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Rhymnosaurus, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya travel blog


A travel blog entry by emandjack


... the water in the early morning too.  We drove up to a lookout with a view across the lake and it was an amazing.   Lake Nakuru is also one of few places we went to that had rhinos and we were lucky enough to see three!  Pretty amzing to see ...

Saturday Morning... Break time - Balloon Ride, Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya travel blog

Saturday Morning... Break time - Balloon Ride

A travel blog entry by dennisgray


It had been a power packed week, and a break was in order. An awesome hot air balloon ride over the Reserve would do the trick! After getting in late last night, we agreed to capture only five hours sleep and to be up at 4 am to head out for a ...

Hooked on a Feeling, Nakuru, Kenya, Kenya travel blog

Hooked on a Feeling

A travel blog entry by llcooldays

In two weeks traveling through Africa, it feels like we've felt more intensely than in a year of working 9-5, microwaving meals, and watching TV on the couch. Just a few of the feelings we’ve felt: -       Excited as ...

In search of rhino., Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya travel blog

In search of rhino.

A travel blog entry by anniexf


... a restaurant recommended in my Kenya guidebook.  It’s okay, but pretty westernized.  We had found a Chinese restaurant in Nakuru and had been teasing Amy all day about going there.  She’s Chinese and adamant that she will not ...

Falamingos, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya travel blog


A travel blog entry by helen_joe


... of Lake Nakuru National Park. This meant we could start off bright and early on a game drive through the park. Lake Nakuru NP is a self-proclaimed paradise for bird watchers and our guide kept referring to the huge flamingo population as ...

Chaoran’s International Humanity Foundation, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Chaoran’s International Humanity Foundation

A travel blog entry by chaoran

... tasks and projects, including, for example, tutoring math and contacting with local media for potential partnership.I want to volunteer in Kenya for many reasons. The major one is that i have never actually live in Africa before. And IHF provide for me a ...

Bushcamping and breakdowns!, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Bushcamping and breakdowns!

A travel blog entry by sarah_alban

... internet facilities are limited!! We had one final night camping in Ethiopia, trying to hide from the locals before we headed into Kenya (after 4 hours hanging around sorting out visa’s, not helped by the 2 hour lunch break the guys decided to take ...

The final leg, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

The final leg

A travel blog entry by sairjg

... map on the screen in front of me, we have not long passed over Uganda and I am currently in airspace above Nakuru (mid Kenya) ... I'm convinced I can feel the temperature on the plane rising as we head closer to the equator (I ditched my winter boots at ...

Lac Nakuru et Lac Baringo, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Lac Nakuru et Lac Baringo

A travel blog entry by paulisa

Apres le lac Naivasha, sommes alles au lac Nakuru, vu du bus mais pas de la ville car on ne peut y acceder sans payer ... 60 USD. Mais super vue du bus!! Avec plein de taches roses dans le lac et blanches dans le ciel : les flamands roses!! Puis sommes ...

Best weekend so far, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Best weekend so far

A travel blog entry by amh86


... of the trip so far. I spent, what was meant to be 3 days and turned into 5, days at a lovely childrens home in Nakuru, about 2.5 hours away from Nairobi. The home is run by a Kenyan couple who have spent approximately the last 18 years living in London ...

Day 23, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Day 23

A travel blog entry by jrosaasen

... us we were goin to provincial government hospital because we have been dying to go there. When we got there we met up with the Kenya Red Cross and then it got bad. We got split up into different areas and me and Gilbo got into casualty which was sweet. ...

Outreach v2.0 - IDP Camp, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Outreach v2.0 - IDP Camp

A travel blog entry by jess.beckerleg


... I got here happened. It was honest. It was simple and I am still not sure why it impacted me so much. There is a welcome Kenya song that people sing to visitors (  usually it makes me feel like a tourist but just as we ...

Day 13, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Day 13

A travel blog entry by jrosaasen

... 't feel as strong as usual I'm starting to get worried about my conditioning but it's almost impossible to do anything here in Kenya. We met up with Tom and Katie our American friends and they told us about the conservatory and what to do and everything ...

Masai Mara to Nakuru, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Masai Mara to Nakuru

A travel blog entry by ablo

... . Left 4x4s and reunited with truck, driver, cook and handyman. Headed off after lunch in Exodus-mobile for 1.5hr drive to Lake Nakuru and Kembu campsite on Kemble Farm. Countryside very lush as we headed north. Poured with rain on arrival. And our first ...

Jambo jambowell we finally arrived in ..., Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Jambo jambowell we finally arrived in ...

A travel blog entry by mikeandlou2002


... many more animals but not quite reaching the excitement of the previous day - no more leopards! and we are currently in Nakuru getting lunch before heading to tonight's campsite which is another lovely farm apparently. Until then myself and a Swedish guy ...

Broken, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog


A travel blog entry by brittbmw3


My heart was broken into pieces today in Nakuru at the AGC baby center. Four loving hearts, eight big brown eyes, and four smiling faces stole my heart today and broke it into pieces. I so wish I could take them all home with me.To shower then with ...

Lake Nakuru and National Park, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Lake Nakuru and National Park

A travel blog entry by eddieandlaura


... animals to find so we were pretty lucky to see them on our first game drive and within the first hour.  Nakuru National Park is a very small National Park compared to Masai Mara and Serengeti at only 188 sq kms. This still seemed massive to ...

Nakuru Day Twenty Three, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Nakuru Day Twenty Three

A travel blog entry by brad1111


... up. With that done, we headed off for our rendezvous with another James, in doing so passing through the township proper of Nakuru. Having read with interest a friend's notes on this area I was surprised to see a thriving, expansive township that is in ...

Warriors in the Masai, Masai Mara, Kenya travel blog

Warriors in the Masai

A travel blog entry by raniroo


I was excited about heading to the Masai. We headed off from the lake for a 5 hour rough ride through masai tribal lands. Exhilarating. We "free" camped over the last 2 nights. This means that we are out in the wild, with no stopgap between you and a ...

Les rhinocéros, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Les rhinocéros

A travel blog entry by chapdeluc


Je trouve un safari 3 nuits, une au lac Nakuru et 2 dans la réserve faunique du Massai Mara. Il faut voir les flamants roses par milliers, il faut voir se colorer l'eau sous l'inclinaison presque obséquieuse des rayons du soleil couchant.  Mais ...

Heading to Lake Nakuru, njoro, Kenya travel blog

Heading to Lake Nakuru

A travel blog entry by jandhontour


Today was another fairly early start as we had to go back through the border into Kenya as we headed for Lake Nakuru. Thankfully the border crossing went fairly smoothly although we did have to get out and queue up at the heath desk to show our yellow ...

Lake Nakuru National Park / Pink Flamingos!, Lake Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Lake Nakuru National Park / Pink Flamingos!

A travel blog entry by wareameye


Long drive this morning from the Ol Peteja reserve to Lake Nakuru National Park, punctuated by one flat tire. We seize the opportunity to walk to a nearby village and consort with the locals. Later a rainstorm highlighted a faulty ...

conserving the African animals, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

conserving the African animals

A travel blog entry by katemoloney88

... in amboseli has halved. In Kenya, 29 rhinos were killed thanks to poachers. Only 12 new rhinos were born that same year. In Nakuru national park, the rhino population at its lowest got to 5 thanks to poachers. A rhinos horn gets $40,000 per kilo and can ...

The Rift Valley Water Project Team & Hosts, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

The Rift Valley Water Project Team & Hosts

A travel blog entry by dennisgray


FACILITATING TEAM MEMBERS 1)         Caroline Wanjiku Karuku    Team Leader 2)         John Munene Mwangi          ...

Over (l)and out..., Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Over (l)and out...

A travel blog entry by ajulesa


Back into Kenya again on Tuesday before heading off to a camp near Nakuru.  Again a nice place to stay and had such cute dogs there.  Decided to upgrade for the night to a room instead of a tent which was a bit of a luxury.  I am surprised ...

Lake Nakuru, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Lake Nakuru

A travel blog entry by rachandnick

(this is blank so it plots a flag.. we'll update it another ...

On to Lake Nakura, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

On to Lake Nakura

A travel blog entry by kingstravel


... a cold drink as we have about 80kms to go. A large amount of land here was owned by Lord Delamere from England, one of Kenya's first settler/farmers. Much of the estate still belongs to the family. The town of Nakura is Kenya's third largest town behind ...

Rant on kenya, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Rant on kenya

A travel blog entry by benclark5

... wrong? Otherwise though, things have gone pretty well here. I took a week off to travel with a family friend who was in Kenya (ZOE Ministries, Giving Hope Project - very impressive work) and got to see some rhinos, lions, and elephants on a one ...

The farm, Lake Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

The farm

A travel blog entry by jbauchet

... watch the ashes with Alex (Hamish’s son) and fourth thing sleep. We got up early the next day (5:30am) To go too Lake Nakuru were all the flamingos go in the dry season. And there were thousands of them all in the one place. We saw more game in 4 ...

Flamingos, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog


A travel blog entry by maxieduncan

Went on a safari at Lake Nakuru where we saw a shit load of flamingos, some rhinos and buffalo but not much else. ...

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