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Penang - food glorious food!, Penang, Malaysia travel blog

Penang - food glorious food!

A travel blog entry by gemandlloyd


... been enjoying in India itself. We spent the next two days with Nienke and Ricard, on Tuesday following a historical walk around Georgetown, introducing them to the Malaysian game Congkak at the museum and taking the train up to Penang hill. After quite ...

Scooter adventure!!, Penang, Malaysia travel blog

Scooter adventure!!

A travel blog entry by ej_bj


... we would not get too lost among the Jalans, Lebuhs and Sungais. Made it out of Batu Feringhi headed East along the coast toward Georgetown. The whole strip is built up, and down the base of the hill we found the Floating Mosque on the beach front. Very ...

Another Study Day!, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Another Study Day!

A travel blog entry by vieraadventures


This morning we slept in, ahhh it felt so good to feel cold at night. But when we went downstairs to pay for tonight we found out that our room had been reserved for the night so we had to move to another more expensive room downstairs. Well, at least it ...

Day 44, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Day 44

A travel blog entry by jessievilla


Went for a wander round some of the main 'attractions' today. Hmm, Penang is a bit of a strange one. Part British heritage, part colonial, part Chinese, Indian, Muslim, oh and maybe a bit Malaysian. All the government buildings look straight out of ...

Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by pregester


... ,stuff on sticks, soups, noodles, rice dishes and things that are hard to categorize and don't forget beer! By comparison Georgetown has mostly restaurants and hawker areas.  Hawkers at onetime were street seller who have now gathered and moved to ...

The Island State, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

The Island State

A travel blog entry by tomandamanda


Penang, island, state, city.   Took an afternoon bus up from Ipoh, after another wonderful meal prepared by Soh.  We got into our hostel fairly quickly and easily, and then had a wander around town.  Caught some alright Chinese, which ...

Turtles in Temples!, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Turtles in Temples!

A travel blog entry by yelleandjon


We had a mini bus transfer to take us from the Cameron Highlands across to Penang - It's an island joined to the mainland by a 13km bridge. After looking around a few guest houses we checked into Love Lane Inn, where Jimmy the owner was very helpful ...

In Which I Dance, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

In Which I Dance

A travel blog entry by charding


As is becoming the norm out here, the journey to the former British port island of Penang was again far from faultless. This time, the bus decided to breakdown halfway into the journey leaving us standing around in the hot hot heat for a good ...

Day 54, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Day 54

A travel blog entry by jessievilla

Another 12.00 wake-up today. Man, I'm gonna end up sleeping this trip away. Went for a little wander and noticed that it's much hotter here than before I left to go to Langkawi. Which also means that it's the perfect time for all the blisters on my back ...

Chillin' in Chinatown!, Penang (Georgetown), Malaysia travel blog

Chillin' in Chinatown!

A travel blog entry by warren_and_fi


... speak but they kept filming what we were doing. T'was a bit strange but how and ever, you never know we might be famous in Malaysia! Georgetown in Penang was not our cup of tea, we just used it was a stopover but we had a goodtime and made the most ...

Markets and Food of Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Markets and Food of Penang

A travel blog entry by wanderlustroots


The very interesting look and feel of the people and the morning and night markets around Georgetown.  I'll spare you the smells (meat and fish sitting out in the markets) and sounds (hocking up phlegm and yelling in Hokkien).  Dim Sum is one ...

Penang, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jc

... temperature. Had to go and steal an extra blanket from another berth and put on some extra clothes to be able to sleep. Georgetown doesn't like it has changed too much in the last 50 years. Lots of colonial style buildings with their original paint. ...

Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by minhee

dddddddddddd ...

Where Cultures Collide, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Where Cultures Collide

A travel blog entry by sales_family


... somewhere in the back alleys of KL.  After Kuala Lampur we made the day journey to Taman Negara.  Taman Negara is Malaysia’s biggest natural park.  Its pretty huge.  So far we haven’t done much except yesterday we went on ...

Pulau Pinang, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Pulau Pinang

A travel blog entry by guyandcalum

... and architecture and as always in Malaysia, lots of different cultures and cuisines to experience. The food in Georgetown is particularly well known in Malaysia for being very good and we did our fair share of research on this matter. The first night we ...

The Pearl of the Orient, Pinang, Malaysia travel blog

The Pearl of the Orient

A travel blog entry by harryvs


... while with the waves lapping at my feet; the water as warm as Cuba but no where near as clear. I got the bus back to Georgetown and strolled round the seafront and sat for a while on the promenade with many others to see the nearby island of Langkawi turn ...

Pit Stop in Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Pit Stop in Penang

A travel blog entry by nappingbagpuss


... ; Plus it only cost 1.50 so light on the purse and tasty in the tummy. Spent the rest of the night wandering around Georgetown looking at the sights.  It's a UNESCO World Heritage sight so it was a very pleasant place but a little dilapidated in my ...

Arrivee Georgetown Malaisie - Georgetown Malaysia, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Arrivee Georgetown Malaisie - Georgetown Malaysia

A travel blog entry by france_rejean


Georgetown Malaisie Georgetown Malaysia ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Salut tout le monde. Nous allons bien. Hier avant de partir de Bangkok je me suis faite bichonner. Facial, ...

I have officially binned the beach towel, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

I have officially binned the beach towel

A travel blog entry by followingmyfeet


So I awake this morning to yet more torrential rain splashing against the wire window we have in the shack!! It's so noisy without glass... Anyway decided that it looks like it might rain forever...if you were here you would see that this was a more than ...

Wesak Day…Buddha’s Birthday!, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Wesak Day…Buddha’s Birthday!

A travel blog entry by vieraadventures


... -on-hop off bus around the city. It was nice to cool down for a while in the AC bus, going by all the parts of Georgetown. When were going down one street, we noticed an Indian theater (playing Bollywood movies) so we hopped off and went to check it out. ...

Exploring Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Exploring Penang

A travel blog entry by clandybar


... too long but we had to change vans in Hat Yai, Thailand. We finally found a Guesthouse in the "Love Lane" area of Georgetown which was aptly named considering the interesting folks that hung around the area at night! During our first day on the island ...

Corssing the Thai/Malay Border, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Corssing the Thai/Malay Border

A travel blog entry by james24


so, im in Malaysia now. a place called Georgetown, originally a britsh settlement, now over run with indians and chinease. Im staying in China town as it happens, a dowm room for about 5/6 ringit i think, not really sure yet.its a dorm room ( well kinda ) ...

Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by time

... stand der Besuch des Ke Lok Si an. Trotz der hier extrem ueberteuerten Taxipreise, sind wir ca. 8km ausserhalb von Georgetown auf den, an einem Berghang gelegenen, Tempel gelaufen. Von hier aus hatte man grossartigen Blick ueber die Stadt. Anschliessend ...

Time, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by christucker


My perception of time seems to have altered dramatically in the past week. I am currently in Georgetown, Malaysia, where time seems to pass rather slowly, most shops don't open til midday and with it my bodyclock seems to be still adjusting to the Asian ...

Tea please, we're British, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Tea please, we're British

A travel blog entry by shunny81


... ' is so slow and eerie. It was something we got used to though because this is common Muslim practice which occurred throughout Malaysia.  Despite arriving late from Thailand, we were starving so headed straight out to try to find a 24 hour curry ...

A top spot for street food and street art, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

A top spot for street food and street art

A travel blog entry by beckieandella


... . The lady was incredible and each of us were extremely happy with the designs. In the late afternoon we walked around Georgetown, Penang's quirky area with run down buildings and cool street art. It was defiantly each of ours favourite spot in Penang. ...

Culinary Penang ;), Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Culinary Penang ;)

A travel blog entry by babsworld


... wohl angehoben haben. Beim Herumspazieren versuchen wir uns immer wieder anhand von Strassenschildern und unserer Strassenkarte von Georgetown zu orientieren. „Jalan“ heisst Strasse. Da ich die Strassenbeschilderung noch nicht so gut kenne ...

A Jungle Jungle and an Urban Jungle, Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia travel blog

A Jungle Jungle and an Urban Jungle

A travel blog entry by marqual

From the historical sea town of Melaka, I bussed 3 hours into the interior of the Malaysian pennisula to Jerentut, the gateway city to Taman Negara National Park. The next morning, I took a half hour bus ride and 3 hour ride in a big motorized wooden ...

Brits were 'ere, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Brits were 'ere

A travel blog entry by richard.zito


... stalls and various dodgy dvd shacks. Managed to find some decent shoes for impending trekking period though... Other sights in Georgetown include Fort Cornwallis, a small British-era star-shaped fort on the northern coast, a few token British memorials, ...

Yrjonkyla, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mattimoller


Tanne kulttuurien sulatusuuniin sita tultiin just. Brittien koloniasaari on kiinalaisten, malesialaisten, intialaisten ja muiden heimojen asuinpaikka. Saarelle on rakennettu silta mantereelta, tai oikeastaan se on rakenteilla. Thaimaasta on helppo tulla, ...

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