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Arrival in Africa!, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Arrival in Africa!

A travel blog entry by fionamary

We arrived in Rwanda at midnight and then left early the next day for DRC so haven't seen much yet. The first thing I noticed about Rwanda during the 3 hour drive to the border was what an incredibly beautiful country it is! It is known as 'The Land of A ...

On the Road to Kibuye, Kibuye, Rwanda travel blog

On the Road to Kibuye

A travel blog entry by joshing16


... The driver, Cassius, came to the guesthouse from where Désiré, Bridget, Jan and I departed. The drive was spectacular. When they call Rwanda the land of 1,000 hills they do not lie! There was hill after hill as far as the eye could see, not one strip ...

A Dark Past, A Brighter Future, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

A Dark Past, A Brighter Future

A travel blog entry by dan-levitan


... person from Missouri to visit here since I noticed one kid wearing a shirt with Branson, Missouri written on the front.  Rwanda has definitely experienced a dark and violent past but it is a country looking toward the future with hope and its people ...

Butare, Butare, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by jeneggener

... and culture over seven spacious rooms.  Throughout the various rooms and exhibits are the geological and geographical background of Rwanda, the culture and lives of the early inhabitants, details on handicraft making and the brewing of banana beer, ...

What to do?, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

What to do?

A travel blog entry by dinovagabond

... route that is commonly done by travelers as the roads on the Tanzanian side are quite horrible. The options are endless. I can backtrack through Rwanda and Uganda where the roads are good and find my way to Dar Es Salaam (DES) where I could catch a bus ...

Ruhengeri, Ruhengeri, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by jeneggener


... the size of an average human.  The largest silverback  the Virungas weighs about 220 kg (over (450 pounds).  The Rwanda Tourism Office issues 40 permits a day for the gorilla tracking.  If you did the math, that's $20,000 ...

Musing about Musing, Kayonza, Rwanda travel blog

Musing about Musing

A travel blog entry by danielwolfe


So I did indeed get a helper around the house, i.e., a houseperson, or in this case, a housegirl. We pay her about $30 a month, or a bit less given current exchange rates. My housemate thinks it's too much but agreed anyway. I said, "Oh yeah, way too ...

Mountain Gorilla Trek, Rwanda, Ruhengeri, Rwanda travel blog

Mountain Gorilla Trek, Rwanda

A travel blog entry by teamsharry


... we've all been waiting for. This is what we all paid an extra thousand dollars for. This is the once in a lifetime experience Rwanda has to offer. This is the day we see a family of Mountain Gorillas in the wild. Wow. We barely slept with the excitement ...

a small country... with a big story.. and future!, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

a small country... with a big story.. and future!

A travel blog entry by travelbud


... democracy and outbreak of civil war almost every African journalist missed one of the worst mass murders of all time!  Rwanda unfortunately is still only associated with 1 historical event– the 1994 genocide.  The country is small and ...

My friends and my cat..., Ruhengeri, Rwanda travel blog

My friends and my cat...

A travel blog entry by andreakolb


This is Ivo and Kathrin, two Germans I already met in Germany. They came here one month after I did. I also have a little cat now, Leo. When Roman Poeschke came here, he thought that Leo needs a friend in his age, so he got a friend for ...

Murakaza neza (Welcome)!, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Murakaza neza (Welcome)!

A travel blog entry by hilde


... wij de persoonlijke wagen (een Toyota Landcruiser, 4-wiel aandrijving) van een collega van hem kunnen afhuren gedurende ons verblijf in Rwanda. Morgen zullen we de auto ter onzer beschikking hebben. english text With a small delay we landed at 19.20 at ...

Gacaca: My Experience, Gisozi, Rwanda travel blog

Gacaca: My Experience

A travel blog entry by joshing16

... talked about form of traditional justice live. Some background: Gacaca is a traditional form of justice that has been used in Rwanda since pre-colonial times. Translated, Gacaca, means "short grass" or "lawn" referring to the area where everyone in ...

Selena's and Mine Gorilla Adventure, Ruhengeri, Rwanda travel blog

Selena's and Mine Gorilla Adventure

A travel blog entry by joshing16


... traditional Indian dress, which was a little disorienting. But the food was good, thank God for the Indians bringing spices to Rwanda! Then for a special treat on Selena's last night in Rwanda we went to the Intercontinental to get some milkshakes. We ...

Vote For This, Sucka!, Kayonza, Rwanda travel blog

Vote For This, Sucka!

A travel blog entry by danielwolfe

Election time at school. It happens once every year at Kayonza Modern Secondary in the second term. I was sitting at a desk with the Headmaster. Behind me were two other teachers and the school's director of discipline was speaking, telling everyone ...

The Kigali Folly, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

The Kigali Folly

A travel blog entry by danielwolfe


... day here, and realized just under a week later. But I'll get to that later. First, let me give the basics. I'm in Rwanda. What was that, Daniel? Could that really be true? Are you actually in the Africa, the dark continent, the place where dreams ...

Génocide, Hutare, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by vmarchal


... (car j'étais français). Donc, en voyant cela j'ai vu le consul de France qui a téléphoné (2 fois) à l'ambassade du Rwanda (Merci le consul). Mais les autorités rwandaises ont trainés les pieds et m'ont donné le visa après une semaine d'attente ...

Knowingly scammed by clever Rwandan kids, Kinigi, Rwanda travel blog

Knowingly scammed by clever Rwandan kids

A travel blog entry by dinovagabond

... ; Today, I am leaving Kigali for Le Parc National des Volcans. People come here to see the mountain gorillas. Rwanda, and its neighboring countris (Uganda and DRC) are apparentlythe only countries in the world where you could ...

Lake Kivu par excellence, Kibuye, Rwanda travel blog

Lake Kivu par excellence

A travel blog entry by mirco.k


... around (unlike Gisenyi). During the Genocide, Kibuye was the place of the most horrific and despicable mass killings in all of Rwanda. The Interahamwe killed an estimated 9 out of every 10 Tutsi. These scars still run deep, though the residents of Kibuye ...

Murchison Falls Safari and Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Murchison Falls Safari and Rwanda

A travel blog entry by sarahinafrica


So today I'm in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. We arrived yesterday from Kampala after a lengthy bus ride and a lengthy border crossing during which our bags were searched and I had my carrier bags confiscated and destroyed in front of me! They're ...

First crap day of my trip, Gisenyi, Rwanda travel blog

First crap day of my trip

A travel blog entry by dinovagabond

I took off for a town called Gisenyi today. It's supposed to be a resort town frequented by rich Rwandans. They do exist. Along the way, I met two people from Winnipeg doing missionary work in the town I was about to visit. When I asked them how long ...

At the southern tip of Lake Kivu, Cyangugu, Rwanda travel blog

At the southern tip of Lake Kivu

A travel blog entry by mirco.k


I arrived in Kamembe (which is just a little bit uphill from Cyangugu) by bus on Monday late afternoon. The guy who was travelling with me from Kibuye by bus invited me for dinner at his house with his family. The father comes from Tanzania (so I could ...

Rwanda Goodbye, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Rwanda Goodbye

A travel blog entry by joseph_hillier

Last bit in ...

Hooligan My Fooligan, Remera, Rwanda travel blog

Hooligan My Fooligan

A travel blog entry by danielwolfe

... that identity, the likelihood of violence rises exponentially. Not surprisingly, a few days later, I went to a football match here in Rwanda. No, it was not a local league match of some import, such as Atracco FC versus APR or some such nonsense. ...

She Golley, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

She Golley

A travel blog entry by huyclef


... So my window of opportunity to visit him in Africa was getting slim. When I purchased my ticket around the world, I didn't even know where Rwanda was. I knew they made a movie about a hotel there but I hadn't seen the movie. I knew there was a recent ...

The African Staff Meeting, Kayonza, Rwanda travel blog

The African Staff Meeting

A travel blog entry by danielwolfe


... building, they were held in a cramped room at a rural school just outside of a dusty village that I called home, in Kayonza, Rwanda.  The meetings there had a certain kinship with those in DC, and in fact the grotesque formality of the events was ...

The Walk to Muhazi, Kayonza, Rwanda travel blog

The Walk to Muhazi

A travel blog entry by danielwolfe


... rightfully devoid of any lingering cheerful spirit, with a broken woman for whom Edison buys food), I mentioned the summer home of Rwanda's president, Paul Kagame, was supposedly somewhere just north of us on the shores of Lake Muhazi. Edison knew it, ...

To Pay My Respects, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

To Pay My Respects

A travel blog entry by gingerschilling


... if I could finally wrap my head around something I have been trying to comprehend for years.    Actually traveling to Rwanda was quite an endeavor, but perhaps that further illustrates the strength of my desire to go. Although Kigali is only ...

One more quick trip to Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, Rwanda travel blog

One more quick trip to Africa

A travel blog entry by shelleygrant


... of about 250 mentally and physically disabled kids; other orphanages; and remote communities and care facilities. Many of the people in Rwanda live in extremely substandard conditions, and the those with the greatest need, of course, suffer the most. From ...

Finally it is here..., Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Finally it is here...

A travel blog entry by catlangdon

... attention. Saturday we went to a big football match at the Amahoro Stadium which is about a half hour walk from where I live. It was Rwanda’s army side playing the Congo. So a big game. Even more fun when we worked out we were sat on the Congo ...

Memorial Week in the Land of a Thousand Hills, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Memorial Week in the Land of a Thousand Hills

A travel blog entry by afrikanya


This past Wednesday through Monday I was in Rwanda with two friends from work.  We went half as ordinary tourists- enjoying cosmopolitan Kigali, visiting friends in Butare, tracking Black and White Colobus Monkeys in Nyungwe Forest.  But we all ...

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