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Rockclimbing and old friends, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Rockclimbing and old friends

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan


... came time for penalties. Surprisingly, there was a huge Argentinian contingency in town, which subsequently erupted upon the Argentinian victory. Montreal is full of festivals in the summer to the point where they closed down one of the biggest roads in ...

I am Canadian, Montreal, Canada travel blog

I am Canadian

A travel blog entry by coloneljames

... (the Canadian Virgin Blue) hostesses have a rather quirky sense of humour, that made the flight a little more entertaining. I arrived in Montreal on Saturday morning with no dramas, and Karine, Shelley and Caitlin met me at the airport. It's been 5 ...

Préparatifs (Jour J....), Montreal, Canada travel blog

Préparatifs (Jour J....)

A travel blog entry by petitexpress



Montréal Part 2, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Montréal Part 2

A travel blog entry by joshnadeau


After getting up and eating the most frugal-yet-satisfying fruit plate I've had this side of Kampala, my sister and I set off for the Biodome. As I mentioned, it's a pretty neat zoo: divided into ecozones like a dense rainforest, the Canadian woods, the ...

Meet Watarimono, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Meet Watarimono

A travel blog entry by segacs


I've long suspected that I secretly have travel ninja skills. That's how I managed to end up with a personal patch of sunshine in New Zealand, for instance, or get free money from Air France, or find a flight home from Morocco in the middle of a volcanic ...

Holiday Snaps, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Holiday Snaps

A travel blog entry by chelseaj


... other day and bought to new bags (Em you will be very proud of me). Yesterday we all went to the Old Port (Old Montreal) and went to China Town for Dinner. The air conditioning at Michelle's is finally fixed and today is actually cooler. This weekend we ...

Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by hamishandjulie

We are almost ready to go!  We are just finishing out ...

Enough slacking off! only two days to ..., Montreal, Canada travel blog

Enough slacking off! only two days to ...

A travel blog entry by cvnguyen

Enough slacking off! Only two days to departure and I still have a huge to-do list to complete: (this list is more for myself than for you to read) - do laundry - write a packing checklist - sew the Canadian flag onto my backpack - sew together ...

Retour au source, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Retour au source

A travel blog entry by kev25

Salut tout le monde, Eh bien oui, je suis de retour. J'ai eu une semaine très intense au niveau des rencontres, ce qui explique le temps de latence depuis mon dernier courriel. Après une semaine, je me porte très bien. Je croyais que mon ...

Some pre-departure practicalities, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Some pre-departure practicalities

A travel blog entry by segacs


... of girl, and I'm not entirely sure how I will manage in the hot weather. Remind me again why I'm leaving beautiful wintery Montreal to wilt in these insane temperatures, just when ski season is finally getting good? Another edition of Fun with Time Zones ...

Advancing into the French parts, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Advancing into the French parts

A travel blog entry by birkborkasson


Our next stop took us to the city of Montreal, the first time of entering the French part of Canada. Naturally English was still spoken everywhere, so that this didn't cause any problems, nor did I have to try and remember any of my long forgotten French ...

Back home, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Back home

A travel blog entry by segacs

... rush to get the bag back. All it contains is laundry, anyway, which I'm more than happy to procrastinate. So now, I'm back in Montreal, where most of the snow seems to have melted in the past two weeks, and the Habs are still clinging to eighth by a ...

Le Grand départ, Montréal, Canada travel blog

Le Grand départ

A travel blog entry by forgetnadeau


The last details are being finalized, it's been a long haul, we are READY!  On our way to Bangkok, leaving on the 10th, arriving 27 hours later... que quelques détails a finalizer et nous sommes prêts.  Bangkok nous attend à ...

Snowy Walk in Old Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Snowy Walk in Old Montreal

A travel blog entry by londone7


... The other place I had planned on going was Pointe A Calliere. This had the excavated remains of the original Montreal settlement. I had stumbled across this back around 2000 and somehow went in the wrong entrance without paying ...

"Mom, Dad, I'm going to Vietnam..."

A travel blog entry by segacs

"Mom, Dad, I'm going to Vietnam." Yeah, that's a phrase whose meaning has changed over time. Although you wouldn't know it from my parents' reactions. "Why do you want to go THERE???" was the response from my incredulous mother when I told her about my ...

Silk Road in review, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Silk Road in review

A travel blog entry by segacs


“Sometimes a journey arises out of hope and instinct, the heady conviction, as your finger travels along the map: Yes, here and here ... and here. These are the nerve-ends of the world...” ...

I'm getting use to this place, Montreal, Canada travel blog

I'm getting use to this place

A travel blog entry by skylab


We woke up a little later today due to last nights party. Today was a bit more relaxing. Our legs have been killing us from all the walking these past few days. We decided to take it easy, go out to eat, and hang out with our new friends at the hostel. ...

Montreal A city of Charm, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Montreal A city of Charm

A travel blog entry by marcelo.heather


Our journey in the eastern frontiers of Canada found us in Montreal in Quebec. We hoped to make it all the way to Quebec City but we will save that for another time. I would recommend Montreal to anyone considering it. The people are very ...

Départ pour le Canada, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Départ pour le Canada

A travel blog entry by boris_h


... 's et chargés de films. Le passage a la douane canadienne était plus compliquée ; beaucoup de question sur pourquoi je viens au Canada et l'agent ne comprenait pas bien comment j'ai 51 jours de congés. De l'aéroport, je prend le bus navette puis le ...

Quito minus one day - A test entry, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Quito minus one day - A test entry

A travel blog entry by ironap


Today’s to do list includes packing, a last minute dental appointment with A., and posting on this blog to work through any tech issues. The east coast is bracing for the storm of the century and we will surely get some fallout from ...

Trip planning Q&As, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Trip planning Q&As

A travel blog entry by segacs


... , anything could happen. What's the time difference? China officially has only one time zone, which is 12 hours ahead of Montreal. (Some parts of Xinjiang province unofficially use their own time zone -- more on that later.) Kyrgyzstan is 10 hours ahead ...

fountains, French and beers, Montreal, Canada travel blog

fountains, French and beers

A travel blog entry by megenexplore


... if I had dreamt that or not. I then took a bus to the hostel, without getting lost I must add, and when driving through Montreal I began to notice something... Nothing, AT ALL was in English, I think the only English sign I saw was a Mcdonalds. It was ...

Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by philo


... ;non stop snow and Ice we decided it was time for a change. We set our sights on the ancient Canadian city of Montreal. When we got there we found the unexpected....yes, we found.... bleedin frogs! Millions of the bastards, and not pretend frogs ...

In the early morning rain, Montreal, Canada travel blog

In the early morning rain

A travel blog entry by segacs


... , where we're at the gate waiting to board our first flight to Mexico City. It's a rainy, chilly, miserable day outside in Montreal. And I hear it's gonna be sunny and 23 degrees in Lima today. So it's all good. This morning started off painfully early, ...

Sweet Home Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Sweet Home Montreal

A travel blog entry by brigidg


... bags. Although in one tiny store there was an overly friendly salesman who attempted to speak French when he found out I was from Montreal, then switched to Spanish when he knew I spoke Spanish. He was so helpful and helped me find the silver coffee bean ...

Wednesday, Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by jess1833


I'm in love with this city. Woke up feeling sad for no reason, decided to go to the Biodome today and getting the Metro was cool and pretty basic compared to London Underground, the Biodome didn't improve my sadness as it was not so great, being ...

Départ, Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by danielaube


 Bonjour! Aujourd'hui, c'est le grand départ! Le voyage va être long jusqu'en Turquie: Istanbul sera bien méritée après un 5 heures et 1/2 de train vers Toronto, un vol Toronto - Londres de 7 heures et un second vol de 4 heures le lendemain ...

The Last Frontier, Montreal, Canada travel blog

The Last Frontier

A travel blog entry by onceuponatravel


... I have a very pleasing accent… As the Québec province is also my last stop on the North American Continent, I decided to use Montreal as my home base where I would hunker down for a while, thus allowing me to explore the province, unpack (for ...

I made it.........FINALLY!!!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

I made it.........FINALLY!!!

A travel blog entry by chelseaj


... from one flight to the next, but some how my suit case made the flight (at least one of us made it!). In the end I arrived in Montreal at 7:40am and it has been a long day. A meet a couple of lovely ladies in Toronto who were in the same situation as me ...

Anticipating My Departure!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Anticipating My Departure!

A travel blog entry by conorsmith

hey all- this entry is just to try things out. i'm getting so excited about the trip. leaving in less than three weeks now! ahhh!!! i still have so much to get done before i go. my next entry will probably be the day before i leave or else ...

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