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What to do on a lovely sunny day?, grutas de mira de aire, Portugal travel blog

What to do on a lovely sunny day?

A travel blog entry by lifeinbrian

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On a lovely sunny day we decided to go underground, as you do. We visited Grutas de Mira de Aire, Portugal's largest show caves. The caves here had been known locally for decades, but only opened to the public in 1974.  On our guided tour (in ...

Our Lady of Fatima, Fátima, Portugal travel blog

Our Lady of Fatima

A travel blog entry by lifeinbrian

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... indeed, absolutely fascinating. And the religious souvenir shops, well.....if only we'd had room for this snowglobe!    PS. The icecream was the best in Portugal, in case you're ever in the area.       ...

The Convent of the Order of Christ, Tomar, Portugal travel blog

The Convent of the Order of Christ

A travel blog entry by lifeinbrian

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... in the 14th century, the Portuguese branch of the order was turned into the Knights of the Order of Christ, which supported Portugal's maritime discoveries of the 15th century.     The guidebook said that a visit to the castle and convent cost ...

Tavira, Tavira, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by jag

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We ended up in Tavira on the southern shores of Portugal. We then walked about 4kms to the ferry point where we caught a boat across the 500 meters to Ilha Da Tavira. This island was an absolute dream of a place. There was a campsite in the middle of this ...

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by jag

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We ended up having a really full on time whilst we were in the capital of Portugal. The campsite was 45 minutes by bus, which meant when we headed into the central we stayed out all day. The nicest area that I found was the Aleama District below the ...

Evora, Evora, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by jag

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Unfortunately the walled town of Evora turned out to be less than impressive for me, mainly because of already having seen such towns as Avingon and Carcassonne which were always going to be ahrd to top. However Evora still held its own unique beauty ...

Porto, Porto, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by jag

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Porto, a favourite amongst friends of mine that had been through Portugal managed to rub some of its apparent likeablillity onto me. The campsite was amongst a huge wooded park that had a very sociable feel about it. Porto clings to the steep north bank ...

Madeira Island, Funchal, Portugal travel blog

Madeira Island

A travel blog entry by tjornelas


 Madeira Island The Beautiful "Pearl of the Atlantic" How wonderful it's  to return to the place of birth special when it's a place like Madeira Island Madeira is also known the "Garden of The Atlantic" situated between two continents ...

Trip winding down, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Trip winding down

A travel blog entry by steven_lamothe


I am alive!!! I know that I haven't been blogging much lately, hope it hasn't caused any worry. I only have enough Tim now to say that I flew into lisbon Friday, and met my dad here. I have given up my hostel sleeping, and cheap food, and am now cruising ...

Rainbowwww  looovvve!, Villar de Ledra, Portugal travel blog

Rainbowwww looovvve!

A travel blog entry by dagroove

w ...

Day 5 - Porto Potty, Porto, Portugal travel blog

Day 5 - Porto Potty

A travel blog entry by johnjeed


... Station. Porto is located in a steep valley on both sides of the River Douro. It is the second largest city in Portugal. There are a total of 6 enormous viaducts that cross the river valley at spectacular height. Porto is also on the Atlantic coastline. ...

The monks lived well!, Porto, Portugal travel blog

The monks lived well!

A travel blog entry by cjbishop


A leisurely morning again. This has been a nice feature of this trip. We often got to sleep in as we traveled by ship during the morning with tours scheduled in the afternoon. Today we continued downstream as we worked our way back to Porto. We again ...

Albufeira, Albufeira, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by alex_merwin


Only a bus ride away, Portugal was a natural choice for a beach vacation last week. Finishing up school before our 2nd spring holiday, a few friends from my program and I decided to get on the road towards Lagos. We wanted to stop somewhere smaller on ...

Loulé, Alportel et Faro, Faro, Portugal travel blog

Loulé, Alportel et Faro

A travel blog entry by france_rejean


Bom-Dia à tous,Nous sommes dans une chambre avec des français. On bavarde un bon moment. Aujourd'hui a notre grande surprise, il pleut beaucoup au matin et nuageux le reste de la journée. Un peu plus frisquet. Nous allons à Loulé. Une petite ville ...

Leiria, Leiria, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by danielaube


Nazaré, Alcobaça & Óbidos, Alcobaca, Portugal travel blog

Nazaré, Alcobaça & Óbidos

A travel blog entry by megs-anoop


... to the monastery. Construction started on the monastery in 1178 and the first monks arrived in 1228. The church is the largest in Portugal and was of a much simpler design that the one in Batalha. At the front of the church, on either side are two ...

Santa Barbara, Serpa, Portugal travel blog

Santa Barbara

A travel blog entry by cariverga

Все, что мне хочется написать, меркнет по ...

Peneda Geres National Park, Campo de Geres, Portugal travel blog

Peneda Geres National Park

A travel blog entry by tammyjoe


Campo de Geres is a beautiful campsite set in the middle of the national park with mountains surrounding it on all sides. Our time there was mixed, to say the least! First the highs. The Park really is stunning, the scenery is incredible, some of the ...

Leave me here! Please !, Porto, Portugal travel blog

Leave me here! Please !

A travel blog entry by didem.timurcin

First day started very traditional : Breakfast by the river with franchesinha, cha and beer. After our visit to the souveniour shop, we headed towards the river cruise. One tip : get a ticket for 1 or 2 days from the sightseeing tours and the city is ...

Estremoz - the marble town!, Estremoz, Portugal travel blog

Estremoz - the marble town!

A travel blog entry by natandy


... here though... Since the last entry we pretty much hugged the coast and went to about every beach on the southwest coast of Portugal. Have had a few good fun surfs in the last week and starting to feel not so spastic and unfit surfwise! Andy finally ...

Can I have a bit of San Francisco in Europe?, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Can I have a bit of San Francisco in Europe?

A travel blog entry by translucent


... . He takes us home and at about 3:00 am everybody has their own bed. And so my love begins. ______ Lisboa, the capital of Portugal, is located on a few hills, right in a place where the Tag river flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Our host, who is REALLY an ...

Visiting the birthplace of Portugal, Porto, Portugal travel blog

Visiting the birthplace of Portugal

A travel blog entry by cjbishop


... hour north of Porto. Never heard of it until today. We learned that it claims to be the birthplace of the country of Portugal because the first king of Portugal, Alfonso I, ruled from Guimaraes. We visited the remains of the castle and church which date ...

Port Tours at V.N de Gaia, Porto, Portugal travel blog

Port Tours at V.N de Gaia

A travel blog entry by steph_444


Ahh, I made it to Portugal finally. Never thought it would come. It´s been a rough few days. My first day I got super sun burnt. Not so fun. Guess that happens after not really getting much sun in the past year and a half at least. I´m paying now. ...

1st Train day, Porto, Portugal travel blog

1st Train day

A travel blog entry by rddelves


Boarded fast train from Lisbon to Porto, Portugal. Very comfortable indeed.Checked into hotel and scouted around shopping district close to Hotel. Had dinner fresh whole fish ( Rick) Pasta for ( Dixie). Sat on terrace cafe and people watched for a few ...

Final de Semana, Lisboa, Portugal travel blog

Final de Semana

A travel blog entry by rseldin


Olá pessoal (se é que ainda tem alguém lendo isso) seguem algumas fotos do meu final de semana... Ah, o pessoal do hotel deixou um cadeado em cima da minha mala ontem. Legal, nao? Beijos e até a ...

Oporto, Porto, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by larutadeldragon


... El tranvía sube y baja en la orilla contraria desde el centro de la ciudad hasta la desembocadura, pintoresco, atestado siempre de turistas. Una imagen evocadora y encantadora de una de las ciudades más bellas de Portugal, y podría decir que de ...

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

A travel blog entry by tomthedoctor


Day 3 and I had but one aim. I'm going to the zoo. I love zoos, I always have since I was a kid and I find something magical about them. They have to be good zoos of course; zoos that look after their animals, contribute to breeding programs and try to ...

The Beach, Acxadora, Portugal travel blog

The Beach

A travel blog entry by jhalinda


A cloudy morning but we hit the beach for a stroll. We meet a fisherman who has caught 3 octopus that he will put in his freezer at home. We chat for a long while and he knows broken english. A lovely man. We lunch at the beach ( wine, fish and bread) ...

End With The Best, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

End With The Best

A travel blog entry by samikay


Although this trip was bittersweet, I could not have asked to end my travels any other way.  Portugal was hands down my favorite place. Portugal is hilly and breathtaking.  I will make this post short because 1. I am trying to write a twelve ...

The Slate Hamlet, Piodoa, Portugal travel blog

The Slate Hamlet

A travel blog entry by bn.trek


... as I like to refer to it 'The Health Club’). The next blog will be from a beach resort on the Algarve Coast, South Portugal. We are off tomorrow heading to Albufeira which is a 5 hour drive and staying at a Resort for 4 nights. There should be more ...

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