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My mate's mate knows a guy who can get you girls!, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

My mate's mate knows a guy who can get you girls!

A travel blog entry by benhockman


... the 'madness' of Medellín for a few hours. The City left 4 mothers without sons last Sunday, Mothers' Day in Colombia, when a tiroteo (shootout) between rival combos (low level, violent street gangs affiliated through drugs and weapons to ...

Another Day in the Life of...., Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Another Day in the Life of....

A travel blog entry by leala.colombia


... it is a crazy scene.  When Mami finally arrived we ran a quick bank errand and then went off for some shopping. All things Colombia can be found in a distinct area of downtown, and it was perfect for all the gifts I'll be bringing home. I'm not sure ...

Starting to get my bearings..., Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Starting to get my bearings...

A travel blog entry by leala.colombia


... and right next door is the school of Architecture and Design. On display were some of the coolest clothes I have ever seen! Medellin is very fashionable and despite the warmth no one ever wears shorts. Tatianna explained to me that she doesn't want men ...

Clubbing it..., Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Clubbing it...

A travel blog entry by alan.kidd.522


...well actually not night clubs.  Keith and Gerri Lynn took us to their sports club where Nick has his football coaching and where  they spend most Saturdays, have lunch, play sport and meet up with other members and friends.     ...

Finding Pablo Escobar, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Finding Pablo Escobar

A travel blog entry by kyppers


I´ve been in Medellin for a few days now, but considering where it is it´s not as scary as I thought it was gonna be. I´ve done all the tourist things.......gone up the cable car, visited Pablo Escobars´ grave........but Scarface it ...

Cable Cars, Curves and Flumey Fun, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Cable Cars, Curves and Flumey Fun

A travel blog entry by gowithzo


Our journey from Cali to Medellin, Colombia's second largest city, went without a hitch - once again we did it during the day so spent 9 hours looking out the window, listening to music and watching the most awful film called Fireproof which felt ...


First " Fútbol" Game!

A travel blog entry by leala.colombia


There is a rivalry, between Team Nacional and Team Medellin, that creates an obvious division in Colombian citizens. With Camilo being a dedicated Nacional fan and my family supporting Medellin for life, I had to ensure that they both knew I was neutral ...

THE Penthouse of Medellin, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

THE Penthouse of Medellin

A travel blog entry by leala.colombia


... assisted us every step of the way. On level ten, we set our eyes upon the biggest penthouse on the market in Medellin. Absolutely stunning! I was quite a fan of the stained class, green granite, red, white, and black color scheme and various architectural ...

Downtown - the Golden Mile...., Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Downtown - the Golden Mile....

A travel blog entry by alan.kidd.522


Sunday 13 January 2013 A bit of a lie-in today for all and then by car to a small shopping area where we parked, then a great walk down through an interesting night club area. We stopped at Charlee Hotel which had some unusual decor in the lobby and ...

This is a Special Colombian Family, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

This is a Special Colombian Family

A travel blog entry by leala.colombia


I have just finished my first assigned homework with help from mi prima (cousin), Natalia. Together we sat on the white tile floor in the hallway and filled out the photocopied worksheet. I read to her and every so often she would corrected my ...

Couchsurfing in Medellin!, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Couchsurfing in Medellin!

A travel blog entry by quincy_allen


... or gondola to Park Arvi. The gondola passes over favela type barrios - the communities of poor people in the surrounding valley´s of Medellin. It´s an interesting birds eye view of the poverty from the safety of a gondola! The gondola then rises over a ...

University Friends, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

University Friends

A travel blog entry by leala.colombia


... , tutoring, and exercising. When I arrive home I split my time between studying for the French final, ACT, or complex Spanish grammar and of course family time. I can't complain and I am staying as cheerful as an American in Colombia, AKA ...

What a Suprise, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

What a Suprise

A travel blog entry by glassmerchant


A great ride through the hilly Columbian country to Medellin where the Flower Festival is coming to an end, it is best to be there for the first day when the parade winds its way through the street ot the last when there are 10,000 horses on parade - ...

An Exercise In Self Esteem, Medellín, Colombia travel blog

An Exercise In Self Esteem

A travel blog entry by travelnshit


Sooo... Medallín. Didn't think much of it to be honest. It used to be the cocaine trafficking capital of the world. It ain't that interesting anymore although you can do a Pablo Escobar tour where they take you around his hacienda, the place where he ...

Departing Medellin, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Departing Medellin

A travel blog entry by delfuegoproject


Unanimously, one of our favorite cities...we remind ourselves that if we had heeded all warnings we may have never discovered this remarkable Colombian ...

Only fotos!, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Only fotos!

A travel blog entry by janpeters


Ice Cream, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Ice Cream

A travel blog entry by leala.colombia


I only have two days of classes left and already I am starting to worry I won't have anything to fill my time with. I can easily spend hours at the University either learning in class, chatting with friends, or studying in the library. In preparation for ...

Redeye to Medellin, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Redeye to Medellin

A travel blog entry by arikandcharis


... it was beautiful. After dropping our bags off at the hostel we headed out on the town.  Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia.  Hometown of world famous Fernando Botero who paints portraits and various scenes were everything looks ...

Back in love again!!, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Back in love again!!

A travel blog entry by vaughnyb

Im back to the city of dreams from the united states. Glad to be back, I found the U.S. cold (feeling) and unfriendly. nuff said! ...

Medellín Part 1 of 2, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Medellín Part 1 of 2

A travel blog entry by srarrasmith


My past week in Medellín is going to need at least 4 posts, and those are going to show up in the next couple of days. I can't even keep up with the homework I assign myself. First and foremost, I don't think I would have ever imagined having such ...

acercarse y alejarse, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

acercarse y alejarse

A travel blog entry by cariverga


Все-таки у меня есть чутье по выбору мест, ...

Thanks to former drug cartels for the modern city, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Thanks to former drug cartels for the modern city

A travel blog entry by alyssaginsburg


Dear readers, I am going to keep this muy corto (short). Medellin was a great clean city.  We enjoyed their wide lanes, tons of public art works and fast/simple public transit system.  We found a pretty nice hostel with a fun group of people to ...

A birds eye view, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

A birds eye view

A travel blog entry by christianfeu


Medellin - the second biggest city of Colombia. Was most famous for drug cartels but now the safest city in South America, and a top spot for paragliding, partying and enjoying the plaza inhabited by the bronze giants of artist Fernando Botero. ...

Susan,  Anya and me in Medellin, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Susan, Anya and me in Medellin

A travel blog entry by change_of_pace


... . Susan and Anya were excellent guests...low maintenance and easy going. I can't wait for them to come back!!! I'm staying in Medellin because I have the two week course to teach (with some other instructors) and Eric M is coming in on Saturday night ...

Crepes and Waffles!, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Crepes and Waffles!

A travel blog entry by leala.colombia


With the last three-day-weekend and Mario's family conflict today, I have only had three classes this week. I am using this fine Friday morning to catch up on some homework and studying. I believe it's healthy to have all this time for myself and and the ...

Visa Extension, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Visa Extension

A travel blog entry by leala.colombia


Since my first Visa was issued with a November 15th expiration date, I spent most of my day yesterday running around accomplishing tedious, government required tasks. I was so grateful to have Anna with me since she had to the same thing when she ...

Don't Pack the Superglue, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Don't Pack the Superglue

A travel blog entry by koinotely


So I arrived around 8pm at the Jose Maria Córdova International Airport (MDE) in Medellin, Colombia, going through customs was smooth, however I have an 19 hour layover until my next flight to Cartagena. So I had to decide whether to spend the night ...

The Birthday Weekend Begins, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

The Birthday Weekend Begins

A travel blog entry by leala.colombia


 After another stimulating class, full of heated chit-chat, I went to eat lunch in the outdoor cafeteria. The weather had everyone outside and kicking off the weekend. I found Rolli (my German friend) and he showed me pictures from his recent trip ...

Colombia, Bogota-Cartagena-Medellin-Cali, Colombia travel blog


A travel blog entry by viajando


... , sobre todo su gente que te ofrece su ayuda a cada momento.  Pasamos a saludar a Ronaldo, dueño del Café-Internet Colombia, justo frente a la plaza Santo Domingo.  Lo hicimos de parte de Germán Amunches, el argentino que hace unos tres años ...

Medellin, City on the grow!, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Medellin, City on the grow!

A travel blog entry by nellems


... most modern and similar city to home we have seen since we started travelling. The history and the attitude of the people here really make it such an intriguing place to explore. If coming to Colombia, Medellin should be on the list of places to go. ...

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