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Days before departure, Freeport, Bahamas travel blog

Days before departure

A travel blog entry by hecqs


Colleagues came to the island days before I take my holiday break. Being a localite, we take them out and savor some of the goodness of the island they we live in. For this day, we had late lunch at a Chinese restaurant at the International Bazaar and ...

The thirty -to- fourth minister walk one way, San Salvador, Bahamas travel blog

The thirty -to- fourth minister walk one way

A travel blog entry by leahkeith-houle


I walked everyday or the school from the gerace center it was forty minute stroll, I would like to show you the highlights of that ...

"This is heaven..."

A travel blog entry by paradiselost


So I have now been in San Salvador for almost 2 weeks and how it has flown! After the initial shock I am now falling in love with this beautiful island and settling into a nice routine. I have the best job in terms of the hours are down to me and where I ...

"I like it up the front."

A travel blog entry by paradiselost


... dives I came across plenty conch among the reef and on the sand – as mentioned before this is a common dish in the Bahamas, it is essentially a mussel that served in all variations. (In keeping with my Forrest Gump friends, in the words of ...

Lazy Days at Stocking Island, Stocking island, Bahamas travel blog

Lazy Days at Stocking Island

A travel blog entry by jodianddavid10


... and have been looking forward to enjoying it again.  Now conch (prounounced 'Conk') is native to the Caribbean, Florida Keys, Bahamas and Bermuda. Luckily for them, conch is on the menu EVERYWHERE here.  Abigail and I quite liked conch too! ...

Treasure Cay to Man O War Cay, Treasure Cay To Man O War, Bahamas travel blog

Treasure Cay to Man O War Cay

A travel blog entry by darborn


We enjoyed Treasure Cay.  The anchorage was busy and fun, the beach was the most beautiful we have encountered and we were leaving on perhaps the best beach day there had been on this trip!  We had to get out of the channel at rising tide and ...

2nd part: the exhumas passage - not bad at all!!, the exhumas, Bahamas travel blog

2nd part: the exhumas passage - not bad at all!!

A travel blog entry by ayack

... of red wine! Little Farmer cay is the second place we stop in the exhumas and we can say that it's still the real Bahamas. I'll explain. Like in Mathew town (great Inagua), there is a kind of different atmospher, like if people had forgotten about the ...

safe!, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by jcarlso2


... to this post. It should be fun! Alright I'm just going to start here where i left off. Right now it is 5:44am in the bahamas and I am back down in the lobby (couldn't sleep, go figure). There is one other person other than staff down here and she's ...

Cruise, At Sea, Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by jas20j


At Sea Oasis of the Seas After lunch we walked around getting our bearings whilst trying to grasp the enormity of this ship. The Oasis of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world carrying over 6,200 passengers and 2,200 crew. She is 360 metres ...

Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by d.nischelle


Hey all! Nassau is gorgeous. It's the best way to start off a trip around the world. The people here are so friendly. I've met a bunch of SAS students already. Everyone is so excited to get on the ship. We saw it docked outside downtown. My parents went ...

Conch Fritters!, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Conch Fritters!

A travel blog entry by seanmalonerules


... he was originally from the states and had moved to the Bahamas after he got in trouble for drug trafficking in California. The Bahamas has made many efforts in recent years to get rid of its reputation as a country active in the drug trade (a stigma it ...

Green Turtle Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas travel blog

Green Turtle Cay

A travel blog entry by delfino1


We arrived in Green Turtle Cay after leaving Treasure Cay early in the day.  We had to go through Loggerhead Channel out to the Atlantic and then re-enter in through the Whale Channel, both being fairly smooth going.  We motored for the entire ...

N25 32.532  W76 44.760  SPANISH WELLS, ELEUTHERA, SPANISH WELLS, Bahamas travel blog

N25 32.532 W76 44.760 SPANISH WELLS, ELEUTHERA

A travel blog entry by takinbetz


... Adventurers, many who shipwrecked on Devil's Backbone and survived in caves!  Spanish Wells is the only Methodist Island in The Bahamas.  John and Charles Wesley landed in the area for several months on their way to Georgia.  It used to be ...

Overnite at Fishers Bay and Tahiti Beach, Elbow Cay, Bahamas travel blog

Overnite at Fishers Bay and Tahiti Beach

A travel blog entry by delfino1


February 9 we sailed over to Fishers Bay, and dinghied over to Grabbers Bar so we could check out this part of the island.  We went for a walk through the town over to the Atlantic side and went to Nippers.  They are popular for their pig ...

NEW HOME, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by nikstravel2010

Hi Everyone! Tango, Tequila and Travel now has a new home! Please visit for the latest entries! Thank ...



A travel blog entry by takinbetz

Cuisine ...... Dave & Betsy Style   Once we purchased our Jabsco Maserator, we stopped at Mangoes for lunch.  We had not eaten or slept since 4PM the previous afternoon so we were hungry (among other things).   If I had to name ...

Hope Town on Elbow Key, Hope Town, Bahamas travel blog

Hope Town on Elbow Key

A travel blog entry by darborn


We spent three nights on a mooring at Hope Town. The weather improved and we had a a lovely time exploring the town. The beach on the Atlantic side is very dramatic with what looks like some good snorkeling close to the beach. We shivered as we passed ...

The settlement we heard so much about, Black Point, Bahamas travel blog

The settlement we heard so much about

A travel blog entry by delfino1


We had a nice sail over to Black Point from Warderick Wells.  Unfortunately our friends on s/v Quandry stayed behind and were making their way to Nassau as they were having engine problems.  We needed to keep going as we were to meet some ...

Looks Can Be Deceiving, eluethera bahamas, Bahamas travel blog

Looks Can Be Deceiving

A travel blog entry by jebandcarmen


   We found two cheap one way tickets to the island of Eluethera that left LAX at midnight with stops in Miami and Nassau, then an archaic little puddle jumper to Eluethera.  [PHOTO_D_R=2-the-island.png]  ...

Chub Cay to Nassau  N25 24.595  W 77 54.574, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Chub Cay to Nassau N25 24.595 W 77 54.574

A travel blog entry by takinbetz


April 3, 2009 This morning is beautiful skies, winds 15-20 kts and anchorage is rollin'.  Can see the seas breaking over the rocks we were in front of when the engine quit.  Actually we can see where we came in.  Dave says he still ...



A travel blog entry by takinbetz

May 23, 2009 - Escape from the Bahamas   Ahhhh, it's like getting two guard dogs drunk so they'll lie down and let you sneak out!  That's what it has felt like trying to find a window to cross back to the US.   Actually, we're still ...

"Miss you mama..."

A travel blog entry by paradiselost


Undoubtably the toughest aspect of being away from home is being so far from my family... My hair is a consistent hive of frizz around my disappointingly small head, the mosquitoes ravage my skin on a daily basis, and I get most of my daily intake of ...

uggh!   seasickness..., Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

uggh! seasickness...

A travel blog entry by aniseh

If you remember, we were moored off the coast of Miami for a couple days while we went through a TON of training for faculty members. We started sailing yesterday and it was a wild ride. The seas were pretty bumpy-- Big rolling movements, that made ...

"I want her to watch you eat a fishes head!"

A travel blog entry by paradiselost

So first let me tell you a bit about San Salvador. It is an island on the Eastern-most fringe of The Islands of the Bahamas, facing out into the Atlantic Ocean it is a mere 12 miles long, 6 miles wide. It sits atop a submerged mountain that extends 15,000 ...

Warderick Wells  N24 23.678   W76 37.943, WADERICK WELLS CAY, Bahamas travel blog

Warderick Wells N24 23.678 W76 37.943

A travel blog entry by takinbetz

April 21, 2009 - Big Major to Warderick Wells  N24 23.678   W76 37.943   We lifted anchor at Big Major at 10:15AM heading for Warderick Wells.  The weather for the week is going to turn NE to E 20-25 kts so we've decided on ...

It's finally here, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

It's finally here

A travel blog entry by jcarlso2

So it finally happened. I'm finally on the MV Explorer. It is so surreal. I don't really believe that I'm here yet. This morning after making my post on the blog I went back upstairs to find my mom bawling. I wasn't really sure what to do to help her so ...


A travel blog entry by paradiselost


So I had been in touch with a friend in Florida who had informed me earlier in the week via email that he was "keeping an eye on Chantal." Now I have to admit, on some occasions I will pretend to know what someone is talking about for the pure fact I ...

Day 42 - Land Ho!, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Day 42 - Land Ho!

A travel blog entry by jimstephkrueger


Land Ho - Good Morning - As I write this we are almost to our next port of Nassau, Bahamas. We survived the Atlantic crossing - we even got a certificate!! From what everyone is saying - it was one of the best crossings ever - the Captain said that it ...

Nassau - Bahamas 5th May, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Nassau - Bahamas 5th May

A travel blog entry by lizianjosh

We decided on a general walk around the town and, as usual, you are faced with running the gauntlet of an area that appears specifically designed to corral everyone through a thight area where you can be made every offer of transport,sightseeing,goods or ...

Bahama's, Lucaya, Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by sylviaenjeroen


... , varen een paar keer met de speedboot naar naast gelegen eilanden en naar Marsh harbour op het "vaste land" Great Abaco. Op de Bahamas zit erg veel vis en er worden geregeld wedstrijden gehouden. De mannen pronken met soms wel meer dan 20 hengels aan hun ...

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