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villarica volcano, Pucón, Chile travel blog

villarica volcano

A travel blog entry by pepsouille


... marre bien et puis voila cest fini, nos chemins e separent: max va en argentine, nickie a santiago et moi en patagonie. retour a pucon, village des mapuches qui ont su resister aux incas et aux espagnols. pas de bus pour moi les oir direction puerto mont, ...

Stars, wine, lakes and sailors!, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Stars, wine, lakes and sailors!

A travel blog entry by pauline_callum


After leaving behind the dazzling backdrop of Bolivia, we crossed the border into Chile. Often ignored as a country without much to offer, we found the opposite and were amazed by the diversity of attractions this country has to offer. From the remote ...

Vacation with CIEE to Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Vacation with CIEE to Pucon

A travel blog entry by kailyn-rose


Last weekend we went to Pucon, Chile. A cute little touristic town with a big volcano and lake nearby. It was about 12 hours south of Valpo and we went via bus through the night. We stayed in cute little cabins. Very homey and they had fire places which ...

Under the shadow of the Volcano., Pucon, Chile travel blog

Under the shadow of the Volcano.

A travel blog entry by jon-daniella


... in a cheese sauce. We even swang by the town´s casino but as neither of us felt in the mood for gambling we exited quick. All in all, I would recommend Pucon if you´ve got the weather on your side otherwise it could turn into a bit of a damp ...

Climb up the hill, Slide down the Volcano, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Climb up the hill, Slide down the Volcano

A travel blog entry by jonnytheroth


... on a lake with black, volcanic beaches, where you can get an excellent view of the volcano beyond the lake. Pucon is also the adventure activity capital of Chile, and so I would have thought it impolite not to partake in one or two, and so the day after ...

The perfect vacation town?, Pucon, Chile travel blog

The perfect vacation town?

A travel blog entry by bocalee


... studded with mountain lakes and majestic volcanoes and, when I was there, almost perfect sunny, warm but non-humid weather.  Pucon has a black sand volcanic beach on the shore of one of these lakes, that is crowded with Chile's young and ...

¡Don't Blow Your Top!, Pucon, Chile travel blog

¡Don't Blow Your Top!

A travel blog entry by viajesyvinedos


... to gain some shut-eye until we arrived, albeit slightly weary, eleven hours later in the adventure town of Pucon.  Bordering Lago Villarrica and hovering below an ever present smoldering volcano, timber buildings were the ...

Last entry, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Last entry

A travel blog entry by merkdog4


I have made the difficult decision to stop updating this travel blog at least for the time being.  I have decided my time and energy would be best focused on trying to write a book and hopefully finding a publisher.  I can't believe how ...

Adios Sur America, Suerte..., Pucon, Chile travel blog

Adios Sur America, Suerte...

A travel blog entry by little_lisa

I have had a wonderful, tranquil Christmas here in Pucon, lazing on the beach, drinking the local festive beverage (tastes like baileys) and hanging out with the crazy rafting guides. The guilt of sitting on my butt (especially compared to the guides who ...

Horse Riding, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Horse Riding

A travel blog entry by syco_traveller


... what they have done to him but I managed to understand was that they do not help the poor people. I did not know that Chile was having political relation problems with Isreal but I am just a silly American girl ignorant of all world events... Well at ...

Bienvenidos a Chile, now get moving, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Bienvenidos a Chile, now get moving

A travel blog entry by twig


... team could lose a few games some time soon. On Thursday evening I took a bus to the hot springs of 'Los Pozones', just outside Pucon. Unfortunately I don't have any photos, so you'll have to google it to get an idea. Though I would have liked to have ...

Temuco to Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Temuco to Pucon

A travel blog entry by jen_and_andre


... days, but when we were ready to buy tickets to leave, all the buses to Argentina were booked! We ended up spending 5 days in Pucon which was ultimately great, because we were staying in a lovely little house (part of a hostel complex) and there was a ton ...

Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by john_and_esther


Pucon - cool, sleepy village that sits in the shadow of Volcano Villarica. We came here on the recommendation of an English girl we met on a bus and we were so glad we did. Cheap seafood and loads of activities aside, it´s also a hub of ´alternative ...

Goodbyes, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by heykaliann


... at the last minute as usual, i packed my backpack for a 3 week excursion beginning with a trip with my groupmates to Pucon and ending with a weeklong solo adventure to Buenos Aires. Pucon was amazing and hard because we were forced into a sudden goodbye ...

A Bum Deal, Pucon, Chile travel blog

A Bum Deal

A travel blog entry by elmoshark


... cheeky guide became his witness saying that he had seen me do it - the rotter! Our brief stay in lovely sunny and cute Pucon, a wooden village of only 7,000 by a gorgeous lake is coming to a close. We take an overnight bus to Santiago tonight with a ...

I may be gone for some time...., Pucon, Chile travel blog

I may be gone for some time....

A travel blog entry by sheppard


... never enjoyed hot chocolate before and still felt impressed by our morning's achievement. That afternoon we did very little, wandered around Pucon (very wooden in an alpine village kind of way), sat by the lake, talked and laughed and admired the ...

Soaking in (and soaking in)  the Lake District, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Soaking in (and soaking in) the Lake District

A travel blog entry by bron_and_eli


... to Hostal Victor, which Eli negotiated for the same price and which was roughly 300 times nicer. Highlights of Pucon itself included an amazing meal at cafe/pub Trawen, and some pretty stellar sunsets over Lake Villarrica.  ...

Chile has redeemed itself, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Chile has redeemed itself

A travel blog entry by muzz_travelling


Pucon has turned out to be a massive breath of fresh air. Chile has finally redeemed itself. This place is stunning, with a huge Volcano called 'Villarrica' dominating the area. Its 2840 meters high and towers over the small town, which it destroyed in ...

Ahhhh, a beach - sort of, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Ahhhh, a beach - sort of

A travel blog entry by merkdog4

... in Valdivia a bit longer but Pucon is their next destination and I will probably meet up with them there.  When I arrive to Pucon I feel awful and I am dead tired and I sort of look like Gary Busey after a 48 hour bender.  I haphazardly ...

im sueden, Pucon, Chile travel blog

im sueden

A travel blog entry by julegschwander

und es regnet und ...

A chegada, Pucon, Chile travel blog

A chegada

A travel blog entry by brunnoc

... havia ninguem pra me atender e quase ninguem na rua. Um dos cachorros que fica no meio da rua (isso acontece muito em todo o Chile), ficou me seguindo por 1 hora. Era um pastor alemao imenso, rs. Depois de muito esperar, conversar com o pessoal dos ...

In Ben's Own Words, Pucon, Chile travel blog

In Ben's Own Words

A travel blog entry by boatubia

... , Peru: Bought art from Waly. Lima seems depressed. Drinkable water. Lost watch. Santiago, Chile: Clean toilets at bus station. Beautiful city. Had a barbeque. Pucon: Drank wine. Bought sweaters. Hiked volcano. Did some other stuff. Re-discovered ...

Patagonia again!, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Patagonia again!

A travel blog entry by auntie_bev


... was the best hostel I have stayed at so far. It has more of a cabin feel and a great view of the active volcano in Pucon, Villarrica. I had a very friendly girl from New York staying in my room with me. Camilla and I hit it off instantly, so it was nice ...

Pucon Day 3, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Pucon Day 3

A travel blog entry by blobby

Gutted, weather bad so could not climb the mountain we basically hung our around ...

We climbed a Volcano yesterday :o), Pucon, Chile travel blog

We climbed a Volcano yesterday :o)

A travel blog entry by jrawns


The snow covered, cone shaped, Volcano was a fantastic climb…2,800mtrs high with views to die for and several other volcano's to view on the horizon. We set off with crampons packed, ice axes lodged in our back packs, gaiters on, waterproofs at the ...

Putting the Poo into Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Putting the Poo into Pucon

A travel blog entry by matnkat


... paper in the loos but to use the bins provided is well founded. Matt hadn't been following this advice ever since entering Chile, but this was the first occasion that a poor toilet had to suffer his sustained abuse... Feeling guilty he ripped off a ...

Pucón, Pucón, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by lesterenanne


... de wekker... Om 6u zaten we dan aan het ontbijt om even later opgehaald te worden. Tot zover de goede voorbereiding.. ·Pucon is the adventure capital of Chile en dat is dan ook heel erg merkbaar; op elke hoek van de straat en aan de rand van het ...

To answer Rhys' rhetorical question..., Pucon, Chile travel blog

To answer Rhys' rhetorical question...

A travel blog entry by dave-mcgowan

... , as all of you are gripped so much by our travels you don't need Hopkin ratcheting up the suspense. Anyways, we arrived in Pucon delightfully late, around 11.30, after a couple of bus journeys in which I think I read about the English aristocracy and ...

The Lake District, Pucon, Chile travel blog

The Lake District

A travel blog entry by alexgoldschmidt

coming ...

Not So Chile, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Not So Chile

A travel blog entry by sargeandwest


Across the border and into Chile, the little town of Pucon sits in the midst of the massive Villarrica Volcano. Similar to Bariloche in Argentina, it feels very much like an Alpine resort. We had the luxury of staying at a newish hostel where the owner ...

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