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Kas a lovely place to rest, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Kas a lovely place to rest

A travel blog entry by big8little


... . Surprisingly, Kas has a mix of both German and British tourists as we learned later on that the two cultures do not holiday in Turkey in the same towns.  More on that later in Fethiye.  What I liked about it was that we were there before ...

Sea kayaking over Kekova, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Sea kayaking over Kekova

A travel blog entry by erinontheroad

... the eastern part of the country. People tell me that ıt really ıs a dıfferent world, that the men ın eastern turkey won't speak to a whıte woman; a couple I met yesterday told me that when they were together men would speak to ...

Notre hôtel, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Notre hôtel

A travel blog entry by sdelaquis


Simena and the Kekova archipelago, Uçagiz - 60 Mn From Finike, Turkey travel blog

Simena and the Kekova archipelago

A travel blog entry by geroll


... more photos: The Kekova archipelago is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey. If you go to Lycia, you cannot by-pass this tour. Simena, also called "Kale koy",  is a small ...

iceburg straight ahead, Kas, Turkey travel blog

iceburg straight ahead

A travel blog entry by


... we were only there for 2 nights because it didn't feel like we were in Turkey. It just felt like we were in Mexico or something. It was nice to know that we still had another week left to explore Turkey to see and taste the real culture. Cheerio Mates ...

Pammukale, Heiropolis, Kaputas,  & Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Pammukale, Heiropolis, Kaputas, & Kas

A travel blog entry by jportelance


... that Heather and I frequent. Cats are nasty, filthy creatures. -The words "meat" and “lamb” are 100% interchangeable in Turkey. If you order something in Turkey “with meat” or “meat doner” or “meat pide” ...

Intrepidness, Kas, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by nicki_gramlich

This was "into the unknown" time for me. All I really thought of Turkey up to this point were water pipes, spice markets, mosques, and an unusual smell perhaps. All true, but much much more. Thank God! I arrived in Istanbul at 7 pm on Nov.12. Thank The ...

Travel to Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Travel to Kas

A travel blog entry by alidatravis

4.5 hour bus trip to ...

Sunken City mit Nasenhaare trimmen, Kas Türkei, Turkey travel blog

Sunken City mit Nasenhaare trimmen

A travel blog entry by haseundfuchs


... heute am und unter dem Wasser zu sehen sind.  Ein äußerst beliebter Ausflugsort für Touristen, laut Reiseführer in Kas sogar ein "Muss". Dort ist dann wohl einiges los. Die wenigsten schauen sich diesen Ort allerdings vom Kajak aus an. Beliebter ...

Wedding bells and serenity, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Wedding bells and serenity

A travel blog entry by boothy58


... leave – I know this sounds like a cracked record again…… I feel I wasn’t quite finished with Turkey though – such a diverse and genuine culture of people, and genuinely friendly and fiercely proud of their country, indeed in ...

The Burkini, Kas, Turkey travel blog

The Burkini

A travel blog entry by laurenw_is


... a burkini.  I shouldn't be surprised by this, being in a predominantly Muslim country, but I was.  Actually, I had imagined Turkey to be much like Morocco, as in more developed and civilised than Egypt but still very old fashioned and not quite ...

Cruise, Kas, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by dumic


Poseidon, look at meee!, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Poseidon, look at meee!

A travel blog entry by abulia

... than expected. It's warm, but extremely windy! And I have a cold. All stuffed up and an irritated throat, but not too bad. Kas is a beautiful place, and looking at property prices... still cheaper than a house in Edmonton, for a 5 bedroom villa on the ...

Port, Kas, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by sdelaquis


Rue menant a l'hôtel, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Rue menant a l'hôtel

A travel blog entry by sdelaquis


Veg Day, Kaş, Turkey travel blog

Veg Day

A travel blog entry by kbunney


Day started cloudy, we decided for an uneventful day. Went to the hotel across the street and swam off the dock in front of the hotel. Everything is quiet. Hotel is closed for the season, although we were able to get drinks ...

Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by opacheco


... . With the rigging in place we set off for our next stop along the Turkish coastline, a small port town with a few ruins called Kas. Alex and I remain rolled up in our blankets as the ship makes its way along the rolling sea, enjoying the sunrise. Before ...

Lots'o travel, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Lots'o travel

A travel blog entry by dzamore


... sigh of relief. Then, since we spent 4 hours overheating, We needed to get in some water. The hotel owner, Marie, explained that Kas doesn't have real beaches, it's rocky and the water's edge comes up to the land- which is rock - like small cliffs. What ...

Half Way, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Half Way

A travel blog entry by riverrunner


... way point in trip and not sick from the street food & no encounters with Ali-Baba and his 40 thieves yet. Arrived in Kas this afternoon and time to do laundry, emails, ect. Tomorrow we have a day cruise out to some islands for swimming and ...

Turkey, I thank you~, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Turkey, I thank you~

A travel blog entry by dancingedane


Temiz I come away from your presence cleansed; to you who haveforged the path of purity, and graciously bid me walk alongside...*I thank you*~ Emin  I rest in your presence without reserve; to you who havewelcomed me into the peace ...

Day 42 - Blue Cruise Day 2, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Day 42 - Blue Cruise Day 2

A travel blog entry by kiwiholly

... water was so beautifully blue, so blue and crystal, crystal clear, it was worth it! We docked again at a town called “Kas” where we explored the little shops, ate ice creams and shared a bottle of wine with our newfound favourite Aussies! I ...

Patara Beach, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Patara Beach

A travel blog entry by jportelance


... the first half of the day, then we hit up the beach restaurant that is apparently known for its hamburgers. Not bad for Turkey, but certainly no Fuddruckers. After lunch I’m bored of lounging so I leave Heather to it and I take off snorkeling along ...

Just about perfect, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Just about perfect

A travel blog entry by mskinner96


She says: We hadn't planned to go to Kaº - we decided at the last minute to stop over because it was halfway between Fethiye and our next destination, Olympos - but I am so glad that we did. Kaº seemed made for us - it had a reasonably priced place ...

Kastellorizo (Blue Grotto), Greece, Yeniköy, Turkey travel blog

Kastellorizo (Blue Grotto), Greece

A travel blog entry by rknepper


The sun shone hot and bright this morning, as each of us were sitting around the breakfast table with the HUGE black "747"s bee-type creatures. We had to eat really fast, and get rid of our plates, and all signs of food rather quickly, before we got ...

Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by angrygaza


Today we left for Kas, for our first town visit and break from the boat. We were moored in the marina with lots of other Topdeck boats and Busabout, so it was pretty busy. The town is quite pretty, with lots of cobbled little streets, plenty of souvenir ...

Day 2) Gulet Cruises Fethiye to Olympos, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Day 2) Gulet Cruises Fethiye to Olympos

A travel blog entry by turkey

Of ancient Antiphellos, as Kas was once known, only Lycian rock tombs & sarcophagi and the Roman theatre are left. But the charm of the town remains! In a bay near Kekova we stop for swimming, dinner. 2nd ...

Mar 14, 2007, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Mar 14, 2007

A travel blog entry by robandjoan


Divine Chance (Kas), Kas, Turkey travel blog

Divine Chance (Kas)

A travel blog entry by dancingedane


... ;just how I like it. Breakfast is simple (most of the things we share are)…made from good things from this good earth. Our bodies are nurtured; our souls, sustained. Turkey, I am glad we took the risk...I look forward to this season of LIFE with ...

Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by lsuetang


... was the poppy seeds. The food is western style and the menu is like at any restaurant at home. I can't find anything that shouts Turkey. Coke comes in a smaller bottle, but Efes, the most popular beer here, is larger, and quite good. Ayran, a salty ...

Wastin' Away in Kas-aritaville, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Wastin' Away in Kas-aritaville

A travel blog entry by brookskeith


... take a day and catch up with myself. I've been charging hard since Istanbul and will again between here and Ephesus on Turkey's west coast. Wow is Kas a Turkish version of Anytown on Florida's sunny Gulf Coast! My hotel, the Hideaway, has a rooftop ...

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