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Lao countryside and panda's!, Chengdu, China travel blog

Lao countryside and panda's!

A travel blog entry by benga


... Unfortunately it was pouring rain when we arrived in Kunming so it all looked a bit depressing... we decided we wanted to head straight to Chengdu so went to the trainstation to get our tickets. Turns out we are on the run up of this big festival (how do ...

First Two Weeks of Teaching, Chengdu, China travel blog

First Two Weeks of Teaching

A travel blog entry by jasper.lawson

In my first week I was told to introduce myself so I taught the kids about my family, Australia and some Australian animals – don't know why I thought they could pronounce echidna and platypus but some of them got it! I quickly figured out which ...

Le Cake du ROADTRIP du Carrefour Garrett&Collin, Chengdu, China travel blog

Le Cake du ROADTRIP du Carrefour Garrett&Collin

A travel blog entry by hammerboy


Ca y est, je n'ai pu resister et je suis tomber dans l'enfer du cake. On a dejeuner au gros banana cake bread avec du beurre de peanut-chocolat. TRIP BOUFFE! Crack Cat, le chat aux dommages neurologiques, qui tombe partout mais qui est cute en maudit ...

last  afternoon & night before home, Chengdu , China travel blog

last afternoon & night before home

A travel blog entry by rebecca_redden


woops i forgot to publish the last two entries of my blog - pics have captions ...

the new year begins, Chengdu, China travel blog

the new year begins

A travel blog entry by heatherandcarl

... with Peace Corps in any way, and I have to say, most emphatically, no. A couple of days ago when Carl and I biked into Chengdu, we went to the closest McDonalds to our house. (For some reason, we like to eat cheap Chinese food near our home, but we ...

From Pandas to Pandemonium, Chengdu, China travel blog

From Pandas to Pandemonium

A travel blog entry by boatubia


From Pandas to Pademonium We had to bus back to Lijiang and then hop a flight to Chegdu where we had a day to kick around. ChengDu is in the Sichuan province, known for it's humid, wet climate, hot spicy food, and Panda Bears. We spent our day ...

Panda's, Chengdu, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by remberido


... over het buitenland niet zo veel> Goed, vorige mail eindigde denk ik in Xi-An, ondertussen doorgereisd via Chengdu, naar het Tibetaans plateua (deel ervan dat in China ligt, alhoewel de chinezen er nog steeds vanuit gaan dat Tibet in China ligt nvdr). ...

Mid-Autumn Festival, Chengdu, China travel blog

Mid-Autumn Festival

A travel blog entry by jasper.lawson


The Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) or Moon Festival is celebrated on the 15th Day of the eighth lunar month. I didn't really have much idea about what Chinese people actually did on this day, though I did have a long weekend to find out. ...

Hakka village Luodai, Luodai, China travel blog

Hakka village Luodai

A travel blog entry by babsworld


... hab, hab ich kurzfristig beschlossen mit dem oeffentlichen Bus nach Luodai zu fahren. Das liegt ein paar Kilometer ausserhalb von Chengdu und ist zwar auch wieder eher staedtisch, bis auf das Zentrum. Da haben die Chinesen ausnahmsweise Mal nicht die ...

Wind roach and gooselips, Golmud, Chengdu, Kunming, China travel blog

Wind roach and gooselips

A travel blog entry by williebobs


... here in the same clothes, with the same bags, the same as when we got on the train in Halesworth, England over a year ago. Chengdu is a big city, and with our major interest in food we weren't disappointed: we had no idea just how wide the thin edge ...

Sichuan University Normal School East, Chengdu (I think), China travel blog

Sichuan University Normal School East

A travel blog entry by cdblum

... lesson planning is impossible. Hopefully we'll find out more Monday, in time to at least get a little organized. That's all from China today -- Only paid for an hour at the internet cafe. On last note: We'll post more pictures once we find ...

Big Buddha, Chengdu, China travel blog

Big Buddha

A travel blog entry by zaileia


... , a very busy visit with a lot of walking, which is probably why I and most everyone else fell asleep on the coach ride back to Chengdu! Good thing too since it was dinner time when we got back, and we were out for Hot Pot. This is the first meal in China ...

Pandas, pandas and more pandas!, Chengdu, China travel blog

Pandas, pandas and more pandas!

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


... nbsp; Instead, you'll be even more fascinated to know that we were here to visit none other than the popular pandas at the "Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding" to learn about their life cycle and habitat and of course, to take tons of memorable ...

Ketchup., Chengdu, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by jinsha2012


-Mariella ...

Where will I go now, Chengdu, China travel blog

Where will I go now

A travel blog entry by ciaranmckenna

I just spent 3 nights in Tibet and then caught a flight to Chengdu. Here I was to check out a panda breeding farm and then catch a bus to Chonquing to take a boat trip up the Yangazi river. However at the airport I walked past a flight desk that was ...

Just One in a Billion, Chengdu, China travel blog

Just One in a Billion

A travel blog entry by pecoskid


... re one in a million, in China, that means there are a thousand people just like you." Left Nepal yesterday for Chengdu, China, home of spicy Sichuan cuisine and the lovable giant panda. The flight provided incredible views of the Himalayan mountains ...

Chegdu, Chengdu, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by yunnan_concern


... the phrase book. For those of you with no idea where Chuengdu is, its the other side of China from where I was recently in Beijing. Chengdu is the Provincial Capital of the Sichuan Province, which borders amoungst others the Provinces of Yunnan, ...

Stolen mobile / Handy weg, Chengdu, China travel blog

Stolen mobile / Handy weg

A travel blog entry by babsworld


Went to the Panda Breeding Research Center here in Chengdu and on the way back to my Hostel my mobile got stolen in the crowded bus. By the time its enough!!! Happy to leave China on Monday! Don't want to get ripped off of all my stuff.... Sorry, ...

Shopping in Chengdu, Chengdu, China travel blog

Shopping in Chengdu

A travel blog entry by dearl


... foods westerners find so odd and difficult to understand but they are on every aisle in all their foreign glory. I love food shopping in China. And the bonus is you get your moneys worth. Half the family budget doesn't go on food. : I love the ...

Pandas!, Chengdu, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by redtilly


Panda day today!  For a donation to the Panda Ark at Dujangyian, Andy had arranged for Jenny and I to sit beside and touch a giant panda.  Panda Ark is a fairly new facility and everything is new.  We caught a little cart like a long golf ...

Giant Pandas, Chengdu, China travel blog

Giant Pandas

A travel blog entry by joy_marc


... were kept in a special room and no pictures were aloud. We are now just waiting around for our flight out of China on Thursday, unless you do a trip out of Chengdu there is not much else to do in this city.  We decided to head back down into Sabah, ...

New Friends, Chengdu, China travel blog

New Friends

A travel blog entry by aenthul


... and then went to Australia to work, but didn’t like his life there so when he got an opportunity to come back to Chengdu and work as a loan officer he returned. It’s fun to listen to him talk because he has an excellent mastery of very ...

More Chengdu, Chengdu, China travel blog

More Chengdu

A travel blog entry by jpischedda


... .  Once shop had a nice collection of traditional masks. Du Fu's Thatched Cottage Museum is another parklike expanse in Chengdu.  During the 8th century AD the famous chinese poet Du Fu (regarded as a Shakespeare or Homer for Chinese culture) ...

Beijing to Chengdu - Chengdu day 1, Chengdu, China travel blog

Beijing to Chengdu - Chengdu day 1

A travel blog entry by dreding79


... flight to Chengdu (more than 1600 KM south-west from Beijing) was smooth; my first impression of Air China is a good one. After check-in at "Old Chengdu Club" we left almost immediately for the performance at the Shu Feng Ya Yun Teahouse ...

Pandas!, Chengdu, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by sarichka10


Today we saw some cute pandas...Chengdu is "home of the pandas" after all.  We planned to do a marathon day: pandas in the morning and giant Buddha in the afternoon, but we got stuck at the panda center for longer than we thought.  By the time ...


Of "Chengdu Hot Pot" and cuddly things

A travel blog entry by birrell


... met by our CS host Qianlan and her husband Milk (Yes Milk is his English name). Instantly taken for dinner, the famous Chengdu Hot Pot. Chengdu is famous for HOT AN SPICY. They had carefully chosen the lowest level for us. Cooked food in a ...

Sichuan - 'Land of Abundance', Chengdu, China travel blog

Sichuan - 'Land of Abundance'

A travel blog entry by supremacy


... to note that due to over-consumption, the Centre has to rely on purchasing the bamboo from villagers outside Chengdu. It was interesting to see one worker organize them into bundles and hose them down before doing so.Right aligned photo ...

Hazy, Busy, Bustling Chengdu, Chengdu, China travel blog

Hazy, Busy, Bustling Chengdu

A travel blog entry by hilaryramsey


... to the hostel but they kept going past us, even when we moved to the proper area after realizing we were at the wrong bus area. Chengdu is big & busy & full of smog - no blue sky here!!! It is the 5th biggest city in China with a population of ...

I know squat - or  - I squat therefore I am, Chengdu, China travel blog

I know squat - or - I squat therefore I am

A travel blog entry by davidsmi


Funny title eh - I'll come back to that. Chengdu This is a nice big town with the basics of every big Asian City (Same Same, but different). Very few non-Chinese here so people stare at you (okay - they stare at me because I'm 6'4"). You wonder up ...


A travel blog entry by cdblum


The past week in Guiyang was great. We met with our dean, a very pleasant and kind man. We spent a good deal of time with the assistant waiban (foreign affairs officer) of our school. Since we are the only foreign teachers at our school, I'm sure ...

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