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Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by kellygrugan


... a while, taking pictures then trying to figure out what to do.  Then we went to the Royal Palace where the King of Belgium (that's right, the king of Belgium) lives.  We didn't see the king but the building itself was pretty.  After that ...

Laatste minuutjes in het belgenland!, Zaventem, Belgium travel blog

Laatste minuutjes in het belgenland!

A travel blog entry by magoutski


Zuiderse mentaliteit, nu al! Boarden om 11.45 en we zouden moeten vertrekken om ...

Making Friends, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Making Friends

A travel blog entry by ainaz


Over the past four days I have met more people and made more friends than ever on this trip. I'm learning that travelling alone is not lonely afterall. I have had many helping hands; Free stay at the nicest campsite I have seen in Europe, with offers ...

Belgium = Beer, Chocolate and Frittes, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Belgium = Beer, Chocolate and Frittes

A travel blog entry by thetembas


... , they are doing it right. In Brussels we saw much more diversity than Sweden and Finland. This is not surprising because Belgium had a number of colonies, namely Zaire (Now Congo). People say that some neighborhoods could be mistaken for Kinshasa and ...

Bruges - Belgian Tourist Mecca, Bruges, Belgium travel blog

Bruges - Belgian Tourist Mecca

A travel blog entry by thetembas


Click Here to see photos of beautiful Bruges. Captions hopefully coming soon! Rick Steves says that Brugge is a good stepping stone into the European mainland. This is true for many reasons, the main one being that this place is wildly popular with ...

Brussels:  A Small City, with Big Mussels!!!, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Brussels: A Small City, with Big Mussels!!!

A travel blog entry by rachandshan


Brussels is a relatively small city compared to most in Europe and it’s the capital of the European Union. You would think that would make them a little wheelchair aware. Not so really!! This was a hard city for us to get around. But we trudged on ...

Brugge, First Day (Nathan), Brugge, Belgium travel blog

Brugge, First Day (Nathan)

A travel blog entry by nateandglenn


I don't remember much about the first day in Brugge, except that I was really, really tired for no reason. I'd gotten plenty of sleep the previous night, I had some sort of breakfast (I think), but for absolutely no reason I had zero energy. All I wanted ...

What are we doing in Antwerp?, Antwerp, Belgium travel blog

What are we doing in Antwerp?

A travel blog entry by emiglia

... evening. People tend to show up at this hostel and stay for a lot longer than they thought. In the end, I think Belgium is underrated: the guilded architecture, squares with beautiful fountains, and bars with Belgian beer on tap for less than you ...

pirmā nakts lidostaa!, Charleroi, Belgium travel blog

pirmā nakts lidostaa!

A travel blog entry by vinetasaukane


    Tātad mēs izlidojam no rīgas pus15, Belgija bijam pec viņu laika pus17, ja nemaldos! Lidosta izskatjaas normala. mes atbidijam solinu pie cita soliņa.  un ietaisiijam savu vietu :D  tad mes ...

Sussing out the good stuff, Brugge, Belgium travel blog

Sussing out the good stuff

A travel blog entry by carpefeline


... that we had the night before plus a bit more.  I am not a big chocolate eater and don't really like the famous Belgium brands but walking into a store and looking through the bins and mounds of tempting treats is a lot of fun and in such cases, I ...

Brussels - Day 13, Ixelles, Belgium travel blog

Brussels - Day 13

A travel blog entry by tammyandsteve


This morning we walked around Amsterdam as we had some time before our train left around 1:00. The day before we saw the I am Amsterdam sign by the museums so we went over there to take pictures of it. Of course, it is impossible to get pictures ...

Brussels and chocolates, Dinant, Belgium travel blog

Brussels and chocolates

A travel blog entry by exploreamerica


We started the day by discovering the secrets of Belgian chocolates.  We visited a local chocolatier and received an education briefing. Next we discovered Bruseels.  We visited the Grand Palace and saw Manneken Pis, a symbol of Brussels. The ...

Belgium: Waffles and Chocolate, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Belgium: Waffles and Chocolate

A travel blog entry by hollyplunkett


... we hadn't seen yet and then caught the bus to the airport.Hopped on the plane and then caught the bus back to Limerick, all without having to run or miss any! It was such a great weekend, and Belgium is an amazing place. Definitely recommend it.   ...

Bruges by numbers, Brugge, Belgium travel blog

Bruges by numbers

A travel blog entry by peyton


... 's "New Frontier," (incongruously) Lovin' Spoonful's "Summer in the City" and The Carpenters' "Close to You." Pax Americana.] Belgium is home to roughly 10-million people, with the Dutch-speaking Flemish mainly in the north and the French-speaking ...

Lets go somewhere that's open, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Lets go somewhere that's open

A travel blog entry by davefrendy


... got a discount and it was only a short leg so wasn't too much. Since we had no choice anyway (unless we didn't go to Belgium) we booked our tickets and then found somewhere to wait for the half hour till our first train came. After sitting on the floor ...

Day 9 - Brussels to Bruges, Brugge, Belgium travel blog

Day 9 - Brussels to Bruges

A travel blog entry by tadtravels


... St. Nicholas. By about 4 PM, we were on a train from Brussels to Bruges (called Brugge by the Flemish speaking people of Belgium).  It was a relatively smooth, hassle free, and short train ride.  There wasn’t much to see of note between ...

Chocolates and Beer..., Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Chocolates and Beer...

A travel blog entry by chezstar

Well Bec and I had to say goodbye to our tour group in Brugge, Belgium yesterday :( I fought back tears - it's weird how in 28 days you can meet sooo many awesome people and you feel like you have known them forever. Travelled on the awesome Europe ...

Holy Blood and Hoppy Beers in Brugge, Brugge, Belgium travel blog

Holy Blood and Hoppy Beers in Brugge

A travel blog entry by valaryr


... learned in Brugge: first we complained about the heat in Spain and got freezing rain in Northern Europe. Then we complained about the rain and got record heat again in Belgium. No more complaining. Will post about Brussels tomorrow. Tot ziens! ...

Our journey to Paris - Stage Two, Antwerp, Belgium travel blog

Our journey to Paris - Stage Two

A travel blog entry by savagestewart

Antwerp was the second stop. Jaz and Matt were snoozing by then. The countryside was lovely - lots of flat rolling fields - very picturesque and ...

Go to Bruges, everyone else does., Brugge, Belgium travel blog

Go to Bruges, everyone else does.

A travel blog entry by laters


We headed into town as soon as we could. My first impression was "yeah, I can see why people love Bruges." And I could see how these people think it is just the absolute best little medieval town ever in the whole wide world. I'm thinking these people ...

In de buurt van Lierneux, Lierneux, Belgium travel blog

In de buurt van Lierneux

A travel blog entry by bosnl


De ochtend in Wiltz begint zeer zonnig. Zo zonnig dat we genoodzaakt zijn om 7.30 de tent uit te komen vanwege de warmte. De dag begint natuurlijk met een klim, daarvoor zijn we tenslotte in de Ardennen. Verder weer een mooie weg. Even later besluiten we ...

Exploring the City of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium travel blog

Exploring the City of Ghent

A travel blog entry by carinamjones


... days exploring the city of Ghent. Like Bruges it has many medieval buildings, canals and old guild houses. Unlike Bruges, Ghent became Belgium's first industrial city in the 19th century and is also home to a large and famous university. It is a bustling, ...

Brussels: Chocolate, Waffles, and Peeing Boys, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Brussels: Chocolate, Waffles, and Peeing Boys

A travel blog entry by mlp5176


... the planes waiting to take off.  This was going to be a good trip. We had high expectations for what awaited us in Brussels.  Belgium waffles…from BELGIUM?!?!  Yes, please.  Throw in some melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and you have ...

Knokke knokke, Knokke-Heist, Belgium travel blog

Knokke knokke

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


We woke up early, had the 4 euro breaky at hostel, packed lunch, walked to the Belfry and Chrissy met us there. She walked us to the car where Axel was waiting. It was a pleasant surprise to discover they drove a brand new Audi A6. It was so shiny and ...

I believe I can fly...., Brussels, Belgium travel blog

I believe I can fly....

A travel blog entry by mendekie


Het vliegtuig was groot, althans dat vond ik. In het voorste gedeelte allemaal kleine cabines, voor de bussines class. Daarachter waren de stoelen voor ons gewone burgers ( en Max de militair), wat nog steeds wel luxe was. De tv's in de hoofdsteunen ...

Bienvenue à Bruxelles!, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Bienvenue à Bruxelles!

A travel blog entry by iainabroad


... et d'Histoire militaire. - Ate more fries, but this time washed em down with Belgian chocolate.  Still wondering about Belgium's obesity rates. - Ran into someone on the street that I knew from my childhood and had yet another 'really small world' ...

Mussels in Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Mussels in Brussels

A travel blog entry by ameng


13th May, 2012 By the time we were on the train bound for Brussels, I had bought my third softdrink, which was an Orangina with pulp, however I have found in many European countries the 'chilled' beverages aren't really that cold compared to what we have ...

Soirée de départ à Arlon, Arlon, Belgium travel blog

Soirée de départ à Arlon

A travel blog entry by liviou


Soiree de depart légèrement arrosé à ...

Great little town, just like the movie but better!, Brugge, Belgium travel blog

Great little town, just like the movie but better!

A travel blog entry by fec


... from there, then walked to the "Upper Town” where the museums and palace is.  One thing I can say for Brussels, and Belgium in general so far, is that they’ve got art placed everywhere in public places.  So went to a museum, saw a ...

Brussels, Bruges, and Back, Brussels and Bruges, Belgium travel blog

Brussels, Bruges, and Back

A travel blog entry by eblakemore


... that surrounds it. What I found most curious during my visit was that there are two official languages in which Belgium seamlessly balances: French and Dutch. Street signs are in both languages as well as businesses, and advertisements. Certain regions ...

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