal de contas estamos em Havana e não em Washington. Mas vimos também que antes do Fidel se tornar esse ditador antiquado que é hoje, ...

Viva Fidel!, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Viva Fidel!

A travel blog entry by jgomes


Virgin is such a good airline, watched the Chronicles of Narnia and was well fed and watered throughout. Got my passport stamped in Havana even though the customs guy really didnt think it was a good idea. Had to be done though. Took us about ...

Cuba!!, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by heidsontour


... of this.  But, also things conspired against the place where I set off to to listen to some music in Havana was closed.  I´m kicking myself that I didn´t get to enjoy more music and dancing!  And then there was nothing on on ...

Jul 31, 2014, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Jul 31, 2014

A travel blog entry by minkeeneliza


¡Cuba Libre!, Havana, Cuba travel blog

¡Cuba Libre!

A travel blog entry by amyblundell


... the Casa de la Musica (House of Music). He was the salsa instructor there and said to be one of the best dancers in Cuba (best salsa dancer in Havana 3 times running I later found out). The dude could move and I was so nervous! So there I was, ...

Sightseeing In The City, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Sightseeing In The City

A travel blog entry by mish_brendan


... , another fallen hero of the Revolution.  Thoroughly tired from a long day we returned to our casa, collecting a bottle of the Havana Club Especiale rum to sample for the night.  We sat around the casa enjoying the drink for a couple of hours, ...

Leaving Cuba, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Leaving Cuba

A travel blog entry by maryfahey

... . There is a limit to the town centers and revolutionary squares you see. Some bits were more interesting than others. Trinidad de Cuba is on the south coast in sugar cane country. As such it has a stronger African influence than others. We went to ...

HAVANA - THE CITY OF CONTRASTS, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by greekcypriot


A TRIP TO HAVANA CUBA In a week's time we are flying to Havana - we badly need to relax and this year we really want to swim in the exotic beaches  of VARADERO.    I have decided not to go with a group this year, but be on our own and ...

A Different World, Havana, Cuba travel blog

A Different World

A travel blog entry by jennyroberts


... the Latin American countries I've visited have had their own flavour, but lots of similarities too; Cuba however would prove to be quite different. Havana had an old world charm, with beautifully restored buildings next to handsomely mildeyed ones and a ...

Hussle and hassle in Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Hussle and hassle in Havana

A travel blog entry by davidandem


We learned very quickly that Havana is certainly not a city to relax in. After recovering from our long journey, we ventured out into the streets and were immediately descended on by scam artists wanting to extract every dollar we had. The hotel we ...

Back in Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Back in Havana

A travel blog entry by cookcorn


Back in Havana, another great Casa Particular (owned by friends of the owners of our first Casa) and Havana is still a great place. Travelling between destinations is an excellent means to get some inside information on the country as most taxi drivers ...

Eggs, muscles, and soccer, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Eggs, muscles, and soccer

A travel blog entry by mistytravels


... I wanted to stay and just take in the street life I stayed. I talked to a few people, wonderful, happy and humorous residents of Havana, flirty but not sleazy, cheeky but not rude, this is the Havana I fell in love with a year ago. It still baffles me ...

A pig in pearls visits Alice in Wonderland, Havana, Cuba travel blog

A pig in pearls visits Alice in Wonderland

A travel blog entry by mistytravels


... is from Madrid and works as a security guard for the king of Spain. He had some free time and decided to come to Havana a few days before continuing his royal guarding Paris. We spent the lazy Sunday starting with a drink at Floridita, then we strolled ...

Where do I start?, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Where do I start?

A travel blog entry by lolly


... still taking it all in so I think I´ll leave description for another time. I´m hoping to use the computers at the Universtiy of Havana and then be able to attach my messages. It will be much cheaper that way. I will try keep up with this log instead ...

Cuba Libre?, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Cuba Libre?

A travel blog entry by tomtranter


... which require them to ask permission to travel within their own country and travelling abroad is almost impossible. The first few days in Havana were a total shock. The average person earns about $17 per month which is not enough to live on comfortably so ...

viva cuba libre, Havana, Cuba travel blog

viva cuba libre

A travel blog entry by amber

... to cuba samson was not shy in packing a box of cohibas (which i suspect are fake) as well a few bottles of 7 year old havana club in his bag. cuba was good. made better by some of the cool people that we met, made worse by the people who try to use u ...

Malecon and Central Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Malecon and Central Havana

A travel blog entry by haveyouseenher


Andres and Mary took us everywhere. We walked for miles. We took as many photos as we could. Havana was a fascinating city, with contrasts everywhere. What struck me was that although most of the buildings in Central Havana were run down on the outside, ...

First steps, Habana, Cuba travel blog

First steps

A travel blog entry by peacefrog


... rainy, I decided I should see as much outdoors as possible, and keep the museums for rainy days. So I headed east, towards Havana Vieja. Past the parque central, the museum of fine arts. The cafe Floridita, advertising its daikiris (so I guess ...

Cuba, hier bin ich!, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Cuba, hier bin ich!

A travel blog entry by patricia.eifler


... verblabbert. So lange durchgehalten und einen Tag vorher ists passiert. Die ersten beide Tage haben wir in der Hauptstadt Havana verbracht. Eine tolle Stadt mit vielen alten und toll restaurierten Kolonialbauten. Auch die Oldtimer haben nicht gefehlt - ...

Havana, 12 days in, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by peteanddee


... . The next morning we paid the guy for washing our car again (???) then drove for three hours back to Havana airport. We got lost for the first time in Cuba as it took us more than half an hour to find our elusive airport terminal. If there is one ...

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