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Yelling on the Street, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Yelling on the Street

A travel blog entry by bsuarez


... Sofia. It was not a reflection on my view of the city. I said that in the paragraph above too. I had a wonderful time in Sofia - especially in its nightlife. I repeat, I will never say "I had a bad time in Sofia" because I actually had a good time ...

A quick look, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

A quick look

A travel blog entry by roundthecorner


When ever you get to these hostels you are given leaflets or see poster around with things to do or see, one them was a free bike ride around the city and I thought this was something I hadn't done. The bike was a very leisurely pace and took out a ...

It's not over 'til the Fat Santa dances..., Vratsa, Bulgaria travel blog

It's not over 'til the Fat Santa dances...

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


Wednesday 14th saw our teams spilt in two to cover seven different deliveries in sone extremely variable locations and circumstances. For the first team today was very different to yesterday's experience with young children in Gurkovo where we ...

Sophia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by djmitchos


Not much to say about this place, it was more a connection stop than a city stop. Sore ANOTHER church, then had macca's and that was my Sophia experience. Although buying alcohol was a pretty funny experience, it was just this little window literally on ...

Going home, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Going home

A travel blog entry by lionsinbulgaria

Caroline, Lauren and Leslie are in the air. Anne is at the gate in Sofia and Liz is at the computer in Sofia airport. We are sad to leave Bulgaria but happy to be heading home to family, pets and friends. The trip was way more than we expected with ...

Sailing on Lake Iskar, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sailing on Lake Iskar

A travel blog entry by bilieva


A beautiful afternoon sailing on Lake Iskar, 40 km from Sofia. This is the lake where I learned to sail many years ago, and it was wonderful to go back. We sailed with my cousin Reny, her husband Rosen on their boat. Their little girls Bobi and ...

Sleeping in Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sleeping in Sofia

A travel blog entry by katevoss


Thursday 7th June This morning woke up early to get the 8.30am bus from Skopje to Sofia. The bus ride took 5 or so hours during which time I slept, ate my breakfast pizza slice, attempted some blogging which failed, and listening to the Bulgarian ...

What's Bulgarian for Cheshire Oaks?, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

What's Bulgarian for Cheshire Oaks?

A travel blog entry by shiiuga


... in the room the first couple of nights, but apparently the heaters were not working properly and it has been fixed now. Bulgaria is, as I expected, very different from anywhere else I have been.  The culture is very different, and much more ...

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by p45


... relics.  Very tempting to buy a souvenir or 2 and then it started to rain hard. We ended up staying another night in Sofia at the crazy hostel and left in the morning to rila. All in all we really liked sofia and would definitely go back again. ...

Into Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Into Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by fiseb


... familiar, except that they contain a few 3s or feydas in them...also one of the symbols is pronounced "shch". We arrived into Sofia no problem, but finding our hostel was another story. The vague mix of directions, and a general dot on the map that ...

Sofia en tren, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia en tren

A travel blog entry by mexican_chilli

o ...

There's something about Maria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

There's something about Maria

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust

... the Krassi's and the Vasko's and give them love, care and a chance. Poverty and abandonment are entwined in Bulgaria. When we got back to Sofia this afternoon, we saw first hand the poverty of an inner city Roma community in Moderno Predgradie. Here we ...

Rilla Monestary, Rilla Monestary, Bulgaria travel blog

Rilla Monestary

A travel blog entry by tomer


We left Borovetz and drove for the Rilla monetary. We spent quite some time there. I got some more 'Mekitzi'. The monetary is beautiful and i don't have much to say about it, so I hope the pictures are ...

Venturing Out on Our Own, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Venturing Out on Our Own

A travel blog entry by thecrabbs


... the post.  I think we were both too tired to post yesterday.  Sorry for the delay.  Yesterday we ventured out into Sofia on our own.  For some reason we decided to walk into the center of the city???????  That was a bit more ...

Suzie, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by jcq67


Hi Suzie,  can you please check your email we sent a message to you ...

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by wanderingkiwis


Hi ...

Sofia - as in Saint or stress?, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia - as in Saint or stress?

A travel blog entry by lostalready


... goodness - no more navigating! (I would say driving but that was Bevan's dubious honor). So what else can I say about the capital of Bulgaria, a country that is famous for 4 things: 1. The head nod for no, head shake for yes (no, we haven't mastered it) ...

Borovetsis suusatamas, Borovets, Bulgaria travel blog

Borovetsis suusatamas

A travel blog entry by anneristo


See, et Bulgaarias saab suusatada, selgus juba enne reisi ja võtsime igaks juhuks oma mäeriided kaasa. Ja juba 3.päeval otsustasimegi siis mäele minna. Valisime keskuseks Borovetsi - seda soovitasid kohalikud eestlased kõige enam, kuna keskuses on ...

Saucy Sofia and the Yellow Brick Road, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Saucy Sofia and the Yellow Brick Road

A travel blog entry by madanaki


We caught a fairly uneventful 3 hour coach trip to Bulgaria's capital city, Sofia, in the morning and headed for our new hotel. No wheels came off and no collisions en route so things are looking up in the big city! George took us for a walking tour ...

Woke up in the 80s, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Woke up in the 80s

A travel blog entry by lyndshane


... fun and exciting event with plenty of Eastern European douchbaggery. So far we are very much enjoying it here in Bulgaria for a number of reasons – beautiful landscapes, incredible architecture, tasty food, cheap beer/wine, classic East meets West ...

Day 4, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Day 4

A travel blog entry by jcq67


Jacquie was quite tired today after our big day yesterday; her feet are looking quite good, even the sswelling has gone down.  We took a taxi to the hotel Arena de Seridica to see the old Roman amphitheatre ruins; they are from the 3rd century and ...

Big Sunday, Sofia, Botevgrad, Bulgaria travel blog

Big Sunday

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


... able to pass on were warmly received and we had a good time amongst our friends there. We then had to return to Sofia (our plans having taken something of a divergence from their original course) with 600 Christmas boxes for two churches in one of the ...

Sofia - nice name, nice city, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia - nice name, nice city

A travel blog entry by bradman


... I could have sworn that I was standing in the square in front of Peterburg's St. Isaac's cathedral. The differences between Bulgaria and Russia: - people actually look happy here - prices are cheap (finally!!) - the language itself (though shares ...

CONTIKI - SOFIA, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by stevencranston

DAY 32 - ISTANBUL TO SOFIA Today was mostly a travel day and was pretty low key from memory. Once we got to Sofia we went on a tour with Sian to see things like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and much more. When we walked around the government building, ...

Skopje to Skravena, Botevgrad, Bulgaria travel blog

Skopje to Skravena

A travel blog entry by steveandwill


Zdrasti. We made it to Bulgaria in practically no time at all. Leaving our friends in Macedonia - whom we stayed with for three nights - we made it to the outskirts of Sofia by the end of the following day, pitching our tent outside a service station ...

Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by tarah51


after a monsterous 14 hour train journey from athens, i'm now here in bulgaria. its pretty cool. i can't understand the cyrillic alphabet at all, so i get lost every 20 metres because the street signs are in bulgarian, but i'm getting better at paying ...

Ladies Market in Sofia, the to Paris, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Ladies Market in Sofia, the to Paris

A travel blog entry by mctubbs


We went out to the Ladies Market, the central outdoor market in Sofia.  These kinds of markets are always fun, and we spent several hours there.  Then we flew to Paris for an overnight, and back home ...

Relaxing, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by bsuarez


... the people here are very nice and I've enjoyed my time here immensely. I'm sure when I get to see some of the more historic Bulgaria, I'll enjoy it even more. I've heard Veliko Tarnova and the Black Sea coast are amazing. I might even drop down to Turkey ...

I'm Loving It, Sophia, Bulgaria travel blog

I'm Loving It

A travel blog entry by island_girl


... it wrong), Sean, and Anthony were doing a pre-school trip through eastern Europe en route to Istanbul and were going through Bulgaria to get there. Before leaving the country, however, they had this fervent wish to spend one night in a Bulgarian ...

Sofia, Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia, Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by chrisandhana


After a short flight on Olympic Air (as Greece has cancelled its international trains) we arrived in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Despite its population of up to 2 million, Sofia is laid back and easy to get around a real contrast with Athens. The ...

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