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Surf Town, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Surf Town

A travel blog entry by delfuegoproject


More on this town to come ...

Beach, surf and the sun, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Beach, surf and the sun

A travel blog entry by barbieandken


We took a cheap (and apparently the only) bus company to Mancora - El Dorado. The bus started yesterday night at 9:00pm with about 40minutes delay. Although we had Economico seats and the roads were bumpy in parts we could sleep very well. The sleep was ...

Little Beach Action, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Little Beach Action

A travel blog entry by jondells


... to Lima for his flight back to the UK, Jack decided to head into Ecuador, Max and Charlie were going to chill out in Mancora for another week before heading into Ecuador.  Burls and I decided to bypass Guayaquil since we should have been there 4 days ...

Mancora....the party beach town!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mancora....the party beach town!

A travel blog entry by gypsylifestyle


... sand and a party going on in this town….the downfall was that they needed garbage cans put out or more people cleaning the beaches!! We really enjoyed Mancora alot...Vic didn't want to leave, but I promised him that we were heading to another ...

Life´s a Be-ach!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Life´s a Be-ach!

A travel blog entry by jillsy


We have finally made it to a beach, and it´s great. Mancora is a great little surfing town the tourism Peru sent us to because we are Aussies. It´s the kind of town that makes you realise yet again that although Australia has the best beaches in the ...

Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by rskopek


Macora, ...

Sun, surf and a very loud children's fairground, Máncora, Peru travel blog

Sun, surf and a very loud children's fairground

A travel blog entry by jenandtony


... plenty of culture and history in the last few days we decided to take advantage of the fact that we were approaching one of Peru's favourite beach resorts. We booked an overnight bus and the owner of the hostel offered to meet us from the bus, even ...

Mancora - endlich am Meer, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mancora - endlich am Meer

A travel blog entry by simonryser


... guten Geburtstag! Gut eigentlich ein bisschen langweilig, weil wir 9h Bus gefahren sind, aber OK! Dafuer sind wir jetzt endlich in Peru, und am Meer! Sand, Strand, Sonne, Wellen, Drinks, nette Leute..... Der letzte Eintrag kam ja noch von Baños. Wie ...

Sun, Sea, Sand and Strikes, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Sun, Sea, Sand and Strikes

A travel blog entry by christine_wilde


... at least 20 others plus baggage.  An hour and a half, and one extremely dead leg later, we eventually arrived in Mancora. A small collection of bars, restaurants and hostels along a short stretch of the Pan American highway, Mancora is only 10 or so ...

Surf town minus surf minus party, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Surf town minus surf minus party

A travel blog entry by liamok


... more than bearable.    I did take the time to vist Los Organos too which is a ten minute bus ride from Mancora.  This place has a nicer beach and a great selection on beach front hotels.  Having said that the main town looks like ...

Three weeks of heaven, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Three weeks of heaven

A travel blog entry by doireann_brian


... up off the beach and make our way south.  To be fair I didn´t want to leave either but there´s more to Peru than Mancora.......or so we told ourselves.  Also my jeans were getting a bit tight.  Without a doubt Mancora was the best and ...

Sun and Sea, Puerto Máncora, Peru travel blog

Sun and Sea

A travel blog entry by olivierdbck


... perfecte plaats om enkele verloren kilos terug te winnen en écht  te genieten! Next on the agenda, ‘Mancora’, dé badplaats van Peru die net zoals ‘Huanchaco’ gelegen is in het noordwesten van het land aan de Pacifische ...

Loki the vortex, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Loki the vortex

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan

This is day number 3 where I haven't left the hostel. There is really something here that keeps you in; maybe the hostel just has a policy to get you really really messed up at night so you are too hungover to leave the walls of this jail during the day, ...

Surf, sand, and a whole lot of sun!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Surf, sand, and a whole lot of sun!

A travel blog entry by andrea


... the waves crashing against the shore at night (when we didn´t have earplugs in to block out the sound of a nearby club that is ;) Mancora was a great place to celebrate my birthday - the big 28! We had a nice breakfast, spent the day at the beach, ...

Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by benandsabine


After leaving Cuenca in Ecuador we thought we´d break up the journey and stop over in Mancora. This sleepy coastal town is a favourite for surfers and although pretty nondescript we enjoyed lounging on the beach, swmming with the fishes and eating some ...

Peru part II, Máncora, Peru travel blog

Peru part II

A travel blog entry by chasingthesun


... great for a couple of gringa´s.  After our second quiet night in Huanchaco we took a bus up north again, another 8 hours to Mancora. Here we found what I was looking for in my last week; blue sky every day, about 30-35c, soft sandy beaches, a blue ...

We've found the sun, at last!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

We've found the sun, at last!

A travel blog entry by 50odd

26th September 2009 la Posada, Mancora, Peru Hot and windy yesterday Tumbes - Mancora (105 kms) with a headwind! As we left Tumbes we were back to rice paddies either side of the road, that eventually gave way to scrubland, and finally desert.  We ...

Sun, sea, sand.....and cerviche, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Sun, sea, sand.....and cerviche

A travel blog entry by maireadandconor


... to hang around for the sun to come up and for the hostels to open before finding a nice one on the beach and getting some sleep. Mancora is know for having sun 365 days of the year so we thought it would be a nice place to do nothing for a day or ...

Party Beach Town, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Party Beach Town

A travel blog entry by deni367

... but of course it has good weather and a nice beach, so you can still relax in the day. I didn´t take a single picture of Mancora, because there really wasn´t much worth documenting. After taking a 23 hour bus from Cusco to Lima, a 2 hour break there ...

Carnival Games, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Carnival Games

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan


After catching up a bit we went and sat by the pool when they decided to announce the winner of the lolly jar guessing game. I am the king around here because I just so happen to have won that as well. 293 lollies but my guess of 292 put me up the top. ...

Mancora, notes for the traveller, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mancora, notes for the traveller

A travel blog entry by love1017


... the option. By the way, Mancora gets packed during the holidays so don't rely on finding something on the spot. Restaurants in Mancora offer a wide variety of cuisines (and prices). I found a place on the main street that offered a 3 course meal for ...

Welcome To Peru, Máncora, Peru travel blog

Welcome To Peru

A travel blog entry by travelnshit


... Germans I was with who were very definitely not international drug smugglers. And I'm sorry, but who on earth would smuggle cocaine into Peru? From what I hear they're doing a very good job of producing it themselves these days.   So we spent a ...

Surfing in Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Surfing in Mancora

A travel blog entry by jeff~leslie


... hotel. Long story short...we checked in our hotel then immediately checked right back out. We then boarded a collectivo for Mancora. Anyway, the weather here is absolutley beautiful. The surfing is also great with waves pushing waist to just above ...

Mancora is by the sea, right?, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mancora is by the sea, right?

A travel blog entry by emmaexplorer


... that involved a very bumpy dusty track and seriously hazardous-looking cliff edges... I have a vague recollection of arriving in Mancora and thinking I was in Thailand due to the tuk tuks lined up to take us from the bus to the hotel. I ...

Adios Ecuador, bienvida Peru, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Adios Ecuador, bienvida Peru

A travel blog entry by bafreux


... pour le prix je lui est fait m amener au bancomat pour avoir plus de sols (monnaie peruvienne).. ne sachant pas si y a des banques a Mancora... bon du coup on a pas fini pote et j ai mal commence pour un premie contact avec les peruviens.. en plus il ...

Day 23: Turtly Chic, Máncora, Peru travel blog

Day 23: Turtly Chic

A travel blog entry by gregros


... than find something on the main street again, we would go a bit further afield. We got a tuk-tuk to the other side of Mancora and had lunch at K!Chic - a boutique spa hotel with an amazing restaurant. I had half a salad which was delicious. Greg got ...

A night at Mancora beach, Mancora, Peru travel blog

A night at Mancora beach

A travel blog entry by maddieuk


... past all around her house was just wind-blown litter everywhere – I can only imagine she spends 20 hours a day doing it! Mancora was lovely – a nice campsite with running water (never thought that would be an issue to be honest!) with a bar ...

Beer, beach and BBQ, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Beer, beach and BBQ

A travel blog entry by glassmerchant


Having had a few city days it is time to leave Ecuador and head for the beach in northern Peru. The after a long drive day we arrived at the border late but everything went smoothly and we were soon on our way to Punta Sal.   On arrival we had ...

Urlaub am Strand, Máncora, Peru travel blog

Urlaub am Strand

A travel blog entry by bauerman


... nach funktionieren Kreditkartenauthorisierungen online und nicht asynchron, schon ueberhaupt im Web! :-o. (In Peru ist offensichtlich alles ein bissi anders!). MANCORA: Ein kleines Nest, ehemaliges/immernoch Fischerdorf, hauptsaechlich auf ...

Bordering on the Ridiculous!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Bordering on the Ridiculous!

A travel blog entry by caroline_little


... we hit the gringo trail in Cusco.   After 2 days it was time to move on - we had seen enough of Mancora and enough of Peru in general. After the great time we had in Bolivia, we both felt that Peru was full of conmen and rip off merchants. ...

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