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Frontiere dans no mans land, Arica, Chile travel blog

Frontiere dans no mans land

A travel blog entry by simonetmartina

Vite direction Perou, on a un bus a ...

Arica - nochmal Wüste & Vulkane, Arica, Chile travel blog

Arica - nochmal Wüste & Vulkane

A travel blog entry by bergfex75


Unsere letzte Station im nördlichen Chile heisst Arica und liegt nur wenige Kilometer entfernt von der Grenze zu Peru am Pazifik. Dafür beträgt die Entfernung in die Hauptstadt Santiago mehr als 2.000 Kilometer. Die Stadt selbst ist eine typische ...

Getting outta Chile - the looongg bus rides, Arica, Chile travel blog

Getting outta Chile - the looongg bus rides

A travel blog entry by debbiewaldman


... where we picnicked in the shady Plaza.   There.  We did the stars and the lake and now we felt that traveling to Chile wasn't a complete waste, but Lorne did joke that he sure traveled far to just float in a lake!   We gathered ...

Everywhere you go....., Arica, Chile travel blog

Everywhere you go.....

A travel blog entry by somewaygone


... Tacna was only 5 hours. Unperturbed, I arrived in Tacna bus station eager to catch my 1 hour connection across the border to Chile. The small "Combi" buses, however, were not that keen on taking me for some reason. Smell, looks, hunch, they weren't ...

Pelicans and Sea Lions, Arica, Chile travel blog

Pelicans and Sea Lions

A travel blog entry by claireandrob


... better than food in the restaurants. Our plan was to cross the border the next day but instead we decided to stay another day in Arica to get our laundry down and to relax a little. Quite frankly we felt lazy and couldn’t be bothered to move! After ...

4 Markets One Day (Sophie), Arica, Chile travel blog

4 Markets One Day (Sophie)

A travel blog entry by ewbarr

... and the smell was something to note.  Arriving into Tacna was beautiful.  Even more beautiful was arriving into the Arica, Chile train station later that day as the sunset over the desert.  We had thoroughly enjoyed our last day ...

day 25 - october 19th, Arica, Chile travel blog

day 25 - october 19th

A travel blog entry by kirstyirsty


... hassle! i cant believe people would give in to that sort of bullying! anyway the hostel we are in (sunny days in arica in chile) is lovely. were right by the beach and you can actually put your toilet paper in the toilet! the only other place ...

Santiago - Arica and Mummies, Arica, Chile travel blog

Santiago - Arica and Mummies

A travel blog entry by beckysarson


... Iquique. By this point however I had consulted the Bible aka Lonely Planet and had decided the best border crossing would actually be Arica and so bought another ticket to continue on for another 5 hours to Arica. 30 hours later….Arica!!! Hooray! I ...

Auf der Jagd nach einem Telefon, Arica, Chile travel blog

Auf der Jagd nach einem Telefon

A travel blog entry by macla


Hola! Hier in Arica wollten wir eigentlich nur noch unseren Padrón abholen. Wenn dieser immer noch nicht fertig sein sollte, wollten wir probieren ohne diesen über die Grenze zu fahren. Vielleicht haben wir ja Glück. Der Padrón war immer noch nicht ...

Ein gerissener Autoputzer, Arica, Chile travel blog

Ein gerissener Autoputzer

A travel blog entry by macla


... endlich weiter Richtung Norden fahren. auf unseren Padrón würden wir zwar noch ein paar Tage warten müssen, aber wir hofften in Arica dann noch etwas unternehmen zu können. Auf dem Weg nach Arica sind wir an Humberstone vorbei. In der Nähe war ein ...

Peru, Bolivia, Peru, Bolivia, .... Choices?!, Arica, Chile travel blog

Peru, Bolivia, Peru, Bolivia, .... Choices?!

A travel blog entry by henagaijin


... up a bit late the next morning and walked up to the Morro (big hill overlooking the town). This was the site of a battle between Chile and Peru in the war that took place in the late 1800s and there is quite a good little museum too.  It also ...

Unsere Bärbel wird auf Vordermann gebracht, Arica, Chile travel blog

Unsere Bärbel wird auf Vordermann gebracht

A travel blog entry by macla

... anstrengend. Zumal der Bus diesmal noch weniger Pause gemacht hat, als auf der Fahrt nach Santiago - nämlich einmal. In Arica haben wir uns dann aufgrund unseres ganzen Gepäcks mit einem Taxi zum Zeltplatz fahren lassen. Dort angekommen war noch nicht ...

Day at the cop shop, Arica, Chile travel blog

Day at the cop shop

A travel blog entry by aoifeandtadgh


... case goes through. The poor girl wanted to pay me back but the decision, it seems, was out of my hands. We left Arica, not very happy campers. After our initial delight at being back in a relatively civilsed country we got a nice kick back to ...

Beach in the Desert, Arica, Chile travel blog

Beach in the Desert

A travel blog entry by thewer


... wanted to see. However, getting across the Chilean border was a bit of a nightmare, and with it getting late I decided just to stop in Arica. I staying for a couple of days in the end, but it didn't take me long at all to begin to get a poor impression of ...

Cusco, Arequipa, Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog

Cusco, Arequipa, Arica

A travel blog entry by davidandnancy


We've completed our trip across South America from the Atlantic to the Pacific, reaching Arica in northern Chile on Sunday. Tonight we are flying down to Punta Arenas in the south of Chile to begin our next adventure - hiking in the Torres del Paine ...

Weiterhin warten, warten, warten ..., Arica, Chile travel blog

Weiterhin warten, warten, warten ...

A travel blog entry by macla


... sowas schon fast gedacht. Jetzt mussten wir uns überlegen, was wir als nächstes machen wollten. Wir wollten eigentlich nicht in Arica bleiben, da es uns hier nicht ganz so gut gefällt. Manu wollte da gerne nochmal nach Iquique und dort zur zollfreien ...

Es treten neue Probleme auf, Arica, Chile travel blog

Es treten neue Probleme auf

A travel blog entry by macla


... . Wir hätten die Möglichkeit mit einem Reisebus nach Peru zu reisen. Das Auto müsste aber in Chile bleiben. Uns wurde geraten hier in Arica zum Hauptbüro des Zolls zu gehen und dort wegen einer Sondergenehmingung nachzufragen. Blöderweise war gerade ...

Was nun?, Arica, Chile travel blog

Was nun?

A travel blog entry by macla


... wir einen Wohnsitz in Chile brauchen, um von Chile nach Peru zu gelangen, oder dass wir es über Bolivien versuchen sollten. Chile und Peru haben kein wirklich gutes Verhältnis zueinander und deswegen versuchen sich die beiden Länder, dass Leben etwas ...

El Norte Grande, Arica, Chile travel blog

El Norte Grande

A travel blog entry by gordonandsarah


... a while down south and were now faced with the prospect of many many hours on buses crossing the apparently mediocre middle section of Chile (well, we didn’t have time to see it so we will just assume this is so) or, abandoning our plans to ...

No monos aqui, Arica, Chile travel blog

No monos aqui

A travel blog entry by constantinople

... I would have sat in that lovely little plaza waiting for sunset for another hour while my bus drove through the desert. I arrived in Arica early the next morning and had a lesson in planning and not being too tight to get a local bus. I walked around ...

Summary Chile, Arica, Chile travel blog

Summary Chile

A travel blog entry by giulyandmatt

... abituati e "pronti" a reagire) certamente fanno la loro parte per "agevolare" uno stile di vita sereno, condito da specialità enogastronomiche locali deliziosi. adios Chile (esperando en un hasta luego en San Pedro) y... che la te van súper ...

on the road again, Arica, Chile travel blog

on the road again

A travel blog entry by matthewcarey

... where me and my wife got sick but luckily baby was fine after two weeks of Erika meeting old friends we decided to have a weekend in Arica which is a small town just cross the broader from Peru the town is quite ans there is not much to do with a kid but ...

Dias de cielo azul, Arica, Chile travel blog

Dias de cielo azul

A travel blog entry by constantinople

... a new love and a new loss .. every single week I had told my friends in Lima that when I got to Chile I would make a quick trip up the cost from Arica to Lima, however it was only when I got close to Arica that I realised how far away Lima ...

Arica: Strand und Parinacota-Vulkan, Arica, Chile travel blog

Arica: Strand und Parinacota-Vulkan

A travel blog entry by doso_on_tour


... uns noch das alte Zollgebäude an. Dieses wurde ebenfalls von Gustave Eiffel in Paris entworfen, vorgefertigt und dann hier in Arica aufgebaut. Am Strand angekommen weht ein leichter Wind, kaum Wellen im Meer und vor allem quasi keine Leute, die dasselbe ...

4 countries in 4 days, Arica, Chile travel blog

4 countries in 4 days

A travel blog entry by rhi-nathan


... and the border post of Chungara must have some of the most fantastic scenery of any border post in the world. One night in Arica ticked the Chile box and the following day we got in a taxi to head across the border for the southern Peruvian town of Tacna ...

30 hours later..., Arica, Chile travel blog

30 hours later...

A travel blog entry by eoinontour

Seriously did you really think we would get on a bus for 50 hours?   Arriving in on the bus into Arica we thought we´d made the wrong choice as this town looked like a dudust-bowlfrom a western movie!  But underneath all that sand and dust ...

Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by blogtrotters


... 'e des Andes, passage de frontière à 4500m, nous voilà au Chili plus vite que prévu. Nous descendons tranquillement jusque Arica, sur le bord de l'océan Pacifique, afin de rejoindre ensuite San pedro de atacama tranquillement, en espérant que les ...

Gaar!!, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by micheleen


... terminal was aan de overkant en we waren in 20 minuten alweer op pad naar de grens van Chili en naar Arica, het eerste plaatsje. Onderweg papieren invullen, uitcheck documenten pakken voor Peru en geld klaarleggen om te wisselen. De grens overgang ...

La Paz - Stunning Border Crossing - Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog

La Paz - Stunning Border Crossing - Arica

A travel blog entry by panf007


... ;3 days in Bolivia does not do this diverse country justice, we took the same route as 7 years ago, down the Andes to Arica, Chile. This day, it was sunny and blue sky, which made the journey to Arica even more awe inspiring. The snow capped ...

Vorbereitungen fü den Urlaub im Urlaub, Arica, Chile travel blog

Vorbereitungen fü den Urlaub im Urlaub

A travel blog entry by macla


... losfahren können. Und gestern nach unsere Regentour war das auch so. Und das wollten wir nochmal checken lassen. Hier in Arica bei der Autowerkstatt gibt es auch einen Mitarbeiter, der Englisch kann (das wussten wir noch von unserem Lampeneinbau) und ...

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