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No Hablo Espanol, Lima, Peru travel blog

No Hablo Espanol

A travel blog entry by jamie083

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Wooooo South America! Arrived in the capital of Peru this morning and have pretty much spent all day sorting out my plans for the next month. I am still unsure where I'm going to go. Went to Universal Studios the other day with a group of people from the ...

Mad Max...Beyond Thunderdome, Lima, Peru travel blog

Mad Max...Beyond Thunderdome

A travel blog entry by panf007

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... more beautiful. The southern constellations were clearly visible; I haven't seen stars like these since Australia in '96. We arrived in Lima just after sunrise. After searching through the Lonely Planet we took a taxi to the "Centro", and checked in to ...

Lima -- Ciudad de los Reyes, Lima, Peru travel blog

Lima -- Ciudad de los Reyes

A travel blog entry by panf007

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... . Most traveller's headed for Cusco and the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu barely set foot on this desert oasis. However, historically speaking, Lima is the "Ciudad de los Reyes" -- City of Kings. Founded by Francisco Pizarro, Lima is the Capital of New Spain ...

Preparing for Dave..., Lima, Peru travel blog

Preparing for Dave...

A travel blog entry by dawn_smedley

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... life changing drugs! We were kind of hoping that the monkey might take a fancy to his ears!!!! We eventually arrived in Lima abit later than we'd envisaged and jumped warily into a cab (all the guide books get you super paranoid about taxi drivers in ...

Daaaaave arrives.......wooohooooo!, Lima, Peru travel blog

Daaaaave arrives.......wooohooooo!

A travel blog entry by dawn_smedley

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... , chat, breakfast, chat, chat, another taxi, talk, talk, laugh and we got on with the serious task of speed sightseeing in central Lima as we needed to head back to the infamous sports bar at midday to catch the replay of the Lions test! Everyone we'd met ...

Lima: The Last Stop!, Lima, Peru travel blog

Lima: The Last Stop!

A travel blog entry by gypsyslice


... York -- 8 million people! It has over 1/3 the country´s entire population. And I´ve only seen one little neighborhood of Lima.   Anyway, my detour was to a very interesting site just a few blocks from my hostal. It is called Huaca ...

Surfing in Punta Hermosa - Lima, Lima, Peru travel blog

Surfing in Punta Hermosa - Lima

A travel blog entry by melmax


Photos ...

Stage 4- Peru, Lima, Peru travel blog

Stage 4- Peru

A travel blog entry by cazza_macca

An 8 hour flight took me from LA to Lima arriving in Peru at midnight. I had been pre warned by a fellow traveller on my Trek America trip that Peru was dangerous at night for lone female travellers and this was echoed by the local Peruvian who was sat ...

One night in Lima, Lima, Peru travel blog

One night in Lima

A travel blog entry by matthewnicole08


... a sleep on a grassy knoll outside of the GTA airport and a last Canadian meal at Swiss Chalet we were off to Lima.  We arrived shortly after midnight local time.  I thought that I was going to be a pretty big deal having a ...

Travels in Peru, LIMA, Peru travel blog

Travels in Peru

A travel blog entry by nealandjune

... odd oasis towns that are situated on this stretch. We thought our concerns regarding the suicidal driving tendencies were left behind in Lima. However, how wrong we were as the the driver appeared fearless. He overtook lines of traffic whilst traffic was ...

Back to Lima, Lima, Peru travel blog

Back to Lima

A travel blog entry by gemsmith

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Back to Lima, Lima, Peru travel blog

Back to Lima

A travel blog entry by danacarlson

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En route to Quito, Ecuador, Lima, Peru travel blog

En route to Quito, Ecuador

A travel blog entry by lizflint


... to get back to Lima though... went on a city tour yesterday, and found the nice bits... AND saw the PM of Peru! Result! Quite a pretty city, Lima. Who knew? Anyhoo, I´m now sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Quito, Ecuador... I´ll be ...

I'm here and I'm going non-stop!!!, Lima, Peru travel blog

I'm here and I'm going non-stop!!!

A travel blog entry by ivealis


... to have a coffee while the others finished the tour...Next stop Pachacamac, an archaeological  cite 45 minutes from central Lima. This site had been a ceremonial center for 1000 years before the expansion of the Inca Empire. Most of the buildings ...

The question you´ve all been waiting for..., Lima, Peru travel blog

The question you´ve all been waiting for...

A travel blog entry by bethany

... of 6 hours? In a word "YES". Peru is AMAZING!        My first experience of Peru was in Lima, in our taxi from the airport... a traditional taxi with the obligatory lack of seat belts... (I feared for my life, I ...

Adventures at Colca Canyon, Chinay, Peru travel blog

Adventures at Colca Canyon

A travel blog entry by rachellocke

We had another day in Cusco after the inca trail, to recover and pootle about...I didn´t do much, just shopped a bit and had a relax, and in the evening we wentto this amazing aussie restraurant which did the nicest food. We had to be up at 5.30 the ...

Lima - ultima stop, Lima, Peru travel blog

Lima - ultima stop

A travel blog entry by lotenfie


... we af met Danique -een meisje van Holland die we in Cusco leren kennen hadden-. Samen bezochten we de Chinese wijk van Lima, genoten we van lekkere maaltijden, brachten we een bezoekje aan een van de plaatstelijke cinema's en gingen we met een busje naar ...

Thumbs up for Lima, Lima, Peru travel blog

Thumbs up for Lima

A travel blog entry by mark_kate


... all the other colonial cities we have visited so far. The buildings were much larger, grander and more imposing, I guess because of Lima's importance and wealth as part of the Spanish Empire. The centre and the area around it had been very nicely restored ...

Day 24, Lima, Peru travel blog

Day 24

A travel blog entry by escott10


... it all if we are bumped off) 3. Paint lines in the road are a waste of tax payers money here. 4. When flying on a trip to Peru make sure you take something to knock yourself out, spurts of sleep just dont add up well. 5. Gin and Tonic come in separate ...

Northbound and Down, Lima, Peru travel blog

Northbound and Down

A travel blog entry by mhutto


... that I have no more friends coming down here to see me. The first month, I had Jon. The second, the Atlanta crew in Peru and Jess in Chile. I traveled through Bolivia by myself and loved being alone. Maybe I just miss home and my ¨normal¨ ...

Divinos and La Punta, Lima, Peru travel blog

Divinos and La Punta

A travel blog entry by beckywilliams


... us about 15 minutes. We didnt get home until around 7:15, as we some how managed to get on the wrong bus at peak time in Lima. We drove for an hour in the opposite direction in a mini bus, which was so cramped no one could move at all. I couldn't have ...

Fianlly in Lima, Lima, Peru travel blog

Fianlly in Lima

A travel blog entry by frankandamanda

Yay! I made it. After an uneventful flight from Miami I finally arrived in Lima. Oh my God it´s soooo hot here.I love it. I ´ve just popped inside for a few minutes before I get heat exhaustion. Customs was no problem to get through and it was really ...

A relaxing day in Lima, Lima, Peru travel blog

A relaxing day in Lima

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


... : 27 degrees Weather: nice warm comfortable day ============================== Rise and shine!  It felt soooo great being back in Lima and in familiar surroundings but most importantly, it felt SO GREAT because I no longer felt sick.  Rest did ...

le depart..., Lima, Peru travel blog

le depart...

A travel blog entry by pepsouille


ca y est, nous sommes arrives apres nos 24 h de voyage : apres une attente de 4h a lyon (histoire de ne pas etre en retard), premier vol avec coucher de soleil dun cote et orage et eclair de lautre (horreur pour peps et ju, jeremy tout heureux de son ...

Lima - loving magical water fountain land, San Isidro District, Peru travel blog

Lima - loving magical water fountain land

A travel blog entry by monkeybusiness


... we managed to pass the time pretty easily as the fountains were spectacular. They should rename this park magical water fountain land. Lima probably gets a thumbs even, but Liam as ever gets a thumbs up (and so does magical water fountain ...

Lima, the cloudy city, Lima, Peru travel blog

Lima, the cloudy city

A travel blog entry by drcajunstyle


... palaces for one square. It is also the birthplace of the city Lima as it is the exact location where Francisco Pizarro founded Lima on January 18, 1535. So we sauntered around there for a while, taking some photos before finding a nice wee restaurant that ...

Why Plan?, Lima, Peru travel blog

Why Plan?

A travel blog entry by judasdac


Like the best of plans, our plan for getting from Puerto Maldonado, deep in the Peruvian jungle closer to Bolivia then Lima, to the beach town of Mancora, way north near the border with Ecuador, was pretty simple.  We were going to fly to Lima and ...

We got the tile!, Lima, Peru travel blog

We got the tile!

A travel blog entry by mission_peru2


... finally found  vinyl tiles that will work. Halleujiah!!  Much thanks to Cesar, who took us to Palao, the tile center of Lima. And that was pretty much our day, shopping for tile for about 6 hours... Joy! But it was well worth it.. We ...

Downtown Lima, Lima, Peru travel blog

Downtown Lima

A travel blog entry by glenn_christie


... just this guys car. We started to worry - the minder guy looked pretty dodgy just to add to our concerns. Driving through the streets of Lima at night was pretty hair raising, lots of weaving in and out - we saw lots of beat up cars that night. We did ...

Amazonia, Lima, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by tudorbenga


Dupa cum va spuneam aseara Amazonia a fost de departe highlight-ul excursiei de pana acum. E asa o lume, incredibil, cel mai fascinant si diferit loc in care am fost eu vreodata. Deja dupa juma de ora de la decolarea din Bogota, odata trecuti Anzii, ...

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