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Touring Tupiza, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Touring Tupiza

A travel blog entry by jonathan.felix


... the border for a new stamp 2)      Bring lots of crisp US $20 bills for your entry visa (tax) since Bolivia will scrutinize each one with a fine tooth comb and reject it if it has a crease, tear, or looks slightly worn After ...

Slat flats - a beginning, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Slat flats - a beginning

A travel blog entry by rsaville

With one last smell of beef, a drink of potable water, flush of a functional toilet we cross the border from Argentina to Bolivia. The change is remarkable. I really feel like im heading deep into the real South America, not to take away from Argentina. ...

Tupiza, the beautiful outdoors, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Tupiza, the beautiful outdoors

A travel blog entry by marie-line


... Tupiza, twice. We got a beer and dinner. And yes I found the very first non-malt beer I liked! The best beer of Bolivia he says (and I must agree), and hard to find. El Huari. We had great conversations and he explained many cultural differences... which ...

Butch Cassidy Country, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Butch Cassidy Country

A travel blog entry by jessandian


... year working life span of the miners, they have no choice. Gratefully leaving the mines behind we set off to Tupiza in Bolivia's badlands. Spectacular scenery awaited us in the land of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's downfall. Tall cacti, desert ...

Yihhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by viajecamillea


Après moulte réflexion, nous avons finalement décidé d'aller découvrir un coin qu'on ne connaissait pas encore, Tupiza, un petit village tout au sud de la Bolivie, et qui plus est, à CHEVAL et pendant 3 JOURS! Un petit cadeau de fin de séjour... ...

More mountains...., Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

More mountains....

A travel blog entry by matt72


... for a rather bumpy ride on roads covered only with dirt. Ah, well. Who wants luxury? This is south west Bolivia. Get used to it. Tupiza, then. Small town. Surrounded by mountains of various colours. Lots of travel agencies. Very pleasant, although it ...

Préparation au depart à Tupiza, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Préparation au depart à Tupiza

A travel blog entry by bourlingueur

... proposent le même chose à des prix équivalents, difficile de choisir. Après une journée de recherche, nous optons finalement pour Tupiza Tour qui semble être une agence sérieuse (c'est le plus important, bcp promettent des choses qui une fois dans ...

Journée presque rien à Tupiza, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Journée presque rien à Tupiza

A travel blog entry by bourlingueur


... en nous proposant soit de continuer au péril de notre vie, soit de revenir en ville. Nous revenons donc et nous dormons tous a Tupiza dans le bus devant la maison du chauffeur qui est rentré dormir chez lui en attendant de repartir le lendemain à 6h. ...

Cool, and then cold, Km 130, Bolivia travel blog

Cool, and then cold

A travel blog entry by ddgfraser

... one you bring with you. Over coffee we said goodbye to our newfound tourbus friends, and then packed ourselves up for the trip to Tupiza, across the desert and salt flats. The road out of town looked like the same garbage dump that greeted us on the way ...

first day in Bolivia, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

first day in Bolivia

A travel blog entry by tobi


... , the name of the agency is Tupiza Tours, pizza place on Calle Florida,  23 bolivianos for the medium size home made  hawaian pizza (about 3$) ps. i´ll upload some pics later cause the internet in Tupiza is really slow (0,5 $ per ...

One Year and Still Kicking, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

One Year and Still Kicking

A travel blog entry by lyndshane


... etc., with all but a few passing with little resistance. As far as we could tell, one could easily leave Argentina and enter Bolivia without even visiting immigration and no one would be the wiser – until one went to leave Bolivia. The first thing ...

Who is?, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Who is?

A travel blog entry by ddgfraser

... they were, robbing trains on the line that we had followed down from Potosi, until they got shot. As we neared Tupiza, the strange rainbow hued rock formations and odd shaped outcrops kept the camera clocking, as one corner brought new wonders into ...

Arrival in Bolivia, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Arrival in Bolivia

A travel blog entry by filly


Our border crossing into Bolivia was pretty straight forwad. Villamoz, the Bolivian border town is small town made up of one big market. It was a bit of a culture shock coming from Argintina. The popular dress for bolivian ladies is a ...

Less sick, more action, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Less sick, more action

A travel blog entry by zmasey

The manic vommitting has stopped, but you still know about the altitude. On arriving into Bolivia, its noticibly totally different, just from the 10 metre border crossing. Brazil, Argentina and Chile have all been very western and seemingly fairly ...

The Uyuni details... finally!, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

The Uyuni details... finally!

A travel blog entry by boomergirl


... 44, people age quickly here! - Discovered we could play my Ipod through the jeep - nothing like driving through the salt flats of Bolivia listening to 50 cent!! - Slept in a hotel made of salt - we were the only ones, there were 2 cute kids, Jessicva ...

Tupiza, Bolivia, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Tupiza, Bolivia

A travel blog entry by bron_and_eli

Tupiza ...

Horses!, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by hibbs


... and then go out to get some dinner. After dinner we watch Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid (as Tupiza is near where they were when they came to Bolivia) with the two English girls before going to bed. The next day we walk around the market after ...

day 21 - monday 15th october, Tupiza, Argentina travel blog

day 21 - monday 15th october

A travel blog entry by kirstyirsty


... we had to queue in the cold for half an hour to get out of argentina. then another 5 minutes to get into bolivia. then the next bus to tupiza. man the buses here are terrible. we are defo gonna try to get trains while were in bolivia, but sometimes you ...

09/07/05 - 12/07/05, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

09/07/05 - 12/07/05

A travel blog entry by lgonzi


... to sleep. (If you travel in South America, go to Argentina last as the comfy buses ruin you for the rest of the countries!) Tupiza is a very small, rugged little town but I couldn´t tell you very much more about it as I came down with quite a bad ...

Birthday break time, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Birthday break time

A travel blog entry by slowayround


After a grueling yet rewarding 10 days camping in southwestern Bolivia, we made it to the beautiful valley that Tupiza calls home. We had one last night of camping (and there was no wind) before reentering civilization. In the morning, the sun came up, ...

Horseriding in Tupiza., Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Horseriding in Tupiza.

A travel blog entry by matnkat


... chaos with lots of tourists with big backpacks trying to fight their way to the front of the immigration queue we'd finally entered Bolivia. There was an immediate contrast with Argentina but not to the extent that we'd feared (i.e. like India). We kindly ...

where Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid last robbed.., Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

where Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid last robbed..

A travel blog entry by mtrm


... ;li a všichni Izraelci, které jsme tu potkali, se zdáli být fajn lidi. EN: The Journey to Tupiza, a city in south Bolivia in full of color rocks and giant cactus, took from Uyuni through beautiful countryside approximately 8 hours. Tupiza is not ...

Bolivia esta bueno.....Tupiza, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Bolivia esta bueno.....Tupiza

A travel blog entry by finola


... I did see a few Bolivian women in their traditional clothing which made it all worthwhile! We really knew we were in Bolivia when we saw the bus to Tupiza (2.5 hour drive) it had these huge off road wheels, and no comforts whatsoever and didn´t smell ...

The Bolivian wild west, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

The Bolivian wild west

A travel blog entry by rhonamcd


Hello, After a rather bumpy bus ride from Potosi we arrived in Tupiza hailed as the wild west of Bolivia due to being close to the final resting place of Butch and the Sundance kid. Ever since I had heard of ...

Tupiza, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by marcos1230


Wstajemy wczesnie w dobrych humorach po dobrze przespanej nocy. Nikogo  juz nic nieboli. Choroba wysokosciowa juz za nami :). Jedynie nasz ksiaze Mareczek troche marudzil, ze poduszka byla zbyt twarda, ale to u niego normalne :). Jemy pyszne ...

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid

A travel blog entry by alexgoldschmidt


As unlikely as it seems, the story of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid comes from southern Bolivia. So legend has it, they came down here to take for themselves some of the huge amount of wealth (money or minerals) passing ...

Tupiza, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by m_d


We didn't do to much on Monday, got up at 11ish and got breakfast. We needed to get money out and the town had no ATM so we went to the bank, it took about 1 hour to get the money out, the banks are so slow here. Afterwards we went to ...

Sick of buses..., Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Sick of buses...

A travel blog entry by amandaseims

... I bought the books as a nice souvenier and also to see how they think english words are pronounced....quite amusing! Arrived in Tupiza at 4am after getting no sleep as they don't have comfy buses here like Peru (although the locals can sleep through ...

trip tomorrow... why not??, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

trip tomorrow... why not??

A travel blog entry by marykateri

... and then, and booked sleeping bags for the sure to be freezing nights, 160 dollars each..  for a four day tour..pricy for Bolivia, and in comparison to some of the tours from Uyuni, but screw it, I wont miss the money in the future (says I ...

Wild Stallions!!, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Wild Stallions!!

A travel blog entry by nick.furmston

... a little dodgy and by the evening it was clear she was in no fit state to catch the 8 hour bus with no toilet back to Bolivia. I used my Spanish to re-book us a room and change our bus tickets until the following evening, a minor miracle in itself. ...

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