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Another picture of the zoo, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Another picture of the zoo

A travel blog entry by scottanddina


Monkey sitting doing nothing just like ...

Sydney to the Snowy Mountains, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Sydney to the Snowy Mountains

A travel blog entry by jacquieanddave


... wife Amanda. Ours was a 14 person bus pulling a trailer for all our gear. Our first stop was the capital of Australia Canberra. Rather interesting story of this city. Way back in 1901 all of the various colonies in Australia decided to become ...

Taking some time out at the Capital..., Canberra, Australia travel blog

Taking some time out at the Capital...

A travel blog entry by jam10


... .  The use of marble (which came all the way from Italy) in the Foyer provides a link to the arrival of Europeans to Australia.  So basically, everything in the design of this place has a meaning.  The tapestry in the Great Hall is of giant ...

National Museum of Australia, Canberra, Australia travel blog

National Museum of Australia

A travel blog entry by sjw_uk

Today we went to the Museum.... what a disappointment.... very comtempory building (which looked cool).... the artifacts inside the building were ok too, but the layout of the building was so bad... you missed bits of the exhibition, you went up levels ...

Canberra, Canberra, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by sunshinetrekker


... I must say!!  Lucky for me, he decided to give me a break down of the poisonous spiders that inhabit Australia.  Interestingly, in Canberra there really aren't any- BUT there are TONS of spiders!! And he made it a point to show me just where ...

Australia Day (and Burns night!), Canberra, Australia travel blog

Australia Day (and Burns night!)

A travel blog entry by dallbrooke


To celebrate Australia Day my friends and I went to the Parliament House gardens to watch the Australian of the year ceremony and concert.  I must say that I felt rather torn as Thurs 25th Jan is Burns Night of course!  I wore an Australian flag ...

Our home sweet OZ, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Our home sweet OZ

A travel blog entry by mark.and.amaris


Black Stump, Somewhere outside Canberra, Australia travel blog

Black Stump

A travel blog entry by baresoulsurfer


... and met heaps of fun people that im sure i'll look up on myspace later. I dont know where else i could have danced the night away to a band like the "outback hippies". All in all, Australia is getting better and better....and im not even in Sydney ...

Canberra, Canberra, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by etheridge

... heading to Canberra to spend a few days with the family.  This involved flying form Cairns to Sydney then into Canberra.  For an international airport, Canberra has very few direct flights!! We arrived safely to a slightly cold cloudy day, ...

Anzac Day Part 2, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Anzac Day Part 2

A travel blog entry by kazjohn


Returned to the War museum to take a look around. Got there just in time to see the end of the anzac parade and then spent the afternoon in the museum. It was an excellent time to be there and very busy. The rest of the afternoon was spent at ...

Happy Christmas, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Happy Christmas

A travel blog entry by easton-martin


Happy Christmas, here are a few photo's etc that are on various memory cards but would not upload due to slow server speeds, enjoy. Love, health and peace to you all. Mac, Mable, Carol and ...

Sightseeing i Australiens hovedstad Canberra, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Sightseeing i Australiens hovedstad Canberra

A travel blog entry by fam.straede


... tilbage i bilen igen kørte vi op til udkigspunktet på Mount Ainslie. Her fik vi os en flot 360 graders panoramaudsigt ned over Canberra, afgrænset af bjerge omkring. Byen lå flot i solskinnet med sine rette, lige linjer med veje, parker og søen, som ...

Meeting Place, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Meeting Place

A travel blog entry by jameshardy88


... . Its name even means meeting place. Purpose built almost entirely from scratch at the time it is still along way from being Australia's premier city. Being pretty interested in history and politics it was an obvious stop to make whilst I was here. There ...

Capital Territory!, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Capital Territory!

A travel blog entry by markgemmell


... stop them... Another uneventful drive apart from more scary Auzzie drivers - really have no lane discipline! I actually decided to stop before Canberra in a place called Yass - there I found a nice motor inn and had a relaxing nite in front of the TV - ...

Blehk, Canberra, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jameshyde

... drinking tea. Unfortunately this has coincided with us receiving a lot of really awesome recommendations for places to explore around Canberra. There are Kangaroos in the forests of Mt. Ainslie, whos shadow we currently reside in. A little further south ...

One Month: Everything is Coming Together, Canberra, Australia travel blog

One Month: Everything is Coming Together

A travel blog entry by kategreen

So it is exactly one month until I fly out of the country and it feels like time is just flying past. But everything is starting to come together now, so I'm getting a little excited!  My application has been approved by Uof Hull so I am offically ...

Cloudy in Canberra, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Cloudy in Canberra

A travel blog entry by julienicholas


... and went to the national gallery and museum (both worth doing, some nice stuff in the art gallery in particular). Canberra has a shocking lack of signposts making it very difficult for someone 'directionally challenged' like myself to find my way around, ...

Its cold!!, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Its cold!!

A travel blog entry by kazjohn


After a late start (John is getting used to this sleeping in thing) we headed to the institute of sport for a tour of the facility. Was very interesting. Then we rugged up and headed to the Raiders vs Bulldogs game (for the record the bulldogs won) ...

Bush Walk 1, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Bush Walk 1

A travel blog entry by jameshyde


... and rounded ears. Needless to say it was a spectacular afternoon. Afterwards we explored the War Memorial and learned about Australia's Military history. Something I had been curious about for a while but had never made a formal inquisition of. I will ...

Canberra, Capital of Aus, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Canberra, Capital of Aus

A travel blog entry by darrenniki


... first going to the National Australian Museum. That was pretty good and had different exhibitions on Land, Fire, Sea and the history of Australia. Following on from that we went to Royal Mint of Australia were all the cash is made and we even got to make ...

Australian Capital Territory, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Australian Capital Territory

A travel blog entry by jenkins


... We free camped that evening on our way to Canberra and "bush tucker Jonno Reesy" got an excellent camp fire going! Canberra is the Aussie b*****d child of a Swindon/Milton Keynes marriage.  Purpose built to house the Australian Parliament it ...

Canberra, Canberra, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by leprefrog


... shades of red and orange. Even if the capital does not look great, there are still a a few things to visit. Canberra became the capital of Australia because Sydney and Melbourne could not find an agreement: they both wanted to be the one! We took a ...

Resolution, Canberra, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jameshyde

... and making it an apartment on wheels is so popular that every other station wagon to see for sale on (Australia's craigslist) is already retro fitted for it, and comes with camping gear, maps and even some entertainment things, bikes, ...

FAREWELL PICS, CANBERRA, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by ahoyhoy

Hi everyone!!! Welcome to my first entry! Will be backtracking a bit-back to our farewell in early May at Meche. Thank you to everyone that came it was an awesome night!!!! ...

Still cold........, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Still cold........

A travel blog entry by kazjohn


Another late start and off to Questacon! Went to one of their shows and of course, John was picked from the audience to get on stage. He had to hit a ball with a racquet with the guy running and the show and of course John took it very serious and ...

Canberra, Canberra, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by alanandchris

... too hot in the day to sit outside. The centre of the museum consisted of a garden which was a concrete abstract map of Australia. Chris expected to see a garden but no-one gets lucky 100 percent of the time. In the afternoon we visited the Black ...

Børnenes dag i Questacon, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Børnenes dag i Questacon

A travel blog entry by fam.straede


Af Lars Vi stod op, da vi vågnede, dejligt med en morgen uden vækkeur. Silje havde set en af de brochurer, vi havde hentet fra turistinformationen om Questacon(svarendende til eksperimentariet i København). Der ville hun rigtig gerne ind. Hun ville ...

Capital City, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Capital City

A travel blog entry by mrewkowski

Since we were asleep by 9 pm, we were up at 6:30 and left the Snowy Mountains for the Australian capital, Canberra. Apparently, many years ago, the Assuies could not decide if Melbourne or Sydney should be the capital, so they just started up a brand new ...

Super-sized Milton Keynes, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Super-sized Milton Keynes

A travel blog entry by anslwithers


... a town-planner made real in the early 1900's and it works ok but feels a bit sterile.  We visited the National Museum of Australia (ok as museums go) and the Parliament building.  The latter was built into the side of a hill - rather clever and ...

Traveling to Canberra, Canberra, Australia travel blog

Traveling to Canberra

A travel blog entry by hilarywaite

It was a long drive to Canberra, about four hours. I saw kangaroos watching cars pass on the side of the road. I found it very unusual because I'm used to deer instead. After this long drive, we went to the parliment house which I found quite similar to ...

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