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Shopping, more horses, and rain....  lots of rain!, Boquete, Panama travel blog

Shopping, more horses, and rain.... lots of rain!

A travel blog entry by scotthumphrey


... ; WOW….this place was beautiful and weird all at the same time.  It was kind of like the Heidleburg of Panama.  They used junk items all throughout the gardens for pots and architecture….which was very cool…but here comes the ...

Rain and Chocolate on Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro, Panama travel blog

Rain and Chocolate on Bastimentos

A travel blog entry by bgallagh


... to take shape. The jungle is still thick in most areas. We saw many of the colorful poison frogs that are found in Panama. After the rain stopped our group went back to Old Bank on a mission to find the organic chocolate farm called "Up in the ...

Oh wie schön ist Panama!, Isla Colon, Panama travel blog

Oh wie schön ist Panama!

A travel blog entry by annatom


"Weisst du, Tiger, in Panama ist alles viel schöner als hier" "Wirklich, Bär?" "Ja, weil in Panama riecht alles nach Bananen!" (Janosch - "Oh wie schön ist Panama") Um herauszufinden, ob das wirklich stimmt, machten wir uns auf den Weg nach ...

Island Tour, Panama, Panama travel blog

Island Tour

A travel blog entry by leahlim

... of Native Americans.            Most of these tropical islands are very small. Many are surrounded by coral reefs. The islands are part of Panama, but are primarily administered by the Cuna ...

Lost in Translation, Olá, Panama travel blog

Lost in Translation

A travel blog entry by comeasyouare


In my last entry, I talked a little bit about Kayshana's dog attack and since then it has been an uphill battle with the stray and domestic (while still vicious and untrained) dogs in every territory. Poor Kay is continually a target for them and we are ...

Panama Paradiso, Colon, Panama travel blog

Panama Paradiso

A travel blog entry by sharkita


... boat we ran for cover into wrong harbour of historical Portobello.        PORTOBELLO – Throughout Panama they have brightly coloured buses, known by us gringos as “chicken buses”. The thing was we ...

Panama Viejo & Plans Change, Panama City, Panama travel blog

Panama Viejo & Plans Change

A travel blog entry by pavel.jares


Dneska jsme se rozhodli vyrazit do Stareho mesta Panamy, ktere bylo vypaleno piratem Sirem Henry Morganem a zustaly zde ruiny, ktere se staly soucasti historickeho dedictvi UNESCO. Rano se mi ale jeste dostalo maleho prekvapeni. ;) Rodice koupili ...

Transiting the Panama Canal, Panama City, Panama travel blog

Transiting the Panama Canal

A travel blog entry by onereddog


We were advised that we would be on approach to the canal around 6:15 so we were up at 6 a.m. and quickly donned some clothes and headed up to the observation deck and it was a good thing because it didn't take long for many others ...

To Boquete and Beyond! , Boquete, Panama travel blog

To Boquete and Beyond!

A travel blog entry by mardow


... arrived and we fell into it, so grateful for the heater as the weather in Boquete is a lot cooler than anywhere else in Panama.  To avoid injury to our wounded pride for not listening to Pancho's sound advice, we snuck in through the back entrance ...

Camino a India, Somewhere in, Panama travel blog

Camino a India

A travel blog entry by panamaniacs


... para esta aventura que empieza en solo una semana.   Mañana tengo vacunas, una aventura por si misma si vives en Panama!!!! (trata de que algun funcionario del gobierno te de una respuesta coherente de donde te puedes vacunar si vas a viajar!!) ...

San Blas Islands: Paradise, Boating and Boozin', San Blas Islands, Panama travel blog

San Blas Islands: Paradise, Boating and Boozin'

A travel blog entry by mattmantle


... in paradise off he two islands. We set sail early afternoon to head for border control to sort out everyone’s passports for leaving Panama. It was nice to get a decent sea breeze in our faces on the way there. Drinking continued throughout, and that ...

The Purple House of Panama, David, Panama travel blog

The Purple House of Panama

A travel blog entry by markandchar

... apple slices we held. Our holiday was it was time for the real trip! Or so we keep saying! The journey to Panama, was a long one. Going via Miami airport, it was mad eup of two short flights and a six hour wait inbetween. After being kept ...

Coffee snob, Boquete, Panama travel blog

Coffee snob

A travel blog entry by sainty1

I am now officially a coffee snob. Took a tour around a beautiful coffee farm in the shady green hills of Boquete, i think one of the top retirement destinations. And you can see why. It wouldn´t be out of place in the alps of france or ...

Chapter XIII, David, Panama travel blog

Chapter XIII

A travel blog entry by jeastty


... for dinner and we hastily made our way to the kingdom hall-a simple building that looks like every other kingdom hall here in Panama. It is a Spanish congregation with an English group. Jeremy is the coordinator of the cong and also cares for the group of ...

Shame on Holland America, Fuerte Amador, Panama travel blog

Shame on Holland America

A travel blog entry by the2poes


... cleared to leave the ship.  We had an excursion booked that was supposed to leave at 6:10 PM which was called Colonial Panama by Night.  This excursion was to include a bus tour around the city and shopping at local merchants.  We were ...

Dia 20. Bocas del Toro - Buceo, Bocas del Toro, Panama travel blog

Dia 20. Bocas del Toro - Buceo

A travel blog entry by maprudencio

*** PLANING *** Dia de Buceo en Bocas del Toro. Hacer dos o tres inmersiones según veamos. Hotel:  Yellow Jack Hostal ( Precios por Noche: Casa familiar (4 pax.) 80$  ( 14 € Aprox. por ...

Aventuras con cuerdas, Boquete, Panama travel blog

Aventuras con cuerdas

A travel blog entry by vickicooper


... bird called the Quetzal.  As we reached our destination - complete with harnesses and helmets (health and safety has reached Panam'') - a couple of people decided to drop out and walk back down, but the majority of the group elected to stick ...

Panama es muy bonito, Boquete, Panama travel blog

Panama es muy bonito

A travel blog entry by mlillie


... to write another tomorrow when I am well rested and fresh. The journey here was crazy and full of things I can laugh at now- but I feel very lucky to be in Panama and think it is such a beautiful country. I will write as much as I can about it ...

Panama's just a canal...isn't it?, Bocas del Toro, Panama travel blog

Panama's just a canal...isn't it?

A travel blog entry by martinmcnally

The gang Ive got myself involved with arrived here in Bocas del Toro (on the Caribbean coast), Panama from Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica last night after a rugged and painful journey of 1 1/2 hours to the border at Sixaola with some American guys ...

Climbing and Halloween in Boquete!, Boquete, Panama travel blog

Climbing and Halloween in Boquete!

A travel blog entry by loganandkatie


... sweatshirts from our bag under the bus and the rest of the ride was bearable.  Definitely not comfortable, but bearable. Back in Panama City, we found out from our taxi driver that the following day was the beginning of a two day party with parades ...

More Photos, Cristóbal, Panama travel blog

More Photos

A travel blog entry by the2poes


Some more photos as we traveled through the Canal. ...

Adios Costa Rica, hola Panama, Bocas Town, Panama travel blog

Adios Costa Rica, hola Panama

A travel blog entry by mini_v


... asked for money getting out of Costa Rica, that was lucky! We then had to walk 1km along the dodgiest creakiest bridge to get into Panama. Entry fee was $3, up from $1 (typical uh?). On the bus and off we head to the harbour where we grab a water taxi ...

Boat trip to Cayo Zapatillo, Bocas Town, Panama travel blog

Boat trip to Cayo Zapatillo

A travel blog entry by mini_v


Woke up with a sore throat nooooooooo! Brekkie at Lillie's again and then off we went on our private boat, Fany (nothing else to say...). Adele joined us for the day as well :) First stop was dolphin bay - saw a couple floating about and then all of a ...

February, Volcan, Panama travel blog


A travel blog entry by bethynrae


  Well this is certainly the warmest February I've ever experienced :)   We were supposed to wake up and head out for service at 8:15 this morning…buuuuuuuut Meredith is the only one who made it out. Rae and I ended up getting out ...

Heading for waves, Almirante, Panama travel blog

Heading for waves

A travel blog entry by edmondo


pics ...

Panama City, Panama City, Panama travel blog

Panama City

A travel blog entry by copper86


... is so much more developed than the rest of Central America! In the evening we decided to check out whatever drinking establishments Panama City had to offer. After a fleeting visit to Hooters (after an obsession by a certain member of the group) we ...

Panama City day 2, Panama Canal, Panama travel blog

Panama City day 2

A travel blog entry by nycsfsdhopper


... us out to the Canal, and Gamboa, the Tropical Rain forest resort area which includes a tram ride, and a monkey island boat ride. The panama canal is worth seeing  When we were there we got to see a container ship and a submarine (rare event) pass ...

Wish Me Luck, Panama city, Panama travel blog

Wish Me Luck

A travel blog entry by marmaladejenn


I know it´s been a while since I´ve updated. Sorry! I don´t have much time to write. Heading to the South Pacific on the 38-foot sailboat Lunambule, with a final destination of New Caledonia. We´re heading to the Galapagos hopefully this ...

Always something..., Bocas del Toro, Panama travel blog

Always something...

A travel blog entry by jusnow


... not been the case in our stateside healthcare experiences.  All of this necessitated another visit with Dr. Lucy before leaving Panama which, of course, extended our stay here. More high winds and days of heavy rain this past week hindered our ...

Panama City, Panama City, Panama travel blog

Panama City

A travel blog entry by jphayes


... at such a lean, that the lift won't work, so it is uninhabitable. Lunch at a local restaurant, then on to the old part of Panama. This area is still very unsafe. Drugs, Mafia gun fights just to name a few of the problems. Our driver locked our doors and ...

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