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View to Karlskrona, Tjurkö, Sweden travel blog

View to Karlskrona

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Furuviks Djurpark, Furuvik, Sweden travel blog

Furuviks Djurpark

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Painting Picnics and Chicks, Arboga, Sweden travel blog

Painting Picnics and Chicks

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... Cicci talk in Swedish about the church, and let us in when they talk about the church owning two thirds of all the forest in Sweden. Owning a forest is strange enough, let alone owning two thirds of al the trees in the country. As talk continues I notice ...

Rius, Slagnäs, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by scastellvi


Hem acabat la volta per la carretera "salvatge" amb un parell de visites molt interessants. La primera a un poble-església sami (que és la manera correcta de parlar dels lapons, segons sembla). Un poble-església és un grup de vivendes al costat d'un ...

Bloody Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Bloody Stockholm

A travel blog entry by cpiotto

Been here for 3 days and it has been both great and horrible... We leave tomorrow for Bolnas in the north of Sweden and hopefully with a visa in my passport from Switzerland... lets see how that goes :) Chat soon ...

Rapport från Färingsö, Svartsjö, Sweden travel blog

Rapport från Färingsö

A travel blog entry by mariekeiii

Vi besöker just Göran och Karin med barnen Tove och Wim. Har varit barnvakter och allmänt nyttiga. Nu bär det av till Hörby och förberedelser för avfärd till Trinidad. Det blir nog minst ett år innan vi kommer hem igen. Några bilder ...

Moving on to Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden travel blog

Moving on to Gothenburg

A travel blog entry by tyga


We got up at 5.30am and had breakfast at the hotel, packed up our bags and walked to the central station to catch the train to Gothenburg. Waited until platform for train was posted and then waited at the platform. No info on where we had to be on ...

Sweden!, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by colerumbough

... 1628, on her maiden voyage. The warship sank in Stockholm harbor, literally after a few hundred yards. Seems pretty embarrassing, but Sweden proudly displays it because of how beautiful and well kept it is. It wasn’t sitting that deep and the masts ...

Stockholm - Shopping - Syndrome, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Stockholm - Shopping - Syndrome

A travel blog entry by ktandash


... strange brandy soaked sponge with mint marzipan cake thingy! In the evening we went to a local pub and watched the Sweden vs Denmark football match, which was quite entertaining just watching the supporters alone. Unfortunatley, we were told the previous ...

Lapland, Kiruna, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by jeroen

... of Europe as she can before going back, she has an interesting deviation that makes her like travelling with me - I'm honoured! Sweden has a row of unspectacular cities along the coast, and Gävle, Sundsvall, Umeå, Skellefteå and Luleå were nice ...

Birgitta 80år, Gullberg, Sweden travel blog

Birgitta 80år

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Karlsson ...

Amsterdam to Anderstorp, Anderstorp, Sweden travel blog

Amsterdam to Anderstorp

A travel blog entry by jenny-peter-g


... by Pia and Ulf waving their Australian flag. We drove out of the city and stopped at an important historical site for Sweden where there was a Medieval Castle that has been restored and fitted out to show a representation of this period in Sweden's ...

For once, a weekend at home, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

For once, a weekend at home

A travel blog entry by chunhin


In Stockholm for my first weekend in 3 weeks haha and had a quiet one. Spent Friday just talking and hanging out till 2am at dkv haha, a little different to the partying everyone else was doing but was cool just chilling with the other guys =).  ...

Jun 03, 2009, Gothenburg, Sweden travel blog

Jun 03, 2009

A travel blog entry by oliandjose


Die erste von 6 (oder so) Wochen auf Ekbacka =), Igersdela, Sweden travel blog

Die erste von 6 (oder so) Wochen auf Ekbacka =)

A travel blog entry by annikamal


Hej ihr Lieben! Jetzt hat es eine ganze Woche gedauert, bis ich zum ersten Mal Zeit gefunden habe, um eine vernünftige Mail zu schreiben! Da merkt man schon, dass die Zeit hier viel zu schnell vergeht!!! Aber ich habe mir überlegt, dass nach Vorbild ...

Walking Tour of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden travel blog

Walking Tour of Gothenburg

A travel blog entry by tyga


Got up at 8.30am and went to breakfast at the hotel. We then went on a walking tour around Gothenburg starting at Kungsportsplatsen square which was mostly a construction site covered in scaffolding. We walked down to Saluhallen, the market place ...

Final destination, Björkliden, Sweden travel blog

Final destination

A travel blog entry by realwanderlust


Björkliden Station, finally! The next step was to find the hotel reception and the cabins. Following the sign boards and another group of people we soon arrived at a pretty steep hill going up. It was really no fun to walk up that hill with two ...

Whistful Bridges., Lund, Sweden travel blog

Whistful Bridges.

A travel blog entry by joeljenaturner


... so damn windy! The bridge cross was interesting in that regard. But luckily we didn’t have to go for a swim. Coming into Sweden things began to cheer up and we first noticed how spread out everything was. Practically all of the houses are this rusty ...

Vessel reached Goeteborg, Goeteborg, Sweden travel blog

Vessel reached Goeteborg

A travel blog entry by toroamarillo

Bevore crossing the Atlantic Ocean the vessel makes additional stops at Goeteborg, Antwepen, Liverpool. ...

The Destruction of Fika!, Uppsala, Sweden travel blog

The Destruction of Fika!

A travel blog entry by krosell

... the two countries when it comes to coffee. If Americans were to embrace Fika they would understand what a great institution it is in Sweden. I fear though, that since Starbuck’s may be viewed as this great new thing from the States that has been in ...

Grabbhelg på ö i mälaren, Ridön, Sweden travel blog

Grabbhelg på ö i mälaren

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Ikea and Swedish Meatballs... In Sweden, Västerås, Sweden travel blog

Ikea and Swedish Meatballs... In Sweden

A travel blog entry by sarahs-trips


... to Sweden, to spend some time with Katelyn visiting a friend from Laurentian, Caroline, who is spending her semester studying in Vasteras, Sweden . I arrived in Stockholm just after 2 o'clock. I had 4 hours until I had to be at the airport to meet ...

Apr 16, 2011, Mariefred, Sweden travel blog

Apr 16, 2011

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Malmö, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark, Malmö, Sweden travel blog

Malmö, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark

A travel blog entry by marrylinke

... I got back to the station the bum was getting a fine by the police. Monday 11 May 12:00 It's been soooo relaxed here in Sweden. The people seem to be way more mellow than we are in Holland. Also the streets can be soooo quiet, I'm not really used ...

*** Preparations & The Tour Start ***, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

*** Preparations & The Tour Start ***

A travel blog entry by tunia


28th Nov 09 Hmm, Today and yesterday arranged my wardrobe for the trip. and got some tid bits from our local centrum. Also, got a book from the library for reading during the journey. Can't Wait For the Tour to begin!!! 29th Nov 09 Its morning 9am. ...

Stinky Fish Party!, Uppsala, Sweden travel blog

Stinky Fish Party!

A travel blog entry by krosell


... a great experience, and it was definitely a night to remember. I had heard about this fish as one of the delicacies of Sweden and had always wanted to try. When I got the invitation from Thomas and Elaine I accepted immediately knowing that I would never ...

bordertown, Torneo/Haparanda, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by moonrise


we made a quick stop in the drizzle at the border between the finnish town of Torneo and the Swedish town of Haparanda, where we were welcomed, first in finnish to Torneo/Haparanda, then in swedish to Haparanda/Torneo ;) nothing like the border ...

Long Nights, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Long Nights

A travel blog entry by justen

This is a top pick!

I just hit the hottest night of clubbing I've had, ever. All meanings of the word included. I won't go into the details, but, suffice it to say, wow! Points for Patricia, the bar on a boat and major points to a hot, young couple comprised of a Swede ...

Scandinavia Spring Break- Trip 1, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Scandinavia Spring Break- Trip 1

A travel blog entry by schipper


... to travel through Scandinavia and thought that if I ever return to Europe when I am old(er) and grey(er) I will probably never go to Scandinavia. So I booked the trip for my Spring Break and headed off. IT WAS AMAZING!!! First trip: Stockholm, Sweden! ...

Spring in Sörping, Söderköping, Sweden travel blog

Spring in Sörping

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


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