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Maastricht, Botel. Blues, Jazz, TEFAF, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Maastricht, Botel. Blues, Jazz, TEFAF

A travel blog entry by nathaniaburrie

. ...

Loving Maastricht..., Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Loving Maastricht...

A travel blog entry by bj_oysterworld

Well, me and Cheryl caught the train at 8:30pm yesterday evening from Centraalstation to return to her university stomping ground here in Maastricht. She had important lectures to go to today so it was the right point to leave, even if I felt I had barely ...

Back in Maastricht, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Back in Maastricht

A travel blog entry by ruudbatta

Back at grandma's ...

Meandering along the Mosel, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Meandering along the Mosel

A travel blog entry by norton.bikes


... the tent to work on the wine and write a while – Nile read through the draft of the first week of bike travel through the Netherlands, so that the next time we get online we can upload it. When the rain let up, we hopped on the bikes and rode into ...

Day 2, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Day 2

A travel blog entry by emailrhoads


... but whatever) and then we went off to Maastricht, NL. Maachstricht is a university town and is on the southern peninsula of Netherlands so its frequently visited by travelers and foreigners. We heard the most english here.  The dutch have quite the ...

In Maastricht, Netherlands, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

In Maastricht, Netherlands

A travel blog entry by salvo


... was a quite long hitch, about 520 kms and took us (me and Falk) about 9 hours and 3 rides. So Netherlands...well what to say...I love it here! Well Maastricht as a city is really nice, not expensive at all, you can just walk or cycle everywhere, bad ...

Maastricht, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by ebr916

Maastricht ...

Roman-tic Town, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Roman-tic Town

A travel blog entry by massimino


... bridges and played in the parks.  Then by each afternoon, we were eating Gelato and drinking beer and wine!  Maastricht was originally a Belgic settlement that was conquered by the Romans in the Gallic Wars and thus became a Roman settlement and ...

My stay was okay, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

My stay was okay

A travel blog entry by dutchnomad

... 0 degrees Celsius which, given the time of the year, is probably just warm enough. During breakfast, I've booked a hostel in Maastricht. After I'm finished in Kerkrade, I take a bus and train to Maastricht. I arrive early in the afternoon in the hostel. ...

Visiting the Netherlands!, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Visiting the Netherlands!

A travel blog entry by jnl5002


The 3rd city we visited on our 5 day trip was Maastricht in the Netherlands.  We began our day with a stop at the point where Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands meet (The Three Country Meeting Point).  There were a bunch of little things ...

3 trains to Maastricht, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

3 trains to Maastricht

A travel blog entry by greatescape2011

... in Brussels around 2 hours later. Found out then that I needed to get a train to a place called Liege, then get a train to Maastricht. The Liege train arrived only half an hour later, and took around an hour to get to Liege, then waited another 20 minutes ...

Cruise Day 10: Andernach to Cologne, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Cruise Day 10: Andernach to Cologne

A travel blog entry by marcle


... morning. We did not have any time to explore here. We went in a coach for 2 hours to Maastricht, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, some opted for the Casemates tour, a network of underground tunnels, we just opted for the walking tour around ...

More Maastricht, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

More Maastricht

A travel blog entry by erikak


... (June, 1673) was one of the key elements in King Louis XIV's (aka the Sun King) plans to attack the Netherlands....but there was one problem for the French: Louis XIV had to conquer Maastricht and Maastricht was one of the strongest fortified ...

Relax Ganja Trip in Maastricht x), Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Relax Ganja Trip in Maastricht x)

A travel blog entry by kusanagi

4 September 2008 -to- 5 September 2008 short 2 day trip, just for fun while I where next to ...

Visite de Maastricht, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Visite de Maastricht

A travel blog entry by imuppet

Une journee dans les rues de ...

Cologne to Maastricht  36.5 miles, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Cologne to Maastricht 36.5 miles

A travel blog entry by charles.daggett


... walls. We ate lunch in Aachen, then headed out for what turn out to be a very difficult ride. When we arrived in Maastricht, Belgium the traffic was horrendous. They had a narrow bike trail but, scooters where also allow. The scooter would wiz by ...

Off to Maastricht to meet the Inspire, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Off to Maastricht to meet the Inspire

A travel blog entry by dft


... lunch.  We had to put on paper chef hats in order to get our supper.  We then paid a visit to the Netherlands American cemetery where many WWII soldiers are buried.  It looked very much like Normandy.  We were each given a white ...

Meeting Stephan, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Meeting Stephan

A travel blog entry by paulgonts

Meeting Stephan, a friend I've known in ...

Netherlands for Lunch, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Netherlands for Lunch

A travel blog entry by wandawagonettes

Drove through a bit of The Netherlands (definitely not just to add another country to the list!) and had lunch in a lovely pine forest. Headed to Germany in pouring ...

53 uur voor vertrek, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

53 uur voor vertrek

A travel blog entry by loessmid

Op deze site zal ik waarschijnlijk geen hele blogs schrijven, wat ik wel zal doen is mijn route bijhouden. Op dit moment weet ik dat ik aan zal komen in Kuala Lumpur en daar heb ik ook een hostel geboekt voor de eerste dagen. In het vliegtuig zal ik mijn ...

Nov 04, 2014, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Nov 04, 2014

A travel blog entry by variberlin


Husk Bus, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Husk Bus

A travel blog entry by ruudbatta

Getting on the ...

St Servatius Basilica, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

St Servatius Basilica

A travel blog entry by jeffreychun


... the site of the grave of Saint Servatius, an Armenian missionary who was bishop of Tongeren and died allegedly in 384 in Maastricht. A small memorial chapel on the saint's grave was replaced by a large stone church built by bishop Monulph around 570. ...

Wine in the Dutch countryside, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Wine in the Dutch countryside

A travel blog entry by dcarlson


Pending ...

Maastricht, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by weedtulpsrain


Love the city you will feel at home right as you arrive. The shopping is nice. (inc. Zara, H&M, Vero Moda, Only, Bershka, V&D, Beijenkorf, Grant enz.) What you can do is visit cave(s) it's a good experience for those who have not seen a real cave ...

Welcome to Maastricht!, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Welcome to Maastricht!

A travel blog entry by jyearous


... me an email! My address is Jessica Yearous Maastricht Center fot Transatlantic Studies/Room 215 c/o Teikyo University Holland P.O. Box 5710 6202 ME MAASTRICHT THE NETHERLANDS I love you and miss you all! Gorgeous-wish you were ...

Home!, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by boz

This is the city that I'm studying in. It is a nice, clean city that has great art, pubs, and the people are very open to Americans because they are not over ran by Americans. It is nothing like ...

Holland, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by jon144k

i really enjoyed myself in Holland... visit the Hotel Mabi; i highly recommend ...

Wind-mills, Dykes, Boat Sailing & Meetings, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog

Wind-mills, Dykes, Boat Sailing & Meetings

A travel blog entry by niranjan


... event for an agency working for children in Sierra Leone. His friends are quite interested in visiting India. Later we traveled to Maastricht, southern city in the border of Belgium. We are traveling by car of Maurice which he drives usually at 160 km/h. ...

Limburg, Maastricht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by rachelandted


... instead we decided to turn our trip around somewhat and head down to Limburg in the extreme south of the Netherlands for some biking and touring. We headed to Maastricht (where Ted was last week) only to find a conference in town that was taking up almost ...

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