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Humongous Saltwater Crocodile Encounter… Noo, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Humongous Saltwater Crocodile Encounter… Noo

A travel blog entry by ktmax

... now folks; right now I’m in the airport waiting for my flight back to Brisbane. I’ve had great fun in Darwin even though I didn’t get to “swim” with the humongous saltwater crocodile from Crocodile Dundee, but it might happen ...

Waterfalls and Wallabys, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Waterfalls and Wallabys

A travel blog entry by j-willi


I have been out of touch for a while, but now I am in Darwin and have time for a quick update. I took a bus from Cairns to Darwin for 4 days and had fun in the middle of nowhere. It was lots of driving in the bus, but it wasn't full so we were all able to ...

Litchfield & Jumping Crocodiles, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Litchfield & Jumping Crocodiles

A travel blog entry by ktmax

... ll get right into my epic 1 day tour without too much random crap xD. We started out early in the morning driving around Darwin picking people up (I was actually the first that got on, yey xD). After picking everybody up the direction went towards a river ...

Home at last....., Darwin, Australia travel blog

Home at last.....

A travel blog entry by becca_ind

Finally ...

Das erste Mal tropisches Klima, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Das erste Mal tropisches Klima

A travel blog entry by flexhannahtrip


... „Haushalten" und schliefen. Die meisten waren neben eindeutig mangelnder Hygiene von Krankheit gezeichnet. Dieser Anblick machte uns Darwin noch unsympathischer. Die Stadt ist fr das Land eine Art Malle, auf die die Jugendlichen zum Partymachen ...

Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by rhysandsuzie


Darwin ...

WIFI WITHDRAWAL, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by dalhousie


... head for the bushes when I remembered this was 2014, not 19th February, 1942, when 242 Japanese aircraft bombed and strafed Darwin, killing over 290 people. After lunch we returned to the hotel and as we were checking in, Ted and Marlene arrived ...

Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by chrisser


Chrisser ...

show me the money, Darwin, Australia travel blog

show me the money

A travel blog entry by jen_and_chris


We figured Darwin would be a target rich environment for finding casual work, which it was, and we landed ourselves a job at the skycity casino. There must be something in the Cleaver blood, but luckily for all concerned no maths was required. The good ...

The Trip - Day 1, Lichfield National Park, Darwin, NT, Australia travel blog

The Trip - Day 1

A travel blog entry by dean_hines


We were picked up at 7am by our tour guide - a lady called Jamie. Our first stop on the trip was to Lichfield National Park. Lichfield was originally owned by the Aborigonals up until when the first white man came over to Aus - ROBERT LICHFIELD. ...

Big Things #24, Humpty Doo, Australia travel blog

Big Things #24

A travel blog entry by travelnshit


Not even Steve Irwin godresthissoul would wrestle an oversized croc wearing boxing gloves. Mainly because he'd be on the floor pissing himself laughing at something so fucking absurd. The Big Crocodile, Humpty Doo, Northern Territory. Go on, its worth ...

Down Under on the Top End, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Down Under on the Top End

A travel blog entry by atlpilot36


... world!  Anywhere else is literally thousands of miles away and the capital city of Jakarta, Indonesia is closer than Australia's own Canberra!  Even Singapore and Bandar Seri Bagawan are nearer.  The Chamber of Commerce likes to throw that ...

Northern Territory, Australia, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Northern Territory, Australia

A travel blog entry by lesurfr


Spent a few days in Darwin and drove along the Stuart Highway to Alice ...

Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by heathermills

Darwin ...

Broome - Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Broome - Darwin

A travel blog entry by marcow


... die Felsmalereien zu sehen. Die Franzosen waren von den Malereien nicht sehr beeindruckt... solche Kulturbanausen!^^ Mit unserer Reise Richtung Darwin haben wir uns auch immer weiter ins Land der Krokodile begeben und beim campen im Kakadu NP den ersten ...

Darwin to Alice, Darwin and Alice Springs, Australia travel blog

Darwin to Alice

A travel blog entry by emmaireland


... lovely. The next day, I realised with annoyance that I still hadn't got rid of the bladder infection I'd picked up in Darwin.  I'd been taking tablets and asked the pharmacist in Alice Springs for something to keep me going for the next three ...

Lichtfield NP - Day 13, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Lichtfield NP - Day 13

A travel blog entry by cathrin24

... , should be fine now.’ Are u kidding me? I went out as fast as possible :D. The day ended in the Buley rock holes where we all got a bug sunburn before we arrived back in Darwin. Another after party and reunion with Liv! And Ladies Night in ...

Biale i rozowe lilie posrod ktorych plywa krokodyl, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Biale i rozowe lilie posrod ktorych plywa krokodyl

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


Jako ze juz cale 2 dni nie odwiedzilismy zadnego ZOO, ani nie widzielismy zwierzakow dzisiaj wybralismy sie do Terytory Widlife Park. Spodziewalismy sie klatek ze zwierzetami, ale bardzo pozytywnie sie rozczarowalismy. Park zajmuje ogromny obszar 400 ...

sztuczna rafa i tunele z II wojny swiatowej, Darwin, Australia travel blog

sztuczna rafa i tunele z II wojny swiatowej

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


No I niestety porazka- czesc Kakadu jest w dalszym ciagu zalana I zezwolenia wydaja dopiero na sierpien… Do mojej listy dojdzie w takim razie Koopin Gorge ( ja go jeszcze kiedys zobacze). Dzien byl potem calkiem ciekawy, poszlismy na wystawe perel ...

Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by gypsymichelle


... (jail), more Aussie history! Once we got back into town we wandered around a bit and learned about Typhoon Tracy which struck Darwin Christmas Eve 1974, pretty much leveling the place. That evening we had a delicious seafood dinner on the wharf and got ...

Cyclone season!, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Cyclone season!

A travel blog entry by tom_s


... ... The further North we got, the greener did the scenery around us get. Now it looked like proper Crocodile Dundee territory! Darwin itself felt very provincial - there was not much to do at all. Even swimming at the beaches was not allowed, due to ...

Crocodile country, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Crocodile country

A travel blog entry by kevinwalls


... Mindil Beach market. It's a cross between a new age market, a food fair, and a didgeredoo competition. When I first came to Australia the "didge" didn't rate too highly in my favorite list of instruments. I thought the worst 3-piece band in the world ...

Day FORTY, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by feltham


... one at 5.1m and nearly 500kg!! We had lunch at the museum caf which I thought was the best meal I had had in Darwin -  barramundi lightly battered with chips yum. After lunch we went back to the caravan park and had a refreshing swim, then took ...

In a Land Down Under, Darwin, Australia travel blog

In a Land Down Under

A travel blog entry by fishtails04


... ... but no: "No worries!" he reassured me, "You got 3 months! Enjoy it! Have a great time!" Welcome to Australia! Unfortunately it was after midnight when the supercheap Tiger Airways flight from Singapore touched down in Darwin so I saw little ...

Driving across the Australian desert, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Driving across the Australian desert

A travel blog entry by melmax


... would take care of you...or finish you! As we have probably been complaining too much about the cold temperature in South Australia, we've been receiving the heat back...with the interests! When you get off the car in the Australian desert you always ...

Return to a

Return to a "normal life"

A travel blog entry by vincent


Now I live in the J wing ! This wing has large kitchens and it is very close to the swimming-pool ! ;-) NO Brice ! I am not in vacation ...

NT Road Trip Day 5 - Litchfield National Park, Darwin, Australia travel blog

NT Road Trip Day 5 - Litchfield National Park

A travel blog entry by adelecarroll


... . We took a dip here and it was very relaxing and refreshing. I had to pinch myself to remind myself that I was in Australia sitting in a rock pool under a small waterfall without a worry in the world - extremely lucky!!! 3. The third stop was Florence ...

Cheers to Aussie...On to Bali, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Cheers to Aussie...On to Bali

A travel blog entry by shawclark

... got onto the air conditioned bus. I have never been more in favor of going to an enclosed shopping mall. Bali will be easy after Darwin. cs Well, it has now been two months since we took off from Seattle and time now for a bit of reflection. We ...

The wrath of the Map lords and the campsite battle, Darwin, Australia travel blog

The wrath of the Map lords and the campsite battle

A travel blog entry by michael.bell


... so content as I did when entering this pool shielded from the outside world by the ancient rock formations native to outback Australia. Unfortunately Kakadu did not live up to the same level of expectations. Most of the attractions were closed due to the ...

The top End - Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog

The top End - Darwin

A travel blog entry by gutti


... wieder mit Lebensmitteln fuer die Weiterreise eindecken. Wie so ziemlich alle bis auf die ganz grossen Staedte hat Darwin nicht allzuviel an Sehenswuerdigkeiten zu bieten und ein 30 minuetiger Rundgang durchs Zentrum beinhaltete eigentlich alle. Dennoch ...

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