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Borneo at Last, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Borneo at Last

A travel blog entry by simonfea


... the day. The airport clinic was very good and we were soon on our way to the gate to catch the 10.10am flight to Kuching in Sarawak. An uneventful flight except painful ears from our head colds and met by our guides Ross & Zack at the airport. ...

More wildlife photos, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia travel blog

More wildlife photos

A travel blog entry by junglejo


Hi again, Been busy with some serious jungle running with the locals... Went for the "Ladies" run Wednesday..they start later than Saturdays group cause its a week-day... consequently it got dark , and when it started raining...some of us lost sight ...

lange huis, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

lange huis

A travel blog entry by pvdyck


Petite visite dans la looooongue maison-village au Sud de Kuching. On nous explique le mode de vie : "Huha! Huha! Huha!" Le chef de Ngemah Longhouse, Juan, fils de Belulok, s'exclame em levant son verre de Tuak, le vin de riz local... Les esprits nous ...

Red Apes On Parade, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Red Apes On Parade

A travel blog entry by brokentrain


Red Apes On Parade - Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (SWRC) We escaped unscathed from our up close interaction with the orangutans, but were splattered with crap from the Tourist Information Center that told us we could no longer take ...

Cat crazy in Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Cat crazy in Kuching

A travel blog entry by vwfamily


... Manx cats where they have a stump, these had about a 1/4, we thought that maybe they were cut off and kept for luck...nice Kuching is an odd place. There are so many posh hotels around, but not that much to see. Its culture is rich (Chinese, British ...

More monkeys, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

More monkeys

A travel blog entry by amandaseims


... was being said! Today myself and Jack decided we'd try and walk across the river to check out the Cat Museumj (when in Kuching....).  It didn't look too far but after walking through one suburb after another in the scorching heat we ...

East Malaysia, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

East Malaysia

A travel blog entry by siattju


Travel ...

Orangs and Longhouse, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Orangs and Longhouse

A travel blog entry by johnnygoldfinch


10 APRIL Thursday KUCHING   Early Alarm and Breakfast as our pick up was 0745. First stop was at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. Viewing of the Orang utans feeding in the morning is between 0900-1000. Unfortunately ...

Orangutans, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by followingmyfeet


... informs me she has bought a coconut piano... In the afternoon I decide to go for a walk and see if I can find anymore to Kuching than I have already seen. I saw a bright pink mosque on the way to the Orangutans this morning and it didn't look to far so I ...

Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by drwandgini

... a relaxed atmosphere. 18th Jan Got up early to catch the 7am public bus to the Orang-utang rehabilitation centre, about 40mins outside Kuching, in order to catch feeding time at 9am. It was a pleasant 1.3km walk from the road to the entrance though ...

Where is the Orangutan ?, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Where is the Orangutan ?

A travel blog entry by andrewy


Today I decided to check out the Semenoggoh Orangutan rehab center just south of Kuching. I took the shuttle from the hotel Maderka Palace and met a bunch of travelers from England. Once we arrived, the driver dropped us off near the site of Orangutan ...

Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by rayandpaul


Situated in the west of Malaysia Borneo, Kuching is the capital of the state of Sarawak. It is a relatively small city, with a population of around half a million. With regards to the history of Kuching, the central theme is generally that of the White ...

great city & great park, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

great city & great park

A travel blog entry by schellenberg


... lobster...she might get used to it!!!! It was worth the trip! In the morning we leave the resort to head back to Kuching (200km north of the equator) and stop at Semmenggoh, another Oranutangs Rehabilitation Centre. It's our last chance to see them and ...

Chilling in Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Chilling in Kuching

A travel blog entry by samandphil


... to 'do' the Fort on our own, our new found friends came with us and spent half an hour pointing out the sights of Kuching from the rather unimpressive battlements and practicing their English . The place was like something out of Tales of the Unexpected - ...

Heroes in a Half Shell!, Pulau Satang Besar, Malaysia travel blog

Heroes in a Half Shell!

A travel blog entry by lionelrishi


... 10 seconds later her head popped up some 50 metres away out to sea! As we jumped on our boat into a stormy sea back to Kuching, I couldn't help but wander if the little dudes we'd set on their way to adulthood were fairing any better than us, the boat ...

Kuching, Borneo, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Kuching, Borneo

A travel blog entry by aaronpolarbear


... (including Tsingtao) at a price of 4 for only 10 RM.  This was by far the best deal that we had seen in Malaysia for beer, although Langkawi (the duty free port) had them much cheaper still.  Frankie had told us that the traditional way to ...

Overnight stay in Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Overnight stay in Kuching

A travel blog entry by carsonsontour2


... that we were booked on for the next day.  The manager said goodbye and see you tomorrow. There wasn’t a lot to Kuching, the Sarawak river takes up most of the town, there is a large promenade with little shops or food hawkers scattered ...

Off to Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Off to Kuching

A travel blog entry by callis

... a guest speaker that went over his allotted time.  For some reason I was under the impression that Whitney and my flight to Kuching was at around 10 p.m., but when I double checked (good thing I did) the flight was actually at 8:40 p.m.  So at ...



A travel blog entry by junglejo


Jumpa Lagi Borneo... Until later... see you later, in one of the local languages: Bahasa Malaysia. This will be my last entry from this side of the world as the next time you all hear from me will be with a 212 area code!! Leaving on a jet plane 5:50 AM ...

In to the Wild, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

In to the Wild

A travel blog entry by yellowbrickroad


... said it was probably best that we didn't have a torch. After spending a week in Sarawak it was finally time to head back to mainland Malaysia, and to KL (boo!). Once again Mel came to collect us and took us to the airport. There was so much to do and see ...

Malaysia (Borneo) - Kuching & Bako National Park, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Malaysia (Borneo) - Kuching & Bako National Park

A travel blog entry by tereza-gonzalo


... Museum which tells the story of famous Malaysian women and itīs free of charge. The rest of the day we walked around Kuching visiting different attractions that the city had to offer. Kuchingīs old city center is pretty small, so itīs possible to walk ...

The Bare Necessities, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

The Bare Necessities

A travel blog entry by welovemondays


... to say the least. 72 bites and counting! So we feel we have earned the relaxing and comfortable environment of Kuching, a very pleasant city with great eateries and friendly locals, none more so than the Orangutans at Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation ...

Aug 23, 2011, Semenggoh National Park, Malaysia travel blog

Aug 23, 2011

A travel blog entry by lionelrishi


The year of the cat..., Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

The year of the cat...

A travel blog entry by fourloves


... I went to the Mandarin service, so I pretty much went for the show, understanding little, but picking up on a few oft-repeated words. Kuching is nice and small for a city, with lots of smelly, dirty, cheap markets which are clean by all other SE Asian ...

Semenggok Orang Utan sanctuary, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Semenggok Orang Utan sanctuary

A travel blog entry by tony-helen


Early up today.....7am breakfast and then walked to the Tourist Info office to catch a minibus to the Orang Utan Sanctuary. Always wonder about these sort of places and how much they are just there for the tourists but we were pleasantly surprised. We ...

Cute Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Cute Kuching

A travel blog entry by charlotterowley


... than its body part!) - a shiny brown lizard - a weird crab in a bright green/yellow shell Wednesday 8 February 2012 Given Kuching's obsession with cats, it seems fitting that they have a cat museum! I love cats, so couldn't pass up the opportunity to go ...

The City of Cats, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

The City of Cats

A travel blog entry by dolly_would...


... not sure my depleted memory cells can remember back that far I'll give it a go!  I arrived just before Ju into Kuching airport & did a rubbish job of meeting her coming through customs, no welcome board or anything - although at least I was ...

borneo, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by minhee

dddddddddd ...

Which one is the monkey?, Bako National Park, Malaysia travel blog

Which one is the monkey?

A travel blog entry by callmejoseph

We met strolling along a protected rainforest north of here, a lovely South African couple,an annoying Australian Michael Moore fanatic, Nathan, and good ol' cynical "I." After a while we decided to head back towards camp. Listening to yet another ...

Drunk at the Long House, Sarawak, Malaysia travel blog

Drunk at the Long House

A travel blog entry by andyjunaidy


... of searching our quest was about to happen. There were five of us on the 3 day trip to the Long House, Harris from Malaysia, Jill from America and Darren from the UK. The boat trip to Sarikei took nearly four hours we were glad to get ourselves ...

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