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Sojourn in Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sojourn in Sofia

A travel blog entry by mrsmac


... we saved $10 each by being given free admission. Being old does have some advantages!!!! This museum was fantastic. Bulgaria has a long history starting with Thracian tribes and continuing through Greek and Roman occupation. There were artefacts here ...

Wino Forever, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

Wino Forever

A travel blog entry by pwong


... ; When the two broke up, he infamously had the tattoo changed to read "Wino Forever", something which is also fitting for Bulgaria - staying in this country much longer and continuing to drink the cheap but great locally-produced wines would also turn me ...

Bucharest to Burgas (Bulgaria), Burgas, Bulgaria travel blog

Bucharest to Burgas (Bulgaria)

A travel blog entry by lintonandjames


... tower blocks. After the best omelette of the trip we made our way out of town and into the rolling hills of Northern Bulgaria, which despite the blistering heat was a really enjoyable cycle with stunning views awaiting us at every turn. After a few hours ...

The city of Sapareva Banya, Sapareva Banya, Bulgaria travel blog

The city of Sapareva Banya

A travel blog entry by scottik38

Sapareva Banya (Bulgarian: ) is a town in southwestern Bulgaria, part of Kyustendil Province. It is located at the north foot of the Rila mountain 15 km east of Dupnitsa. The town is known for its mineral (103C hot) and clear ...

Ruins aplenty, Kardzhali, Kardzhali, Bulgaria travel blog

Ruins aplenty, Kardzhali

A travel blog entry by lostalready


We set out from Veliko Tarnovo in our little hire car a 12 year old renault clio, soon realising that our expectations of a road described as a 'highway' were sorely off the mark. The highway varied from dual carriageway where we were overtaken by shiny ...

Bankso, hang on that should be Pussko, Bansko, Bulgaria travel blog

Bankso, hang on that should be Pussko

A travel blog entry by ivanandvlad


... a few of us (minus Ivan) went to a Bear sanctuary where all the animals had been rescued from being "dancing bears", which was common in Bulgaria until it was outlawed a decade ago. The bus ride took an hour, the last 10 Km's took 45 mins, the road making ...

did you mean no, or no, it was yes?, The grand tour, Bulgaria travel blog

did you mean no, or no, it was yes?

A travel blog entry by triptalk


... and nobody seems to like to open the windows.  We took in the downtown of sofia, met some nice iranians (just moved to bulgaria) who have a shwarma shop. Poor little Kimby had to leave so early to get her plane, and I headed off to the north to ...

Battered and Bruised - Welcome to Bulgaria, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria travel blog

Battered and Bruised - Welcome to Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by madanaki


... way gave us an update.  All battered and bruised, no broken bones, but still undergoing tests.  Welcome to Bulgaria!  The day started well back in Bucharest with a very entertaining and informative tour, which was thankfully a walking tour ...

Haskovo, Haskovo, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by b.a.manzella


... breakfast. Met the family, exchanged details. Drove me to Otogar, and bought me some food. His friend was a bus driver who drove to Bulgaria but only to Haskova. Went on the bus and got off after the border. Trying to hitchhike, but no lifts for a couple ...

Sunday in Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sunday in Sofia

A travel blog entry by jcq67


We had big plans to go sightseeing - a fellow working here was kind enough to find out for us what was open on Sunday; but after a late breakfast some Sask folks took us on a tour of the hospital so we could see where to find everything.  They said ...

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by jedhuggett


Sofia wasnt a bad place. How ever as we spent only one night there we had very little time ther. We spent most of the day driving there and left early the next moring. We did have a short walk about in the city to see a few sights. Our hotel rooms were ...

Haben Sie 5 Euro?, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Haben Sie 5 Euro?

A travel blog entry by mart


Die Hinfahrt begann viel versprechend... Hitchhiking in Rumaenien ist ja recht okay, und an der Grenze halfen mir die Grenzer, ein Auto zum Passieren der Grenze zu finden. Ein Syrer nahm mich ueber die Donaubruecke mit, die rumaenische Pass- und ...

Budget Bulgaria - Europe at Asian prices, Sofia, the Black Sea Coast and Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria travel blog

Budget Bulgaria - Europe at Asian prices

A travel blog entry by jai_82


So, after Greece it was up to Bulgaria. Our first destination was the capital; Sofia. What a great place Bulgaria is, it's Europe at Chinese prices with all the sights and stuff that you get in any European country - monestaries, castles and naked ...

Flying high / Hhenflug, Nesebar, Bulgaria travel blog

Flying high / Hhenflug

A travel blog entry by infiniteroad


6.8.2012             Nesebur (BG)      Km: 70124          Flying high / Hhenflug I'm Feeling like heaven, as the barometer ...

Parks and Churches, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Parks and Churches

A travel blog entry by meganfisher


... it is really dry here. Also, they use push lawn mowers for the upkeep, so clearly it takes forever to accomplish anything. Apparently Bulgaria is the poorest country in Europe, and at times this is really evident. I hung out in a few of the parks and ...

Doughnuts, Bulgaria, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by nifadventures


Bulgaria Romania, although it had beautiful driving scenery was a little boring (as long truck days) so camping in Bulgaria was a real treat. A very nice campsite run by a British couple with really good facilities left us all wanting to stay for a couple ...

Russia hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Russia hotel

A travel blog entry by williebobs

We must come back here as it really was a flying visit (see Issue 23 for ...

Santa's new groove- Sasho has all the moves., Lipnitsa, Bulgaria travel blog

Santa's new groove- Sasho has all the moves.

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


The focal point of our day was the visit to Lipnitsa. After breaking out of the five day old fog stuck over Sofia it was a real relief to find the sun smiling down on us as we drove in to the orphanage/school. Predictabaly excitement levels were high. ...

Chapter 6: Vampires and Gypsies, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Chapter 6: Vampires and Gypsies

A travel blog entry by twittg


... country since the 1989 communist fall to re-elect the communists back into power. Maybe the elections were rigged, who knows. Bulgaria uses the cyrillic alphabet, so reading anything is difficult. Adds to the fun when traveling and figuring out which bus ...

One Of Europe's Most Characterful Train Journeys, Bansko, Bulgaria travel blog

One Of Europe's Most Characterful Train Journeys

A travel blog entry by lecuisinier


... scenic journey and the average speed of about 30 km per hour allows ample time to enjoy it Wherever you are coming from in Bulgaria, if travelling by train, the journey starts at the small town of Septemvri. Admittedly I haven't, as yet, seen anything of ...

Bulgaria part 1, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Bulgaria part 1

A travel blog entry by hrtravellers

In the next few posts I am going to try to relate some of the experiences that Hannah and I had on our adventure to Bulgaria. The first post will mostly be about our journey to Sofia and arriving at our apartment. The second will be about our adventures ...

Christmas Boxes for Gurkovo and Vidrare Orphanages, Scravena, Bulgaria travel blog

Christmas Boxes for Gurkovo and Vidrare Orphanages

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


... a new building project underway, it is still very difficult to see children unable to move. As incomes and awareness are rising in Bulgaria, more is beginning to be done for children like these, but for some who had been there for years, it is too late ...

The Bulgarian wrap-up. End of an Era., Chepelare, Bulgaria travel blog

The Bulgarian wrap-up. End of an Era.

A travel blog entry by pauly


... to the slopes in his pride and joy, a brand new VW caravelle which he uses for his airport transfer business, "Ski Transfers Bulgaria" ( We soon became good mates and hit the slopes a number of times in the weeks to come. Pav ...

Getting there..., Scravena, Bulgaria travel blog

Getting there...

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust

We have arrived! The plane was only a little bit late and though Rich managed to not sleep at all (possibly due to excitement...) the night before, we are all mostly awake and ready to go and visit the local Roma communities before unloading the lorry ...

Bulgarian Patriots, Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria travel blog

Bulgarian Patriots

A travel blog entry by mctubbs

We hired the same driver to take us to Koprivshtitsa, which was the home to many of the central figures in the April Uprising for Bulgarian Independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1876.While the uprising was quashed, it led to the eventual independence ...

Bulgarie, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by mleleu

qsd ...

May 04, 2012, Pavel Banya, Bulgaria travel blog

May 04, 2012

A travel blog entry by loveambassadors


The furthest point from home, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

The furthest point from home

A travel blog entry by rupz12

Furthest point from home, scary times! Arriving in Sofia, it captivated us with this charm that we couldn't explain! Walking to the train station we had to deal the the Cyrillic alphabet (luckily I had learnt it before hand)! After arriving at this ...

How long can we keep this up?, Sofa, Bulgaria travel blog

How long can we keep this up?

A travel blog entry by borowicki

Ok, so technically for this travel blog we are not still in Sofia, but having just survived the longest two days ever we thought it only fair that our map pin follows our journey... Our last travel log left you with baited breath as to the 11 hour train ...

Gabrovo, Gabrovo, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by p45


Gabrovo - as described 'the best living place in Bulgaria'  ..someone must have got a very different experience from us. The city was full of big run down Communist buildings, overgrown squares and huge statues. There was also a lot of graffiti and a ...

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