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Short but not sweet, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Short but not sweet

A travel blog entry by chelseyandkevin


Miri was just a stop off point to get to Brunei, so we were only here for one night, but oh what a night.  We started to realize that Chelsey is becoming a star-studded attraction, which quickly got Kevin thinking about new business ideas.  ...

How was it ?, Bario, Malaysia travel blog

How was it ?

A travel blog entry by michoriet


... de Kelabit Highlands (1000m) van Sarawak, in vogelvlucht (we vlogen met zo'n kleine Twin Otter) 250 km landinwaarts vanuit Miri en op enkele km's van de Indonesische grens.Regenwoud in het regenseizoen! Maar overdag is het behoorlijk droog, warm ...

Miri Swimming pool, temple and Chinese garden, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Miri Swimming pool, temple and Chinese garden

A travel blog entry by sabinaandchris

... We stayed at the pool for a while I swam around and Chris sunbathed. After this we went to have a look at the temple in Miri and the Chinese garden both of which weren’t that spectacular but it did say in the lonely planet that there wasn’t a ...

Rest days after the trek, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Rest days after the trek

A travel blog entry by rossdundas

By river to Mulu, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

By river to Mulu

A travel blog entry by pnaka


... may have finished by now though but this hotel is new and pushing 5 star so at that price was superb value. Drinking in Miri is a delight - cocktails, mixers, cold white wine, draught beer and all can be had in smooth bars. Why cant the other large ...

The Culmination of Awesome Lessons With The Penan, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

The Culmination of Awesome Lessons With The Penan

A travel blog entry by running-wild

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Vieze beestjes en heel veel regen, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Vieze beestjes en heel veel regen

A travel blog entry by hanne_opreis


  Na de overweldigende ambiance in Brunei, was de volgende bestemming Miri. Een stadje ook niet echt een citytrip waardig maar van hieruit geraak je wel in Mulu NP, de eigenlijke bestemming. Na het stadscentrum te hebben gezien, was het tijd voor een ...

Niah national park, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Niah national park

A travel blog entry by tiggerbird


... in Southeast Asia and is popular with birds nest and guano collectors.   This park can be done on a day trip from Miri, although it's worth staying overnight if you want to visit more than the two main caves.   No guides are required at this ...

På eventyr i junglen, Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia travel blog

På eventyr i junglen

A travel blog entry by jakobane


... som opfølgning til føljetonen om Jakobs juicyness, så vil vi lige tilføje at ikke mindre end to igler hægtede sig fast i Jakobs ben. Vi fandt også to igler på Ane, men de havde ikke bidt sig fast. Vegetarblod hitter bare ikke i Malaysia.   ...

Gunung Mulu, Gunung Mulu, Malaysia travel blog

Gunung Mulu

A travel blog entry by gouldi


There's not much in the way of roads here, so Caley and I flew into Gunung Mulu Park for a week of trekking through caves and jungles. We quickly teamed up with Bronwyn and Tetsu and got off to a great start, heading out for a 3 day trek immediately ...

Batu Niah, Batu Niah, Malaysia travel blog

Batu Niah

A travel blog entry by mutpanazca

fh ...

Flight to Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Flight to Miri

A travel blog entry by tamaraday


Early morning flight back to Miri. Tyler absolutely loves the Twin Otter planes that shuttle us to and from Bario. or NOT! They hold 18 passengers and no door between passengers and the pilots. Very intimate. Besides weighing all the checked luggage, we ...

Last day in Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Last day in Miri

A travel blog entry by tamaraday


Some of us got a slow start this morning. Those that stayed out until 4am that is. Jaki had a golf lesson at 11am then we all went to the boat club for lunch. Jaki took Tyler and I on a catamaran that she has learned to sail. She was quite good at it. We ...

Doreen's Birthday Party, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Doreen's Birthday Party

A travel blog entry by bob_jung

We departed for Miri at lunchtime.  It's an hour's drive not counting the border crossing.  We dump our stuff in our rooms and head for Mr. Ho's.  It's a Chinese restaurant and pork is a specialty.  It's only two days of living in a ...

Van Bako naar Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Van Bako naar Miri

A travel blog entry by griet-philippe


... te vertrekken. We varen terug langs de kust naar Bako en reizen vervolgens over land door naar Kuching om door te vliegen naar Miri, een moderne, drukke stad. Dit is onze korte tussenstop om naar Mulu door te vliegen. Er is een gezellige straat ...

Ruhiger Ort mit EM-Belebung, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Ruhiger Ort mit EM-Belebung

A travel blog entry by singapore2012

... angekommen und morgens um 11 Uhr mit einem Privattransport nach Brunei weiter, da dieser nicht viel teurer als der Bus war. Miri dient hauptsächlich als Hub für alle Attraktionen, die in der Umgebung liegen. Dazu zählen vor allem 2 Nationalparks, zu ...

Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Borneo, Mulu, Malaysia travel blog

Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Borneo

A travel blog entry by csling

Mulu ...

Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by zer0433

Another day another town, this time Miri ready for the start of our Exodus adventure. Now Miri is really only on the trail because of nearby Mulu National Park,  but getting there a day earlier did allow us to sample some great seafood (yes, the pick ...

Mulu, bat poo and caves, Busang Tijok, Malaysia travel blog

Mulu, bat poo and caves

A travel blog entry by geoffnsteph


... and be on time for our flight to Mulu was another taxi, this time £50 for a 90 minutes journey across the border, back into Malaysia. More form-filling, health checks and then a gentle drive through Sarawak to the airport at Miri. A 30 mins hop over the ...

Introduction, Miri, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by fedds

Hello. I am currently living in Borneo, Malaysia and i have been actively traveling for the past 3 years. Active in my definition means managing my 20-days paid annual leave and those extra cash in hand to travel around the world. Well, actually ...

Family Reunions and a Return to Basics, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Family Reunions and a Return to Basics

A travel blog entry by s_bennett


The location for this part of the trip says Miri but that's only really because Bario hasn't made it into Google maps yet. That's a good thing in our books. There's not a huge amount to write about Miri itself but what it does have is some amazing people ...

Land travel in Miri town, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Land travel in Miri town

A travel blog entry by divingaddict


... stand. Miri had lots of churches as well, as every 400m you walked, you will see a church. Of the places i went to in Malaysia, Miri was one of the cleanest and safest place. We could walk along the road at night without fear and you can hardly see any ...

Mulu National Park  - Caves and Nature, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Mulu National Park - Caves and Nature

A travel blog entry by divingaddict


Before i went on this trip, Wee had searched of this National Park in Mulu. As i had plannned a eight days trip to Miri, i did not wish to spend all the days diving and would like to combine it with a land tour. Wee found this National Park in Mulu, ...

New discoveries in Mulu..., Mulu, Malaysia travel blog

New discoveries in Mulu...

A travel blog entry by xuanargi


27th Dec 2007 : We flew from Kuala Lumpur to Miri by Malaysian Airlines and from Miri, took a MasWings fokker plane to Mulu. Quite an amazing experience being in such a small plane but there´s nothing to fear, really! Mulu is situated on the ...

Time to Adventure, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Time to Adventure

A travel blog entry by marciad


... track when on my Airbus 320 to Miri, I was one of two Caucasians. That is the way I like it! No one really knows about Miri (except Angela Lee) as it not a tourist destination in itself but rather a hub to other adventures. However, I am very lucky that ...

Headhunters and Longhouses, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Headhunters and Longhouses

A travel blog entry by vagabondtour


... of more logging and deforestation and then this eventually leads into huge plantations of Palm Oil Trees. This is one of Malaysia's biggest exports. There are thousands and thousands of trees all in straight rows for as far as you can see. After ...

Clean country and many industri, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia travel blog

Clean country and many industri

A travel blog entry by fiestarose

mmm !! what i can say i have many family members here and i was here with my mom for a few ...

crewX, getting on, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

crewX, getting on

A travel blog entry by klabautz

no story, just ...

Dr. Luther, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Dr. Luther

A travel blog entry by stacythedreamer


Today was a travel day. We flew from Sandakan to KK to MiriMiri is a transit point to Mulu National park.  The city was dirty, packed together, full of locals and not very tourist friendly.  We didn't have a hotel reservation so we just ...

Off the beaten track in Borneo, Bario, Malaysia travel blog

Off the beaten track in Borneo

A travel blog entry by michellewhitson


After weeks of self indulgance on the Thai islands (lets not lie we pretty much drank ourselves into through most of Asia) we decided we needed new experience and headed for Borneo Jungle. Bario is a malaysian village in the centre of the Kelabit ...

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