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Sightseeing in Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Sightseeing in Vienna

A travel blog entry by rbailer


Today, Nick and I finally got a chance to go sightseeing in Vienna and bring our cameras along. I attached some of the pictures from are 2 hour excursion ...

Day 2, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Day 2

A travel blog entry by mitchmoz


... also found a magnet and it was really cool and big ( it's not big , it's like the size of two fingers). We went to 6 Christmas markets in Vienna . 3 on one day and 3 the next day and I only bought one thing, I soar a hole hip of stuff that I want to ...

22/05/2009, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by fbauchet


Left early after breakfast as we did not know what to expect on the road, but finally made it by early afternoon to the wrongly named "hotel carina" a so called 3 star hotel which deserves not more than a mention in faulty towers. The lift smelled like ...

If its Friday, it must be Austria, Vienna, Austria travel blog

If its Friday, it must be Austria

A travel blog entry by lambue


... I am happy to report, we made it and had a wonderful ride, mostly along the Danube, admiring the scenery, learning about Germany and Austria, eating in the restaurant car and having pleasant conversation. The sky is blue and the sun is shining, and we are ...

Willkommen in Wien!, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Willkommen in Wien!

A travel blog entry by iainabroad


... - Laughed when the Canadian backpackers I met in Prague paid 9 dollars for two instant coffees after we'd crossed the border by train into Austria  - Understood the truth of my guidebook when it told me 'in Vienna, if it isn't a cafe or a church, ...

Ueberraschungsbesuch in Wien... :-), Wien, Austria travel blog

Ueberraschungsbesuch in Wien... :-)

A travel blog entry by thekurk

Flug Stansted - Wien mit Air Berlin Ankunft dort und gleich Lotte erkannt. Dann sitzen wir und warten, dass Hans-MArtin auch kommt. Wir zu zweit sind die Ueberraschung. Sitzen da, trinken Kaffee und planen und hecken die Ueberraschung nochmal ...

A Dehydrated Nation, Vienna, Austria travel blog

A Dehydrated Nation

A travel blog entry by natandjames


... feet are that happy sore which only comes from a jam-packed day of awe-inspiring on-foot touring. But down to business – Vienna is dry. Not in its culture or beauty (because that is abundant in this amazing city), but in the literal sense. ...

Tour day!, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Tour day!

A travel blog entry by bobdebstrat


... home of the Hapsburgs.  One name we have come to know in this area is Hapsburg.  They ruled the empire of Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic for over 600 years....only abdicating the monarchy in 1918.  The palace and it's grounds are ...

Vienna In A Day, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Vienna In A Day

A travel blog entry by 2010trip


Vienna – the cultural, economic, and political centre of Austria – still has the trappings of the imperial city it once was. With only one night and one day in the city we sprung for a horse-drawn carriage ride at dusk to see the key ...

Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by dipal88

Gruss gott from Vienna. (The speak german in austria but there are some variations) arrived on wed after a 7/8hr train (which left at 7am) journey and after trekking to our hostel using public transport in the scorching heat with our rucksacks we decided ...

Amazing Austria, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Amazing Austria

A travel blog entry by gaplyf


... and the entire town. However , returning home to another pile of dishes in the sink, we quickly found ourselves resenting our Vienna home. Monday bought on a terrible day, with gale force winds and freezing rain , it was time for the big bad purple ...

Misadventures in Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Misadventures in Vienna

A travel blog entry by ynnob

I quite enjoyed the train ride from Munich to Vienna because I had a very comfortable seat and there were some nice views of the alps before the sun went down. I arrived at 7:45 then had quite a long walk to my hostel. At first I was very worried because ...

Tours in and around Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Tours in and around Vienna

A travel blog entry by cashaaron


... the bus and headed to our next destination. While on route to a 900 year old Vineyard we stopped and walked through Austria's smallest mountain village called Durstein. At one point in our walk our group heard a band playing in the distance. Everyone ...

Sprechen Sie Englisch?, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Sprechen Sie Englisch?

A travel blog entry by jess06


... to hang out. We decided to go to the Hundertwasser Haus and the Kunsthauswien. It was so neat. They were designed by Austria's most reknowend radical architect, Freidrich Hundertwasser. He had an amazing life. Usually, an artist doesn't seem to be truly ...

Ein Lob auf die Grenzer, Wien, Austria travel blog

Ein Lob auf die Grenzer

A travel blog entry by mart

... 'chsten durch Cluj gefahren, und habe nach einer Stunde warten, mit schönem (V)Vien(n)(a) (Wien deutsch, Viena rumänisch, Vienna englisch, verschiedene Farben) in einem schnellen Ford gesessen mit einem schnellen Rumänen. Der fuhr mich bis nach ...

Vienna Photos, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Vienna Photos

A travel blog entry by elijahjatovsky


For Vienna blog post see "Vienna, Slovenia" ...

Rest and Recovery Day, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Rest and Recovery Day

A travel blog entry by davefrendy


... were spinning round, I read the lonely planet book to try and figure out what to do for the next few days here in Vienna, then Salzburg and Munich. Once everything was washed and somewhat dried, I packed it all back into the bags and walked back to the ...

Vienna Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Vienna Vienna

A travel blog entry by ka.duncan

... guide. Even though I had been here before it was still nice as saw parts of the city I hadn't seen before. I really like Vienna, it is a beautiful city. Went for dinner with some people from the group and had the most amazing spinach and feta strudel ...

Vienne en solo, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Vienne en solo

A travel blog entry by liviou


25 mai 18h: Premiere vraie ville en ...

Europe, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by tristan_g


Finally made it to European soil! Pictures and story soon to ...

Hallo wien, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Hallo wien

A travel blog entry by tianaramamonjis


18:00 ...

Last Day of Tour!, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Last Day of Tour!

A travel blog entry by ka.duncan

... displays and buggy rides, archery and boating trips. Will be fantastic once it is finished and the setting is very beautiful. Arrived in Vienna. Had our farewell dinner at a traditional Viennese Restaurant. Was a nice meal. Fly to London ...

Herfst en Winter in Wenen, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Herfst en Winter in Wenen

A travel blog entry by arens


Herfst en Winter in Wenen Kat was in oktober en november zo ongeveer de hele week voor Krauthammer onderweg ergens in Europa en kwam dan vrijdagavond weer eens om de hoek kijken. Verder stond de herfst stond weer in het teken van bezoek uit Duitsland ...

The Imperial City, Vienna, Austria travel blog

The Imperial City

A travel blog entry by roamingrob


... repository so vast and, to a degree, overwhelming. Containing innumerable exquisite pieces from the collection of one of Austria’s royalty, collections of Egyptian hieroglyphic tablets and frescoes, the paintings of Italian, French, Dutch and other ...

Train into Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Train into Vienna

A travel blog entry by holdfast


... It was actually the place where the old wall that protected the old city once stood. Cigarette smoking is alive and well in Austria. It has the highest rate of smoking in Europe and they still allow smoking in most restaurants but they have to provide ...

Other countries other than Australia, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Other countries other than Australia

A travel blog entry by igavrani


... like it here... pity it's only for two nights, we may stay for another night on our way back home... anyway Vienna is amazing for it's artistic archeticture which is so old and constantly being we saw a classic palace called the Summer ...

17/08/2011- Vienna, Austria, Vienna, Austria travel blog

17/08/2011- Vienna, Austria

A travel blog entry by edwardsoverland


Vienna, Austria. We spent a few extra days in Prague in a hope that the throng of tourists would subside after the weekend....we were wrong! Prague is such a lovely city but it has been ruined by tourists and tourist traps and silly prices (compared to ...

23/05/2009, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by fbauchet


... liked it so much he polished 24 slices, while the kids would be able to enjoy themselves on rides of every kind. Saturday in Vienna seem to be an all out day for the population as all the grounds are packed to the rafters with sunbakers and bike riders. ...

More Vienna Music, Vienna, Austria travel blog

More Vienna Music

A travel blog entry by miss.chris


Another forecast for rain but this time in Vienna, thunderstorms were forecast for night. First we needed groceries. We saw that a "Bella" supermarket was close to us. Of course we got lost while walking and had to ask directions. Once inside we picked ...

Wiener Schnitzel, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Wiener Schnitzel

A travel blog entry by krb2g

So Allison and I arrived in Vienna late last night. We took a tram to the Westbahnhof from the Südbahnhof, and then the U-Bahn to our hostel. We picked up some McDonald's on the way, because it was 11 p.m. and that was what was open. This morning we woke ...

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