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Mabel makes it to Marrakesh, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Mabel makes it to Marrakesh

A travel blog entry by timshazz


After all our years of travelling, Marrakesh is still one of our favourite cities. But, having been here before we felt the 11am to 9pm stint the others planned to do was a little too much like a full working day for our liking. So after a leisurely ...

Marrakech, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog


A travel blog entry by kstubbs97


... in the south of the medina, starting with the Koutoubia Mosque. According to the guidebook this 12th century building is still Marrakech's tallest and is the prototype for the Giralda in Seville. As it’s still a functional mosque I couldn’t ...

We survived Morocco ! Full account from Paris !, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

We survived Morocco ! Full account from Paris !

A travel blog entry by mike-christelle


... , its year round blessed climate, proximity to Europe and prestigious culture is turning into a retirement cummunity for European Seniors. Marrakech is currently a vast contruction site, with brand new condos and luxury villas complete with pool. High-end ...

Continuing Our Marrakechi Hummus Mission, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Continuing Our Marrakechi Hummus Mission

A travel blog entry by shani


Marrakech Fest, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Marrakech Fest

A travel blog entry by rebshark


... el Fna when the call to prayer begins pouring out of the Minaret.  After hours navigating Souks and the Kissarias we decided that Marrakech could also be named a Wonder of the World - if you consider the World's Largest Flea Market a wonder. Skippy ...

Day 16-18 - Morocco, Marrakech - Markets, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Day 16-18 - Morocco, Marrakech - Markets

A travel blog entry by oliveramber


... with the upcoming 7-8 night bush camp stint.  Mmmm week with no showers... sure we will all be smelling lovely after that!! So Marrakech - love it but not nearly as much as Fes or Chefchaouen due to the fact that it is just so touristy.  Fes ...

Road trip dans le désert, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Road trip dans le désert

A travel blog entry by danielaube


... de la grande ville, je me suis dis pourquoi pas! Et j'ai bien fait de me joindre a eux! On s'est donc donné rendez-vous a Marrakech pour le 25 novembre au matin. Dana arrivait le 24 en avion de la Suisse pour Casablanca, Simone l'Italien était déja au ...

Ouzoud Cascades, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Ouzoud Cascades

A travel blog entry by weixiao


Spectacular scenery. Very chilled place, like a Moroccan Carribbean. Absolutely beautiful ...

What a Moment! (Part 2), Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

What a Moment! (Part 2)

A travel blog entry by cupcrazy1994


We were just finishing up our last sightseeing in Marrakech at the Saadian Tombs. Most of the sights in Marrakech all had very similar features, and the elements of Arabic architecture soon became repetitive. Corey pointed out that even the riad where we ...

Happily lost  in Marrakesh!, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Happily lost in Marrakesh!

A travel blog entry by roamingfree


... restoring riads in the medina.  So what is the attraction?  Well aside from the two obvious attractions of Morocco itself, one being the weather, the other being the wonderful absence of over-regulation that plagues the Western world, the main ...

Desert tour , Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Desert tour

A travel blog entry by kyle-and-lisa


The last two days of our tour were also very memorable. I think you'll see that our photos speak for themselves! ...

Snakes and Storytellers, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Snakes and Storytellers

A travel blog entry by zolab


... it was cool though. Then we went upstairs to eat dinner and the storytellers told the story of Yela, the girl of the house. I also met a seven-year old girl named Rita who lives in Marrakech . She was shy but nice. I told her about my old ...

If the van is Moroccan'...., Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

If the van is Moroccan'....

A travel blog entry by andrew.campbell

... were filling out our boarding cards in Casablanca, but once we got face to face with the Moroccan boarder control in Marrakech, it didn't seem so hilarious at all. These guys looked hard-assed and probably hadn't cracked even a smirk ...

Record Snow in the UK!!!, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Record Snow in the UK!!!

A travel blog entry by pwong


... time before Mary was scheduled to meet me, I went in search of some bottled water and snacks for today's flight to Marrakech.  Heading over to a nearby strip of shops I continued walking, not seeing anything but convenience stores.  There's ...

Marrakech February 2010, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Marrakech February 2010

A travel blog entry by nietsreuef


... Churchill recovered his senses here, once with Franklin Roosevelt, at the same hotel where the Rolling Stones later hung out. Marrakech is Morocco, the names stemming from the same Arabic words.  It is one of Morocco’s 4 Imperial Cities, ...

Berber land, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Berber land

A travel blog entry by blakes


... to the waterfall.  Abdul negotiates and they settle on one dirham.  (We're not cheap - this is what you do in Morocco.)  By the end of the hike I was calling Said my little mountain goat.  He was extremely sure footed and had to haul ...

Marrakesh and goodbye to the mother in law :(, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Marrakesh and goodbye to the mother in law :(

A travel blog entry by darrenhough74

This is a top pick!

... nbsp; Gorgeous sunset and then the rain started again.  As we had lots of movies on the laptop but had not time to watch them or the power as we had only started staying in camp ground in Morocco we enjoyed a movie marathon evening minus the ...

the most marvelous market, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

the most marvelous market

A travel blog entry by j.mccrary

The girls and I arrived in Marrakech after a 16 hour journey via taxi and bus from Chefchaouen. At this point I am quite used to getting my nights rest in a bus, but it was the first time for the girls so they were pretty exhausted. I told the girls that ...

The City of Marakesh, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

The City of Marakesh

A travel blog entry by morocco-reed


... 1,400 years old. Marrakesh is about 1,100 years older than the United States. Marrakesh has more tourists than any other cities in Morocco. When we were on the tour we saw snake charmers, tame Barbary apes, musicians, water sellers, and many things to ...

Departing England, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Departing England

A travel blog entry by patelfamily


... even before the birds had sang. We arose at three in the morning to go to Stansted airport. At around ten o'clock we arrived in Marrakech and got a taxi to the hotel. The hotel has a lovely roof terrace. The room has 5 beds, and is rather big. The ...

Camel rides and a visit to Majorelle, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Camel rides and a visit to Majorelle

A travel blog entry by patelfamily


Today we have the complimentary breakfast of hot chocolate, pancakes, bread and eggs. It was delicious. Next we sun bathed on the roof terrace. After that we headed out to visit the Majorelle gardens, getting lost several times in the narrow twisting ...

Hollywood sets, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Hollywood sets

A travel blog entry by patelfamily


... went to some Berber villages they were cool, but the road we took to get there was terrible, it was zigzagy and the drivers in Morocco are crazy I felt like I was going to die at every corner. At night we return to the main square called Jemaa el fna to ...

Monkeys, Snakes, and Fortune Tellers, oh my!, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Monkeys, Snakes, and Fortune Tellers, oh my!

A travel blog entry by eddieandlynn


oh Marrakech, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

oh Marrakech

A travel blog entry by jesselise

Marrakech was everything we hoped it would be and a bit more. We found a lovely little hotel that resembled a traditional riad, blossoming orange trees filled the center courtyard with quiet rooms on the perimeter. The square of Djema el Fna is a bustling ...

Marrakesh 2, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Marrakesh 2

A travel blog entry by steve.brine

Only passing through but I have a minor emergency. In the future I will not forget to tell my bank which countries I visit. ...

Marrakech in the sun!, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Marrakech in the sun!

A travel blog entry by karyn512


... . From there, we went to Badii Palace, which most of the books we've read suggested that you skip.  If you're coming to Marrakech and you like birds DON'T miss this!  There are many pairs of storks that nest along the walls of this falling down, ...

Miscellaneous, Marrakech, Ifrane etc., Morocco travel blog


A travel blog entry by soulflexin


Second time staying in our spectacular villa when Sadie's mother came to visit. Having a barbecue in the woods was neat. Random times and random ...

52 degrees and counting....., Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

52 degrees and counting.....

A travel blog entry by kateanddrew


... us to explore. Got lost a little, but found our way back eventually. I know I have given a few weather updates since being in morocco, but seriously, the heat is incredible. I don't think either of us have been in 50 plus temps before, and it is soooo dry ...

Rain and renewed travel lust, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Rain and renewed travel lust

A travel blog entry by beckerworldtrip


Rain has taken over Marrakesh and most of the last few days have been soggy and cloudy. It has gotten quite cold and it is difficult to get up and stay warm because the riad is mostly outdoors, with individual rooms around the perimeter. To go from one ...

Palaces And Tombs In Marrakesh, Morocco, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Palaces And Tombs In Marrakesh, Morocco

A travel blog entry by annalisamurray


... mausoleum containing intricate woodwork.  And, all of these tombs, including the sultan’s, are vigilantly guarded by Morocco’s numerous stray cats! [Interestingly, a few decades after the sultan’s death in 1603, a successor sultan ...

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