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Bondi Beach, Bondi Beach, Australia travel blog

Bondi Beach

A travel blog entry by maihaisu


Den Freitagmorgen genieße ich am Bondi Beach, einen der berühmtesten Strände Australiens und ein bekannter Surfspot. Die Einheimischen bevorzugen andere Strände und es ist eher ein sehen und gesehen werden hier. Wikipedia erklärt die Geschichte von ...

And this one time, in sydney....., Bondi, Australia travel blog

And this one time, in sydney.....

A travel blog entry by jenniefrost

Today we were both off work together and decided to make the most of it by being tourists! Yeah! Firstly we went to the BEACH! It was still quite cold though, despite the clear blue sky and there was no sign of the infamous vet man who dwells in these ...

Back to Bondi, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Back to Bondi

A travel blog entry by terryandlauren


... up the van. On our last morning we have another Le-Paris Go breakkie, take Jules & Roland to see the viewpoint behind the Bondi icebergs and Lauren gets to say a quick hello to Edward, the little boy she used to look after.  Our time in Bondi ...

Sep 29, 2008, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Sep 29, 2008

A travel blog entry by thebts


Bondi Beach, Bondi Beach, Australia travel blog

Bondi Beach

A travel blog entry by laetitiawood


... a Danish couple that I met when I was working in Switzerland. We had decided to get together and do the Coastal Walk from Bondi to Coogee. The footpath was a mix of beaches and boardwalks along the coast. It was nice but it drizzled on and off throughout ...

La plus belle plage?, Bondi, Australia travel blog

La plus belle plage?

A travel blog entry by carolinelacroix


... alors voici ce que j'ai fait durant ce temps! Je suis allée pour une journée avec Cam et Phil me promener à Sydney et aller à Bondi Beach qui est considérée comme la plage de l'Australie à ne pas manquer! Oui est elle très large, il y a beaucoup ...

Dec 22, 2009, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Dec 22, 2009

A travel blog entry by jenetgreg


The Jersey shore of Australia, Bondi, Australia travel blog

The Jersey shore of Australia

A travel blog entry by meeshee_p


... some brews even though the beach was strictly dry (there was a substantial fine for drinking on the beach).  Another cool thing about Bondi was the Ice Breakers Club that was built on a cliff about 100m up the coast from the beach. The club had an ...

Burning on Bondi!, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Burning on Bondi!

A travel blog entry by maudeinchina


Hey everyone...  So what they say about the sun in Australia is true... It  was a half cloudy half sunny the end it was just sunny. Put SPF 30  sunscreen 3 times in 3 hours and got burned....Well I've seen worst but I'm  ...

Balade sur la cote, Sydney - Bondi beach - Coogee beach, Australia travel blog

Balade sur la cote

A travel blog entry by chacham


Balade entre deux des plages les plus connues de Sydney : Bondi Beach et Coogee Beach C'est ...

Bondi Road, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Bondi Road

A travel blog entry by charlottebourne


We arrived at our new home in the evening of the 7th October. After we'd chatted to the landlord, paid our bond and finally settled down it then became apparent the whole place needed a good scrubbing. Adam was working at his new job at the Ivy where he ...

....continued.... Dad and Janes visit!!!, bondi, sydney, Australia travel blog

....continued.... Dad and Janes visit!!!

A travel blog entry by lorraine11


... cool and very dark with the lights off. So it was worth going again plus the weather was brillaint. Another day we came to bondi so they could see the flat and we walked the coastal walk to coogee which is beautiful. We swam with the fishes at clovelly ...

Taidetta rannalla, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Taidetta rannalla

A travel blog entry by arktinen_kettu


Tässä lisää kuvia Bondilta, jolla on rantakävelyreitin varrella taidepläjäyksiä. ...

Auf ein Neues!, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Auf ein Neues!

A travel blog entry by nina.laudenberg


... Die 24 Moore Street liegt eigentlich genau auf der Hälfte zwischen Bondi Junction, also der Bahn Station und dem Westfield Einkaufszentrum, und Bondi Beach. Zu beidem braucht man ca. 15 zu Fuß. Zur Hauptstraße, der Bondi Road, sind es zwei Minuten, von ...

Our last day in Australia!!, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Our last day in Australia!!

A travel blog entry by debandadam

... $5 here for a normal sized pizza, crazy!) and went back to the room and watched tv (there has been so much hype and build up in Australia for the new series of the bachelor so I got sucked in a watched it but it's just as rubbish as at home, but for some ...

Bondai Beach, Bondai, Australia travel blog

Bondai Beach

A travel blog entry by lexieclayton


Today I spent the day on Bondai Beach with Will & Doug.. Sadly the weather wasn't totally in our favour! We started the day with blue skies, few clouds and a fairly decent temperature.. However once we got to the beach it was starting to darken and ...

Bonsai  beach, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Bonsai beach

A travel blog entry by humberwright


We woke about 10am and headed out to see more of Sydney. We headed back into the CBD to have a look around (sober). It's a fantastic city. It doesn't have a huge skyline like Singapore or Shanghai but it's really clean and quiet. We walked all the way ...

A long but pleasant day...., Bondi, Australia travel blog

A long but pleasant day....

A travel blog entry by chrisgleed

After waking a bit bleary eyed from the night before and heading back to Sydney we spent the day on Bondi again, had a lovely Hungarian meal and headed back to Nat and Kylie's in the evening. They very kindly put us up again in anticipation of the boys ...

Coogee to Bondi, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Coogee to Bondi

A travel blog entry by rdkflaherty


... people were out for walks and runs and surfing. This is a must do walk for anyone visiting the area. We must admit that Australia does have some special special beaches situated all around the country. We are very lucky to have spent the time we have ...

First Day Last Day, Bondi, Australia travel blog

First Day Last Day

A travel blog entry by free_range_hen


The first day of 2014 was our last day in Sydney, not Australia though we are not quite done here yet. Tomorrow morning we will take a flight to Melbourne and stay with truckers Heather and Paul who had been living in the UK but decided to move back home ...

Rain Rain Go Away...., Bondi, Australia travel blog

Rain Rain Go Away....

A travel blog entry by rcopiak


... bed we had a visitor crawling up the walls in our room that we had to take care first cockroach in Australia - definitely the most disgusting bug. Last night I had the worst sleep of my life between the weather drastically ...

Bondi Beach, Bondi Beach, Australia travel blog

Bondi Beach

A travel blog entry by rosiecampbell89

Up about 9.30 Run in centennial park Salad for brunch Bus to bondi Couple hours bathing Bondi junction shopping new bikini & groceries for lasagne Got lost looking for bus ticket place walked in circle back on Oxford road took taxi Made lasagne ...

Bondi and sunburn, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Bondi and sunburn

A travel blog entry by jacquiboyce

... I took the bus to Coogee which was less busy than Christmas day as it was pretty cloudy there. So I started the Coogee to Bondi Beach coastal walk. The walk was beautiful you get to see beautiful views of the different beaches and lots of coves along the ...

Bondi Beach, Opera Bar & Team Smashed goodbye, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Bondi Beach, Opera Bar & Team Smashed goodbye

A travel blog entry by jo_storrar


... !!! We got chips too & for some reason everything tasted so much better out of a bucket!! We chilled in the sun, enjoying the Bondi atmosphere.  Anna came back to the hotel so we could get ready together & we drank wine & chatted like old ...

Southhead walk, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Southhead walk

A travel blog entry by judihasi


... Amazing that I was still in Sydney and it looked so different. Must be nice to have a house here. After that I took a bus to Bondi Beach. It is the most famous beach but I honestly don't know why. I walked from there along the coastline to Coogee and ...

melbourne cup, Sydney bondi beach, Australia travel blog

melbourne cup

A travel blog entry by aileenwerner


... und dann treff ich mich noch mit sara fuer nen kaffee bevor sie arbeten muss und danach treff ich mich mit jake, den australia den ich hier kennengelernt hab. hier ist alles sonst wie immer, ausser dass es endlich mal wirklich heiss wird ;) ich liege ...

Flippety Flop, the Fun don’t stop, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Flippety Flop, the Fun don’t stop

A travel blog entry by noseafood


... told me to grab onto his board and he taxi’d me to my friends to join the rope for the big count. Bondi Beached finished with a total of 2070 people in the water at one time riding their giant inflatable Havaianas and the winners at Cottesloe beach ...

Bondi  & Coogee, Bondi Beach, Australia travel blog

Bondi & Coogee

A travel blog entry by karen.yardley.3


... it is still strictly the domain of women and children. In fact McIver’s Ladies Baths is the only coastal pool in Australia just for women. There was a mens one further along, this is now for everyone. Our walk took us along to the ...

Bondi Beach, Bondi, Australia travel blog

Bondi Beach

A travel blog entry by sebcity

Home ...

"we drop at dawn !"

A travel blog entry by lucky.speed


for the quote you don't know check the linkage -- > . . . about to head out for my last surf on this side of the pacific for six weeks! next time i touch the ocean it will be 12000 miles away. bags ...

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