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How things work or don't work in Uzbekistan, Samarqand, Uzbekistan travel blog

How things work or don't work in Uzbekistan

A travel blog entry by petcul


... go to the hospital. Abdullo is a fantastic fixer and knows important people in high places which is all important in Uzbekistan. He and Ziyodullo are opposites. Ziyodullo is reserved, learned, patient, full of information and wanting to impart knowledge, ...

Shakhrisabz, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by jennipost


... are doing well. Today is great, it is sunny and warmer here. I guess this has been a colder than usual winter for Uzbekistan, I wonder what that means for the summer. Either way, I'm looking forward to spring here, warmer weather, green trees and more ...

Les Uruch qatnachtchilar, Gijduvan, Uzbekistan travel blog

Les Uruch qatnachtchilar

A travel blog entry by worldkerros


On les appelle les « Uruch qatnachtchilar » Les «Participants». A partir de 1941, et du déclenchement de l'opération Barbarossa, ils ont été recrutés, souvent de force, pour aller lutter contre les nazis sur le front de l'est. Oui, les Ouzbeks, ...

Uzbekistan, country 118, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

Uzbekistan, country 118

A travel blog entry by schwate


Salam, viele Gruesse aus Samarqand, Uzbekistan, Land Nr. 118:-) Ich habe erfolgreich die Grenze ueberquert, auf der tajikischen Seite wollte der Zoellner mein Customs Formular sehen, hatte keins im Pamir bekommen... Er wollte eine "Straffe", hm, ob ...

a welcome change, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

a welcome change

A travel blog entry by davechrisdamo

... Chris  hadn't wooed the guards with a beautiful rendition of Sanchez, one of the songs written on the Caspian Sea ferry. Uzbekistan!  Again a fairly complex procedure to get in, but the big difference is that it is all delivered with a smile ...

Frustrations..., Urgench, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by jessteichuz

Salom! So it looks like my adventure in Uzbekistan is coming to an abrupt end. If the visa office does not respond by tomorrow, all the UZ-18s will be on their way to Tashkent and then back to the United States. There is still a chance that we ...

Il est ne ?, Tachkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Il est ne ?

A travel blog entry by worldkerros

Salut a Tous, Ahh, la douceur de vivre de Tachkent et le bonheur de retrouver un honnete 16 degres au-dessus de zero. C'est l'occasion de se ballader en tee shirt et de laver les pulls, de se detendre les jambes puisqu'on n'a plus a chercher ses appuis ...

Fergana Valley, Fergana, Uzbekistan travel blog

Fergana Valley

A travel blog entry by queenietord

hotel had swimming pool and masseuse. didn't use ...

Enchanting Bukhara, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

Enchanting Bukhara

A travel blog entry by segacs


... inside. Those of you mentioning that a lot of Bukhara looks very Persian are correct: Bukhara is a unique enclave of Uzbekistan where the Persian influence lasted for centuries longer than elsewhere. As a result, most people here speak Farsi, not Uzbek, ...

There's no, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

There's no

A travel blog entry by david_sandra


... another - and I guess that's all of us - think again! As soon as we reached the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, differences became clear. The Uzbek border guards actually smiled and were nice to us! The scenery changed - less vast open ...

Moynaq - home of the Aral Sea disaster, Moynaq, Uzbekistan travel blog

Moynaq - home of the Aral Sea disaster

A travel blog entry by johnkramer

Moynaq was once a big fishing town on the edge of the aral sea. After the soviets decided that uzbekistan was to be the world's leading producer of cotton (trying to outproduce the USA) they started using the aral sea to irrigate the rest of the country ...

The Verdict, Samarqand, Uzbekistan travel blog

The Verdict

A travel blog entry by petcul


Early in the morning we go back to the police station. There are more forms to sign. I get a statement and the bike and my documents are released. We go to the hospital to have my wound dressed again. It is still bleeding and the ankle is very swollen. ...

Fergana Family Homestay, Fergana, Uzbekistan travel blog

Fergana Family Homestay

A travel blog entry by michellendave


October 7 & 8, 2014 KHIVA to TASHKENT by train - 17 hours to FERGANA by taxi - 7 hours (120000 som / $40) Homestay with Shaxzada and family Train to Tashkent to Meet Up with Cissy   At Alibek guesthouse we were served an elaborate ...

ancient Khiva, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog

ancient Khiva

A travel blog entry by johnkramer

Khiva did not disappoint. the old mud fortress walls still surround the old city, and everything inside is just beautiful - blue tile minarets, medrassas, mosques, mud brick buildings... just amazing. the ~5 hour ride today through the Kyzylkum ...

Samarkand, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by johnkramer


... with draft beer - I hit the same place 3 times in one day! I am increasingly finding people who speak english in uzbekistan, and tourists. I ran into a group of about 20 older americans, who were themselves a little bland, but their tour guide was ...

Khiva ou la beauté de l'art islamique..., Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog

Khiva ou la beauté de l'art islamique...

A travel blog entry by mmtrip


... it ... There are mosques but we never hear any prayers... simply because it has been banned by Karimov (the president of Uzbekistan) since few years, after the riots that occurred in the fergana valley (east of the country). The women are not wearing any ...

CARPETS!!!!!, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by carpefeline


CARPETS!!!!!! Sunday October 18, 2009            One of our tour members really wanted to buy a carpet.  We had looked in Bukhara and I had gone back with him to the shop for a second time to see if ...

Samarkand, Uzbekistan, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

A travel blog entry by dutchiesdiary


... . Hadn't seen tourists for a while now so it was a nice surprise to see them here just\ outside of Turkmenabat before the Uzbekistan border.   DAY 91 " Border crossing and desert winds" - Bushcamp to Buhkara (135km) Today was expected to be a long ...

Khiva - first stop Uzbekistan, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog

Khiva - first stop Uzbekistan

A travel blog entry by lukeandloumann


28 May Today we had a walking tour of Khiva, it was broken into 2 parts as during the middle of the day it gets too hot! Today is was about 40 degrees C, and a bit humid as a storm front was threatening. Our guide Ana was a local and took us round ...

Last day on the caravan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Last day on the caravan

A travel blog entry by segacs


... all places. It's a nice example of how, even to this day, this country truly is the crossroad of the world.   Goodbye, Uzbekistan So now there's nothing left to do but finish packing and get ready to go. I'm using the hotel room for a few ...

The mighty buck, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

The mighty buck

A travel blog entry by carpefeline

... or even an ATM which aren't as plentiful as I was lead to believe by the guide book.  They are offering a rate of 1500 Uzbekistan Zum to $1.  That’s a tiny bit less than what the official rate was when I looked it up two months ago so it ...

De l'or pour les Ouzbeks, Boukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

De l'or pour les Ouzbeks

A travel blog entry by worldkerros

Salut a tous, Il fallait bien que ça arrive, au terme de cinq voyages, et bien ça y est, c'est arrivé, c'est officiel, Zeravchan et Uchquduq, les deux dernieres villes ouzbeks où le pied du Kerros n'avait jamais mis la main sont enfin conquises, et ...

Site Announcement!!, Ferghana, Valley, Uzbekistan travel blog

Site Announcement!!

A travel blog entry by jessteichuz

Salom! I finally got my site placement!! I will be out west in the Khorezm Region of the UZ, right next to Karakalpakistan (the semi autonomous region that is part of the UZ but has a wierd relationship with the rest of the country) where the Aral ...

The last place on earth you'd expect great art, Nukus, Uzbekistan travel blog

The last place on earth you'd expect great art

A travel blog entry by johnkramer

The western most state of Karakalpakstan is pretty much uzbekistan's no-man's land. Nukus is pretty close to the turkmenistan border (which I was supposed to be crossing), and in a place, the end of the earth. However, the Savitsky art museum makes this a ...

The Golden Road to Samarkand, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

The Golden Road to Samarkand

A travel blog entry by segacs


... occur during travel in any other place, like, say, Estonia. Or, y'know, really anywhere else. But, this is Uzbekistan. Which means that festivals aren't for attracting tourists and inviting local people. Nope, here, festivals are strictly for government ...

Les bouts de ficelles, Tachkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Les bouts de ficelles

A travel blog entry by worldkerros


Chorsu. Quatre chemins, quatre routes vers le monde. Un bazar gigantesque, à l'orientale, autour duquel s'étend une cité soviétique construite sur les ruines d'un formidable tremblement de terre. Au nord-ouest du bazar a survécu pourtant un quartier ...

Airport Woes, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Airport Woes

A travel blog entry by carpefeline

... ;         My flight east went from Bucharest, Romania to Istanbul, Turkey and finally to Tashkent, Uzbekistan for this change of countries.  I had a very long layover in Istanbul, 9 hours.  My husband had ...

city tour of Tashkent, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

city tour of Tashkent

A travel blog entry by carpefeline


... ; a mother who has lost her son or sons in service to Uzbekistan.  We were lucky to find an older couple there in traditional Uzbekistan dress and they did not mind having their photos taken, in fact he was quite proud to talk to us as he had just ...

Opera in Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Opera in Uzbekistan

A travel blog entry by johnkramer

I got to Tashkent at 3pm and found out that there was a time change and it was an hour earlier. a free hour! My chinese watch was so excited that when I tried to change the time it promptly died, never coming back to life. I found a nice place to ...

Sumalak, le repas des anges, Chakhimardan, Uzbekistan travel blog

Sumalak, le repas des anges

A travel blog entry by worldkerros


À Chakhimardan - enclave ouzbèke en territoire kyrghyze et un des sept lieux saints de l'Islam -, plus qu'ailleurs, on respecte la fête du printemps, Navruz, et la préparation du sumalak. Depuis des siècles, en Asie centrale, en Afghanistan, au ...

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