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Warming up in Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Warming up in Sofia

A travel blog entry by waynedale


I didn't know what to expect when I arrived in Sofia. I knew very little about Bulgaria except for a few horror stories from friends who had been there. Taxi scams, local mafia and stolen cars from Germany. But those stories could have taken place ...

A glimpse of a beach - Varna, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

A glimpse of a beach - Varna

A travel blog entry by waynedale


... at Varna at about 10pm and I took a taxi straight to the hotel. I should also add that my fear of taxi drivers in Bulgaria was dispelled when I noticed they all use taxi meters in Sofia. How civilised is that! The same for Varna. And the drivers are ...

Final destination: Bulgaria - Pomorie, Burgas, Bulgaria travel blog

Final destination: Bulgaria - Pomorie

A travel blog entry by ales


"A kde je more?" ptali sme sa domceho ked sme prisli na izbu, "50metrov doprava je more a asi 300m dolava je plz" povedal. Mysleli sme, ze starmu uz vzne hrabe, ale mal pravdu boli sme na polostrove. Bolo 11hodin večer ked sme sa ...

Stop in Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Stop in Sofia

A travel blog entry by davidandamy

The Sofia Airport is so crappy, that at the gate there was just a 25 ish inch tv that said "Now boarding Berlin" and a wooden desk that one had to walk by where an employee was standing that scanned and ripped your ticket.  The only ...

Waiting for the lorry, Scravena, Bulgaria travel blog

Waiting for the lorry

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


... of Joshua Programme' and wants to help us realise our aim to set up more residential care centres like this across Bulgaria. We visited a local Pastor too who is organising Christmas Box distribution to ill and elderly people in the neighbourhood. Not a ...

Popped in, Sredets, Bulgaria travel blog

Popped in

A travel blog entry by roundthecorner

To day was just about travelling to the boarder so I could cross it tomorrow, but as I was passing Sredets I was going to pop in in and say hi to Nock and Jo. Nick had already mentioned about staying the night but that was not the original idea. I ...

Sofia, Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia, Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by martinlizama


Sofia….what can we say……a perfect place to get lost ( both metaphoric and phisically…..try to understand the cirillic alphabet, the written names of the streets and you would agree with us….) However a really quiet city, ...

Bulgaria, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by jimmymacfad


... a patch of the Yorkshire man's garden. It seems there are quite a lot of British citizens who now reside in Bulgaria.  Attracted by the inexpensive land and housing, relative simple bureaucracy and in Ian's case,cheap alcohol. However sightings of ...

Sorry, We Are Open, Arbanasi, Bulgaria travel blog

Sorry, We Are Open

A travel blog entry by mugharrington


Russe, Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanasi, Bulgaria I should not have gone up the mountain in that wind. This is the cold from hell and I haven't been this sick in years.  I considered not going on the all-day tour today but first, I didn’t want to ...

A Welcomed Change of Mindset, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria travel blog

A Welcomed Change of Mindset

A travel blog entry by whk2006


... in Spain, I started to feel I was back to the Mediterranean region again. Indeed, compared to other Eastern European countries, Bulgaria feels more of Mediterranean than Continental. The train was one hour late when it arrived in Veliko Tarnovo (Delay ...

Sofia explained, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia explained

A travel blog entry by peyton


... and free hors d'oevres. Why don't more of the world's great museums consider renting out their collections to bars and nightclubs? Bulgaria blazes the way in creative fundraising opportunities. I read my book for an hour or so until it begins to rain and ...

We takes the capital by storm, my precious, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

We takes the capital by storm, my precious

A travel blog entry by gadelle

... . You know what I'll be eating when I get home? Pho. In this part of the world, in Romania and especially in Bulgaria, the staples seem to be tomatoes and cucumbers. In almost every meal we've eaten, the ubiquitous vegetables have made an appearance ...

Balkan Boob Jobs, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Balkan Boob Jobs

A travel blog entry by atlpilot36


Hostels are turning out to be a great way to meet interesting folks from all corners of the map.  Skopje was no different of course and being that it is a crossroads for that part of the Balkans, every freak in the area seemed to cross paths ...

Party time..., Krasno Selo, Bulgaria travel blog

Party time...

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


... was organised by Breakthrough Christian Centre on behalf of the children and former residents of Doganovo Orphanage and held at the offices Bulgaria Red Cross in Sofia. There were fun and games, a magician,stories, food and of course presents (check out ...

Trip to Balchik, Bulgaria, Balchik, Bulgaria travel blog

Trip to Balchik, Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by scottik38

Woke up to a great sunny morning after a good night's sleep. Damyan and Erina were already up, planning our trip. We decided to go to Balchik, a small town on the Black Sea coast where a Summer Palace was built for Queen Marie of Romania in ...

The city of Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria travel blog

The city of Plovdiv

A travel blog entry by scottik38


... hills, some of which are 250 m high. Because of these seven hills, Plovdiv is often referred to in Bulgaria as (the city of the seven hills). We spent about an hour driving around Plovdiv until we finally ...

Battered and Bruised - Welcome to Bulgaria, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria travel blog

Battered and Bruised - Welcome to Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by madanaki


... way gave us an update.  All battered and bruised, no broken bones, but still undergoing tests.  Welcome to Bulgaria!  The day started well back in Bucharest with a very entertaining and informative tour, which was thankfully a walking tour ...

arriving in bulgaria, Nessebar, Bulgaria travel blog

arriving in bulgaria

A travel blog entry by fabien


very beautiful city on the front of black sea but unfortunatly sooooo many tourist! so we decieded to leave the place as quick as ...

Iva is there., Rousse, Bulgaria travel blog

Iva is there.

A travel blog entry by lionsinbulgaria


... us much about her vacation so far but we hope she is enjoying a true rest with lots of relaxation. We will see her soon. Most of us leave the States next week for a few days abroad before we all meet up in Sofia, Bulgaria. ...

Down by the sea, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

Down by the sea

A travel blog entry by peyton


... at Balaclava and Sevastopol. Not entirely surprising, as they were fighting on the side of the Turks who were still occupying Bulgaria at the time. Apparently, a town nearby erected a monument to commemorate the 700 or so Brits who died of cholera in ...

Turkey - Already !!, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Turkey - Already !!

A travel blog entry by camel1


Edirne (bit optemistic) or maybe still playing in Romania :-) Day 4 - Left Drobeta at 8:30 - Arrived at Sofia 5:00 Mileage 1900.  Wet wet wet. Well not from the start, it started cloudy and cold till I arrived at calafat which is the Romanian ...

Blog, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by roundthecorner


I wasn't sure if I was going to stay for more than one night ait gets to a stage a city is just another city, so I slept on. when I woke I wasn't feeling my best which seems a little strange as I haven't done many miles on the bike in the last 10 days, ...

from Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria travel blog

from Plovdiv

A travel blog entry by lionsinbulgaria


Well, We had the row of our lives this morning in such a very very beautiful setting. We rowed in a man-made channel in Ploviv. ...a 2000 meter channel. The setting was so pretty and there were NO repeat NO motorboats, only sculls, shells and kayaks. We ...

FUN TRAIN TRAVEL & SOFIA, BULGARIA, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by unbound


... forward on your knees while breathing in the smoke from the person in front of you. Everyone and their brother smokes here. Good game though. Bulgaria lost but it was fun to watch the fans. The section of fans next to us were caged in. Not sure why you'd ...

Plodding along to Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria travel blog

Plodding along to Plovdiv

A travel blog entry by gadelle

... the showerhead is just up on the bathroom wall, no stall or tub -- just like in Vietnam. I wonder if this is common in Bulgaria, as I haven't seen this anywhere else in Europe, or if it's just a coincidence. At least this bathroom is a little larger, so ...

If the weather holds..., Plovdiv, Bulgaria travel blog

If the weather holds...

A travel blog entry by gadelle

Actually, there was something exciting I forgot to write about yesterday: the elevators! Our hotel room is on the 5th floor, which actually means the 7th floor, owing to the fact that the storey right above the ground level one isn't counted in the ...

Sofia round 2, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia round 2

A travel blog entry by chrisandhana

As we couldn't get tickets for the night train, we stayed at a 3 star hotel right over the road from the train and bus stations so we would only have a short walk to catch our bus the next morning. After the heat and mosquito bites of Sofia the first ...

Ivo takes me to Plavdiv, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Ivo takes me to Plavdiv

A travel blog entry by magnumcy


Ivo was nice enough to take me 150 km outside Sofia to a nice town called Plovdiv (the second biggest city in Bulgaria).  The drive was actually quite pleasant and I got to see some sweet Roman sites and eat an authentic Bulgarian meal with plum ...

It's worth all the effort, Dolna Banya, Bulgaria travel blog

It's worth all the effort

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


We made ourway to Bobov Dol this morning where we attended a children's party for familes of prisoners at the jail there. Most have the team have been to a party like this before but for laura and vera this was a new experience and both were moved by the ...

Backwards through Bulgaria, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

Backwards through Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by peyton


A restless night as the hooting of night owls on their way home from the bars segues into morning birdsong. I kick the covers off a half hour before my wakeup call, pack, check out and cab to the station for the 7am train to Varna. I buy a ticket ...

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