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Sine Saloum Delta, Toubakouta, Senegal travel blog

Sine Saloum Delta

A travel blog entry by liselle


Really long time since my my last entry! sorry! Went travelling down the coast all the way to Toubakouta to visit the Sine Saloum Delta with some other volunteers. Started off on Monday the 1st, travelled to Dakar to stay for one night in an apartment, ...

de Richard Toll à Podor via Dagana, Podor, Senegal travel blog

de Richard Toll à Podor via Dagana

A travel blog entry by jpbigan


Nous avons quitté Richard Toll sans regrêts car la ville n'avait aucun intérêt, "l'hôtel" bien que sur les bords du fleuve Sénégal était très très moyen. Douche chaude mais litterie dégueulasse. A Dagana, petite ville qui n'a pas vu de ...

Gâmbia (Fr+Pt), Baline, Senegal travel blog

Gâmbia (Fr+Pt)

A travel blog entry by ikono


... com o Senegal. A gâmbia é o pais mais pequeno de Africa (se excluirmos a ilha das Seychelles) e esta enclavada no senegal tipo uma impressão digital (tipo Cabinda no Congo). A estrada é muito nojenta, as autoridades gambianas estão-se a cagar porque ...

Its a long way to Africa, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Its a long way to Africa

A travel blog entry by unchainedmelody


6am Dakar from Mel Our day began at 4:15am clouded in the faint smell of distant lands. Apparently our cab driver had worked up quite a sweat with a previous customer….omen of things to come?    Our first 17 hours have gone without ...

Day 100 : Tamba - Kedougou, Kedougou, Senegal travel blog

Day 100 : Tamba - Kedougou

A travel blog entry by arnaudfoubert


Après cette bonne nuit de repos nous avons commencé la journée par un petit-déj sur place avant de retourner chez Adama, l'amie de Kaly. Après s'y être encore reposé entre deux discussions, nous y avons mangé un bon Thieb, puis nous avons pris la ...

Peugot Protocol, Thies, Senegal travel blog

Peugot Protocol

A travel blog entry by kally563


... existed recently. So...we tried the Hotel Man Gan. The room they showed us was a dump, consistent with our first impressions of Senegal's second largest city. We left and headed for the only other place in town, The Rex, stopping along the way for a ...

Goree holiday, Goree, Senegal travel blog

Goree holiday

A travel blog entry by catmoj


From Toubacouta we make the long drive towards Dakar. Somewhere alongside the salt plains at the edge of the delta we are stopped by yet another police checkpoint. The officer wants a lift. Mister Kebbe is not able to politely decline, so Adam simply ...

Frontiere Senegal - Guinee Bissau, Sao Domingos, Guinea-Bissau travel blog

Frontiere Senegal - Guinee Bissau

A travel blog entry by vmarchal

Une frontiere qui s est passe sans probleme. J utilisais le meme taxi de Ziguinchor jusqu a bissau, our atteindre ce pays qui attire 2000 touristes par ...

Day 13 : Saint-Louis - Mboro Plage, Mboro, Senegal travel blog

Day 13 : Saint-Louis - Mboro Plage

A travel blog entry by arnaudfoubert


We weakly woke up at 10 and started the day with a swim, a coffee, and discussions with Francois, his friends and the staff. A comfortable shower later we talked again with one of our previous night mates. Then we went to eat in downtown Saint-Louis. I ...

The Fembaade, Sarre Kemo, Senegal travel blog

The Fembaade

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

No, 'Fembaade' has nothing to do with the Pulaar feminist movement.. Hello! Lots of news to share this time around, i'll try to get it all down as short-windedly as possible. the most recent adventure: I have been friends with Fatou and Moussa ...

EQUATOR, equator, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by jodytomp


At 10:23am (EST) Feb 10, 2009 we crossed the ...

St. Louis, Africas equivalent to Cuba, Saint-Louis, Senegal travel blog

St. Louis, Africas equivalent to Cuba

A travel blog entry by raicorosenberg


... Mauritanian border when we arrived at 18:30. After the big headache and waiting for the guys at the Mauritanian border, entering Senegal was just the same big pain in the ... We crossed the river to commence another long wait and paperwork nightmare. ...

Everyday Training life, Thies, Senegal travel blog

Everyday Training life

A travel blog entry by snowinsenegal


... to side arms out stretched making no eye contact looking around slow dance"   Ok so I also have a new address: BP 79 Linguere Senegal West Africa   Things that would be awesome in a care package are bubbles, colored chalk, fly tape, AA or AAA ...

Day 95 : Dakar - Somone, Somone, Senegal travel blog

Day 95 : Dakar - Somone

A travel blog entry by arnaudfoubert

Après un (long) séjour à Dakar, et après avoir accueilli (merci Marc) et tropicalisé Kelly, la Canadienne qui m'a rejoint depuis Vancouver, me voici reparti sur la route, direction la Somone. Après un dernier déjeûner préparé par Anne-Marie ...

Highway Blues, Toubakouta, Senegal travel blog

Highway Blues

A travel blog entry by murse


     The gare routiere at Dakar is a field of dilapidated old jalopy station wagons parked in a puddle of mud and filth.  Instantly people approach and direct you to the next car leaving in your direction, once the seven seats ...

Day of the Big A** Pelican, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Day of the Big A** Pelican

A travel blog entry by mimiworld


Okay so I am trying my hand at this blog thing... Never saw myself as such a show and tell person but I think I do enough cool stuff to share. So this is my first trip to Africa. I have to say leaving the states I was pretty emotional. I always knew the ...

long time since my last blog, st louis, Senegal travel blog

long time since my last blog

A travel blog entry by liselle


hey everyone! its been a zhile since ,y last decent internet connection and i dont have much time now so just a quick update...didnt end up going to Dakar as a couple of people in the group got ill! so just did the beach and scooter ride instead! so Much ...

This place never EVER ceases to amaze me, Nguith, Senegal travel blog

This place never EVER ceases to amaze me

A travel blog entry by snowinsenegal

... four days left of Ramadan and then Koritee with my mom! And then two weeks later my dad comes and its a little vacation in Senegal for us three! These last five month are going to be the hardest.  Because I'm dealing with a new director at the ...

Bamba's Town, Touba, Senegal travel blog

Bamba's Town

A travel blog entry by kally563


... the Touba market and head for Thies, a city on the way to Dakar about 120 clicks down the road. For the second time today, we were the last two people into a Peugot and soon we were off, once again on Senegal's excellent roads. Next --> Peugot ...

Pulaar and more Pulaar, Thies, Senegal travel blog

Pulaar and more Pulaar

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

Hello! I've just finished week five of training here in Thies. This has been the hardest week by far. I had over 35 hours of training in language and reached the 100 hour mark. Only 20 more hours of language left to go.  Next monday I find out ...

Beach Beach Beach!, Toubab Dialaw, Senegal travel blog

Beach Beach Beach!

A travel blog entry by liselle


From Toubakouta we hired a sept place to take us all the way to the lovely and tiny fishing village of Toubab Dialaw. So peaceful and a really friendly place! We even ended up gettin our very own tourguide free of charge called Jamil who insisted on ...

Parc of the djoudj, Djoudj, Senegal travel blog

Parc of the djoudj

A travel blog entry by matcel


With Jean Mermoz, we decided to wake up early to see more animals. So when we arrived at the hotel we had some problems to buy the tickets 'cause there was a misunderstanding but the receptionist reserved us a taxi, and he brought us to the parc. There ...

worst last few days, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

worst last few days

A travel blog entry by raicorosenberg


DAY 1 Crossing the border back into Senegal was a unhindered task for some reason. I was expecting the usual demands for money in return for all the unnecessary paperwork. This didnt end here though. Very soon all the hustlers swooped down and gathered ...

The day the ratio was reversed!, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

The day the ratio was reversed!

A travel blog entry by claudiv

I had a quiz today in Islam.  It was only six questions and we had to use a scantron to bubble in our answers.  What a waste of paper but I don't blame him for not wanting to grade them when he could be outside sunbathing instead with the time ...

Senegalese travel, Djiam Niajo, Senegal travel blog

Senegalese travel

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

Yesterday was a long day. It started at the beach, in the pouring rain. The plan was to leave around 8 or 9 AM for Djiam Niajo to catch a car to Tambacounda. The total travel distance was not more than 500 km. No would think. The rain ...

lekki, Kolda, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

Hello! Though no great adventures have taken place in the last two months(that immediately come to mind) , i thought it was about time to post an update to let everyone know im still plugging along here in Kolda. I think i'll use this update to ...

life as a trainee, Thies, Senegal travel blog

life as a trainee

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

... has been VERY excited to hear what ive learned each day, and its fun to try and explain. The people here in Senegal are wonderful! Everyone jokes around with one another all the time. One of my favorite experiences thus far was walking through town ...

Coming Home, Kolda, Senegal travel blog

Coming Home

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut


... I have an amazing number of stories like this, some from my own experience and some from the experiences of my friends here in Senegal.  It certainly hasn't been dull.  I look forward to seeing and talking to all of you about my time here upon ...

Relaxing at the coast, Djiffer, Senegal travel blog

Relaxing at the coast

A travel blog entry by thechans


Djiffer, 10/31 Miles Travelled: 16078 We have travelled about 100 miles south of Dakar along the coast to a town called Djiffer. It is near a protected area of mangrove swamps, and is primarily a fishing village. We have a beautiful setting for ...



A travel blog entry by sgaudun

Back at the Cafe Viavia.  Fly out tomorrow to Johannesburg and then the next day to Antananarivo, Madagascar.  Toured the Ile de Goree(Goree Island), and viewed one of the many West African ports that shipped thousands of Africans as branded ...

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