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Jettin into Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Jettin into Geneva

A travel blog entry by jag

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From Montreux we caught a ferry down into Geneva. The boat took five awesome hours with feet up in the sun, watching the vineyards and small villages passing by on the each side of the shores. Very relaxing! We eventually floated into Geneva past the ...

Bears in Bern, Bern, Switzerland travel blog

Bears in Bern

A travel blog entry by jag

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I loved Bern. The Swiss capital was unlike another Western Europe capital I have seen. We had decided to hitch through France and Switzerland so we left Dijon during a break in the weather and hooked up a few rides and into Switzerland. We were about 50km ...

Operation tycoon well everyone told me ..., Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Operation tycoon well everyone told me ...

A travel blog entry by endeuro2000

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... . My problem was I wasn't going to be in Basel beyond lunch time. Tim quietly suggested that I try The United bank of Switzerland across the road because their head office was in Basel and if someone needed to get someone to get permission from someone, ...

My NOTHING Day!, Interlaken, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by cobra1899

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Today I planned to do nothing but rest. I wrote this whole entry about "My NOTHING Day!" on the train back to Frankfurt tomorrow. Then I got home and accidently deleted it while deleting my old entries that had been copied here from my Outlook drafts ...

My First Kiss!, Interlaken, Switzerland travel blog

My First Kiss!

A travel blog entry by cobra1899

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This morning I wake up and it's raining. I head down to the breakfast room and the TV is showing the view from the top of the various mountains where there are restaurants and touristy stuff. There isn't a view at this time. The snow is coming down hard ...

A Room with the most Awesome View!, Interlaken, Switzerland travel blog

A Room with the most Awesome View!

A travel blog entry by cobra1899

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... walked down every street in town. The town isn't that big. The building architecture is quite interesting. I'm definitely in Switzerland.   I figured something else out during my walk down Main Street. I am definitely a shopaholic, though you ...

Riggi Bahn, Witznau, Switzerland travel blog

Riggi Bahn

A travel blog entry by fwice


schön ...

The Alps :), Engelberg, Switzerland travel blog

The Alps :)

A travel blog entry by heatherabroad


We took a day trip to Engelberg in the Alps.  It was pictures look fake because you can hardly capture this on camera! We hiked/took a cable car up to the top of Mount Titlis, the views were amazing!!  We encountered many ...

Biking around Lake Geneva and I hate cheese, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Biking around Lake Geneva and I hate cheese

A travel blog entry by chaoticglitter


... the haze making it probably the most beautiful bike ride I will ever go on in my life. We ate a 16 franc lasagna in Copet (Switzerland is extremely expensive) and found a cafe on the water for the coffee and some mountain and lake gazing. I took so many ...

Geneva here we come!, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Geneva here we come!

A travel blog entry by chaoticglitter


How to get to Geneva (Genevé)-the Melissa and Catherine route So we are starting our "backpacking" around Switzerland, Portugal, and Spain. First things first, today I went to Pfaffenhofen to the Wollemeise shop for my mom. Yesterday, I bought my ...

Meinisberg, Meinisberg, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by swissbear


Abfahrt zu unserer grossen Reise. Wir sind gespannt, was wir alles erleben ...

Singapore 3. Tag - Schwyz, Thun, Switzerland travel blog

Singapore 3. Tag - Schwyz

A travel blog entry by rtw1314


Dr LETZT Tag isch abroche… Aber o dä hei mir no bewusst u i volle Züg wöue gniesse u si drum zu dä Universal Studios ufbroche. Uf Tripadvisor hei mir gläse ka, dass mä z.T. bis zu 2h muäss astah, deshalb si mir bereits bir Türöffnig dert ...

Views, hikes and yodelling, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Views, hikes and yodelling

A travel blog entry by tan14


... a boat on the Brienz lake from Interlaken to visit the Ballenberg museum, a living history museum with houses and traditional ways of Switzerland. The boat trip was beautiful and the water was a gorgeous aqua blue colour , the trip takes around 1 hr 10. ...

Time to take off !, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Time to take off !

A travel blog entry by alan_tdm1

Hi Folks. Voici le jour du départ, Je suis dans l'aérogare, en direct de Genève Cointrin. Il est 10h40 et le soleil brille. Le vol s'annonce ...

Paris to Interlaken, Interlaken, Switzerland travel blog

Paris to Interlaken

A travel blog entry by penns

... checked (All the other countries we have been in are part of the European Union, where people can travel freely.  Switzerland, though, as a neutral country, will not join the EU because they feel it would betray their neutrality).  Mom wanted ...

"God does not play dice." -Einstein

A travel blog entry by drzao

coming ...

The land of watches and chocolate, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

The land of watches and chocolate

A travel blog entry by dawieboy


Sitting in a train station at two in the morning is not fun when there are drunk Austrians about.  The one dude took a liking to Claudia so I had to impose myself on him and he finely got the message without blood being shed. Anyway, safe and sound ...

Day 30, St. Moritz, Switzerland travel blog

Day 30

A travel blog entry by mikaylalebo2


It was 6am when the alarm went off. Yuck! As we slowly made our way out of bed, Weston and I took ice cold showers. After we got ready and packed, we headed down the street for breakfast. Weston and I went to a local bakery for a croissant, and Chandler ...

Contiki Europe 2006!!, London, Paris, Switzerland, Austria, Venice, Florence, Rome, Italy travel blog

Contiki Europe 2006!!

A travel blog entry by kbroder86


... that didn't seem like we were going to do a whole lot, it ended up being a lot of fun. Day 7...Lucerne to Hopfgarten, Austria Switzerland was the only place we stayed for one night, but before we left, we got to go up Mt. Pilatus, aka the home of ...

How much for lunch????, Hergiswil, Switzerland travel blog

How much for lunch????

A travel blog entry by blain_holidays


...  Driving through the city of Basel was a novelty as we drove through three countries in a very short period, being Switzerland, Germany and France.   The drive into France was pleasant with many castles and ruins dotting the hillside and we ...

G E I M E N, SWITZERLAND  -  7/18/2010, GEIMEN, Switzerland travel blog

G E I M E N, SWITZERLAND - 7/18/2010

A travel blog entry by jjndotr



Attempting to Not Die While Skiing, Zermatt, Switzerland travel blog

Attempting to Not Die While Skiing

A travel blog entry by beccaboyer


... me to include more information about school, classes, etc. in my blogs, it's not going to happen for the rest of my time in Switzerland. My classes are too terrible to even mention, and it only makes me mad thinking about it ... so, enjoy the much more ...

Hanging with the Swiss: Part II - Zurich, Zürich (Kreis 12) / Auzelg, Switzerland travel blog

Hanging with the Swiss: Part II - Zurich

A travel blog entry by andrew_mac


I really surprised myself with how much I wrote about Basel...and I'm going to equally surprise myself with how little I'll write about Zurich. In fairness, I was having such a good time in Basel that I arrived late afternoon to Zurich, thus most of the ...

Davos, Davos Platz, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by eithne


I'm here and alive in some form. I think I shall go jump off a cliff later this week and see if I fly... (the family is taking me hang gliding, stop ...

Jumping to my death in Switzerland, Interlaken, Switzerland travel blog

Jumping to my death in Switzerland

A travel blog entry by emily.


... . If only Saturday was just as nice. The sun was shining, the sky was bright blue and the swiss alps surrounded us everywhere. Switzerland is truly breathtaking. It was so gorgeous just walking around the city. We then met up with everyone and got on the ...

Swiss Alps, Interlaken, Switzerland travel blog

Swiss Alps

A travel blog entry by katieengstrom


... an opened parachute and you run off of a cliff and just float around in the air. It is by far the best way to see Switzerland and the Alps.   The rest of the trip consisted of eating at Hooters (I never knew they had such great food!), having ...

Picnic with the Rogers, Montreux, Switzerland travel blog

Picnic with the Rogers

A travel blog entry by markturner


Today was the first day in a while when we planned to get up before lunch time. We were meeting the Rogers early to go and see the Chateau Chillon castle down by Lake Geneva. It was a stunning castle with rich history and a great self guided tour through ...

Ze final leg, Zürich (Kreis 2) / Wollishofen, Switzerland travel blog

Ze final leg

A travel blog entry by lamondg


... You can’t bring anything pointy through security (I even moved my stapler to my big bag to be safe.)  But, this is Switzerland.  So, what’s the top souvenir for sale in the duty free shop?  Yep – Swiss army knives with ...

May 31, 2013, Lucerne, Switzerland travel blog

May 31, 2013

A travel blog entry by iliuchina


Good bye Southamerica, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Good bye Southamerica

A travel blog entry by schnaefu


I spent the days before I went back to Switzerland  with Shopping, hairdresser, nail studio and drinking. hi hi... It was a strange feeling when I took the taxi to the airport... still sweating like hell but knowing that in a few hours I shall be ...

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