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Ghost Town at Bokor Hill Station, Kampot / Bokor Hill Station, Cambodia travel blog

Ghost Town at Bokor Hill Station

A travel blog entry by kimm

Bokor Hill Station was built by the French at the turn of the century to help French newcomers to Cambodia aclimatise. during the Khmer Rouge it was the site of fighting between them and the Vietnamese. Today it's a ghost town. Getting there is a ...

Goodmorning Cambodia!, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Goodmorning Cambodia!

A travel blog entry by minkyjane


... room is fantastic - about twice what I paid in Ha Tien but like a little resort with bamboo wall hangings and silk pillows. Cambodia is a little different to Viet Nam. The houses in the countryside are on cement stilts like North QLD, the roads are very ...

Kampot, Sud du Cambodge, 1er Mars 2008, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Kampot, Sud du Cambodge, 1er Mars 2008

A travel blog entry by lucie.vuong

... comme ca ou leur tranquillite est un vrai bonheur. Ou il n'y a rien a faire et on se sent bien. La tranquillite de Kampot donne tout simplement l'envie de se suicider. Alors c'est fortement probable que ca nous fasse cet effet-la parce qu'on vient de ...

Hill station and Rabies!, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Hill station and Rabies!

A travel blog entry by lgeorge

hill sattion, water falls, ...

Sacred caves and the sadness that is Cambodia, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Sacred caves and the sadness that is Cambodia

A travel blog entry by t_humble

... a great big hug. For six dollars I got a room filled with ornate detail and a massive balcony. This was exceptional even for Cambodia. That night I went for a walk around the lively town, with a massive temple, a market that spilled onto the streets and ...

Visit to Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Visit to Kampot

A travel blog entry by azurra

Visit to ...

Kiss the frog; he's magic, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Kiss the frog; he's magic

A travel blog entry by izzy35


 We came to an awesome hostel with a miniature golf course. The first thing we did was play miniature golf. We took a tuk tuk to a swiming pool with lot of little frogs. There were also two little ''cowboy kittens'' that were soooooo cute!!! They ...

Flip , Flat , Flop, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Flip , Flat , Flop

A travel blog entry by vachon_88


... I woke the following morning to the harsh reality of "the after a big night".Then we caught a bus to Kampot a small riverside town in southern Cambodia. I spent the day reading a troubling book written by an Australian who spent 13 years in a Thai prison. ...

Cave Exploring in Cambodia, Tropeang Pring, Cambodia travel blog

Cave Exploring in Cambodia

A travel blog entry by derektrips


Today was a day trip to some caves located just 15 miles or so outside of Kampot. Everyone of these trips start out the same way...on a moto and a dirt road that looks like it's going nowhere. What seems like out in the middle of nowhere are these ...

Not what I expected!, Bok Koŭ, Cambodia travel blog

Not what I expected!

A travel blog entry by adamwilson4


... . Basically it's going to be a mini Vegas in a middle of a national park. It's the Chinese fault, they are putting money into Cambodia, but they are putting it in the wrong areas I think. It will look stupid. After this we sat down and had lunch ...

Overnight in Kempot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Overnight in Kempot

A travel blog entry by derektrips


Hello, I just returned from Kempot this afternoon. I met a really great girl named Anglee. She lives there and wanted to take me home to meet her family. No...No it's not like that. It took about 1.5 hours to get there in a taxi. The countryside is one ...

Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by vera_und_alex


... , der in der Naehe liegt. Unser Plan war es, einen Tag im Park zu verbringen und einen Tag die Countryside von Kampot unsicher zu machen. Kurz nach unserer Ankunft mussten wir aber feststellen, dass der Nationalpark mittlerweile auch der Mafia gehoert und ...

Kep Beach, Krong Kep, Cambodia travel blog

Kep Beach

A travel blog entry by derektrips


... the 1960's. This is where the privileged class came to spend the week-ends. Kep is known to have the best crab in Cambodia. Nowadays the old villas are in ruin and it looks like the jungle surrounding them will swallow them back up. But this picturesque ...

City of Ghosts, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

City of Ghosts

A travel blog entry by amitdarji


It was around a four hour journey down to the sleepy town of Kampot. As usual as soon as I disembarked the bus I was greeted by half a dozen tuk tuk drivers all offering me the best deal on a guest house.  Out of all the tuk tuk drivers I happen to ...

Flying Visit, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Flying Visit

A travel blog entry by vanessaanddan


... nothing but lie in bed and watch films for the day only leaving for lunch and tea. I think the main reason to go to Kampot is to do a day trip to the Bokor Hill Station which involves some jungle trekking, but our budget didn't really stretch to it and ...

Catching Crabs, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Catching Crabs

A travel blog entry by dunny2311


... headed back to Kampot, relieved that we had chosen a daytrip rather than going and spending the night there.       Kampot is pretty well known for its pepper and rightly so! The stuff is tasty, especially mixed with the crabs from Kep ...

Biking Around, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Biking Around

A travel blog entry by naxxer


... a mountain street). May be it does not make sense to you, but after being continuously threatened by the SUV and trucks all over Cambodia (passing me with a heavy hand on the horn, at full speed, pretending me to disappear from the road) it was a specific ...

Living in a ghost town, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Living in a ghost town

A travel blog entry by sainty

Decided to pop along the coast to a town called Kampot - famous for pepper. From here you can do a tour into the Bokor National Park and an abandoned french colonial stronghold in the hills that was also used by the Khmer Rouge to hide in. The park is ...

Carn Hackeys wouldnt have a look in!, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Carn Hackeys wouldnt have a look in!

A travel blog entry by claire_noel

... in the front. Crazy two hours trip but at least the baby was too busy getting breastfed to cry!! Arrived safe and sound in Kampot which is a beautiful riverside town that always seems to be in slow motion. We arrived by chance at a cool guesthouse run by ...

Just relax, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Just relax

A travel blog entry by donpaschqual


New Look for Cambodia, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

New Look for Cambodia

A travel blog entry by derektrips

... (not the correct spelling) said that only "gangsters" have mustashes. I miss it! Maybe I'll grow it back. Did you know that while in Cambodia I am one year older? They say you are 1 when you are born. So instead of being 48 years old. I am 49 and in May ...

Kamping in Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Kamping in Kampot

A travel blog entry by michellendave


... . Here in Cambodia most homes and businesses are open by design and most have a fan or two.   The Footprint Cambodia Handbook calls Kampot "charming riverside town…” Frankly, “charming” is a bazar choice of attributes. Dusty, ...

I hate share taxis, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

I hate share taxis

A travel blog entry by theo_

... back to campot which was amazing as you went through wilderness as well as farmland. I've noticed there are alot more palm trees in cambodia than anyother country we've been to. The next day we decided to leave and booked a bus for the morning. However ...

Fog 2: Mist, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Fog 2: Mist

A travel blog entry by travellingtrio


The next stop on our itinerary was Bokor Hill Station, which required a tour from Kampot near the southern coast of Cambodia. The hill station was built by the French early in the 20th century and served as a holiday village - complete with hotels, ...

Peppery Kampot! Mari mari mari!, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Peppery Kampot! Mari mari mari!

A travel blog entry by kenyanmaasai


DAY 1. Today marks the end of East Cambodia as I venture south. A mini-van (or death taxi) from Kratie at 7am took us to PP by 12.30pm. Was supposed to catch the 12pm bus to Kampot, but of course caught the 2.30pm bus. Snacked on two local Kratie ... known for its stinking Durian fruit!, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog known for its stinking Durian fruit!

A travel blog entry by dunkersandbish


... off the bus and found ourselves in the lovely Kampot. Kampot is best known in the lonely planet guidebook and history for 2 things....Kampot pepper (apparently the best in the world) and a huge spiky stinky fruit called 'Durian' that I am yet to try. We ...

Relaxed in Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Relaxed in Kampot

A travel blog entry by kevdeeworldtour


... most people warned us about Vietnam saying that is was very commercialised and everyone out to get you, however our experience has been that Cambodia is the worst, which is a shame.    The journey was good. Took us 2 Hours as opposed to 5. ...

Sihanookville to Phnom Penh..., Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Sihanookville to Phnom Penh...

A travel blog entry by n_corwin


... The cattle graze in it, the ducks are farmed on it and it is the main food staple.  What a beautiful introducion to rural Cambodia.  We were all silent as the tuk-tuk chugged along through the rice fields.  Then there was Kep.  Kep is ...

mmmhmm... seafood, Kep/Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

mmmhmm... seafood

A travel blog entry by misterfrancis


fried crab with ...

"You got balls Bron? Well, you'd better find them"

A travel blog entry by bronwenrolls


... same old me.  I’m just me with a cracking tan, a few extra scars and pounds sat in a guest house in Kampot listening to Henry Purcell’s beautiful music on the radio (which reminds me so much of my amazing mother), contemplating the ...

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