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Cienfuegos, Cienfuegos, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by curioustravel


... like the faggots back home. It seems that it is possible for a fudge-packer not to have those feminine voice transformations in Cuba. Anyway big bald-headed one invited me to supper with the "family" rather than eating alone. I gladly accepted. Maybe ...

Hi honey, I'm ho-ooome!, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Hi honey, I'm ho-ooome!

A travel blog entry by mistytravels


It feels like I've come home. It feels like I know every nook and cranny of this enigmatic city although of course I get lost, it’s just in my nature. In the morning I can throw open the doors to the balcony overlooking the Atlantic ocean and I can ...

Cuba ... Castro, cigars and many many mojitos, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Cuba ... Castro, cigars and many many mojitos

A travel blog entry by sarahquinlan


... ... a shifty look over their shoulder and then the extraction of a promise not to repeat anything they said within Cuba.  Promises and a few mojitos later often led to some really interesting conversations.  Basically although most people ...

This is Cuba, everything else is a lie, Havana, Cuba travel blog

This is Cuba, everything else is a lie

A travel blog entry by team0506


... sitter vi atter i Antigua, denne gang for storslagen paaskefeiring. Men det kommer det mer om senere. Vi hadde to fantastiske uker paa Cuba, kick-offen var det saa som saa med, bare hoer paa dette: Vi stod opp klokken 0345 paa fredag, klare som egg for ...

Inselende, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by senderjung


Nach einer landschaftlichen tollen Busfahrt über Guantanamo (der US-Stützpunkt ist logischerweise nicht ausgeschildert) erreichten wir Baracoa am südöstlichsten Ende der Insel an dem man an sehr klaren Tagen bis nach Haiti (der Zustand dort ist trotz ...

first part of the delivery - toward the Bahamas, great inagua, Bahamas travel blog

first part of the delivery - toward the Bahamas

A travel blog entry by ayack

13.01.09 : As you understood, i'm now going to the Bahamas and Nassau will be my next stop. We left St Martin two days ago with a good and fair wind. We arrived really quickly on the British Virgin Islands : Anegada, virgin Gorda or ...

¨Captivating¨ Cuba, Havana, Cuba travel blog

¨Captivating¨ Cuba

A travel blog entry by ness010

... on his face like the situation was adding to the adventure. I wanted to clue him in...that is not a positive moniker!!! So Cuba has 2 currencies, one for the locals I called Pesos and one for tourists called CUCs. This division was another point of ...

So many more friends!, Vinales, Cuba travel blog

So many more friends!

A travel blog entry by americankluntje


... a mojito 2 or 3. So we bought a bottle of rum and coke and continued that tradition for the remainder of my time in Cuba as well. – Bus ride to Havannah – 2 bottles before, one during and one after uggghhhhhh Anyways! Hasta Pronto!! 6th ...

Media Impressions, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Media Impressions

A travel blog entry by lolly


... media messages are so emotional. Actually most people I meet are really enthusiastic about the political and social situation in Cuba. They admit that they love American cultural products (music, movies, clothes), and despite resentment they do want ...

Jam Cruise at Sea, Moron, Cuba travel blog

Jam Cruise at Sea

A travel blog entry by danfrerich


Cruising at sea listening to great music with a ship filled with awesome ...

Arrival in Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Arrival in Havana

A travel blog entry by thearodgers


... It was just that morning we had left the cold Canadian winter, fleeing south for the warmth of the Caribbean. Upon arrival in Cuba, you are greeted with a pleasurable gust of warm air as you pass from plane to transfer tube-thing. The first thing I ...

Comm Cuba, Varadero, Cuba travel blog

Comm Cuba

A travel blog entry by tdedora

Amazing beaches, great all inclusive service.  Havana is a must see ...

Walkin!!, Vińales, Pinar del Río, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by maille

Well after a late night we had a great massive lunch at 1 then hit the road to see the massive meural, big but the walk and sceenary was as if not more impressive!! Then had the best calimari ever for dinner and more bean soup!! went to bed stuffed and ...

La Habana & Trinidad, Cuba., Trinidad, Cuba travel blog

La Habana & Trinidad, Cuba.

A travel blog entry by kim_puravida


... The surroundings were absolutely beautiful, with the mountains in the background! On the drive from Havana to Trinidad I noticed how green Cuba is, which I didn't realise before... with many farms and ranches along the way! On the way to the waterfall we ...

With an armfull of bananas I drink the rainbow, Havana, Cuba travel blog

With an armfull of bananas I drink the rainbow

A travel blog entry by mistytravels


As I stroll down the cobbled streets in my colorful sun-dress and flip-flops noisily living up to their name, with an armful of tiny bananas and a skin-tone several shades darker than a month ago, I am starting to feel almost like a local… I could ...

Trinidad, Cuba, Trinidad, Cuba travel blog

Trinidad, Cuba

A travel blog entry by domkop

Note: ...

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba travel blog

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

A travel blog entry by domkop

Note: ...

Musical Mojitos, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Musical Mojitos

A travel blog entry by mardow


... as Revolution Square where tall buildings had massive metal framed outlines of Fidel Castro and Che Guavara on the sides.  Yes, definately Cuba!    Our casa particular was in the Vedado area of Havana, a better area to stay in than the old ...

Lots Of Walking, Cienfuegos, Cuba travel blog

Lots Of Walking

A travel blog entry by tdv95


... gives the place an almost un-Cuban feel. Marinas, palaces, casinos, etc don't see to fit with the rest of communist Cuba but they have been carefully restored giving the town a splash of plush (the Marina is already hosting a number of traveling ...

Cuba Libre cont'd, Trinidad, Cuba travel blog

Cuba Libre cont'd

A travel blog entry by lingo83


... meet, or encounter, some Brits though.  They say Americans talk a lot, but these girls could talk underwater while drinking Cuba Libres I swear.  Usually we'd find them in a bus station where we were all sitting waiting and a captive audience ...

Tabak, Pińa Coladas und Strand, Vinales, Cuba travel blog

Tabak, Pińa Coladas und Strand

A travel blog entry by goni


Am nächsten Tag wollen wir per Bus nach Vińales. Wir lassen uns vom Bruder der Hausbesitzerin zu der Busstation fahren, er meint kurz bevor wir ankommen, wir sollen dann nicht mit dem Geld wedeln beim Bezahlen. Erst verstehen wir nicht genau, was er ...

Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by mariekeiii


... tillbaka till Santiago nästa vecka, halva priset och 15h,aldrig mera kubanskt flyg, 18h med all väntan!!!  Cuba är ett mycket speciellt samhälle, sanslös fattigdom, även välutbildade kubaner som veterinären o marinamanigern tjänar endast 15 ...

A day in Cuba Trinidad, Trinidad, Cuba travel blog

A day in Cuba Trinidad

A travel blog entry by amydavid

... you from the side of the street for a lift. My thoughts - People seem to have been left to there own defenses in Cuba, people seem happy anyway despite this. All streets are the same with nothing really to distinguish one from the other. At least ...

Welcome to Cuba, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Welcome to Cuba

A travel blog entry by steffen102


... to Cuba in large numbers (but to which place in the world do they not travel in large numbers?) My first impressions of Cuba Certain things are obvious characteristics of Cuba, such as the large number of old cars and old colonial buildings everywhere in ...

White doves and a rooster!, Havana, Cuba travel blog

White doves and a rooster!

A travel blog entry by mistytravels


... white doves… Seeing them made me think of the young woman from whom I bought a necklace at the market. She said she loved Cuba and its beauty, but that she lived in a prison, albeit a beautiful prison… She said she was hoping soon Cubans will ...

Havana, Cuba, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Havana, Cuba

A travel blog entry by graceandmarcus


... wrote at, Playa del Este beach (10km from Havana) and sampling the yummy food and amazing cocktails with Havana Rum!!! I think Cuba had the best cocktails I've ever had, particularly the lemon daiquiris. Havana is crawling with cars from the 1950s which ...

Havana - 2nd time round, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Havana - 2nd time round

A travel blog entry by kc2009


Going back to Havana with fresh eyes, a new perspective of Cuba and some experience of dealing with the locals we took on Havana with a new attitude, slightly harder after seeing so much poverty in the remote areas and a lot more  self assurance that is ...

a főváros Havanna, Havana, Cuba travel blog

a főváros Havanna

A travel blog entry by asomogyi77


ismét Havanna. jó ez a város. színes, forgatagos, hangulatos. annak ellenére, hogy napjainkra Havanna legtöbb épülete gyakorlatilag romos állapotba került, szinte mindet teljesen fel kellene újítani. egy részét már újítják, így nem ...

Hit the road... backpacking Cuba adventure begins!, Playas Del Este, Cuba travel blog

Hit the road... backpacking Cuba adventure begins!

A travel blog entry by lolly


Burn baby burn! It's so hot here!!  Yesterday morning we got up early and went to the beach for a couple hours. The wind was a little high and the sand blowing around was quite a storm.  However, the sun was amzing (maybe a bit too much but ...

Ciudad Primera, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Ciudad Primera

A travel blog entry by iluv2xplore


... have only been in the country for 2 days, I am beginning to understand why those who can travel here legally absolutely LOVE Cuba and holiday here frequently.  The fabulous sights, sounds, tastes, and overall rhythm and energy make Baracoa a place I ...

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