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Still here in Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Still here in Sucre

A travel blog entry by hastie_gringo


... rest... Bolivians certainly have faith in their postal system. Amanda parcel posts a present to god daughter Gracie. Sucre, capital city of Bolivia....people in post office zero, tellers on duty, 1. Its a far less complicated proceedure than the ...

Taking it easy, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Taking it easy

A travel blog entry by chrisloeffler


... . Ich war froh heil anzukommen, aber es war ein cooler Adrenalin-Schub. Nach einer letzten Abfahrt fuhren wir zurück nach Sucre - der Ausflug hatte sich gelohnt - sowohl vom Fun- als auch vom Sighseeing-Aspekt her.   Nach dem Abendessen ging ...

in Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

in Sucre

A travel blog entry by tobi


... Cafe Berlin for the recommended stuffed potatos, it was a good snack, then off to Joy Ride, the most famous bar/restaurant in Sucre, had some drinks and a salad for dinner, the next day breakfast at Joy Ride again and a long walk to the bus ...

Remeis estomacals, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Remeis estomacals

A travel blog entry by

... 8 hores de pedres al cul, fotut dins una espècie de furgoneta amb vells i ressecs amortidors cansats de carregar bestiar bolivi'' a lo bèstia i alguna culleradeta de gringos que no saben on es foten. Recordava el desodorant que batejava ...

Sucre and Goodbyes, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Sucre and Goodbyes

A travel blog entry by samcohen1987

... back the next day. When we turned up the following day, it was closed and we thought we´d been shafted. We sat outside in our Bolivia kits, then a kid came along and opened it up for us. 10 minutes later, the local guys turnded up and it was game on for ...

Hi and bye Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Hi and bye Sucre

A travel blog entry by pavandsim

... . After stashing are goods back at the hostel we went round the museum. This was most interesting learning about the colourful past of Bolivia's once capital. We managed to follow a tour so found out a little more than we usually do on are museum visits. ...

Whoever heard of a judicial capital?, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Whoever heard of a judicial capital?

A travel blog entry by linds_and_ryan

... central plaza. We stayed at a mid-level place on the plaza, right next to the Casa de la Libertad--where Bolivia's Declaration of Independence was signed. At dusk most nights, we would walk the cobblestone streets to explore its nooks and crannies, and ...

Sucre - a sweet town, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Sucre - a sweet town

A travel blog entry by roseoftheworld2


... into the classroom wearing a heavy skirt of very small people. This was my first day volunteering at the nursery school in Sucre. Kids in Bolivia are extremely affectionate, but emotions also run high. Within 5 minutes of this happy scene, there were ...

We almost have  a bathroom, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

We almost have a bathroom

A travel blog entry by kateharland


... all we have had a wonderful time, we have been very well fed and looked after and we are absolutely gutted we have to leave. Bolivia immigration has changed the rules so we can stay for no longer that 90days in a year. So that leaves us three weeks to ...

Dirt Bikes and Horny Spanish Teachers, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Dirt Bikes and Horny Spanish Teachers

A travel blog entry by julesandjosh


... cream at Tentaciones plus they make wholesome homemade pasta with field mushrooms mmm mmm. At the end of the day Sucre is a one of Bolivia’s gems as it is a beautiful city, has an awesome central market, huge parks, great restaurants and plenty ...

Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by filly


... of choice (eg. pineapple, papaya, mango) toast and jam, fresh fruit and yogurt and eggs, bacon and salad all for E2.50. Sucre also had the craziest market I´ve ever seen. Everything from toiletries to fruit stacked as high as the eye could see. Next ...

Super Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Super Sucre

A travel blog entry by nick.furmston

... been the longest that we´ve stayed in one city on this trip. It may be something to do that Sucre is the chocolate captial of Bolivia...... Food has been fantastic (i.e. non South American), we´ve had several fondues purely because this is about the ...

Stunning Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Stunning Sucre

A travel blog entry by lennyandcat


... we leave Sucre. We had a lovely day strolling around shopping. After lunch outside a restaurant we were again reminded of how poor Bolivia is when a passer by asked if he could finish our lunch. He picked up a leftover piece of bone with ...

Silver and White Bolivia, Potosi and Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Silver and White Bolivia

A travel blog entry by alyssaginsburg


... Salar tour.  Like I’ve said, the backpacker world is small!  We had some chocolate cake (Sucre is the chocolate capital of Bolivia), said goodbye to our new friends, fought with the nasty owner of our Hostel (Veracruz) for overstaying our ...

Salt to Sugar!!, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Salt to Sugar!!

A travel blog entry by ksmc04


Hola Amgios (again), We are now in Sucre which was the former capital of Bolivia, & some say still is. What a contrast to the desert & salt plains that we have just been thru to get here, from 4x4 to tar roads......with plenty of rock slides on them!! ...

Hola from the other side of the lake, Copacobana, Bolivia travel blog

Hola from the other side of the lake

A travel blog entry by carincowell


Hey all, Hope you had a lovely weekend. Just had quite an exciting morning crossing the Peru/Bolivia border. I took a bus but you have to get off and walk across the border and then the bus meets you on the other side. So I am now here in Boliva, ...

Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by hibbs


... walk to Museo de Arte Indigena. The museum is really interesting as it has displays on the different indeginous populations of Bolivia and their different customs, dress and music. There are also big displays of weaving and a couple of women demonstratig ...

Dinosaurs and Dynamite, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Dinosaurs and Dynamite

A travel blog entry by vickielizabeth

... marching past in helmets. I asked what was going on and he explaine dthat the miners were protesting, and Sucre being the constitutional capital of Bolivia, they had come here to march. I snuck out of the cafe once the peaceful-looking protesters had ...

Mystery of the week nº 16:, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Mystery of the week nº 16:

A travel blog entry by vickielizabeth

What on earth do Bolivian women wear under their skirts to make their bums look so ...

Militaertransport, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by joe_und_basti

... immerhin vierzig passagiere fasst, und zwei stewardessen in militaeruniform und wohl einen oder zwei piloten, gehts dann auf richtung sucre. wir bekommen sogar essen und kaffee an board, der genuss dieser sachen faellt allerdings schwer, da entweder der ...

Juleaften langt vaek hjemmefra, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Juleaften langt vaek hjemmefra

A travel blog entry by elianasiri


... lige rundt om hjoernet, besluttede vi os for at det nu var tid til at komme lidt i julestemning i den hyggelige by Sucre, hvor vi paa forhaand havde besluttet os at tilbringe juleaften. Med den centrale plads i byen fuldstaendig tildaekket af lyskaeder i ...

Bolivanische Perle, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Bolivanische Perle

A travel blog entry by seg_berlin


... angekommen zu sein. Nur etwa 2,5 Stunden von Potosi mit einem shared taxi ueber eine geteerte Strasse entfernt, liegt Sucre. Die Stadt ist Sitz des boliviansichen Obersten Gerichtshofes und ansonsten voll mit alten kolonialer Bauten. Es ist ausnahmsweise ...

Spanglish 3, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Spanglish 3

A travel blog entry by kateharland

... them lunch in the end and a drink each so they were happy even though we didn’t give them much business wearing our sandals! Sucre is situated in a bowl like shape between the mountains, so it is all hills, but the centre is at the bottom. The views ...

Sucre Historical Capital of Bolivia, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Sucre Historical Capital of Bolivia

A travel blog entry by egsjr1944

... full of travelers careened around the mountain roads dodging sheep, dogs and people to arrive here in the economic capitol of Bolivia, safely and stirred as well as shaken. Beautiful valleys full of green and trees, so different from the landscapes we ...

carnaval practice, coca protests & cookery classes, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

carnaval practice, coca protests & cookery classes

A travel blog entry by ristohannah


... ;all about the various carnavals held across Bolivia, I'm much better informed.   Carnaval in Bolivia differs from city to city, and the Sucre one is particularly known for the tradition of chucking cascarones - eggshells filled ...

Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Spanish, Spanish, Spanish

A travel blog entry by

... have to lock away your bags, so no photos!). The masks are used at local festivals and the museum as examples from across Bolivia. Some are very rudimentary but others are far more elaborate and have a very European influence! The way the museum is lit ...

The White City, Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

The White City, Sucre

A travel blog entry by glassmerchant


Sucre is the other capital of Bolivia, La Paz is the government seat but somehow Sucre retains its status as the ancient colonial capital. Rigid town planning keeps the historic centre, full of churches and colonial mansions, white. The centre of the ...

Massage, my friend?, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Massage, my friend?

A travel blog entry by peterdebelgica

... Uruguay en Chili trekken. Hasta pronto! ------- Early in the morning and after another sleepless and endless busride, we arrived in Sucre, Bolivia's only offical capital. A much smaller and much calmer city than La Paz, its big brother up North.  A ...

Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by hi_from_sa


Sucre, another colonial city due to the mining potential. With its white buildings it feels even more influenced by colonies than Potosi. We enjoyed a lot the Mercado Central which was opposite our hostel and sold quantities of food for nothing. Breakfast ...

Uyuni, désert de sel, etc., Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Uyuni, désert de sel, etc.

A travel blog entry by apsara22


... de ses séjours à Sucre. En tous cas, il n´avait pas des goûts très prolétariens. Le lendemain de notre arrivée à Sucre, nous nous sommes précipités au bureau d´Aero Sur pour acheter des billets d´avion vers La Paz : trois quarts d´heures ...

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