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Jul 08, 2010, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Jul 08, 2010

A travel blog entry by kevin_grannum


Where the Trip begins!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Where the Trip begins!

A travel blog entry by magnumzero

... ; My Dad and I went together last year but it has been a few years for my Mom.  I've got 4 packs of cigarettes, and about $500CAD and about 1000GBP and I am wearing a nicotine patch for the flight. :o So this trip begins in Saskatoon, Sask. ...

Leaving Saskatoon and -19 C weather., Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Leaving Saskatoon and -19 C weather.

A travel blog entry by allanwolinski

Everyone is warning me about the heat and humidity in Brazil ...

Just entered Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Just entered Saskatchewan

A travel blog entry by pvanasp


During dinner we past a decrepit white sign that read Manitoba / ...

Austin clan, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Austin clan

A travel blog entry by chris-fernie

I rode to Saskatoon on Sunday with 8 Women in the Wind (WITW) members from the area. I was very greatful to Donna for taking me right to the door of my destination. On Sunday night, I stayed with my brother and sister-in-law, Jim and Therese Austin. ...

The First Day, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

The First Day

A travel blog entry by dlake


We had a great first day!  The drive was manageable and the kids were not in front of their screens the whole time.  We started and finished the first Harry Potter cd (thanks Brenneis family).  Only 7 more cds in the first book!  I ...

home again home again, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

home again home again

A travel blog entry by tally

HOME! thank god! Rolled into stoon at about 3 o clock.Then i sat around like a poor forgotten welfare child for an hour before my parents got there to pick me up. I guess they had "work" or something. Good news-boompa didn't recognize me. stupid cat. ...

England, Ireland, Scotland Itinerary, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

England, Ireland, Scotland Itinerary

A travel blog entry by kharby


... - Jurys Inn - 2 Nights Dingle Peninsula/Tralee - Manor West Waterford - Treacys Cardiff/South Wales - Copthorne - 2 Nights Bath /Windsor/London We left Saskatoon Thursday at 1:55 for Calgary then to London at 5:30. Arrived Friday in London at ...

Countdown is on......, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Countdown is on......

A travel blog entry by tlow82


The first thing that people ask when I tell them about traveling to the South Pacific in September is "Who are you going with?"  The answer is always a shocker.  That answer is "noone"  I'm traveling to New Zealand on September 17 and I'm ...

Visiting the stomping grounds of my youth, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Visiting the stomping grounds of my youth

A travel blog entry by sandrabell


This week in Saskatoon has gone so fast. Saw my bro briefly and had good visits with my Mom and Dad. Enjoyed Starbucks breaks between shopping errands and seeing the flower beginnings of Moms patio garden...tonight Steve and the gals get here and were ... close attention Parker Family!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog close attention Parker Family!

A travel blog entry by kevstac


This entry is dedicated to some very privileged all know who you ...

Let's Begin Now!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Let's Begin Now!

A travel blog entry by ricknelsie

... of Rick'n Elsie's global adventures begins today! Our plans include visiting 4 continents, seeing 4 oceans, 10 countries (not including Canada) and traveling on 13 flights with 7 different airlines, 4 ferries, 3 car rentals, 2 bus trips ...

Return to Saskatoon, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Return to Saskatoon

A travel blog entry by ksplinter

I drove the lovely 5 hour drive from Edmonton to Saskatoon to return my rental car and attend my interview for U Sask. Both went well. The sun was shining, although it was a crisp -34 with the windchill so I am very glad the car worked ...

Checking out Saskatoon, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Checking out Saskatoon

A travel blog entry by ryansarah


... from Europe to become farmers and work off the land. This was very common and how many people came to live in Canada. The town street is really fascinating and goes into detail of the different occupations people had and how people lived. After that we ...

Saskatoon to..., Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Saskatoon to...

A travel blog entry by elizabeth_z_p


So far we have gotten to Calgary, I slept the entire plane ride. Layover is Calgary was uneventful, Daisy and I watched Pushing Daisies but I fell asleep Calgary to Toronto was good, I watched The Book Thief AND THEN FOUND OUT THE PLANE HAD THE POKEMON ...

Bye Angela, First stop Saskatoon, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Bye Angela, First stop Saskatoon

A travel blog entry by ryansarah


... midday. :) Saying goodbye wasn't too bad, mainly because we knew we would be seeing her again soon. We made our way to Saskatoon which took about 2.5 hours, we stopped at a lake to see a bunch of pelicans hanging around. Once there we had a look around ...

Ah...the praries...and more praries, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Ah...the praries...and more praries

A travel blog entry by matt~becca


Well, today was another long driving day because quite frankly there was nothing really to stop for.  Except for a lovely rest stop where the lady running the place just wanted to chat...actually I think she wanted to abduct me, it was a little ...

Reunited!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by cathyjo-d


From the Ocean, Over the Mtns, To the Prairies !, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

From the Ocean, Over the Mtns, To the Prairies !

A travel blog entry by ricknelsie


... odometer of Daisy2 (that's Elsie's nickname for our Mazda3).  Well, we saw the beautiful scenery of Western Canada.  The rolling prairies of Western Saskatchewan and Eastern Alberta!  The border town of Lloydminster!  ...

One more day, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

One more day

A travel blog entry by gregyuel

The last swim before the trip. Rivers dale pool. Ya ...

We're off!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

We're off!

A travel blog entry by jillsauter


We are on our way to North Battleford for lunch - speculating on all of the things we've forgotten. So far just a jacket for Blaine. Kids are excited about the coupon books (choose a restaurant, free ice cream, etc.) and Tim Hortons cards that we gave ...

A Grand Adventure, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

A Grand Adventure

A travel blog entry by jpearson

I'm not sure where the idea first came to me that I wanted to backpack through Europe. I'm much more the type to be comfortable in a nice hotel and restaurant, with champagne and black-tie waiters (thank you very much, fine dining serving ...

Edmonton to Saskatoon, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Edmonton to Saskatoon

A travel blog entry by wilsondm5


... way. As luck would have it, we stumbled on this famous Saskatchewan landmark and our search was over. After arriving in Saskatoon we took a walk along the river. This is a beautifully designed promenade and park on the river-a favourite spot for joggers ...

Day 9 - Saskatoon, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Day 9 - Saskatoon

A travel blog entry by jim.coates


... been following it since Edmonton (which lies on its banks).  The South Saskatchewan comes up and joins it North of Saskatoon at Prince Albert.  There is something majestic and comforting about a river.  It is wonderful to discover them ...

Stopped for a quick family visit, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Stopped for a quick family visit

A travel blog entry by jsging


Stopped to visit family before heading ...

Drumheller dinosaurs and Saskatoon night club, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Drumheller dinosaurs and Saskatoon night club

A travel blog entry by shanstravels


... . Afterwards we went to see Hoodoos. After many more hours o driving we decided to do a bit of dancing while passing through Saskatoon, it just happened to be a gay night club, people were nice and the music was good. About an hour outside of ...

Aug 25, 2012, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Aug 25, 2012

A travel blog entry by oscarchen


Home Sweet Home !, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Home Sweet Home !

A travel blog entry by ricknelsie

G'Day All ! Well, our flight departed Minneapolis at 9:38pm, a few minutes late but like our Delta Airlines flight from Saskatoon to Minneapolis six days earlier, we made up time and arrived on schedule.  Gee, why can't Air Canada do ...

Sitting, waiting, wishing, HOPING...eating!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Sitting, waiting, wishing, HOPING...eating!

A travel blog entry by krystiemclellan


... full of mental distress or uneasiness because of fear of danger or misfortune. 2. earnestly desirous, eager 3. me, krystie mclellan I'm still in the Saskatoon Airport. My flight to Toronto is delayed by 2 hrs. I am unsure as to whether or not I'll make my ...

day 1, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

day 1

A travel blog entry by quaronis


welll.. the day has finally arrived and here Vern and I sit in the saskatoon airport awaiting the flight to Vancouver.Yesterday brother Lyle and mom drove us in to the city....Moms 81st birthday. Did some last minute shopping...passed on the $50. silk ...

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