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Manila, Philippines, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Manila, Philippines

A travel blog entry by cynjohn


... on the Philippinos during the war--he said he's seen the movie, Holocaust, and there were equally horrible happenings in the Philippines. With there being some Japanese currently running for office, he said: 'Some people think we have short memories, but ...

An Evening Stroll In Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

An Evening Stroll In Manila

A travel blog entry by venoth


... mall. Lets see if that is true when I visit that place the day after tomorrow. Malls are a national culture in the Philippines. Most people spend their time here. Outlets are plenty and varieties are wide. As far as garments are concerned, they are ...

Hot Manila Flavour, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Hot Manila Flavour

A travel blog entry by wilsonheng


... a pond and navigated on boardwalk. Built to scale, you can appreciate details of various volcanoes and mountains found in the Philippines. I reckoned I would enjoy this more after my travels in the Philippines but for today, it was a good overall view of ...

Leaving Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Leaving Manila

A travel blog entry by schwate


... genommen werden, aber meist eben nicht, und dort liegt dann massig Abfall... Bleibt bei 11 Millionen Menschen auch nicht aus. Manila wurde im zweiten Weltkrieg ja ziemlich zerstoert, und nicht so recht wieder aufgebaut. Es gibt kein rechtes Zentrum. ...

Vacation, Manila, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by elsat


Hello Everyone, I haven't written in a while because I have been visiting my friend Chris in Manila for the week.  I left really early Monday morning.  It was before the jeepney's ran so my host brother took me on his motorcycle.  It was ...

Manila #1, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Manila #1

A travel blog entry by aaronpolarbear


... Lisa went to the convenience store and bought them a liter of milk and several glasses.  Milk is relatively expensive in the Philippines, so this was a nutritious treat for them and Lisa has a lot of new little friends.  One of the kids ...

Plane Flight, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Plane Flight

A travel blog entry by elsat


... to meet my host family today and see Tacloban. Chris's Mom and Brother tell me it is a completely different side of the Philippines from Manila.  So I am anxious to see what they mean.  I'm not sure when I will beable to make another entry maybe ...

Phillipenes, Manila, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by adrinaas


... phillipenes with asbjorn just to see the whalesharks... and it was worth it!! more about the big fish later... When we arrived in Manila, we discovered that we didn't arrive in manila, but 3 hours away from manila. A minor deviation on our plan... we ...

Goodbye Malaysia, hello the Philippines, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Goodbye Malaysia, hello the Philippines

A travel blog entry by richierich33


... check-in only to be told by the Air Asia staff they couldn't do so unless i had an onward ticket out of the Philippines, something i had read previously but discounted thinking i could bluff my way out of it! After requesting to speak to a supervisor and ...

Sidste nye land!, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Sidste nye land!

A travel blog entry by travelmoments

... sidst tid i Asien (Vi ville rigtig have tilbragt lidt tid på Bali men flybilletterne var desværre alt for dyre). Vi starter i hovedstaden Manila, hvor vi skal være en dags tid, inden vi skal til El Nido og Boracay, som byder på smukke strande og ...

Thriller in Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Thriller in Manila

A travel blog entry by liamb

ghetto ...

El guatazo de Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

El guatazo de Manila

A travel blog entry by clvillar


... esa estación) y desde allí tomar el bus hasta cerca del aeropuerto y después un triciclo o taxi directamente desde Manila …y allí privilegiamos seguridad, la elección fue un taxi…que salió más caro que la CTM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... ...

More of Manila!, Manila, Philippines travel blog

More of Manila!

A travel blog entry by kyley

... got to eat my vegetables and noodles which arrived with pork even though it wasn't listed on the menu- no one in the Philippines understands the concept of being vegetarian. Afterwards I went back to the hostel and met a fellow Edmontonian named Marc, and ...

Thrilla in Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Thrilla in Manila

A travel blog entry by alandrach


Mabuhay from Manila in the Philippines! We arrived safe and sound in Manila around 1pm this afternoon! That's 5am to you in Ireland. We had a slight hiccup since neither of us had any pisos (local currency) and none of our bank cards would work but we ...

Good Morning Beautiful, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Good Morning Beautiful

A travel blog entry by monhenderson


... Food is being made at the end of tuk tuks, massages happening at every 100m, groups of women dancing/aerobics to western and Philippines pop music (hilarious!- I got invited to join in, however not sure my two left feet were quite up for the challenge at ...

In between day, Manila, Philippines travel blog

In between day

A travel blog entry by mandy13082

... showered while my Dad was still asleep.  We went to Strbx at 8:30AM - I bought a "Starbucks Manila" mug that has a Jeepney on it, as well as a Philippines Barista bear that I'm going to give to my Strbx in Wilmington, I think.  We went to the ...

Arriving, Manila, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by daniellejohnson


... ! $1 beer!! We walked down the street to get to the mall, and that was when I really noticed how 'un-touristy' the Philippines really is. Lots of stares from people, not much for tourists, children just stand and stare, it was quite the experience. Way ...

Sunset over Manila Bay, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Sunset over Manila Bay

A travel blog entry by big_d


As promised, I'm posting the second half of the pictures we took today. As I watched a beautiful day, come to an end, the first strange site was this giant boardwalk along the bay.  First it was completely empty, but shortly before 5pm it started ...

Back to Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Back to Manila

A travel blog entry by billbo_b


... working she was a chat room moderator / match maker / agony aunt.  Wilma's friends were girls from her barrio working in Manila.  She had agreed to meet up with them on her way back home so that she could take things back to their ...

Ferry at Intramuros, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Ferry at Intramuros

A travel blog entry by mark.and.amaris


... wanted a ride, I could tell it was interesting. They just looked so old and beautiful. It wasn’t until we left the Philippines that we learned what it was that we saw. In the middle is the beautiful Cathedral of Manila, which was built around 1580. ...

Pasimetę... (Filipinai I), Manila, Philippines travel blog

Pasimetę... (Filipinai I)

A travel blog entry by ausrine

... likusi tik viena naktis, o mes tik apie lovą tegalvojam, kad ir koks gražus rytas bebūtų). Kaip atrodo Manila? Baugi! Net dieną. Suskaičiuojam, kad tai jau devinta Pietryčių Azijos šalis mums, bet iki ...

Stopover Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Stopover Manila

A travel blog entry by fergalokeeffe


... 't really do too much except for some shopping and t'internet. I did however make to the famous Chinese graveyard. 15% of the population of Manila are Chinese and so there is a real history there. They have a huge plot in the north of the city and due to ...

Days of travels, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Days of travels

A travel blog entry by beckieben


... we had and lots of water. The flight to Manila was hassle free although delayed as normal and after our last experience of Manila we'd opted for a western style hotel not far from the airport for our stop over, Royal Phoenix has clearly only been open a ...

The Philippines, Manila, Philippines travel blog

The Philippines

A travel blog entry by peteandal


... people and the Philippines; 1) The Philippines is made up of more than 7107 islands!! We visited about 12?! 2) The language of the Philippines is Tagalog but English is widely spoken which is why it is so easy to travel. There are also 176 local ...

Fun in the Philippines!, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Fun in the Philippines!

A travel blog entry by roopa_anish


... film Wall-e, kids playing in it and men fishing in it!? In fact Anish learnt that there are dozens of rivers in the Philippines that are biologically dead from pollution. There are so many homeless people in the slums and all over Manila, unafraid to grab ...

Sunset at Manila Bay2, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Sunset at Manila Bay2

A travel blog entry by big_d


Another VBL guy (Chris Steele) is here in Manila with me and so we went to see the ocean as he had never seen it before.  Thought we'd introduce him to the culture slowly rather than too much too fast leaving the city.  Sunsets, good food and ...

manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by beachbum

well after having gotten stuck in coron with no cash i am now in manila waiting for my visa renewal which should come back in a few days, in the meantime there is quite alot to do in a city like manila but is the same as any large city. well hpoefully ...

A former American  colony, Manila, Philippines travel blog

A former American colony

A travel blog entry by radsolv

Had to buy extra ticket Hong Kong Manila return. Tried to get China Air to modify my tix back to LAX to go Manilla Taipei but they ...

Bus blues, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Bus blues

A travel blog entry by charliek85

A very lazy day for most of the day today, simply flicking through photos to upload to my website (if I ever get to a fast enough internet connection) and planning stories for the books that will make me famous ... Ahem. The day picked up pace as it ...

Philippines - Actually..., like that!, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Philippines - Actually..., like that!

A travel blog entry by amyblundell


... , I had given up my grand plan of stewardessing on a private yacht before venturing on through South America to backpack through the Philippines with a guy I barely knew! Very un-Amy like – but that is what felt so good about the decision! And while ...

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